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Jedi Academy turned 20 this year! We celebrated in a ton of different ways: mod contest, server event, podcast, etc. Thank you to all who have been a part of this game for the last two decades. Check out the anniversary content!

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Welcome to JKHub

This community is dedicated to the games Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (2002) and Jedi Academy (2003). We host over 3,000 mods created by passionate fans around the world, and thousands of threads of people showcasing their works in progress and asking for assistance. From mods to art to troubleshooting help, we probably have it. If we don't, request or contribute!

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This game turned 20 years old this year, and it is still one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time. If you're new or returning from a long hiatus, here are the basics of getting started with Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy in 2023.

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JAPlus Command List


Taken from the docs from JA+ 2.4 Build7

JAPLUS Player Commands

- Duel Full force : engage_FullForceDuel : engage full force duel (bind it ==> /bind X "engage_FullForceDuel" )

- NEW style saber attacks added : 

with STAFF  (SP attacks must be allowed ):: DOUBLE KICK (2 ennemis to your left and right) : press alt attack

    DOUBLE KICK (2 enemis to your front and back) : press alt attack

    SPIN KICK (enemis close to you) : press alt attack

    TOTAL NEW KICK FORWARD if enemy very close to you in front of you : forward + alt attack

    NEW JA+ SPIN KICK : alt attack + forward + left : new JA+ GLA Animations must be installed and jp_allowNewDFA must be 1

    NEW  JA+ BACK KICK : alt attack + forward + right : new JA+ GLA Animations must be installed and jp_allowNewDFA must be 1

WITH SINGLE saber and secondary stance of STAFF and DUAL sabers :  (SP attacks must be allowed 😞

    PULL/SLASH ATTACK  😞 pull + attack+ back)

LONG JUMP  (SP attacks must be allowed ):: forward +jump+ speed


TOTAL NEW DFA MOVES : jp_allowNewDFA must be 1:

****Forward + Jump + attack when you are close to an enemy**** can be done with the following saber stances




**** New JA+ jump Back Spin kick : Forward + jump + alt attack using  staff or dual single style stance.

the new JA+ GLA animations must be installed

**** New EP3 High Jump flip attack from above back : Forward + jump + alt attack using medium single stance or dual when in front of your enemy.

the new JA+ GLA animations must be installed

**** New Pull Impale  force Pull + attack in front of an enemy . the victime can push the attacker to avoid damage

the new JA+ GLA animations must be installed

**** New Flip stab attack: Forward + jump + alt attack using single strong style.

the new JA+ GLA animations must be installed



- Extended Melee attacks:  if g_debugMelee  1  , 

****you make alt attack+ attack with melee weapon

+ forward ==> punch melee attack

+ back ==> kick, knee melee attack

+ left ==> new throw melee attack

+ nothing (just attack+alt attack) ==>  new throttling melee attack

** you make just alt attack with melee weapon

you can access the SP melee attack which are the same are the new attacks of the STAFF. (New SP attacks must be allowed)

    DOUBLE KICK (2 ennemis to your left and right) 

    DOUBLE KICK (2 enemis to your front and back) 

    SPIN KICK (enemis close to you) 

** thanks to the new JA+ GLA animations installed, you can have (jp_allowNewDFA must be 1):

NEW JA+ SPIN KICK : alt attack + forward + left : 

NEW  JA+ BACK KICK : alt attack + forward + right :




NEw force attacks:

- NEw SP Drain Grab attack (the sith Kiss 🙂 😞 use force drain with melee weapon in front of your ennemy

- NEw Jedi grab Push attack ( jedi tornado ) (only for jedi): use force push with melee weapon in front of your ennemy 

  you must have your force  level greater or equal than 2 

you can block those attacks with absorb if you are a jedi or force push (press push a lot of times)  level 3 if you are a sith.

the server must all this attack with jp_allowSPForces 2.

a very nice effect is also provided with the client side plugin.



- /amAltDim : use it to switch from one dimension to the alternate dimension(No rules dimension for real ffa players.)

- refuseTele :a Player can refuse to be teleported by an admin. retype it again to be teleportable.

- ammove : display the list of new moves      

- aminfo to display the list of all supported commands (admin commands and player commands) 

according to your admin level.

- amDMGs : display the list of damages

- ammotd : show motd to the player.

- amsay : send a message to all admins

- /jetpack : turns on/off the jetpack (the cvar jp_allowJetpack must be 1)

- /toggleFlame turn on/off the lightning force replacement with FlameThrower

- Grapple Hook: you have to bind it /bind X "+button12" where X is a Key.

in the server side hook version: the hook disengages himself if you stop pressing your binded hook key

NOw if you use the client side JA+ plugin, you can keep suspended if you stop pressing your binded hook key and

you will have to press your USE button to disengage the hook.

if you press again the binded hook key, you will be pulled again

if you press the walking button, you will make a hook repel move.


-/callvote sleep <player_ID>  player_ID can also be a partial player name.

players can call vote to sleep a player. Vote must be allowed on the server

- Clan Speak MOD ( this is the server side message mod version. USE JA+ PLUGIN TO HAVE AN easy INTERFACE for message mod) :

say_team_mod, clanpass, clanwhois

  + 2 others speak mods (team and admin)

  You speak with the team_say cmd binded in your game menu (default T) and

  switch between speak mod with the key binded in the chat.cfg file.

see the script chat.cfg that bind those cmds(put it in japlus folder and duing game type /exec chat.cfg).

open it and change the binded key

this script enable to switch between the 4 speak mods (team, clan, admin amsay, admin ampsay).

- clanpass <clan_pwd>: to log into your clan member group

- clanwhois : display all players logged in the same clan as you (those who typed the same clanpass as you)

- say_team_mod : = normal  : the use of the say_team cmd send messages to your team

= clan     : the use of the say_team cmd send messages to all players 

logged into the same clan as you . They have all typed the same clanpass.

You will be able to read msgs of players that have the same clanpass as you.

This clanpass is also used by the ClanTag proctection SYstem.

= admin    : the use of the say_team cmd send messages to all admins like amsay

= ampsay : the use of the say_team cmd do the same effect as ampsay -1 message (message sent in center screen for all players)

-clansay : to send a message to the clan channel directly using the console.

- tell (id_player or partial_player_name) (message) => send a private message to this player.


