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  2. Well this hasn't happened before. We have an exact tie for winner of the Underworld Mod Contest! Instead of finding someone to break the tie, I'm going to be generous and give the win to both @Noodle and @biggs for their amazing mods! It may not feel quite as sweet to you guys to share it, but you both get the shiny new badge that you can show on your forum profile! Noodle's Bounty Hunter is one of the winning mods, and let's just say it was very well deserved. Inspired by an outfit in the game Star Wars: Uprising, this character has quite an intimidating appearance; a figure that would definitely be seen on the payroll of a Hutt or other crimelord. Your modeling skills have come along quite well, my friend! Inspired by Bladerunner, biggs' Underworld map is an impressive stage of dark and mysterious atmosphere and fits in perfect for its namesake. Though its not technically finished, what is done is very well done and I'm sure everyone will agree that we'd love to see it completed! Excellent job to everyone that submitted, and thanks to those that voted. Going forward for contests we will be limited votes to accounts that were created before the poll opens to avoid any fraudulent or padding of votes, just a heads up there. Remember, just because you didn't win this time, we will have more contests in the future, but the goal of these contests is just to inspire creativity with a twist of a deadline and competition. The ultimate win is getting more mods out there for people to enjoy from talented creators like you! View all entries Read original news post View contest poll
  3. First of all, yes, I made it a little more cozy around here for the holidays. Hopefully that's alright with you. If it's not and you're horrendously offended, you can select the normal theme in the bottom left of the page. For the rest of you, Happy Holidays! We added a tag for "holiday" themed mods, including winter themed ones so it's easy to find them. Take a look at the list here. If you find one that isn't on this list, report and we'll get that tag added. Secondly, I wanted to discuss a small change we made to the file section. Though it's simple, I think I need to specify the reasoning and guidelines for it. In the past, reviews and comments were basically the same thing, with ratings being completely separate. Now since JKHub 2.0, reviews and ratings are one in the same, while comments exist as its own thing. This has created some confusion by some people, and misuse by others. Reviews and comments are quite different, and are exactly what they sound like they should be now, rather than the convoluted mess they were before. From now on, we will be requiring downloads for reviews to be written. All reviews will be moderated before being approved and displayed. That means you can't just look at the screenshots and decide it's a 5 star mod, or at least not completely. We highly recommend playing or using a mod/file before you bother giving it a review. If you want to give some simple praise or reaction, the comment section is perfect for that. This does not mean you have to write an entire 3 paragraph analysis of the mod. It just means you need to actually put some thought and depth into your review. Did you rate it 5 stars? Why? Only 3? What can be improved? What is a review? Yes, I'm getting this particular. A review IS an assessment of the content of a mod a descriptive and well written sentence or paragraph or more a constructive collection of criticisms and/or praises according to your subjective opinion and experience using/playing the mod. A review is NOT a one or two word reaction a simple impression from glancing at the screenshots a request for help or support with the mod/file A comment IS a short reaction a support question asking for help with the mod/file basically anything that isn't on the list below A comment is NOT a review, obviously a spam post a advertisement for a similar mod with the intent to draw people away Hopefully this will encourage people to use the mod before giving it a perfect rating, but also avoid spamming the review section with one or two word reactions, instead of well-thought out reviews that help others know more about how the mod is and if it's something they'd be interested in taking the time trying out. Upcoming contest In other news, we won't have a contest for the end of the year, which I know is a bummer to some. We will have on at the start of the new year though, to tie into Book of Boba, so get hyped for that, and you can even get started if you wanted to. The theme will be Star Wars Underworld: Scum, villainy, bounty hunters, Hutts, crime syndicates, the worst sleemos you can think of. Feel free to start planning your entries! We hope y'all have a great holiday season!
