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Would you donate towards a JKHub server?

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  2. Maybe (16 votes [19.28%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.28%

  3. Perhaps in the future (15 votes [18.07%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.07%

  4. If I had more money to spare (25 votes [30.12%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.12%

  5. If I still played the game (5 votes [6.02%])

    Percentage of vote: 6.02%

  6. Nope (16 votes [19.28%])

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Apr 05 2014 09:07 PM | Circa in Site news

Posted Image

It's about that time folks. The time when we are in need of an extra hand to help out with all things staff related.

It's been a busy time these past few months. As I'm sure many of you have noticed, activity has been a bit low lately because that. Even our current staff members have been swamped with work and classes, resulting in a shortage of progress in current plans and the day to day responsibilities.

In addition to the busyness, a couple staff members are "retiring" from their duties. @Fighter has been a staff member for over a year now, and has felt the need to move on. In addition to his great staff role, he has been the resident technician, keeping the website working properly since @Caelum retired. @SiLink was brought on to fill his role, but has taken a new job and cannot commit to being staff currently. With these two gone, we are looking for some additional help.
By no means are we desperate for help, we'd just like some extra hands.
So JKHub is hiring new staff members. During the coming week, we'll be accepting applications for the position of JKHub Staff. Applications should be submitted before the end of Friday the 18th of April.

Here are some of the things our staff members do. This is a pretty non-exhaustive list, but should give you an idea:
  • Approving content, like files or tutorials
  • Moderating the forum, taking action against content that violates our rules in cooperation with the rest of the staff
  • Discussing potential issues, ideas, or ways to make JKHub more awesome
  • Advertising JKHub at various places, if necessary
  • Answering questions or concerns from other users
  • Keeping in touch with hosting account owners and fix any issues that arise
  • Staying active (this is one of the most important things we are looking for currently)
We are slightly loose on requirements; just tell us why we should pick you. Regardless, here are some guidelines if you're thinking about applying:
  • You should be able to speak fluent English
  • You should be able to work together with the rest of our staff as a team
  • You should be able to communicate with people well, to solve conflicts, and generally posses people-skills
  • You should be able to handle large amounts of both reasonable and unreasonable criticism, and distinguish between the two
  • You should have enough time to check the site daily(ish) and to generally be active *
  • You should be willing to question JKHub's policies and procedures
  • You should be able to focus less on being a power-hungry authority figure and more of a team member and still a member of this community
  • You should be aware that this is a serious commitment and requires your time and effort
The following are also considered nice, though not necessarily mandatory:
  • Being good with deadlines and capable of getting most stuff done in time
  • Previous experience moderating or administrating forums or other communities
  • Basic knowledge of JKA modding (the more the better)
  • Previous experience managing clans or large modding projects
  • Someone to vouch or recommend you as a person and potential staff member
Q: I previously received a warning. Can I still apply?
A: Yup. Just recognize that it may diminish your chances, but if you tell us why we should pick you over anyone else anyway, sure.

Q: I only registered X days ago and only have Y posts! Can I still apply?
A: Yup. Just recognize that if you only registered a few days ago/barely ever posted, it may diminish your chances, but once again: feel free to apply, just be sure to mention why we should pick you anyway.

Q: Can I still apply if __________?
A: Yup. Again: just tell us why we should pick you, who you are, and so forth. You have nothing to lose by applying. :P

Q: Is this a paid position?
A: No.

Q: Should I apply?
A: Yes.

If you wish to apply, please PM an application to the @JKHub account before the end of Friday the 18th of April so we know you're interested. It's a little different than last time an application process was offered for staff. Before, it was slightly after launch when everyone was still unfamiliar with one another. This lead to the application content being judged heavily on whether or not you were picked. This time however, in addition to the content of your application, you will also be judged on your history we've observed over time on the forums. This isn't meant to scare you away from applying though. Please apply!

We don't have any specific guidelines on what to write. In short: you should convince us why we should hire you instead of anyone else, and tell us what makes you stand out. :)

Though this is a volunteer position, staff are expected to have the drive, responsibility, integrity, and pride that you would have for any other job.

At this point, we won't be sharing how many new staff members we'll be taking on; you'll see.

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Mar 17 2014 10:36 PM | Caelum in Site news

Posted Image

Caelum is shameless
At the time of writing, it's been about a full year and a month since I retired from JKHub. Frankly, playing JKA seems like a lifetime ago to me, and I'm a different person from who I was a year ago in many ways. That said, I still lurk here, and in a bunch of other places. I'm here today to shamelessly advertise something in the most horrible way (with the staff's permission), which I promise I won't do in a news post more than this once. I've always been very wary of people wanting to use JKHub as a platform to advertise non-JKA stuff, but it turns out your perspective changes significantly when your future literally depends on it. I feel justified in doing this just this once because I created JKHub and poured two years of my life into it. Bear with me here.

Creating a web hosting company
A LOT of things have happened to me in the past year. I couldn't even begin to sum my year up if I wanted to. Among other things, I've been spending all of that past year creating my own web hosting company, one of the things I retired from JKHub to do.

As a few of you know, I'm not really able to have a "normal" 9-5 job due to mental health issues. While that doesn't interfere with my ability to run a reliable webhosting company (I ran JKH for two years after all), it does cause me to have very little ability to make a steady income the way most people do. For me, starting a webhosting company is not only a huge step towards receiving an income doing something I deeply enjoy, but also one of very few ways I can see myself ever having a decent income at all. I've put all of my savings into this, and for me, it's a considerable risk to take, but one I hope will pay off.