-ignore <ID or partial player name or  (-1 for all players) > : ignore all say, team say, private say for this player.

Retype it to stop ignoring.

it displays the list of ignored players when you type the cmd without any arguments.

- duelWhois : display all current private duels

- Easy saber change : /saber <saber1> [<saber2>] that change your saber without respawn needed....

you can also change your saber in your menu and then type /saber without arguments to update your saber

/saber cmd doesn't work during a duel

saber1 value and saber2 are those of saber names defined in the .sab files of your pk3 files.

for example /saber dual_1 for MAUL DUAL SABER

/saber single_3 for just one single saber

/saber single_3 single_4 for 2 sabers

- emots :

taunt ,meditate, bow, gloat, flourish, amknockmedown, amdropsaber, ampower, 

amflip,  amnod, amshake, amhiltThrow1, amhiltThrow2, 

amcomeon, amwon, amhello, amhug,  

    amatease,  ambeg, sleep, amsit, amsurrender, amdie, amdie2, amkneel, amfinishinghim,

    amsit2, amsit3, amsit4, amhips, amwait, ambreakdance, ambreakdance2, amneo, amvictory, amnoisy, amkiss


- amcolor <R> <G> <B> (concat of CHAR_COLOR_RED , CHAR_COLOR_GREEN , CHAR_COLOR_BLUE 😞 where R,G,B are integers between 0 and 255

- immortal in highlander FFA Modification, this cmd give the list of all the player who are still alive.

- sabercolor <saber number> <R> <G> <B> : enable to set your saber RGB color (works only using the client plugin v1.1 or above). You can also

use the UI menu to set your saber RGB color.



PS: <ClientNum> can also be partial player name.

   and all admin cmd can be typed in rcon without any restriction





  131072    | -ammindtrick <ClientNum> : mindtrick/unmindtrick a player.

  when mindtricked, he can't see other players.

  524288     | -amstatus : give all ID CLientNUM of each player

  8388608   | -npc : spawn a NPC => /npc spawn NPC_NAME or /npc spawn vehicle VEHICLE_NAME

 4194304    | -ampsay <ClientNum> <MSG> : display a message to the player CLient Number.. IF it is -1 it will be displayed to all players

 2097152    | -ammap <GameType> <mapNAME> : change the map with the selected gametype

HL = Highlander ffa modification

0 = FFA

3 = DUEL one on one tournament




8 = CTF

  32     | -amslap <ClientNum>: SLap the player in random direction 


  2     | -amkick <ClientNum> : kick player

  4     | -amban <ClientNum> : kick and ban player : use /rcon removeip <IP-MASK>  to remove the IP from the g_banips list

  256     | -amghost <ClientNum> : the player become a ghost. if the clientNum argument is not given,

   the cmd is applied to you

  512     | -amdenyvote <ClientNum> : deny/allow a player to callVote.

  8     | -amShowMotd <ClientNum> :show the motd/rules to the player. if -1 it will be applied to all players.

  64     | -amsleep <ClientNum> : SLeep the player. <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players

  128     | -amwake <ClientNum> : wake the player. <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players 


  8192     | -amUnForceAltDim <ClientNum> :Unforce a  player to stay in the alternate dimension.  <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players

  16384     | -amForceAltDim <ClientNum> :Force a  player to stay in the alternate dimension.  <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players

  2048     | -amsilence <ClientNum> : silence the player.  <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players

  4096     | -amunsilence <ClientNum> : unsilence the player. <ClientNum> can be the value -1 for all the players


  1024     | -amprotect <ClientNum> : portect the player or unprotect it if called another time.

if <ClientNum> argument is missing, the command is applyed to the player who typed it.

the protection stop during the use of the force.


  16          | -amorigin [<ClientNum>] : give (X,Y,Z) of the player.if <ClientNum> argument is missing,

the command is applyed to the player who typed it.

  262144    | -amtele [<ClientNum>] X Y Z Yaw  : teleporte player to (X,Y,Z) with the angle view YAW in degree.

if <ClientNum> argument is missing, the command is applyed to the player who typed it.

/amtele player_id player_dest_ID : teleport the player near the player_dest

/amtele player_dest_id : teleport your self near the player_dest

/amtele withour argument teleport yourself at the point where u used /amtelemark

  1048576   | -amwhois : to know who is logged as an Admin



  32768     | -amempower [<ClientNum>] : enforce power of the player.if <ClientNum> argument is missing,

the command is applyed to the player who typed it.

  65536     | -ammerc [<ClientNum>] : give/Ungive all weapons to a player.if <ClientNum> argument is missing,

the command is applyed to the player who typed it.

 16777216  | -amrename <ClientNum> <new_name> : change the name of the player

 33554432  | -amlockteam <team> : lock/unlock a team . it changes the jp_teamLock server cvar automatically

  <team> = s (spectator), f (free), b (blue), r (red)

 67108864  | -amforceteam <ClientNum> <team> : force a player to join a team

  <team> = s (spectator), f (free), b (blue), r (red)

  <ClientNum> can be -1 for all players

 134217728 |      -amkillvote: kill a vote in progress

268435456 |      -amvstr <Cmd_Name > : execute on the server a seta cmd name. You have to setup it before in your server.cfg 

==> ex : seta Cmd_Name "echo All Forces;g_forcePowerDisable 0"

==> then /amvstr Cmd_Name  is the same as /rcon vstr Cmd_Name 






     Other cmds


                -amlogin <password> : log player as a Admin COuncil (  see Cvar jp_councilPass) or

      Admin knight (  see Cvar jp_knightPass)

or Admin Instructor (see Cvar jp_instructorPass) 

-amlogout : logout from admin right.

-amtelemark : that marks a point of the map..... then use /amtele without any arguments to teleport yourself to 

this point of the map..... ideal to come back to point for exemple when u duel sith somone.

- ampoll [question] : admins can make a POLL and player awnser by voting  YES or NO.

g_allowvote must be set to 1 and ampoll vote type must be also allowed by the cvar jp_votesDisable.

- amseeGhost  : to see/Ignore ghosted people

-admCmdPrev,admCmdNext,playerPrev,playerNext,admCmdEXE : cmds to execute admin cmds

on players without going into the console. Those cmd are binded in the admin.cfg.

