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Post in SWGL - Work in Progress
Venator Star Destroyer

another Star Destroyer map im working on 

the detention area is made by Mace Madunusus from the MB2 team:



Post in Sulon
We've updated the city ‚Äď its streets, markets and of course ‚Äď the cantina¬†ūü•Ļ¬†

The locals got their classic looks from Dark Forces II. Not exactly the same, but the similar style is there. Also added a few more variations. Female skins coming too! 




Post in [WIP] JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack
moving along ok. there's a sky on map 2 after you take the elevator up on the roof and there's a TIE bomber.. i'd love to make that awful looking night sky better, but it's really nowhere to be found in materials\jknup. any idea how i could figure it out? maybe it can't be changed in the Remaster Edit, for some reason. i did unpack a ton of .mat files from those .gob files, but to find something that converts them to .png seems difficult. also i'm not sure its even helpful, i think the Remaster uses a different format all together for the images. 

Anyways, all other skies are done. 260 images has been made much more detailed so far ūüôā
Here's another comparison: JuxtaposeJS Embed (knightlab.com) (better direct comparison than below)


Post in Mino's Mediocre Maps
Tipoca City Simulation Test

"The Citadel" 


From the Clone Wars animated series S3 Ep1 where the Clone Squad "Domino" has to undergo a test simulation against a wave of droids, working as a team to reach the top of the tower and retrieve the flag.



Movie Duels Legend of Revan Update
"Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all this together." Experience the epic journey of the legendary warrior, Revan, in Tales of the Galaxy Season II. Fight for the Republic, confront the formidable Mandalorian army, and save the galaxy from the relentless Sith Empire!
Huge thanks to ZelZel for making the cinematic.

Post in AngelModders Jedi Temple on Coruscant - Knightfall
We'll see who's paying attention. Latest alpha and a couple of photo's. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/124ENCYZvsiwjZwGBIVStZzP9_AiYgxDM/view?usp=sharing 

Movie Duels Multiplayer Announced
Development has officially begun on Movie Duels multiplayer! Prepare to team up with friends or face off against foes in epic lightsaber battles, blaster shootouts, and iconic duels using the Movie Duels combat system.

Post in SWGL - Work in Progress
I worked on this map since a year and finally finished it now: 


Post in STOIK's Menu Design
Oh trust, I'm trying lol.

The icons are a bit interesting because the menuDef that contains the itemDef for the server feed columns element is kind of broken. Adjusting the position of the parent menuDef moves the child column element as it should.... except for those icons. The icons themselves are part of the 2nd column which is actually the map name column. So I had to do some rearranging of the column order in order to get everything to kind of still be positioned near eachother if I wanted to move the whole menuDef for the server list. Otherwise the icons would either be across the screen, overlapping the server names or some variation of another awful situation.

As for the icon visuals I'm just making more very liberal use of an alpha channel of the background visual that sits over top of everything so I can make most things more visually appealing... the icons, the scroll bar, the pill shape of the highlight for the actively selected server, etc.

Twenty years of Jedi Academy
On September 16, 2003, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was released to the world and spun off what was loved and adored about its predecessor Jedi Outcast, and taken to the next level in terms of combat, gameplay, and modding capabilities. Two decades later, we are still here, playing and modding this game. Most of us are well into our adult years and only try to find the time to put into this game in some way, but we're here. Some people have left, come back, left again, repeat. Some have left completely, but everyone that has spent time with this game can agree that it is a unique and special experience that deserves celebration and appreciation.
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Anniversary Server Event
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 20th Anniversary Event

This weekend of 9/16/23 roughly marks the 20th anniversary of this incredible and unique game. One that has been a gem to so many of us. Whether through SP, MP, or any type of modding, JKA has provided many years of history to its players.  Spanning From the days of Xfire, kill trackers, and ventrilo/teamspeak; to the current age of discord and OJK/EJK. Experiences such as clan/community involvement, celebrations, duels, friendships, tournaments, training, and many other moments have had true impact on our lives.  

Please join us in celebrating this milestone!


Date: 9/16/23


- The server doors/open house will start tentatively around 12p CST for people who won't be free later in the evening.

- Events/Modes will change or occur when we have enough people and periodically throughout the day.

- The main events will start tentatively around 8p-9p CST based on activity.