It's with that in mind I created Big Truck, which is the name of my hosting company. People's first reaction when I say that tends to be "why did you call a webhosting company Big Truck?!", and I tend to immediately point them towards my website's FAQ.

Hosting JKHub, JAWA, EFF, EK, and others
So basically, this post is a shameless attempt to get you to check me out, and maybe consider throwing your money at me if you need a good web hosting company. I want to get the word out about this because without any advertising it'll simply fail, and I won't get any customers, which would be bad for obvious reasons.

I've been hosting JKHub on my server for about two months now. Websites JKHub hosts for free are still on the old server; I'm only hosting http://jkhub.org itself. In that time, I've tweaked and tweaked and tweaked the server, tested my DDoS protection extensively, and found it to work great (see for example this thread, in which I challenged anyone to take down JKHub through a DDoS for at least five minutes).

I've also been hosting the JAWA clan's site from the very beginning - who I owe a special thankyou for the amazing patience and support they've shown me, SiLink in particular, while I repeatedly broke their website in truly horrible ways - as well as EFF, EK, and several other websites that aren't related to JKA. I do intend to compete with other hosts based on merit, and if you want to see how the people I've been hosting it like it, I suggest poking @SiLink @Shadzy, @Morabis, or @Drako. I also owe a special thankyou to the staff here at JKHub, who agreed to let me post this, and agreed to let me add that tiny clickable Posted Image logo you may notice in the footer as a way of supporting me.

Come check me out
So the point of this post is to get you to come check me out. If you're at all interested in throwing your money at me in exchange for ridiculously neat webhosting, please feel free to PM me, too. Unlike other big hosting companies, I don't have a thousand testimonials I can point you to; only the experience of the handful of people I've been hosting already, and the assurance that I'm pouring more time, energy, and Caelishness into this than I ever did for any other project.

Posted Image
(And PM me if you're at all interested in using my hosting)

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Mar 13 2014 10:59 PM | Circa in Site news

Posted Image

Things have been a bit slow around here since the new year, understandably. People are getting back into the swing of things and such. We mentioned some things we are planning on doing in the year 2014, and are ready to begin on them.

We are bringing back interviews this year. Last year we slacked on getting new interviews out to you guys, so we're planning some pretty interesting ones that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

The first one up is going to be a coder interview. Since the source code released, these guys have been hard at work on OpenJK, improving on the original code released by Raven. It's really some fascinating stuff and we'd love to know more about it. Especially now that rend2 is picking up speed these last couple months.

So here's how it will work. We want you guys to submit any questions you have for the coders behind OpenJK. These should be on topic for the most part. We will sift through the questions and pick the best ones, if not all, depending on the amount we receive. We will combine those with our own. So just comment on this news post with your questions.

One part of our site that hasn't gotten the love that its needed is our very own JKHub Wiki. "What?" you may ask, "we have a Wiki?!" The answer is yes and we need you to help us out! Right now, we've got tons of great, outstanding articles dealing with Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast. Unfortunately...we've got lots of stubs. A stub is a page that onlys got the bare minimum it needs, and needs some more beef. We know that you guys are really good with coming up with great content, and we hope that you'll consider writing new articles, improving old ones, or helping us write red-link articles! Additionally, we've been working on improving the Wiki in several ways. First off, we've been trying to revamp the dated main page, and rework the organization of the page, making content creation and browsing easy and fun. We've also started implementing many Wiki plugins to make our wiki more...well wiki. New content tags and plugins will definitely help authors and browsers alike. We'd also know what you're opinion is on the wiki: what's good what's bad, and what we can do to make it more comprehensive and complete.

Spior's JKHub Chrome Extension
spior has been scheming behind the scenes it seems, developing an extension for the Google Chrome browser that displays your current notifications here on JKHub.

Posted Image

It's a handy little feature that I recommend to those of you that use Chrome. You can download it here.

Official Server
There has been lots of talk lately and in the past about an official JKHub server. We have toyed with the idea for awhile now as staff, and would like to pursue it further. Do you think it would be feasible? Moderation would be a large issue. Of course the current staff will have top admin positions, but we would need some other admins that would be more active in-game and can fulfill the role of a server admin. The other issue would be expenses. We'd need to raise more money through your donations if this were to be done. Are you okay with that? Would you donate towards a server?

We haven't posted any site related statistics in quite some time, so here they are. Since the months are gathering since JKHub launched, most of these statistics start from the last time we posted stats, which was June 4th, 2013. March is also being left out due to the fact that it just started.


We've had quite a lot of registrations lately.

Posted Image


The amount of topics have seemingly increased lately, due to the many projects that have taken off.

Posted Image


The amount of posts are even greater, probably due to the same reason. Also, we disabled post increase for the nonsense forum a few weeks ago, so some of these posts will account for threads like "word association" and such.

Posted Image

Personal Messages

We've never posted PM stats before, but I find them just as interesting. January sure was a popular time, according to all these statistics.

Posted Image

Page Views, Threats, etc.

We don't have accurate stats for the usual CloudFlare charts and numbers. This is a result of switching hosts a couple months ago and no longer needing CloudFlare. Sorry about that!

How People Find Us

Being in the first page of related search results can be pretty tough these days. The top keywords people use to find us are as follows.

Posted Image


We've had no shortage of file submissions, that's for sure. Here are the top downloaded files from the past 12 months.

Posted Image

Here are the top downloads since launch.

Posted Image

Then there's the interesting statistic, the difference between top viewed files and the top downloaded files. Some aren't shared.

Posted Image

Here are the top file submitters. That is, the people that have submitted the most files.

Posted Image

So that's that. Be on the lookout for some of those new things coming up!

-JKHub Staff

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