- admin guns see the admin.cfg




     Rcon CMDs



     - all admin cmd can be typed in rcon : ex: /rcon ammap 0 mp/ffa5


-amTimeScale [value] : default is 1. used to scale the time (0.2 value is nice for matrix bullet time efx mod).


-admGrant < ID player> <level> where <level> = "council", "knight", "instructor" or "no" (remove admin access)

-admToggle < ID Cmd> <level> where <level> = council, knight, instructor

allow/disallow and admin cmd for council or kight, or instructor. It changes automatically the server cvar

jp_councilAllowedCMD and jp_knightAllowedCMD and jp_instructorAllowedCMD

type admToggle without argument to display help and see the ID of adm cmds.


-removeip <Ip-mask> to remove an IP from the ban list.  If <Ip-mask> is "all" , it will remove all IPs in the ban list.




- admAddIP, admRemoveIP, admListIP : player IPs that are admin-banned.. 

those players can't use amlogin cmd to log as an admin.

- admAddIP <Ip-mask> : add an IP to the admin-ban list in the cvar jp_banAdminIPs.

- admRemoveIP <Ip-mask> : remove an IP from the admin-ban list. 

If <Ip-mask> is "all" , it will remove all IPs

- admListIP : display all admin-banned IPs

-admBan < ID admin player> : Ban/Unban an admin. if baned, this admin is autoLogOut and 

his IP is added to the admin-ban list in the cvar jp_banAdminIPs.

If you execute this cmd another time, the player will be admin-unbanned.



     Ingame level Fix Editor


- ingame level fix Editor (for wall glitches and map holes) : It is for both rcon users and normal allowed players.


-Rcon user can allow a player to access the ingame level fix editor with BlockWallGrantEditor. 

-Rcon user can draw (with red lines) all created blocking boxes with BlockWallDraw.

-Rcon user can write and save the created blocking boxes in a file directly on the server with BlockWallWrite ( *_holes.cfg files).

** A Granted selected player must go in spectator to access the following cmds in order to edit the level fixes:

-Editing Blocking Boxes: BlockWallCreate (use it 2 times to define 2 opposite point/Corner Box Point), BlockWallDel (Delete the current boxes where the player is)

-Navigating through blocking boxes : BlockWallPrev, BlockWallNext (teleport the player from one box to another)

The Mod comes with a set of files already defining several fixes for CTF maps.


COMMENT: Place the file admin.cfg in your client gamedata/japlus directory and in the game console type /exec admin.cfg in order to

bind the key that permit you to execute adm CMDs on player without going into the console

You also can bind it ==> bind X "exec admin.cfg"

You may edit before this file to change the binded key as u like.




//--------client Side PLugin----------

- sv_pure (1 or 0):

JA+ is a  server side Mod for windows, linux and Mac which has the possibility to get a Client side plugin with pk3 files.

this plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game.

You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.


If the JA+ server you play is PURE server (sv_pure 1), all players and the server will have to install this plugins to join this server.

so in this case the JA+ server is not server side anymore.


If the JA+ server you play is NOT PURE server (sv_pure 0), the server and players are not obligated to install this plugin to join the game.

So in this case the JA+ server remains a server side mod.

the server will recognize the players who have the plugins and will make them take advantage of it to have better animation, Ui and features.

The players who have not this plugins will be able to join but will not have those better things (and they won't see the difference with a normal server side JA+ ).

The fact that several players are running this plugin on a server where other players are not running it will not change and alter the gameplay of player.

PS: in sv_pure 0, all pk3 at client side can be used by the client: SO if the client has to many pk3, he may have problem with missing textures or joining the server.



- jp_cinfo :(bit value) this is a internal server cvar used by the server to send a lot of data compressed in one cvar to the clients.

if some important features configs are changed on the server, the jp_cinfo is updated.

those changes can be move cvars, attacks cvar, info on if everybody is using the plugin in impure server, .......etc....

you can't change the value of this cvar, this is changed only by the server.



//-------- High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed Pk3 when connecting a server:------------------ 

this feature enable players to download with high speed the needed pk3 files (like maps, npc, vehicles, sabers...etc...) to be able to play on your server.

- jp_DlBaseURL ( URL default value ""  ex: value "http://www.japlus.net/japlus/" )

// jp_DlBaseURL is the equivalent to your gamedata folder.

// so if your server have a pk3 test.pk3 under the base folder and if you want people to be able download it, your Website must contain 

// this file at [jp_DlBaseURL]base/test.pk3  Exemple : http://www.japlus.net/japlus/base/test.pk3 .

// remember the server will only make player download the real needed files and not all files.

// PS : Player need the lastest JA+ Plugin 1.4 or above for this feature.

// to disable this feature, put a empty string "" as a value for this cvar.

// example of working redirect with a lot of maps already uploaded : seta jp_DlBaseURL "http://japlus.newboyzgaming.com/files/"




//--------Secured server section----------

- jp_maxConnFromIP (integer default 2): max number of connections per IPs. It prevent your server from beeing attacked with a fake player Denial of Service.

the use of those kind of Server attacks can lag your server (based on quake3 engine) terribly and even crash it.

Since this DoS attack program was released ( i prefer not to say where to find it for evident reason), server owners reported that some immature players are more and more 

using it to lag and crash servers.


- jp_userInfoAntiSpam (integer default 3) set to 0 to cancel the antispam of fast user info change. It controls the number of max fast user info changed to prevent spamming which may lead to client disconnection. When a player is trying to make a denial of service with fast user info changed, the player will be blocked. For admins, set up a higher value if you meet issues with client desynchronization with the server.


//--------AutoQuit Feature----------

-jp_autoQUIT "80-06:00" : desactivate it if you don't have an autoRestart script in your server. To desactivate it put seta jp_autoQUIT ""

it has been stated that basejka servers need to be restarted sometimes in order to increase performance.

This feature will make your server quit at a given date. Then your autoRestart script will restart the server.

By default  "80-06:00" means that your server will Quit after 80Hours of online run but it will wait for 06:00 in the morning (this is the date in your server).

People currenytly playing are warned 1 minute before the Quit. And the server ask them to use /reconnect.


