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Operation Knightfall in Galactic Legacy
Hope the first month of 2023 has been good to you all! Let's get started!
Much of the month of January has been focused on ironing out bugs from the initial build of the remade Operation: Knightfall mission. As the original author has been unable to complete this work, I volunteered to finish what he started. As of typing this report, the first of the gameplay levels has been completely ironed out and is at a quality we can deem to be finished.
Production on fixing up the next level has begun, with this level appearing to be the most complex to fix. Primarily we are introducing a small puzzle to the level and one boss fight has to be completely reworked.
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Post in The story of the cavern and SCP Chaos Ops WIP Advances
Merry Christmas!

The time has come to upload new previews, throughout the end of this week and next week previews will be uploaded, so first things first, the first maps have been redesigned and new ones have been added, this campaign may have quite a few maps, some are of short duration, others of medium duration, and others of long duration. One thing this mod has is a hard difficulty that will gradually go up.


Let's start with the presentation of the maps:


You can see more images in the Moddb forum. Tomorrow the weapons will be presented, and soon I will see if it is possible to upload videos about everything presented.

Post in STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remaster of Movie Duels II)
Happy New Year! It's been a long time, but we're back with a new update!

Although we hadn't originally planned it, this version ends up being a big full patch called Update 6. We added so many new things, not just bugfixes, during its development that we ended up waiting a whole year before releasing it. We really hope you will enjoy this update, because we have invested a lot of our time, effort and sometimes nerves into it.

Update 6 has arrived to start the new year with new content and features such as new and updated missions, combat improvements, and bug fixes! Tales of the Galaxy: Season 1 is also now available allowing you to play the duels from Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.










Holiday Contest Winner!
It was a very close call between me and @MagSul despite so few votes overall, but Mag pulled ahead and is declared the WINNER OF THE HOLIDAY MOD CONTEST 2022!

His mod Kyle's Holiday Afternoon is a charming little mod that I personally voted for, so I'm glad to see it win! Seeing Kyle in a Christmas Sweater getting pummeled by snowballs is something everyone needed, for sure.

Congrats and well done to the other contestants! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season, and welcome to 2023! Jedi Academy turns 20 this year, so we have some exciting things planned!

Holiday Contest '22 Poll
We get 4 entries this year for the Holiday Mod Contest, which is a solid number! I personally have entered a mod this year, so of course we are leaving the voting to you people! Which one do you think is best?

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Holiday Mod Contest 2022
Everyone been nice, with a pinch of naughty this year? 🎅

It's been quite awhile since we've done a end of year holiday or Christmas event around here, mostly due to lack of activity. We used to do Secret Santa events but that requires a lot of participants and many great mods made for them don't end up getting released, so we don't really do that anymore. But since Christmas is my personal favorite holiday and season, we're going for it.
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Dantooine update
Updated Dantooine. The farmland and spaceport areas are expanded a bit, but are a lot more detailed as well. The gameplay is also slightly changed so that the mission is nothing like 'a very long corridor, you run through'. While on a mission with Luke Skywalker, Kyle encounters a few enemies near the landing area and has to deal with them.



Mino's Maps
Hey, been wanting to start a thread for a while for all my mapping happenings. Decided to kick it off with one of the buildings from Star Wars: Visions, the Ninth Jedi.

Put this together within a few hours so it's a first pass.




Hope you all like it and would love to hear your thoughts!


- Mino
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Halloween Contest 22 Winner!
The results are in! You all voted and the winner is...


For the Nightsister Assets mod. I hope to see these assets used in a full map someday! Nice work.


Halloween Contest 22 Poll
I'm a little surprised by the lack of submissions in this one, despite the late start. Oh well, I'm glad we got a couple! Vote for the one you think is best!

Nameless Ghost by Ramikad

Nightsister Assets by Noodle

Vote by the 31st!
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Halloween Mod Contest '22
I know, I know. It's a little late. But I think everyone can agree that this is a fun holiday to celebrate, we get really creative submissions, and everyone that would normally participate is probably already working on something with or without the contest, so let's do this.

