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Easter family camp gaming

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Hi guys.. I found my way back to JA two weeks ago after 20years. I played JK2 single player back in boarding school 21+years ago till I could help complete the game with my back turned and we played the JK2 multiplayer so hard on LAN back then. Then I finish school and started as a electrician and JA came out, the campaign was okay, but had nobody to play mp with.. two weeks ago I put JA on 5 laptops I had and took it with me to the club for school kids and the 4 boys loved it. .found some extra laptops and now at my wife's family's annual get together camp/celebration of Christ's resurrection. I brought these and the kids gamed for little over an hour. It was great, there's not a lot of people on these pics, but two minutes before the pictures,  cake was brought out, that's why the low count of gamers 😁😉 this is great, what you guys are doing, is nothing short of amazing.




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Wow, we don't see posts like this hardly ever but I love this. Sometimes its hard to get young kids into older games like this but it probably helps to have someone get them set up and looks like you got some Star Wars characters in there for them to play as which probably was a big bonus for them! Thanks for sharing!

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The left handed player is my nephew 😄 I'm lefthanded too, but on a pc and guitar, I play right handed 😄 the family camp is coming to an end, we all have to get home for the big resurrection celebration parties at our different church's tomorrow. So I'm packing up and just wanted to show the "Portable Jedi Academy" 😉😁🤪



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I would agree, that this is quite an interesting post here, and looks like fun!
I also introduced a few people to the JO at one point and JA later, mostly friends, but some relatives too. This caused some interesting discussions, as non-fans were surprised to know, that besides A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – there were more stories to tell. 

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they were so excited.. and a side note, I found out Counte Strike 1.6 is free now.. If we didn't kill each other via LAN at bording school 20+years ago it was via CS or GTA london. but where's JA was just easy to install and required no settings to get LAN to work, I've now spent 3days getting CS to work, so I have something for the older-kids/grown-ups.. just goes to show how superior JA is 😄 But actually.. the pictures from the camp was when the playing had been going on for almost an hour and the first two who joined was two girls 😄 and they loved it

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