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Post in STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)
The top of the Rakata temple is ready for the fight of Bastilla and Revan!


Post in Noodle's WIP Zone
Its been some time since my last post and even though I've been a bit inactive with my board activity that doesn't mean I haven't been doing things lately. I've been doing a lot of modelling and texturing recently but I haven't posted it around here because I don't want to give people false expectations about my future stuff. Some of the things I've done recently include helping Zander_Nao with a bunch of his cool ideas (like rigging the awesome Shadows of the Empire trooper model) and trying to contribute to JKGalaxies, which is my favorite mod by far. 

I was a bit bummed that I couldn't finish a Nightsister related mod for last halloween so I hope this year I'll be able to upload at least 2 nightsister related things. Maybe an update to one of my already posted mods, who knows! 

All that aside, here are some of the coolest things I've done in the recent months that I've neglected to share here:

JKGalaxies has a bunch of unfinished assets that are quite well done, so one of the things I've done is to try and finish up some of them and get them to work ingame. Here's the texture I did for the "pyro" helmet:

This was a headpiece for my male twi'lek model that was based on Hera's in the Ahsoka live action show. Since it wasn't finished in time for the last contest it didn't make the final cut, but here's how it was looking so far:

Another thing I was doing for JKGalaxies were new enemy models for a certain map I'm working on. This is one of the concepts I did for the "Desert Biker Bandit" armor set:

Part of the idea for this set that I had was that the player could equip different parts of the set to get a more customized look:

Now that I feel more confident in my skills as a modeller I started working on an idea I had for a very long time, which was to create a "Cultural Mod Pack" for both JKGalaxies and creative modders that want to use it in their projects. The idea is to pick a star wars culture and create a bunch of assets that can be used for map making or role playing. Right now I'm working on a "Tusken Culture" mod, so far I've worked on the female tusken and child tusken outfits we saw in Attack of the Clones. Here's how they look so far: 

Female Tusken:

Tusken Children:

So far this is what I've done, I hope soon I'll be able to update this thread again with cooler stuff! 

The Academy V4
Well after talking it over with the community I am proud to announce the Academy IV - continuing on Virtue's work. A much expanded on rebuild of the idea. 


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JKA with the whole family
Hi guys.. I found my way back to JA two weeks ago after 20years. I played JK2 single player back in boarding school 21+years ago till I could help complete the game with my back turned and we played the JK2 multiplayer so hard on LAN back then. Then I finish school and started as a electrician and JA came out, the campaign was okay, but had nobody to play mp with.. two weeks ago I put JA on 5 laptops I had and took it with me to the club for school kids and the 4 boys loved it. .found some extra laptops and now at my wife's family's annual get together camp/celebration of Christ's resurrection. I brought these and the kids gamed for little over an hour. It was great, there's not a lot of people on these pics, but two minutes before the pictures,  cake was brought out, that's why the low count of gamers 😁😉 this is great, what you guys are doing, is nothing short of amazing.
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The Acolyte trailer
This trailer is incredible and I’m super hyped for this show! Finally a live action show with brand new characters and timeline! The tone looks very dark but with lots of aliens and cool worlds that make it feel very Star Wars, not to mention a focus on Jedi.

JKA — Warhammer 40000
I'm developing a mod for Wh40k. The point is to radically replace Star Wars assets with Warhammer 40,000 cassettes. Also, in setting up weapons for the realities of Warhammer 40,000, as far as our skills and abilities allow us.

I'm developing a mod here - https://discord.gg/CQ3CwbkjdC


chainsword teeth are moving

I use the imperial soldier from another mod as a temporary stub











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Post in AngelModders Jedi Temple on Coruscant - Knightfall
Well after about 2 dozen compiles and adjustments the lighting in general for the Jedi Temples Lobby is finally where I want it. Still a lot of work to do, the models are acting up etc but it'll get there!