Halloween contests are all about making spooky mods for Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. Think about monsters, goblins, & ghouls. Vampires, zombies, & ghosts. Having a Star Wars twist is always a bonus, in my opinion. You can make maps, playermodels, skins, cosmetic mods, etc. If it goes in a PK3, it's fair game.


All submissions must be Halloween-themed (so scary, spooky, frightening, etc. 👻)

You can only enter your own creations.

You may enter more than one file.

Already existing files cannot be submitted. The goal is to encourage new creations!

Any mod content is welcome, including skins, models, maps, weapons, menu mods, etc. Just make sure it abides by the rules.

Files can be for Jedi Academy and/or Jedi Outcast. We will assume files are for JKA unless specified otherwise.

The deadline for submitting content is October 27, 2022, after which a poll will be opened.

The poll will be closed by the morning of October 31, 2022.

Need inspiration?
You can view the previous Halloween contests we've held at the links below. Lots of cool stuff in each of them! All are listed on the Contests page.

How do I submit my mod?
Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for everyone involved. The way you submit your file for this contest is to upload them as normal files in our file section, but using the category called Contest Entries.

Click the button below, and submit your mod as you normally would. The category should be set to Contest Entries already. If you don't enter it there, your file won't be entered until you do. If you realize that you didn't do that, PM a staff member and we can change it for you. Good luck and happy sp00ky season! 🎃

Submit to Halloween Contest '22
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Banner Contest Winners!
The winners have been chosen! I said I may end up choosing more than one if we got some good ones I really liked, and that definitely happened. Thank you to all of the artists that submitted. Even if you didn't technically win, I may still use your work for other things, so you may win in some small way anyway.

Keep in mind the banner art will be changed periodically so if you don't see yours in there now, your art will have its turn. 🙂

The two main winners are @ZelZel and @BenSlzak for the below two entries!

Here are the rest of the submissions if you'd like to see the others. They are all really great and I'm excited to have some good material for banners, social posts, etc. going forward!

Hopefully this was a nice little break from the usual mod contests and allowed for the resident artists to flex a little. We will definitely have more of these types of contests! More art makes the world beautiful. 🖌️

The Seven Dark Jedi [WIP]
The Seven Dark Jedi [WIP]
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Post in ꜱᴅᴇʟᴛʀᴏᴏᴍᴛ ᴡᴏʀᴋꜱʜᴏᴘ²

What 3D modeling application do you use for JKO/JKA?
Modeling 3D assets has become more and more mainstream since Jedi Outcast and Academy came out. It used to be an obscure talent only a handful of modders could do well. Nowadays, more and more people are picking up 3D modeling as a hobby or full career. There are many tools out there to shape, mold, and sculpt in a 3D space.

Which one do you use primarily for Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy mods?
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[Released] JKGalaxies 1.3.23 Beta
We're more than halfway through another year and with it a new set of features is coming to Jedi Knight Galaxies with version 1.3.23.  You can test the new beta by going to the download page here and downloading the Test release.  A subsequent patch will likely be made available after a few weeks of play testing, but we hope to move our focus onto development of the next major milestone v1.4 (yep that's lightsabers!).  You can find a list of full patch notes here.
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Relaxing day at the beach
Relaxing day at the beach - Szico VII
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Banner Artwork Contest
Hey folks, a new contest has been long overdue, I know. I meant to start this one up shortly after the last one but too many things took my attention away. I have way too many hobbies to keep up with. 😅 No summer themed contest this year, but that could be up to you depending on your submission.

Everyone likes mod contests but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up and try something different. We have a decent number of in-game photographers, digital artists, and lots of creative people that could make this one really cool.

Essentially this is a contest for who can make the best Jedi Knight-related poster/banner for JKHub. I’ve been wanting something really nice and flashy looking to use for the front page and for social media accounts, and I made one really quick back when we launched the new theme. I can probably spend a lot more time on making a better one, but I figured it would be much better to involve the community.

