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  1. 735 downloads

    Clean Saber Blades This mod is changes the base lightsaber blades to more realistic. Zip file contains: cleansaberblade_base.pk3 - This mod replaces the 6 base colors. cleansaberblade_ja+.pk3 - This pk3 replaces JA+ black and RGB blades. cleansaberblade_ja+_cores.pk3 - This one is for everyone who always thought JA+ "Flame", "Electric", "Flame2" and "Electric2" saber cores look bad. This pk3 changes them to a bit more minimalistic, maybe a bit Kylo Renish. Also these files change the blade trails a bit shorter, so you wont draw an infinite trail of light when yo
  2. 130 downloads

    Dark Forces II - Ruusan [https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Maw_(Dark_Jedi)] This map is a remake of Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight's 14th level, the third boss fight - The Revenge. Game Modes: FFA Power Duel Duel CTF Bot support: NO New Textures New Shaders (including a working rainsurf shader) New Sounds (taken from the original Dark Forces II) New Models Install: Copy jk1_ruusan.pk3 to your base folder. UnInstall: Delete jk1_ruusan.pk3 from your base folder. Special thanks: (MKBK)Luke - hint brushes, testing, etc...
  3. 105 downloads

    Dark Forces II - Sulon Star [https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Sulon_Star] This map is a remake of Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight's 11th level, the second boss fight - The brothers of the Sith. Game Modes: FFA Power Duel Duel Bot support: NO New Textures New Shaders New Sounds (taken from the original Dark Forces II) New Models (8t88 droid model and its textures - taken from the original Dark Forces II) Install: Copy jk1_sulonstar.pk3 to your base folder. UnInstall: Delete jk1_sulonstar.pk3 from your base folder. Special thanks: (MKBK)Luke
  4. 113 downloads

    Dark Forces II - Dark Palace [https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Yun] This map is a remake of Dark Forces II - Jedi Knight's 7th level, the first boss fight - Yun the Dark Youth. I've been working on these JK1 bossfight maps for ages now, but during the quarantine I managed to finish some of it. Game Modes: FFA Power Duel Duel Bot support: NO New Textures New Shaders New Sounds (taken from the original Dark Forces II) Install: Copy jk1_darkpalace.pk3 to your base folder. UnInstall: Delete jk1_darkpalace.pk3 from your base folder. Special
    Well, I'm sorry, but this is a mess. The brushes are buggy, the quality of the textures are just plain bad - like 128x128px bad. If you look closely at the walls - or just trying to run on them, or crouch close to them - they are misplaced. You can literally stuck between two wall brush while you run in wall, or stuck beneath them. There is no lightmap in this map, and the brushes of the table and the chair are merges together and glitching constantly. It feels like its your first map ever, which is fine, its good to know this game is still has new mods, and modders, but i guess you should l
  5. I'll definitely give it a try in the next few days on my other twi'lek skin, tho i just started using Blender - and 3d modeling in general - so it may take some time. I bypassed the problem on this one, by using Alora's face instead of jedi_tf, and it works just fine, Thanks for helping guys, i'll post as soon as I can try Cagelights solution.
  6. Oh, okay, same problem. Seems impossible to fix. Thanks for the link tho!
  7. I tried what you suggested, but the problem still persists Im pretty sure my model.glm is the source of the bug since it has the same problem with the jedi_tf-s original face texture, and my texture works properly with the original jedi_tf model.glm. I guess all i can do is trying to recreate my model, maybe with an updated blender, and hope for the best. Its kinda strange tho, i editted some models in this very skinpack with different default models (luke, and jedi_hm), and this bug only exists with 2 twi'leks (i meand 2/2). Thank you guys for the help anyway, i'm pretty obligated.
  8. I need a little help with my frankenstein model I've been working on. So, my model.glm contains the default female twilek's head (jedi_tf), on a body of the human female (jedi_hf) and it also has Tavion's armor. Ive got no errors when i'm exporting glm in Blender, no crashes so far, and the model works perfectly ingame, except for one thing: the lightmap on the twilek's face looks wierd, like the face texture doesnt fit with the head texture, but this problem only occours on maps with lightmap. I'm pretty sure the texture and the shader is okay, I've tired everything i could, but i just cant f
  9. Its (MKBK)Yavin Prime, made by my friend, and me. Its on JKHub.
  10. Version 1.0


    (MKBK)Yavin Prime [ http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Yavin_Prime ] Description: We started to make this little duel base back in 2012, and finally we finished it. Even tho I tagged as FFA, it supports Duel and Power Duel aswell.
  11. Besides the thunder effect, I don't see much similarities between the two skins. I made that texture for an old clan skin back in 2007. The main point of this skinpack is that you can recolor the effect. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Version 1.0


    RGB Shadowtrooper Recolorable shadowtrooper. Include: shadowtrooper/rgb shadowtrooper/fxrgb shadowtrooper/rgb => Simple shadowtrooper, but you can switch the color of the crystal with console commands. shadowtrooper/fxrgb => Shadowtrooper with recolorable lightning effect. Usage: You can recolor the crystal and the lightning effect with 3 console commands: /char_color_red 0-255 /char_color_green 0-255 /char_color_blue 0-255 If you dont see the icons in your menu use these commands: /model shadowtrooper/rgb /model shadowtrooper/fxrgb
  13. Version 1.0


    JK2 Rebornpack Some Reborn skin from JK2, with npc support and default-like icons. Include Reborn Fencer Reborn Forceuser Reborn Acrobat NPC npc spawn reborn_fencer; npc spawn reborn_forceuser; npc spawn reborn_acrobat;
  14. Version 1.1


    Hidden Icons This mini-mod includes some icons so you can see some extra skins in the menu. No more stupid "?" icon. Include: ‚ÄčNo Jetpack Bobafett SP Gran Key Carrier Merc Racto Merc Commander Imperial Officer Imperial Siege Jan ( = Default Jan ) Jawa Jedi SP: Keldor, Twilek, Human Male, Human Female, Zabrak, Rodian 2 Elder Prisoner Merchant Prisoner Reborn Boss Reborn_twin Boss SP Rodian Stormtrooper Officer Possessed Tavion_new Trandosan SP Weequay SP Replaced Japlus "?" icon.
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