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Jedi Academy - Outcast v1.00a

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About This File

This mod changes the Jedi Outcast campaign so that it will run under Jedi Academy. In particular, it fixes almost all the shortcoming of other similar mods:


Players do not skate on the water on yavin swamps and yavin canyon.

AI generally navigates correctly

Cutscenes work

Objectives correctly function







Within the ZIP file you downloaded, you should see three files:

jaooutcast(version number).pk3 - the core of this mod, containing most of the assets needed to make this work

outcaststrings(version number).pk3 - this contains the briefing files and various other strings related to the mod

jao_map_ents.zip - the ENT files for use with recompiling the outcast maps. Most of you will want to ignore this, but I've included the files if you wish to look at how something was accomplished, or perhaps if you want to further edit the maps yourself. I've also included the uncompiled script files in the jaooutcast PK3.


Installing is a pretty easy process:


1. Move outcaststrings.pk3 and jaooutcast.pk to your Jedi Academy base directory.


2. Rename your Jedi Outcast asset files in order to load before Academy's asset files, and copy to your Jedi Academy base directory. Personally, I renamed the JO files from asset#.pk3 to aJK2_#.pk3. As long as the game loads them first, you're good.


3. Once you have loaded the mod, select New Game from the main menu, and choose between playing the Jedi Academy campaign, the Jedi Outcast campaign, and the Jedi Outcast demo level.



The mod has only been tested on Jedi Academy v1.01 and using Jedi Outcast v1.04 source files, but the chances are if you're reading this then you've already them. Right?




======= WHAT IS THIS? =======



Well, I assume you aren't seriously asking this question, but hey, nothing wrong with telling you something you already know.


This mod fixes Jedi Outcast's campaign to run under Jedi Academy, and also eliminate various file conflicts between the two games. The intent is to remain true to the gameplay of Outcast as best as the engine allows, while providing the player with the improvements from Jedi Academy, and a few tweaks to the balancing in the interest of fun.


Players who have downloaded other attempts at converting maps from Outcast to Academy may have noticed several shortcomings. This mod has fixed those; AI will generally navigate the map correctly, there is full support for objectives, and cutscenes will (mostly) work with a few minor changes where necessary. Oh and no ice skating on yavin swamps and yavin canyon!




========== CHANGES ==========



While I've tried to preserve much of the gameplay -- you won't find new enemy types from Academy in here -- there are a few gameplay changes from the original campaign:


* On ns_starpad, you're now required to destroy the turret attacking Lando. Something players were likely to do in practice, but weren't forced to.


* Various equipment items from JO have been removed from the maps since they are not functional in JA and/or cause crashes. Occasionally concussion rifles have been placed instead.


* Kyle gains Force Sight, Force Absorb, and Force Protect in line with his abilities in Jedi Academy.


* Kyle's force power gains are accelerated, partly for balance, but also so the player has more opportunity to use several abilities, unlike base JO where some were gained very late in the game. In particular:

** Saber Throw L3 is reached on doom_comm, 5 levels earlier

** L3 Speed/Push are reached on cairn_bay, 3 levels earlier

** L3 Grip is reached on cairn_dock1, 3 levels earlier

** L3 Lightning is reached on doom_comm, 3 levels earlier

** L3 Saber Defense is reached on cairn_assembly, 3 levels earlier

** Jump/Heal/Mind Trick/Speed/Saber Offensive are unchanged

** For the new force powers: L3 Sight is reached on cairn_bay, L3 protect on doom_detention, L3 absorb on doom_shields


* Additional objectives have been added on ns_starpad to make it clearer to players where they should be going next.


* There are also a few minor bugfixes from Outcast.


* The door puzzle at the end of doom_detention has been removed, since the changes to pathing resulted in Jan getting stuck, and the player being unable to progress.


* Due to engine limitations, the fight with Galak on doom_shields is impossible to replicate from Outcast. I've tried to salvage it as best I can, but it can't really compare to the original.


* The gravity is no longer disabled on doom_shields after defeating Galak, due to engine limitations.


