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  1. I still have this file! Passed from PC #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 -#5 - #6 - #7 or more....
  2. Awesome, will buy this for my kids!
  3. Love it. You should come up with some unique and interesting plant life. Maybe I'll help with some sketches....
  4. Wow! Good to see you're still around LW. Long looong time! Conundrum = epic.
  5. NOODLE! YES! Why wouldn't you have a female stormie?
  6. Very cool. We need more environments.
  7. Sweet. Reminds me of ALIENS since I love the whole story and continuing saga. I once did a whole ton of textures for the SULACO. Unfortunately, they are lost. ALIENS vs PREDATOR CLASSIC 2000! Alien Isolation I didn't dig too much. I have the trilogy as well as Prometheus. I would love to do another SULACO level, if I had the time... which I don't. :sad face:
  8. Hoolly hell man! Every now and again, a mod comes along that breathes new life here. Excellent start!
  9. I like your Kermit rendition of a Hutt. Fairly impressive work coming from a person who puts his modding first, and living conditions second. You have captured my full attention sir.
  10. Proper communication is the key to many misinterpretations. Whether here or at home.
  11. Indeed I will. Just the reference pics are fine.
  12. I like this crate so much, I might even fabricate one out of SS or cold rolled.
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