//-------------Alternate DImension (no rules dimension for real ffa players)---------------------------

- jp_altDim (2, 1 or 0 default 2): activate or desactivate the alternate dimension (Only usuable in FFA and not in jedi vs merc)

0 : alternate dimension is desactivated

1 : it is activated and players are put in the first dimension when they connect to the server

2 : it is activated and players are put in the alternate dimension (real ffa dimension) when they connect to the server


Some clans are using FFA to set No laming rules in order to make trainings between Masters and their padawans

or to play with honour or in RPG Context....etc....Those Clans don't like that real FFA players (i.e players wanting only kill kill kill) come in their servers

and disturb the  trainings or unrespect the No laming server rules...etc. Thanks to this Alternate Dimension (controlled by jp_AltDim cvar),

all those various type of players will be able to play on the same server and at the same time. So if you set NO laming rules on your server, real ffa players can

play in the alternate dimension. Players can use the /amAltDim cmd to switch from one dimension to another. 

PLayers from a dimension can't interfere with players from another dimension.

Admins can also force a Player to go and stay in this Alternate dimension (/amForceAltDim , /amUnforceAltDim).

Admin cmds like sleep, ghost, mindtrick...etc.. are not usuable on people playing on this alternate dimension.

(only basic admin cmd like amkick, amban, amsilence...etc..are usuable on players in the alternate dimension). 

Competitive settings are also auto set for this alternate dimension.

If a player is slept or ghosted or any other admin cmd, he will have the possibility to go in the alternate dimension and he will be auto waken, unghosted...etc....

However this player will be also auto forced to stay in the alternate dimension.

Players from a dimension can invite another player from a different one to join his dimension using the engage duel key. 

PS: use the lastest plugin in order to have the best smoothy client prediction and nice effect for players in the opposite dimension.


- jp_altDimTimer (second : integer default 30 s) : this is the timer that you have to wait before the be allowed to change your dimension using amaltdim.

-jp_altDimInactivityTimer (second : integer default 8 s) : you will have to stay in inactivity during more than this amount of second in order to be allowed to change your dimension using amaltdim

-jp_altDimName and jp_primDimName : the name of the 2 dimensions.



//--------Welcome MSG----------

-  jp_motd  message to display when a client enter the game. Usse \n line return.

-  jp_motdtime time in second for motd

-  jp_welcomeMSG : to display a welcome message in the console.


//------ADmin CVAR-------------

-  jp_councilPass : set the password of the Admin COuncil  

-  jp_knightPass  : set the password of the Admin Knight  

-  jp_instructorPass : set the password of the Admin Instructor 


-  jp_councilLoginMSG , jp_knightLoginMSG, jp_instructorLoginMSG : cvar used to define the login Messages (when admin type /amlogin).

-  jp_instructorAllowedCMD (default 139986624): number that represents the allowed admin cmds for admin instructor.

add each bit value of allowed cmds.

You can also use the rcon cmd admToggle to modify this cvar.

-  jp_knightAllowedCMD (default 2891754): number that represents the allowed admin cmds for admin knight.

add each bit value of allowed cmds.

You can also use the rcon cmd admToggle to modify this cvar.  

-  jp_councilAllowedCMD (default 260046830): number that represents the allowed admin cmds for admin council.

add each bit value of allowed cmds.

You can also use the rcon cmd admToggle to modify this cvar.

-  jp_admUsableOn (-2,-1,0,1  defalut 0)  : control the ability of admin cmds to be executed on other players

admin cmds can always be executed on all players when they are typed in rcon.

* -2 admin cmd usable on all except admins,

* -1 admin cmd usable on all players

*  0 usable on players with lower or equal admin rank

*  1  usable on players with lower admin rank

- jp_admScript (1 or 0 default 1) : allow/disallow the use of admin guns, and admCmdPrev,admCmdNext,playerPrev,playerNext,admCmdEXE 

-  jp_admLoginEffect (0, 1 or 2 default 1😞 when an player log in as an admin, there are various effects :

** 1 there is a glow effect for light force side and electricity effect for dark force side

** 2 the same electricity effect for both force side

** 0 no effects at login.



//------Antin Abuse Admin CVAR-------------

- jp_antiAdmAbuseCmdsNumber (default 10)

- jp_antiAdmAbuseNumberB4ban (default 0)

- jp_antiAdmAbuseTimer (timer in second default 0) : if 0 the antiabuse detection is desactivated. if not 0, you always can execute a cmd on yourselves 

without entering in abuse detection except several cmds.

Admin abuse are logged in games.log

  In rcon there is no restrictions.

During this time, admin can use only  jp_antiAdmAbuseCmdsNumber times an admin cmd among the following list:

** amtele

** amghost

** amslap

** ammindtrick

** amkick

** amban

** amempower (abuse detected also if executed on yourself)

** ampunish

** amsleep

When u execeed the number of allowed cmds , you have to wait for the end of the timer to be able to use again other cmds.

if jp_antiAdmAbuseNumberB4ban is not 0, after jp_antiAdmAbuseNumberB4ban admin abuse detected, you are admBanned (autologout and you will not be able to use amlogin cmd)



  //-------Clan Tag Protection------------

Clan tag are password protected using the same password as the one used for the private clan chat.

Players have 1Min and 15 s to log in their clan  chat channel when the clan tag is detected in their names. Every 30 s they will be warned if they are not  login.

- jp_clanTag (string default ""): this is the clan tag used in your player name. Players can use any variation with colors or upper case or lower case for this Tag.

- jp_clanPass (string default "") : this is the password which the player are using when they login using /clanpass cmd or the plugin autologin cvar cp_clanPwd


//------ITEM Cvar-------------

- jp_allowHook (0, 1, or 2): allow/disallow the use of the grapple hook

0: not allowed

1 : allowed for all players

2 : only for merc in jedi vs merc mod


- jp_hookFloodProtect ( integer default 750): it is the time in mili-second to wait before to be able to fire the grapple hook.

- jp_hookSpeed (integer default 800): this is the speed of the hook.


- jp_pushAll (0, 1 default 1) : allow/disallow to push or pull all items like armor, bacta, medipack, ammo ....


-  jp_giveWP_MELEE (1 or 0 default 1) : give/ or not give weapon Melee to all players

-  jp_allowJetpack (1 or 0 default 1) : allow the use of /jetpack cmd only if gametype is not CTF or SIEGE

- jp_allowFlameThrower  (1 or 0 default 1) : allow the use of the flameThower... u must activate it with /toggleFlame cmd. it will replace the dark lightning force.