* Obviously, the player also has access to the new features and moves introduced in Jedi Academy. On the downside, so do the saber-wielding enemies you face!


* On artus_detention, the warden will now walk significantly faster.



An explanation of the force power changes:


Kyle's ability to deflect blaster bolts is significantly reduced from Jedi Outcast, so L3 Push/Pull/Saber Defense are gained earlier to compensate.


Saber Throw is now gained at the same time as L3 Saber Offense, mostly so you have a chance to use the damn thing. 9 levels in Jedi Academy vs. 1 (plus a boss-only level) in base Outcast!


Grip and Lightning progression provides the player with more offensive capabilities, but also to allow the player to use them more. The world didn't end because you could max them both out very quickly in Academy.


Absorb/Protect give the player more choices in how they play and reflects Kyle's abilities in JA. Sight can also make the JO levels much easier to navigate, particularly yavin_swamp.




======= KNOWN ISSUES ========



Given the *insane* number of workarounds and hack fixes needed to get Jedi Outcast to play nicely with Jedi Academy, it shouldn't be surprising that there are a few issues. I've done my best to eliminate them where possible, but there are always going to be a few. The game has been tested all the way through successfully, though only on normal difficulty, and for JA v1.01.


* On yavin_trial, the bryar pistol is hidden away instead of Kyle's lightsaber. Unlike JO, JA cannot handle starting without a lightsaber and then picking it up, causing the game to crash. The other option of starting with the saber and teleporting it away resulted in unacceptable performance issues, so this was chosen as a compromise instead. Just pretend it's a lightsaber. Or pretend Kyle *really* wants his bryar pistol back instead of the blaster pistol from JA.


* AI may occasionally have trouble navigating the levels due to the changes to the navigation system between JO and JA. Trying to fix this as best possible probably took up more time than anything else in this mod...


* The Lady Luck's gun at the end of ns_starpad does do damage, but will not appear to fire any projectiles.


* The ship's gun on doom_detention does not cause any damage, and the player will be unable to blow up the tie fighters using them.


* In a few cutscenes where animations from JO are used, the characters in question will not be able to hold items in their hands, due to a handbolt issue when using the JO skeleton in JA. Footstep noises for such characters will also fail to work.


* Due to the workaround used to get Jedi Outcast objectives to load in the menu, if you use the map command to jump straight from a JO SP level to a level that isn't t2_rancor, you will still see the JO objectives. Quiting back to the main menu first will solve this. Similarly, if you (for some reason) decided to jump straight from the JO campaign to the opening level of Academy, it would play the wrong title crawl. As a result, I highly recommended you use the menu to launch the correct campaign.


* Viewers may pick up on some slight changes to the cutscenes in terms of NPC positioning. Again, this is mostly a consequence of the changed navigation system between JO and JA.


* If you cheat to give yourself additional saber styles, they will not work on some earlier levels. Players should also be aware that because saber styles are no longer locked to your saber offense level as per JO, Kyle's saber styles are locked through his lightsaber. If you wish to use additional lightsaber styles, you will need to change your lightsaber model first. For reference, the saber models Kyle uses in the mod are "kyleplayer", "kyleplayermf", and "kyleplayermfs", which allow medium, fast, and strong styles respectively.


* At the end of doom_detention, Jan will not follow you all the way out of the detention area. This has no impact on your ability to trigger the final cutscene and complete the level.


* Kyle will use male Jaden's healing sound.


* One of the grates leading up to a section where you open the roof on ns_starpad cannot be seen from the underside, but can still be destroyed as normal.




============ FAQ ============



Where I presumptuously answer your non existent questions!



Why did anything need to be changed at all from Jedi Outcast?


Almost all the work in this mod revolved around fixing the many bugs introduced by the differences between the two engines. They're similiar enough to make this possible, but different enough such that a huge amount of things get broken. I also felt there were a few opportunities to improve things from Outcast's campaign, but almost all changes are for technical reasons.



What's changed from Jedi Outcast?