Post in SWGL - Work in Progress
In the year 2017 i started to learn mapping because there was no Dagobah map, then i created that bad xwing landing dagobah map and was not happy with it, so i started to work on a better one and this is the result. i will still work on it and do the final fixes before it will be added to the mod : 

Episode 5 - Dagobah

Mat Gaunt's Han Solo (OT)
Everyone's favourite space pirate - this time with a never seen before selection of skin variants.
The entire model was modeled and textured by Mat Gaunt, also known as @Mandalorian. I merely did some minor rigging adjustments here and there.
Authors: Mat Gaunt ( @Mandalorian )
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Plasma's Lightsaber Hilt update 1.9
Added: Baylan Skoll, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Shin Hati (Ahsoka), Temple Guard (Rebels), Yoda (HR), Yoda shoto, Dagan Gera (JS), Joruus C'baoth (EU)
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Movie Duels Holiday Special
Greetings and Happy Holidays from the Movie Duels team! Celebrate this holiday season with our special Christmas video, showcasing some of our latest developments. Experience enhanced graphics and performance with the Rend2 renderer, play against friends in multiplayer, and witness a sneak peek at a highly anticipated new mission. Please note, due to these large ongoing projects, Update 7 won't be released anytime soon. Nevertheless, we're thrilled to share this festive sneak peek with you! Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with excitement and anticipation.

Post in SWGL - Work in Progress
Venator Star Destroyer

another Star Destroyer map im working on 

the detention area is made by Mace Madunusus from the MB2 team:



Post in Sulon
We've updated the city – its streets, markets and of course – the cantina 🥹 

The locals got their classic looks from Dark Forces II. Not exactly the same, but the similar style is there. Also added a few more variations. Female skins coming too! 




Post in [WIP] JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack
moving along ok. there's a sky on map 2 after you take the elevator up on the roof and there's a TIE bomber.. i'd love to make that awful looking night sky better, but it's really nowhere to be found in materials\jknup. any idea how i could figure it out? maybe it can't be changed in the Remaster Edit, for some reason. i did unpack a ton of .mat files from those .gob files, but to find something that converts them to .png seems difficult. also i'm not sure its even helpful, i think the Remaster uses a different format all together for the images. 

Anyways, all other skies are done. 260 images has been made much more detailed so far 🙂
Here's another comparison: JuxtaposeJS Embed (knightlab.com) (better direct comparison than below)


Post in Mino's Mediocre Maps
Tipoca City Simulation Test

"The Citadel" 


From the Clone Wars animated series S3 Ep1 where the Clone Squad "Domino" has to undergo a test simulation against a wave of droids, working as a team to reach the top of the tower and retrieve the flag.



Movie Duels Legend of Revan Update
"Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all this together." Experience the epic journey of the legendary warrior, Revan, in Tales of the Galaxy Season II. Fight for the Republic, confront the formidable Mandalorian army, and save the galaxy from the relentless Sith Empire!
Huge thanks to ZelZel for making the cinematic.

Post in AngelModders Jedi Temple on Coruscant - Knightfall
We'll see who's paying attention. Latest alpha and a couple of photo's. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/124ENCYZvsiwjZwGBIVStZzP9_AiYgxDM/view?usp=sharing 

Movie Duels Multiplayer Announced
Development has officially begun on Movie Duels multiplayer! Prepare to team up with friends or face off against foes in epic lightsaber battles, blaster shootouts, and iconic duels using the Movie Duels combat system.

Post in SWGL - Work in Progress
I worked on this map since a year and finally finished it now: 


Post in STOIK's Menu Design
Oh trust, I'm trying lol.

The icons are a bit interesting because the menuDef that contains the itemDef for the server feed columns element is kind of broken. Adjusting the position of the parent menuDef moves the child column element as it should.... except for those icons. The icons themselves are part of the 2nd column which is actually the map name column. So I had to do some rearranging of the column order in order to get everything to kind of still be positioned near eachother if I wanted to move the whole menuDef for the server list. Otherwise the icons would either be across the screen, overlapping the server names or some variation of another awful situation.