To reduce server lag, the flame effect is now only seen using the JA+ client plugin

Other players not using the client plugin will see the lightening effects instead. 


-  jp_allowCloakItem (1 or 0 default 0): give to players Item cloak in ffa gametype. u can't duel with cloak item acticated

-  jp_cloakFuel (1 or 0 default 1): allow/disallow cloak fuel. if disallowed, the cloak effect is infinite.


- jp_allowSaberSwitch (integer >=0 default 1500 )  : allow the ability to switch sabers with /saber cmd ... this is time in mili-second.

if 0, you can't change sabers (except if you die), 

if it  is >0, this represents the time in Mili-second you have to wait for beeing able to change saber after the last saber change.


- jp_allowRGBsaber (1 or 0 default 1) : allow the clients notification of saber RGB values for each client.


//----------Bad Word detection----------------

Bad word detection system: the bad word detection 

the bad word is detected on several type of speech like say_all, say_team, say_clan, player name.... 

and is controlled by the jp_wordFilter which is the addition of the bit values of filter types you want to allow.

All message detected as containing bad words are not sent to other players.

after jp_wordFilterNumberB4punish bad word detections, you are autosilenced...


- jp_wordFilter (default 0) : allow/disallow bad word detection on various filter types. you have to add all bit values of filter type you want to allow.

so 0 means that there is no activated filters.


Here is the list of all bit values

WordFilterType_SAYALL, bit values is 2^1=2

WordFilterType_SAYTEAM, 2^2=4

WordFilterType_SAYTELL, 2^3=8

WordFilterType_SAYCLAN, 2^4 =16

WordFilterType_AMSAY,   2^5 =32

WordFilterType_PlayerName, 2^6=64


- jp_wordFilterBan ( "badWord1 badword2 ....")

- jp_wordFilterNumberB4punish (integer default 0): after jp_wordFilterNumberB4punish bad word detections, you are autosilenced... . if 0, you will never be autosilenced.


//------Player name cvar-------

-  jp_oldPlayerName(1 or 0 default 0) : ANTI fake player name system based on IP detection : 

if a player X disconnect and reconnect later with the same IP under the different name Y, it will displayed

"Player X connected .Player with same IP : Y" 

this is also logged into the games.log file

-  jp_allowSamePlayerNames (1 or 0 default 0)  prevent player from having the same player names even if there are differents colors

or different lower or upper letters. When this cvar is 0, it also prevents players from using blank names (invisible in console and scoreboard)

-  jp_allowBlackName (1 or 0 default 0): allow the use of black player names (^0)


//------MOves & attacks cvar----

- jp_newGLAAnims (0, 1 or 2 default 1) : decide to use or not use the New animations coming with JA+

      PS : the new animations are in the file japlus_gla_anims.pk3 and must be installed in base folder on both server and clients in order to use them.

     If a player does not have this file, he will not be able to use the new animations

     if the server does not have this file the new animations will be automatically turned OFF.

0 : the new animations will not be used

1 : the new animations are used

2 : the new animations are used only if all player on the server have them (so if they have all the plugin installed)


-  jp_ledgeGrab (1 or 0 default 1) : activate/desactivate new wall ledge grab animations (new GLA anims must be allowed)



-  g_debugMelee (2 or 1 or 0 default 1) :

0 : melee attack and wall stick desactivated

1: only melle attacks activated

2 : both melee attack and wall stick activated


-  jp_slideOnPlayer  (1 or 0 default 0) : disallow/allow slide when you are on a player.

-  jp_gripSpeedScale (scale factor between 0.4 and 1.01 default 0.8) : scale factor during grip move

-  g_saberRestrictForce (1 or 0 default 0) cheat protection removed : allow/disallow the use of forces that require hands when your second saber is on.

-  jp_reduceSaberBlock (integer between 0 and 100 default 0 😞 chance of reducing saber block (when 2 sabers are in contact, even if no attack, they block and bounce together)

this cvar doen't alter normal attack block but only contact saber block. In basejka, the default value for this is 0.

-  jp_autoDuelBOW  (1 or 0 default 1) : at duel start, players make an automatic BOW move.

-  jp_improveYellowDFA (1 or 0 default 1) : improve yellow dfa single saber (like jk2 dfa gameplay).

it improves now also the staff yellow back jump dfa to be easier to do like it was before the  1.1 patch


- jp_noKATA (0 or 1 default 0): allow/disallow saber kata.


- jp_jk2RedDFA (1 or 0 default 0) ; allow/disallow the JK2 Red Single saber DFA.

in JKA, you make the Red dfa like you make the Yellow dfa.

the JK2 red dfa was more controllable during saber attack combo : you have to go forward and while maintaining the attack buton pressed, you have to jump only about at hack the animation.


-  jp_allowNewDFA (1 or 0 default 1): allow/disallow the possibility of making the NEW DFA MOVES OF JA+ MOD.

-  jp_allowSPattacks (1 or 0 default 1): allow/disallow the possibility of making the Single Player Style attacks and force move or special SP anims and also some new JA+ GLA anims like back kick or spin kick.

- jp_allowSPForces (  2 , 1 or 0 default 2 ) allow/disallow the possibility of using the SP forces Moves like for example the sith kiss drain grab animation.

0 : desactivated

1 : all sp moves except sith kiss (drain grab animation)

2: all sp moves + Sith kiss + jedi tornado


- you can use the new force animation if you are not moving and starting to use forces (there is also some special effect using the client side plugin)

- the new moves differ according to your force level.

- as soon as you try to move it will break the new force anim in order to give you full control if you are attacked.



- jp_gripOpenSaber (0, 1 or 2 default 0) : control the behaviour of the saber of a gripped player

0 : this corresponds to the basejka value : the saber of a gripped player will be close down.

1 : the saber of a gripped player will stay UP and if the saber is in flight the saber falls down on the ground

2: the saber of a gripped player will fall on the ground if the force mana is less than 35% to the MAx Mana (which is 100)


-  jp_allowAmDropSaber (1 or 0 default 0): allow/disallo the use of amdropsaber cmd.