Tentative Flow of Main Events:

- Gathering/Headcount/Social 

- Talking about JKAs History/Future

- Group/Event screenshots (we will hopefully have someone recording video as well)

- Map reveal with a demo/tour

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Gauge time/attendance with more possible events or hanging out

- Thank you/closing

Event pool: (Can vary between NF and FF)




- Predator

- Bo3 1v1 Tournament (single or double elimination based on headcount)

- Melee NF last man standing


JA Server: Server will be named "JKA 20th Anniversary Server" (we will have a backup server ready just in case)


Map: Default maps to gather activity & a surprise reveal once we're gathered (download will be shared at that time)

Discord Server: JKcommunity - https://discord.gg/gFKwH85 or https://discord.me/jediknight

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Anniversary Mod Contest Poll
We had more entries in this contest than we've had in years, so thank you so much to all the people that created something, even if its something you already planned on making, that's what makes these contests more fun. Remember, this "anniversary" contest is to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Jedi Academy, and the critieria is that is must be related to the Jedi Knight series in some way. We decided not to be too strict about it, just to encourage more submissions, but all of the rules still applied.
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JKGalaxies 10th Anniversary Scrimmage Matches
Hello everyone, to celebrate JKA turning 20, and JKG turning 10, we'll be hosting a few scrimmage matches over the weekend.  You can check our homepage Discord announcement feed for updates for this announcement. 

Matches will be held at the following times:

Scrimmage #1  -  Saturday, September 16, 2023 1:30:00 PM UTC

Scrimmage #2  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 2:30:00 AM UTC

Scrimmage #3  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 3:30:00 PM UTC

Scrimmage #4  -  Sunday, September 17, 2023 11:00:00 PM UTC

You can get the latest version of the mod (v1.3.23) at the download page here.  You'll want to get both the assets, binaries, and map packs.  We will be playing on the "JKGDev Server US" server.  We hope to see you in game.  May the force be with you!
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SWGL - Work in Progress
We are going to show more of our Wip stuff here on Jkhub in the Future so im starting with some of my current maps/missions:

Episode 1 - Swamps of Naboo

Episode 1 - Gardens of  Theed

Episode 1 - Rescue The Queen

Episode 1 - Naboo Palace Outside

Episode 1 - Escape from Theed

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AngelModders Jedi Temple on Coruscant - Knightfall
About 3 days in so far, should have the exterior mostly done by friday and starting on interiors by monday.  I'll  be starting on the skybox/portal and the rest of the exterior tomorrow-sunday.

The Jedi Temple will feature as many known locations inside the Jedi Temple as well as boasting the full exterior block she will also contain a fuggin mountain, and WAIT THERES MORE! SITH RUINS deep inside of said FUGGIN mountain inside of the Jedi Temple On top of her accurately built city block in evening, raining day and night variations! 

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Dark Forces Remaster Announced
Today Nightdive Studios in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games officially announced they are remastering the original game from 1995 that began Kyle Katarn's journey, Dark Forces. No strangers to remastering classic 90's shooter games, Nightdive has System Shock and Quake II under their belt showing they know what they're doing when it comes to modernizing these games, while keeping their identity and charm in tact.

This is a remaster, rather than a remake, using original assets and code where possible while implementing modern controls, upscaling textures and sprites, 4k resolution, and widescreen support. Nightdive prides themselves on what they call their "KEX Engine" for these projects.

Dark Forces Remastered will be released on PC, Xbox One & Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch. According what Nightdive's Larry Kuperman told IGN, the game will be competitively priced around the $20-$30 USD range and a release date is expected for 2024. An official release date will be announced later this year.

The first question many people will ask, especially in this community, is how likely are we to see the rest of the series get remastered, especially Dark Forces II, and the answer is: very unlikely. The sequel uses a completely different engine which may mean Nightdive's KEX engine wouldn't support it easily, etc. It is not impossible, but I don't think one remaster automatically confirms the whole series will get touched, especially since Outcast and Academy got console releases so recently.

The game is looking great, and I'm looking forward to playing it again, as someone who has tried to play the original many times but gets frustrated with the controls, this remaster is a much welcome release and is another example of Lucasfilm not completely letting their legacy content completely be forgotten.