This isn’t just to win and get the award badge on your profile. This will be the new banner on the front page of JKHub in place of the existing one and will be used on social media.

So what qualifies as a banner?

An image in PNG or PSD format.
Dimensions at minimum 3200px X 2000px with 72ppi
Aspect ratio of 16:10.
If you include text, you must also include a textless version.
If you include a signature, make it unobtrusive but still legible.
Must be related to the Jedi Knight series (particularly Outcast & Academy), including characters, locations, weapons, items, etc.
Multiple entries are allowed.
Additional orientations are allowed, but a horizontal 16:10 is required.
Upload in a ZIP file to ensure no unnecessary compression is added anywhere.
No pornographic or ultra violent subjects or content allowed.
Huge bonus points if you make a version for each major season of the year or holidays.
By submitting to this contest, you are fully aware that your art will be used by us, for JKHub. Full credit to you will be given when and where possible.
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Jedi Academy: Enhanced new version released
Jedi Academy: Enhanced is a mod for Jedi Academy Single Player which adds features and improvements to the core experience of the base game like RGB sabers, saber customization, saber holstering, new force powers, and much more.

This is for new or old players who want to play through the single player story of Jedi Academy with some enhancements and new features without completely overhauling the core vision of the game.

Credit goes to redsaurus who has single-handedly put in tons of code work and implementation, as well as the creators of the other content like Kahn's UltimateWeapons, Ashura's DL-44, Plasma's lightsabers, therfiles' camSP, and more (mentioned in readme and file page).
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I made this map purely for my own personal passion for Final Fantasy 7. The map is based on a location in FF7 that is infamous in gaming history but that’s going down spoiler territory so anyone who has played the original FF7 should recognize this location pretty quick. I took a long break from mapping due to college classes and thought making something small would be a great way to get a refresher in mapping.

Map Features:
Four buttons clearly marked allow for changing the main fighting area to change.
1: Spectator stands
2: Wall
3: Pilon
4: Overhead cross 
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Jedi Knight games free for Prime Day
Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, and Republic Commando are free on Amazon Games for Prime Day today if anyone is interested. That means you need the Amazon Games launcher to install and play it. Not a big deal in my opinion but I know a lot of people get pissy about that for whatever reason.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition as well, and that one is redeemable on Origin.

Inquisitor Lightsaber Spinning
June was a month of quality control, and many fixes. NEW CHARACTERS, MENU OVERHAULS, MAP OVERHAULS, OTHER IMPROVEMENTS, THE INQUISITOR LIGHTSABER. The video you'll view is of a test model, and unfortunately we have not been able to progress with this since this video was uploaded. I will attempt to pursue other avenues, but fortunately we have broken new ground and made the Inquisitor lightsaber able to spin. I can't promise at this time if this feature will be in the next update, but this has proven that such a thing is possible.
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Post in Tompa's WIP thread
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi - Jabiim Jedi inherited outfit

Post in Omega Skincare Workshop
Decided to kitbash Mara Jade and tried to make her face look like the live action version played by Shannon McRandle

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exiled)
After the poster and trailer reveal of Obi-Wan Kenobi, I wanted to kit together his new exiled look. I like what they did with his hair and all, so I tried to replicate it as close as possible!


Install Instructions: Put the "ZZ-Kenobi_Exile.pk3" inside your base folder.
Uninstall Instructions: Remove the "ZZ-Kenobi_Exile.pk3" from your base folder.



Sounds: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
BOT Support: No


To use the models, type these into your command console (or select the Icons in the player select screen):

"/model Obiwan_Exile" (his default attire)

"/model Obiwan_Exile/hood" (for his hood up)

To spawn him as an NPC, type these commands into your console:

"/npc spawn Obiwan_Exile" (his default attire)

"/npc spawn Obiwan_Exile_hood" (for his hood up)


External Content Used / Credits:

Sirius-- Used Malicos parts (the hair)
Star Wars: Force Arena-- Luke Skywalker, Tatooine robes
MD2 Team-- Obi-Wan head model & Textures
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