-  jp_allowAmKnockmedown (1 or 0 default 1):allow/disallow the use of amknockmedown


-  jp_allowflipkick (1 or 0 default 1)allow/disallow Flip Kick

-  jp_flipkickScaleDMG (float  default 1) : Scale factor for flipkick damages (for example 0.5 for half damages)


- jp_forceCombo (1 or 0 default 0) : allow/disallow the possibility of using force powers combinaisons (for example proctect with absorb) that are forbidden in the default game basejka ..

if this option is activated , the rage+ speed is Fixed compared with the basejka because your have more speed than using only speed alone or rage alone....

(in basejka, rage+speed give you the same speed as if you were using speed alone or rage alone) 


- jp_saberNoForceDrain (0, 1 or 2 default 0) :allow/disallow force power drain with sepcial saber attacks

0 : normal like basejka

1 : no force power drain with DFA

2 : no force power drain with DFA and with KATA.


- jp_fixAbsorb ( float value default "2.0" ) : fix the amount of absorbed force using force absorb

- 0 : this option is desactivated like in basejka.

            - value > 0 : if the value is greater than 0, it will be a scale factor that will multiply the normal absorbed force value.


-  jp_pushPullKnockDown (1 or 0 default 1): enable the possibility to make push/pull on knockdown players

-  g_armBreakage (1 or 0) : control the possibilty of breaking the arms via ambreakarm adm cmd.

-  jp_fixRoll (3 or 2 or 1 or 0 default 1): 

0 : roll is like basejka patch 1.0.1

1 : roll can be used while gripping like in basejka

2 :  Roll come back to a chainable roll like before the patch 1.0.1 (roll while gripping is also enable like before the patch)

3 : Roll come back exactly like in JK2


- jp_fixEmot (1, 0 default 1): if all players are using the client plugin on your server, the static emotes (except amatease) don't use the FREEZE code any more to prevent you from moving.

SO, in this case, when you do static emotes, you can't move (like it was before), and the way it is implemented is much better according to invunerability exploits or few targetable surface problems .

It also prevent players from emoting in the air.


- jp_emotDisallow ( default 0): allow/disallow emots on the server by adding the bit values of the emots you want to disallow.

here is the list of emots:

EMOT_amkneel, ID = 1 ==> Bit value =2^1=2

EMOT_amdie, ID = 2 ==> Bit value =2^2=4

EMOT_amdie2, ID = 3 ==> Bit value =2^3=8


























EMOT_amkiss, // need the JA+ gla animations installed


if EMOT ID is N the bit value is 2^N= 2*2*2*......*2 (N times)


//-------Models scaling system------

-  jp_allowModelScale (1 or 0 default 0): allow server to scale model according to the scale factors of the modelscale.cfg

-  jp_allowDmgSpeedScale (1 or 0 default 0): allow the scaling of saber damages , flip kick damages, flip kick knock back strength and speed moves when scaling model size system

is allowed. Small models have more saber attack speed but have less move speed and less saber damages 


//--------Duel cvar---------------

- jp_allowTeamDuel (1 or 0 default 1) : allow/disallow duel in Team ffa.

- jp_endDuelBroadcastMSG (0,1 or 2 default 1): control the broadcast of the end duel message

** 0 , no display of end duel messages

** 1 ; message is broadcasted to eveybody

** 2 , message is only displayed to the duelers.


- jp_removeDistanceDuelLimit (1 or 0 default 1): remove/allow distance duel limit (duel stop if dueler are not close to each other).

- jp_duelStartArmor (integer between 0 and 100 default 100) : the number of armor when a private duel start or in DUEL gametype.

in POWERDUEL gametype, it give jp_duelStartArmor  to the single dueler and jp_duelStartArmor /5 to the 2 others attackers.


- jp_privateDuelForceRegen (integer default 200): this is the forceregen time used in private duel. (200 is the default basejka value for force regen time).


//-------Duel  Isolation (Non interference)-------

-jp_DuelAlpha ( -1 or between 0 and 255 default 100):

**server side behaviour : if you are not using the client side plugin, when in duel, you can go through other players except your ennemi 🙂

**Client side plugin behaviour : if you are using the client side plugin, you have better features:

-when you are in duel, you can't see other players and you are not influenced by other players weapons, force power use, explosions......

-if you aren't in duel, you see cloaked duelers. the degree of visibility of duelers is controled by  jp_DuelAlpha.

** if you are inside a player at the end of a duel, you will be able to go outside of him.

** Improvement in transfered data between clients and server.


jp_DuelAlpha -1 : non interference code desactivated

jp_DuelAlpha between 0 and 255 : it is the degree visibility of duelers. if 0, you wont see the duelers

if 255, you will see the duelers as it is in basejka.

the less value it is, the more transparent they will be.




//--------Vote management cvar---------------

-  jp_votesDisable (1 or 0 default 0): if votes are allowed (seta g_allowVote 1), you can choose to disable the vote type you want

with this cvar by adding each bit value for the vote you want to disable:

2 : map_restart 

4 : nextmap

8 : map

16: g_gametype

32: kick and clientkick

64: g_doWarmup

128: timelimit

256: fraglimit

512: sleep

1024 : ampoll : admin cmd that enable admins to make a poll. Player awnser by voting Yes or No.

2048 : silence 

-   jp_onlyVotingClients (1 or 0 default 1) : if 1 Vote result based on Number of YEs and NO. IF 0 (like basejka), the vote will passe if the number of Yes is greater than the number of players.

-  jp_voteTimer (integer in minutes default 10) : Anti Vote Spam : you will not be able to callvote during jp_voteTimer minutes.

if jp_voteTimer is 0, the anti spam is desactivated.


- jp_startMapVoteTimer ( integer in second default 60 ) : when a level start, player will have to wait this time before to callVote. This is ideal to prevent people from calling for exemple

a change of map just at entering the level because it tend to disconnect a lot of connecting players. If the value is 0, it will disable this timer.



//--------Team gametype management cvar---------------

- g_teamForceBalance (3, 2 , 1 or 0 default 3) : used to balance the number of players in each team:

if > 0, in team gametype execpt siege, at the end of level (timelimit, fraglimit, capture limit hit...etc ), the server will balance the teams for the nextmap based on player's scores.

the 1st ranked player go in a team,  the 2nd in another, the 3rd in team of the 1st player, the 4st go in the other team,.....etc..... 


if 0 , this is desactivated

if 1 : default basejka value : players can't join a team if it unbalances the number of players in each team.

if 2 : same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the lowest ranked player will be auto moved in the other team to balance the number of players.

if 3 : same as for 1 but, when a player disconnect, it may unbalance teams. So at respawn, the youngest connected player will be moved in the other team to balance the number of players.




