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Found 9 results

  1. 40 downloads

    Description Based on the siege hoth map. * .bsp name: hoth_assault (replaces version 1 that was bugged) * .map source file included * FFA/TFFA/Duel map. Duel gametype with different spawnpoints. * No Botroutes. ________________________ Author : MD Gametype: FFA/TFFA/Duel Release Data: 12 May 2021 File Version: 2.0 File Name: hoth_assault.zip ________________________ Installation Extract the archive and put the hoth_assault.pk3 file into GameData/base folder. Also you can use console to start the map type: /map hoth_assault NOTE: If you are usi
  2. 70 downloads

    Author : Bendak Gametype : DUEL / FFA Release Date : 03.11.2020 File Version : 1.0 File Name : duel_academy.zip This map is from the singleplayer campaign map. It has been adapted to work with the Jedi Academy multiplayer mode. How to install 1. Extract the folder 2. Copy or replace duel_academy.pk3 in GameData/base directory If you want to start the map, simply type the following command in the console: /map duel_academy
  3. Version (v0.1)


    Unfinished project - released as is for learning and development purposes Was going to optimise for rend2 but found most recent builds buggy and unworkable. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Bioshock // The Church of Our Lord // ==================== // by Szico VII // 24th Aug 2017 // /////////////////////////////////////////////// MAPPED BY Szico VII MSN: szicovii@gmail.com E-Mail: szicovii@gmail.com AIM: Szico VII http://www.jkhub.org Bioshock - The Church of Our Lord (Alpha v0.1) ======================= New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes New Script
  4. 396 downloads

    This is a small vertical climbing/strafing map inspired by Acrobat's various mountains. It does have defrag triggers so you can time your runs in jaPro. Although it is definitely meant for JKA/JKO movement, you can probably run it in some other types if you get creative. Bugs and other things: -The start trigger placement is not ideal and can be abused... whoops. -There's no anti-fall damage shader so if you have fall dmg enabled on your server, you'll (probably) die. -There are a few places where slants meet the walls. If you land in these places after particularly bad jumps, you will get
  5. 40 downloads

    Author: Magnus D'Kana Contact: magnusdkana@hotmail.com Website: http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/ File Name and Version: quidditch.pk3 and quidditch.map (original)Release Date: 18/05/2019 Filesize: 77MB ------------------- This is my first attempt at making a hydroball map. It's obviously inspired by quidditch from Harry Potter (hence the name) but other than there being 3 hoops acting as goals, everything is the same as regular hydroball. I decided to make a little duelling area too so that if people get bored for a while, they can just do a couple of duels or whatever. This is also the firs
  6. Version v1.1


    This is simply FFA3 recompiled with a Christmas/winter theme. Most of the clip brushes have been removed, so you can stand on ledges and things you previously couldn't reach. I've borrowed the original botrouting, which seems to work just as well as it does on base FFA3 (...it's not great). Bugs and other things: -Some of the textures aren't aligned like they are in the original FFA3. -There are a few cracks around the fireplace in the cantina. -The string light textures should be enjoyed from a distance. They look pretty rough up close. Unfortunately, if you move too far away, they'll disap
  7. 764 downloads

    Here is my first map, a somewhat generic Imperial building. I tried to imitate Raven's JKII building style when designing this map. What could have happened in this place? It looks like whoever was here before left in a hurry. There are two secret areas in this map, with prizes for whoever finds them! I've also included the map file. If you want to use any part of my map or file, please just provide credit! Thanks. In this map: -elevators and setpieces, with mover scripts -Botroutes -Ambient noise and music -Custom textures Bugs to squish: -Some models will not light correctly, and other
  8. 195 downloads

    This map was inspired by the Trial map used in Jedi Outcast, without the things like running over a bridge or along a corridor, or standing on a pillar to open a door, etc. I've included the Source file so people can modify it, so long as I'm given credit, or should they wish to improve upon it so I can upload an updated/improved version (giving them credit for improvements). I took some textures from Jedi Outcast for the Telekinesis Switches because they weren't in the Academy base files. The map isn't overly big, as it is designed to test students who are learning, the target group being
  9. 31 downloads

    Author: Worr Sonn Submitted by: Barricade24 Duel map used for tournaments...
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