The gameplay additions are mostly minor with the biggest being the slightly accelerated force power gains, and introduction of a few new force powers for Kyle.


Cutscene positioning has changed slightly in some cases to accomodate the modified navigation system in Academy, but should mostly be true to the originals.



I'd like to contact you, send you hate mail, or profess my undying love for you. where can I do that?


You can do so at iamasanguinehipster AT gmail DOT com







I can take no credit for the fantastic Outcast campaign; all credit must go to the folks at Raven Software and Lucasarts. However, converting the levels from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy involved a tremendous amount of work to eliminate the huge amount of bugs. If I'd have known just how much work it would involve, I probably wouldn't have done this! Anyway, if you enjoy this, I'd love to hear your feedback.


If you want to email me, either to send your thoughts, or if you'd like to know about a ridiculous and horrible hack fix I came up with (the objectives fix is rather ridiculous), you can do so at:


iamasanguinehipster AT gmail DOT com



Thanks to the fine people at jkhub.org for feedback and assistance.


This mod requires you to supply your own asset files from Jedi Outcast. If you don't own a copy of Outcast, you you can purchase it through Steam at:






In slightly less legal speak: I don't own the copyright to Star Wars or Jedi Academy/Outcast. I didn't create the original assets the mod is based on. I'm not getting anything for doing this. This is a free mod intended to allow a great game to work with Jedi Academy, with no copyright infringement intended.


Thanks for downloading, and I hope you enjoy.


What's New in Version v1.00a


  • v1.00 (17 Match 2014)
  • - Initial public release
  • v1.00a (22 March 2014)
  • - Additional cleanup of a few leftover files
  • - Slightly corrected Outcast objective marker colours
  • - Fixed a filename conflict between Outcast and Academy with one of Luke's pieces of dialogue
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I am playing this mod with openjk. well, also if ever loved the idea of play jedi otucast from jedi academy, there is a lot of bug i've seen that i want to talk here:

the mod works pretty well at ... 90% of cases.

that's the issues:

- the first are the total missing of jk2 assets, it cause texture and shader missing with blank textures in every parts, cutscene with missing dialogue, missing md3 models, etc.

for fix that personally, i put a file called jk_otherstuff into the base directory that contain this folders ported by JO base folders:


- gfx

- levelshots

- models



-sound/chars with all the folders of jko characters for contain dialogue sentences voice tracks.

also, i added manually textures/skies/stars.jpg for fix the missing skybox star into cairn first level outpost.

i want to stay away by the fact that NPC on jka are totally dumb and idiot and static despite of jedi outcast, this  is a fail of jka engine AI , not of the author of this mod. 

I want instead to signalate various glitches more bad, i guess ever caused by code lacks, these are gameplay difference respect of jo that make ported jo in jka insanely easy: 

- mark1 droid not shoots.

- many turrets are "dumbs" despite of jedi outcast with less vigilance and reaction to kyle presence.  

- imperial commanders not use altfire.

- galak mech not have the visible bubble shield, repeaters burst from galak mech models shooted by hips instead of arms, he not use slam fist attack, and the other energetic beam atk of jedi outcast, that use destroyed the shield. he not use repeater altfire concussion, that make the fight against galak insanely easy respect of Jo when is really a nasty adversary. 

- CRASH: when galak is killed doomgiver gravity fail down into jedi outcast and kyle need to escape flying into the air, at least on my game, in this moment the engine crash. i not understand why, but SET_GRAVITY 0 or whatervers happens into jedi outcast at this point as script not like much to jka engine.

Now the good things: i really appreciate the Sanguine Hipster job of make "two games on 1" , that's need just to be improved a lot.

but that i guess require also some code fix for make JKA more... JOish. so is not absolutely fail of the modder, but fail of the engine.

i really appreciate the idea and play JO on JKA engine is very wonderful for likes and enjoy better graphic and enviroments.

i really love the labyrinthic lives full of puzzles and dilemma of JO and the old game style when puzzles and intelligence was more important of HD graphic and visual enviroment, like into modern game franchises.

4\5 is my vote. 🙂

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