-  jp_teamLock (default 0): bit value that control the locked teams

add the bit value of team you want to lock

remember the amlockteam cmd changes this cvar value automatically

spectator : 2

ffa   : 4

blue   : 8

red   : 16


- jp_allowTeamKill  (1 or 0 default 0):  : allow/disallow the /kill cmd in team gametype


- jp_siegeItemTime ( time in minutes default 3) : if not 0, when a player is carrying a siege item (objective), he has this time to complete this partial objective before this item returns to its initial position.


//--------other cvar---------------

-  g_allowNPC (1 or 0 default 1): cheat protection removed. if g_allowNPC is 0, the NPC cmd is allowed only if your admin rank allow this cmd. 

In cheat servers, NPC is allowed for All execpt if g_allowNPC  is 0.

-  bot_honorableduelacceptance (1 or 0 default 1) : enable/disable the duel with bots

-  jp_starTrekTeleport (1 or 0 default 1) : enable total new teleport looking like  star trek movie teleport.

-  jp_banAdminIPs : string that contains the list of Ip of admin players that are admin-banned from the possibility of using amlogin

to log as an admin.

-  jp_allowGodTalk (1 or 0 default 1): if allowed, when talking or opened console, you are GOD.

It doesn't work in duel and in other gametype than FFA.

-  jp_inactivityProtectTimer ( default 60 s) : timers in second: after this delay (Works only in FFA). , player becomes protected. While protected, you make a com_link anim.

if thisjp_inactivityProtectTimer is 0, the proctect is desactivated.





- dmflags : (bit value default 0): used to allow/disallow some feature in the JKA game by adding the following bit values in this cvar:

DF_NO_FALLING 8 // no falling damage

DF_FIXED_FOV 16 // prevent player from using zoom script 


DF_NO_DROWN 64 // no drown water damage

DF_FIXED_YAWSPEED 128 // prevent player from changing the cl_yawspeed value (the value will be fixed to the default 140). 

This client cvar is used to cheat by setting high values to Poke easily.

this anticheat is only enable at client side if all players are using the JA+ Plugin like for macroscan system.

The cheat macro scan must be ON to have a complete anti yawspeed detection.

It is checked at client side only for players using the JA+ Plugin 1.3 or above.

DF_NO_FIXED_ANIMS 256 // if set On, it will let player exploit some weakness in animations allowing player to cross map brushes

DF_NO_REALISTIC_HOOK 512 // NO realist grapple hook ==> no grapple rope cuting system, no energy/fuel system to repair cut rope and throw hook...etc



- jp_noAutoReplier (1 or 0 default 0) : allow/disallow the use of the integrated AutoReplier in the JA+ plugin.




     //--------Highlander ffa gametype modification cvars---------------

Highlander FFA Gametyme Modification :Every player begins the Map with jp_highlanderStartingLives lives. (the max force rank is jp_highlanderMaxForceRank)

Each player is immortal. So, you will really kill him if his Number of lives is 0.( you will see a Quickening)

Then each kills, increases the number of lives and the force level of the player with the force level of your victime (like in the movie).

WHen you die and your amount of lives is 0, you become a ghost.

At the end, only 2 players are alive and the final duel begins.

then the map restart for a new highlander game.


in this gametype, admin don't see by default ghosted people and the word Highlander is appended to the servername so that player can easily find highlander FFA Modification


- jp_highlander (1 or 0 default 0) : activated the highlander ffa modification (requires a map restart)

- jp_highlanderMaxForceRank ( default 5) : like g_MaxForceRank 

- jp_highlanderStartingLives ( integer >= 1 default 1): the number of lives when u start the game.

- jp_highlanderFinalDualTimeLimit (timer in minutes default 2): when there are 2 players still alive, they have jp_highlanderFinalDualTimeLimit min to kill themself before the level exit.



    //---------JediVsMerc mod enhancement-------------

- g_jediVmerc (0,1 ,2 or 3 default 0) :only mercs can have the items of the mod like melee, jetpack, flamethrower, cloak....

in Team FFA or CTF, mercs will be in one team and JEdi in another team.

mercs are the only one to be able to use weapons

mercs don't have forcepowers

the flamethrower of merc do more damage in jediVsMerc mod

Jedi have force powers but not weapons except saber

Now the team ffa with Jedi agains Merc is pretty good.

weapons must be allowed (g_weaponDisable) so that g_jediVmerc is not reseted to 0 by the server

g_jediVmerc  : 0 :  Jedi Vs Merc disallowed

1 :  JediVsMerc allowed and merc have several items like cloak, jetpack, flamethrower only if the corresponding cvar which controls those item are activated.

2 :  JediVsMerc allowed and mercs have all Item

3 :   JediVsMerc allowed and mercs are super Mercs (all weapons allowed according to g_weaponDisable + all ammo + all items)

and jedi have all forces power with the max level 









-d_saberSPStyleDamage ( 1 or 0 default 1 ) :   you can activate SP damages (like in default baseJKA) or MP style damages.

MP style damages works more like JK2 damages system mangement.


-  jp_alterDMG ( 1 or 0 default 0 ) : active or not the damages modification with all the damages cvar (cvar damage for each attacks)of the mod. WHen desactivated, all MP style damages (d_saberSPStyleDamage 0 ) come back

to their default values as shown it the readme and all Sp style damages (d_saberSPStyleDamage  1 )come back to baseJKA default management.

-  jp_allowSaberTouchDMG ( 1 or 0 default 0 😞 allow/disallow saber touch damage. 

Your light saber damages only when touching a target.

- jp_SaberThrowScaleDMG (float scale factor default 1) : scale damage factor for saber throw.