As for the icon visuals I'm just making more very liberal use of an alpha channel of the background visual that sits over top of everything so I can make most things more visually appealing... the icons, the scroll bar, the pill shape of the highlight for the actively selected server, etc.

Twenty years of Jedi Academy
On September 16, 2003, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was released to the world and spun off what was loved and adored about its predecessor Jedi Outcast, and taken to the next level in terms of combat, gameplay, and modding capabilities. Two decades later, we are still here, playing and modding this game. Most of us are well into our adult years and only try to find the time to put into this game in some way, but we're here. Some people have left, come back, left again, repeat. Some have left completely, but everyone that has spent time with this game can agree that it is a unique and special experience that deserves celebration and appreciation.
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Anniversary Server Event
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 20th Anniversary Event

This weekend of 9/16/23 roughly marks the 20th anniversary of this incredible and unique game. One that has been a gem to so many of us. Whether through SP, MP, or any type of modding, JKA has provided many years of history to its players.  Spanning From the days of Xfire, kill trackers, and ventrilo/teamspeak; to the current age of discord and OJK/EJK. Experiences such as clan/community involvement, celebrations, duels, friendships, tournaments, training, and many other moments have had true impact on our lives.  

Please join us in celebrating this milestone!


Date: 9/16/23


- The server doors/open house will start tentatively around 12p CST for people who won't be free later in the evening.

- Events/Modes will change or occur when we have enough people and periodically throughout the day.

- The main events will start tentatively around 8p-9p CST based on activity.

Tentative Flow of Main Events:

- Gathering/Headcount/Social 

- Talking about JKAs History/Future

- Group/Event screenshots (we will hopefully have someone recording video as well)

- Map reveal with a demo/tour

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Gauge time/attendance with more possible events or hanging out

- Thank you/closing

Event pool: (Can vary between NF and FF)




- Predator

- Bo3 1v1 Tournament (single or double elimination based on headcount)

- Melee NF last man standing


JA Server: Server will be named "JKA 20th Anniversary Server" (we will have a backup server ready just in case)


Map: Default maps to gather activity & a surprise reveal once we're gathered (download will be shared at that time)

Discord Server: JKcommunity - https://discord.gg/gFKwH85 or https://discord.me/jediknight

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Anniversary Mod Contest Poll
We had more entries in this contest than we've had in years, so thank you so much to all the people that created something, even if its something you already planned on making, that's what makes these contests more fun. Remember, this "anniversary" contest is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Jedi Academy, and the critieria is that is must be related to the Jedi Knight series in some way. We decided not to be too strict about it, just to encourage more submissions, but all of the rules still applied.
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JKGalaxies 10th Anniversary Scrimmage Matches
Hello everyone, to celebrate JKA turning 20, and JKG turning 10, we'll be hosting a few scrimmage matches over the weekend.  You can check our homepage Discord announcement feed for updates for this announcement. 

Matches will be held at the following times:

Scrimmage #1  -  Saturday, September 16, 2023 1:30:00 PM UTC

Scrimmage #2  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 2:30:00 AM UTC

Scrimmage #3  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 3:30:00 PM UTC

Scrimmage #4  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 11:00:00 PM UTC

You can get the latest version of the mod (v1.3.23) at the download page here.  You'll want to get both the assets, binaries, and map packs.  We will be playing on the "JKGDev Server US" server.  We hope to see you in game.  May the force be with you!
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SWGL - Work in Progress
We are going to show more of our Wip stuff here on Jkhub in the Future so im starting with some of my current maps/missions:

Episode 1 - Swamps of Naboo

Episode 1 - Gardens of  Theed

Episode 1 - Rescue The Queen

Episode 1 - Naboo Palace Outside

Episode 1 - Escape from Theed

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