Source: IGN
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New themes, 20th Anniversary Mod Contest, and more
It's already July! The 20th anniversary of Jedi Academy is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a new theme! Actually, there are 3 new themes to choose from: Academy, Academy (Stone), and Outcast. These are inspired by the cover arts of both games while keeping the function of the site the same. You can pick which one you like best or go back to the old theme, the theme picker is in the very bottom of the page. The Academy one has two separate options: default and stone. I took the stone texture from the original cover art and made it the background, but I honestly wasn't a fan of it but I figured there are people that may like it so I made it an option. I think the Outcast one may be my favorite.
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Mountain Outpost/Security Store
This map is nearly done, needs a couple of tweaks before public release.

This is a roleplaying map, its intended use is any of the following - a mountain outpost, secure storage facility, force nexus, crime lords base, underground prison, hydro-power plant.

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Post in Mino's Mediocre Maps
Post in Mino's Mediocre Maps

Imgur deletes images, so we saved ours
A couple months ago, Imgur, the most popular anonymous image upload service, announced that all anonymously posted images would be deleted, and all uploads going forward would require an account. As many of you know, thousands of images posted on these forums were hosted on Imgur anonymously. It has been the standard for posting images for years. Hearing that news had us concerned, not that losing all of those images in the forum was a dire situation, but that it would leave many of the threads that show progress of mods from the last decade completely useless.
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JKA maps remade in Minecraft
For the recent Hekathon speedrunning event DrMeowington, a fellow jka speedrunner, and I have recreated the first Act of the JKA Singleplayer along the Speedrun route. You can see us run the map for an unsuspecting crowd of JKA speedrunning legends here:

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1807641558?t=05h50m5s (at the Timestamp 5:50:05)

We have implemented Quicksave/Quickload mechanics, Force Jump I, aswell as other small gags and referneces.

In addition we have found an old Minecraft mod kept alive by ZeithComms that implements Quake1 movement into Minecraft. Since the Mod was open-source I have adjusted it to replicate Quake3 movement instead. 

Here is a more in-depth Showcase of the map

You can download the map along with the modified Squake Mod and the Resource Pack we made for this here:

Alternatively: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ll_7Opj3w--wZSvWTwmHnJ0WCldwJ8aD/view

We plan on finishing the other levels aswell. First we want to finish up the Speedrun Route, then we'll tackle the parts of the maps that are skipped in the run and lastly once the maps are done we plan to turn it into a fully working Adventure Map with enemies and objectives.

If you would like to help on this project or hava any questions,feel free to dm me at Laay#6969 on Discord.


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Post in School of War: Tron Legacy Edition
It's been a month and a lot of work has been done.  We've discovered several new methods thanks to the kind and supportive people who have generously given their time and talent into helping this project move forward.  What we've found is that we needed to move every area into a blender file first, and use them to move it into radiant.  So we've scrapped some of our earlier work that was done in Radiant and in game, to recreate it new in Blender.  After doing that we started to fill in more of the areas that we needed to create, as well as new rooms.  So enjoy these preview shots of the areas lit up in Blender. 

I. Tron City








II. Disc Arena




III. Lightcycle Grid



IV. Arcade





V. Oasis







VI. End of Line Club



VII. Emerald Palace 




VII. Amber Garden



There is still a lot of work to do, but we have come a long way.  We will of course being giving proper credit to the numerous people who have helped us, the places where we were able to get models and textures.  Once we are finished putting all of this into Blender, we will then be going over a final pass to make sure all the textures are proper.  Then we can get into radiant and start making this thing a reality.  I hope you look forward to the future updates here, and we'd love to hear what you have to say about our progress thus far!  Till next time, programs!

Post in The Raven's Nest (thread for my WIP)
Beginnings of a very familiar cabin.

Going smoothly with the plethora of reference material available to me ūüėĀ

Reminiscing about Jedi Academy
Circa and SiLink spent a whole episode on the podcast "Among the Noise" talking about first memories, jk3files, JKHub, running clans, and how it effected their lives as part of the 20th anniversary of Jedi Academy.
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Post in The story of the cavern and SCP Chaos Ops WIP Advances
Hello again, for all those who are wondering where the main inspiration for the next three maps, well, the inspiration comes from an album: The Gallery by Dark Tranquility (Because I'm a fan of Metal Music), from this album I was inspired by its aesthetics to create the new environments that have been created and are in the process of being created:

Since 3 months ago, I have been working on these maps, well let's start with the presentation of them (Note: The credits section is updated every time there is a new update): 


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