- jp_StaffDualSpinAttack  10

- jp_DualKataAttack  50

- jp_StaffKataAttackMin  30

- jp_StaffKataAttackMax  50

- jp_StaffBackAttackMin 2

- jp_StaffBackAttackMax 30

- jp_DualBackAttackMin 2

- jp_DualBackAttackMax 25

- jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMin 2

- jp_StaffDualOtherAttackMax 45

- jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMin 2

- jp_StaffDualNormalAttackMax 60


- jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleStrongNormalAttackMax  110

- jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleStrongDfaAttackMax  180

- jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleStrongBackAttackMax  50

- jp_SingleStrongOtherAttack  100


- jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleMediumDfaAttackMax  70

- jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMin 2

- jp_SingleMediumBackAttackMax  35

- jp_SingleMediumOtherAttack  60


- jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleFastLungeAttackMax  30

- jp_SingleFastBackAttackMin  2

- jp_SingleFastBackAttackMax  30

- jp_SingleFastOtherAttack  35


- jp_SingleKataAttackMin 30

- jp_SingleKataAttackMax 50

- jp_StabDownAttackMin 2

- jp_StabDownAttackMax 50

- jp_RollStabAttackMin 2

- jp_RollStabAttackMax 12

- jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMin 2

- jp_NewSpinDfaAttackMax 60

- jp_NewPullAttackMin 2

- jp_NewPullAttackMax 50


       // Center screen MSGS SERVER CVAR       


    -  jp_msgBroadcastSleep :

    -  jp_msgTargetSleep :

    -  jp_msgAllSleep :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastWake :

    -  jp_msgTargetWake :

    -  jp_msgAllWake :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastSlap :

    -  jp_msgTargetSlap :



    -  jp_msgBroadcastSilence :

    -  jp_msgTargetSilence :

    -  jp_msgAllSilence :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnsilence :

    -  jp_msgTargetUnsilence :

    -  jp_msgAllUnsilence :



    - jp_msgBroadcastForceAltDim

    - jp_msgTargetForceAltDim

    - jp_msgAllForceAltDim 


    - jp_msgBroadcastUnForceAltDim

    - jp_msgTargetUnForceAltDim 

    - jp_msgAllUnForceAltDim 



    -  jp_msgBroadcastProtect :

    -  jp_msgTargetProtect :



    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnprotect :

    -  jp_msgTargetUnprotect :



    -  jp_msgBroadcastEmpower :

    -  jp_msgTargetEmpower :



    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnempower :

    -  jp_msgTargetUnempower :



    -  jp_msgBroadcastTeleport :

    -  jp_msgTargetTeleport :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastMindtrick :

    -  jp_msgTargetMindtrick :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnmindtrick :

    -  jp_msgTargetUnmindtrick :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastGhost :

    -  jp_msgTargetGhost :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnghost :

    -  jp_msgTargetUnghost :


    -  jp_msgBroadcastMerc 

    -  jp_msgTargetMerc 



    -  jp_msgBroadcastUnmerc 

    -  jp_msgTargetUnmerc 


    -  jp_msgBroadcastDenyvote 

    -  jp_msgTargetDenyvote 


    -  jp_msgBroadcastUndenyvote 

    -  jp_msgTargetUndenyvote 



    //---------- Anti cheat ----------- 


- jp_antiHackModel (1 or 0 default 1): prevent players from using models exploits without legs, head or torso with the head, torso, lower variation.

it also prevents at server side in team gametype from beeing in red while your team is blue (or the opposite)



- jp_macroScan (2, 1 or 0 default 0): allow/disallow the Macro scan module to avoid player cheat.

0: cheats not scanned for player using the plugin

1 : cheats scanned for all plugin users

2 : cheats only scanned if all players are using the plugin on the server.So basically it will be the case if:

*** server is sv_pure 1 and if the pluginv1.1 or above is installed on the server (so all players will have to install the plugin)...

*** or if all current players actually have the plugin1.1 or above installed.


The scanning system looks for all binded key that contains sequence of cmds that build macro cheat attacks or move hard to make without the binded key.

This scanning system has been improved compaired with the dueler one because it really scans all possible cheat script macro with move, weapon, attacks, combo move, combo force, combo attacks.

this system WILL NOT tell to everybody or log into the games.log that a player is cheating...it is not the purpose. This macro scan system will only disable the binded key at client side

and disable all possible cheat warning ONLY the cheater.




this macro scan is the Dueler mod system (here are the explanation of the dueler mod readme):

Many users have macros to change skins or hilts or rotate through taunts or select admin commands. These macros are not targeted. However, there are other macros that use movement and attack commands in special sequences to perform difficult manoeuvres flawlessly and effortlessly. A common example is: 

Blue Stance Lunge Macro: 

bind key "-forward;wait 2;+forward;wait 2;+movedown;+attack;wait 2;-attack;-movedown;-forward" 

this turns 'key' into a single click lunger (assuming you are in blue stance). 

These macros are targeted and disabled. Here is a description of how the scanning behaves to help you make your decision: 

  • a regular scan of all key bindings is made by the client. 
  • If during the scan a key is found that is bound to a series of commands then the series of commands is investigated. Most game bindings are from a key to a single command. The presence of the ';' character in a bind, tells the client that there is a sequence of commands. 
  • The command sequence is scanned for the presence of any movement or attack commands. Specifically: +moveup, +attack, +forward, +back, and +movedown are illegal commands in the sequence 
  • If these commands are found, the key binding is disabled 
  • If during the scan a key is found that is bound to a string that uses exec to read commands from a file, that file is inspected. If the file contains illegal commands (as above), the bind is disabled. 
  • If during the scan a key is found that is bound to a string that uses vstr to evaluate the contents of a cvariable, the cvariable is inspected. If the cvariable contains illegal command (as above), the bind is disabled. 
  • If the key binding is disabled the bind is rewritten in a way so that the bind sends a message to the client console but also in a way that the new bind string may be easily easily restored when the client wishes to play on a server that allows such binds. Specifically the bind is re-written to: 

echo illegal macro: the_original_bind_with_;_replaced_with_:

  • If the client connects to a server which allows macros or if the server changes the value of m_ms to 0, then the old macros will be restored. This does, however, rely on the client not having edited the bind as re-written by the server. 
  • the scanning of all keys happens approximately every second, so re-binding a disabled key will not be an effective way to continue to use macros that are illegal. 
  • Scans are very quick and efficient and should not impact the client performance. A very convoluted attempt to hide macros behind multiple recursions of exec and vstr commands will only result in deeper scans which might eventually impact the performance of the client (and yet will ultimately succeed in disabling the macro). 

Note that the macro scanner is not a full command parser. It makes some quick guesses to see if your binds are OK. If it gets confused because you have a very complicated set up, it will assume the worst and disable the bind. If this happens to you, please send me a note describing the problem and I can try to improve the scanner. 





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