  4. This week EA revealed that Kyle Katarn is coming to their hit mobile game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" to join that fairly massive roster of not only movie characters, but a slew of Legends characters as well, which is always kind of a shocker due to the nature of Lucasfilm's efforts to keep Legends material out of the public eye for the most part. They now have a big number of character from KOTOR including Revan, Malak, Bastila, and many more. As someone that knows very little about this game, I will keep the description of Kyle in the game brief. It looks like he is able to fight on a Jedi team as well as a Rebel team, which makes sense considering his history with both. His moves are very reminiscent of come JK2/A moves. Here's a bunch of GIFs to show some of that. You can read all about this in more detail if you are a player of GoH at the developer forum threads below. Developer Insight: Kyle Katarn Kit Reveal: Kyle Katarn EA's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available on iOS and Android for free. This was probably just another article about something 9/10 of you don't care about, but it's one of those things that hopefully makes you go:
  5. This doesn't really pertain to our core community here, since the majority of you are PC players, but this is some welcome news. Yesterday Microsoft relaunched their backwards compatibility program with a whopping 70 new titles after putting it on hold during the Series X|S transition. One of the first games on the list is our beloved Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. This is particularly important because Jedi Academy was already backwards compatible, but also that both games got re-released on PS4 and Switch and were left out on Xbox. It was assumed it was due to Jedi Outcast being added to backwards compatibility later down the line but we had no proof of this. Remember that backwards compatible titles do not support online multiplayer anymore, since those original Xbox Live servers were shut down years ago. However one advantage over the other recent platform ports is this does have local splitscreen multiplayer, which was a feature skipped over when Aspyr ported them to PS4 and Switch recently. One of the biggest benefits to consoles is couch co-op or competition, so at least Xbox versions will still have that experience. It's also worth noting that Starfighter, ROTS the game, and The Clone Wars (not based on the animated show) games are on the list as well. You can buy Jedi Outcast digitally directly on the Xbox store here or you can attempt to find a physical copy of the original Xbox game at third party stores like eBay or Amazon. Source
  6. Today, Aspyr Media announced two new bundles they are releasing in physical form for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4: the Jedi Knight Collection (Jedi Outcast and Academy) and the Racer and Commando Combo (Star Wars Racer and Republic Commando). This is a partnership with THQ Nordic, which I assume is for the physical media production and distribution portion. This comes over a year and a half after Jedi Academy released on Switch and PS4 digitally, and two years after Outcast. It's worth emphasizing that this is a physical release only, since they were digital only before. Bundling these games together was no doubt a way to save costs which will hopefully reflect on the price for the consumer, but no price has been revealed as of this writing. Earlier last year there was a physical release of 3 of these games courtesy of Limited Run Games which let you choose PC, Switch, or PS4 as your platform, but that was of course just a limited run meant for collectors. I showed those off in a post here if you are interested in that. This new release is much different though, with the intention to make these games more accessible and available to those that prefer physical media or want to save some money by getting them bundled. It also might be worth pointing out once again that the Xbox is left out because they did not gain the publishing rights to the Xbox version. Many people assume this is due to Microsoft wanting the backwards compatible version of Jedi Academy to be the only version in their store, however Jedi Outcast is still not backwards compatible on Xbox One/Series X|S, so it's still unclear the exact reason. Perhaps it will come in the future but right now if you are an Xbox-only player, you'll have to stick with the original Xbox releases. The benefit is all original Xbox games run at 1080p or sometimes even 4K upscaled through backwards compatibility on Xbox One X or Series X, so they run and look pretty darn good. Once these bundles are released we will update this article with links to buy. Existing digital links are below and some are affiliate links, which helps us keep the lights on here. You can also donate to us any time at this link. Jedi Outcast for Nintendo Switch (Digital) Jedi Outcast for PC (Steam) Jedi Outcast for PS4 (Digital) Jedi Academy for Nintendo Switch (Digital) Jedi Academy for PC (Steam) Jedi Academy for PS4 (Digital) Jedi Academy for original Xbox (Physical) [Backwards Compatible with Xbox One and Series]
  7. SWJK.in is paired with JK3.in Hello! Many of you hopefully know that we offer a couple service to the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy community, such as the JKHub Bar, making it easier to connect with other groups and clans around the community. Another one is mod project forums, giving mod teams an easy way to work and share progress on their projects. One of our most popular ones is the JK3.in server IP shortcut. If you've ever played the games on multiplayer, you probably have run into the issue where you need to connect to a server manually by typing in the IP address. Sometimes that long string of numbers can be difficult to remember or just simply annoying to type in all the time. JK3.in aims to remedy that issue by giving you a way to shorten your IP and still function the same way. Instead of typing /connect, you'd type /connect you.jk3.in. It's easier to remember and can be changed if you change your server's IP. This service is very popular with clans and large groups. Currently we have around 60 shortcuts being used with jk3.in. Today I'm announcing that we have added a new domain to this service! SWJK.in will function exactly the same. The purpose of adding this domain is to cater to those with Jedi Outcast servers. Since Jedi Outcast isn't "JK3" (technically neither is Jedi Academy) but rather it is "JK2", it wouldn't make sense to use that shortcut. And before you all ask, JK2.in was taken. But this also gives a choice for Jedi Academy players to use either JK3.in or SWJK.in. Anyway, if you have a JK2 server and have been wanting this shortcut or maybe you didn't even know this existed until now, PM or email me or check out the actual page and click the link at the bottom.
  8. The forums have recently received an update. Check this thread for more details.
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