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  1. So, in the end I appropriated one material with "q3map_material SolidMetal" I used for render geometry and made it invisible in blend stage of the shader especially for collision mesh. Not very pretty I imagine, but it works. In this way spawnflags 2 worked as well. I uploaded the map and I'm waiting for approval. I'm open to suggestions to improve it, so please let me know. I included .map and .ase files as well...
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    This is a small duel map, a variation on jedi temple duel from Jedi Outcast. The level is a single 3d model and also includes custom skybox. I started working on this map a long time ago, but I finally managed to finish it. I hope it's a fitting tribute to Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Any questions and advice are welcome!
  3. So, I've created a map with .ase render geometry and .ase collision geometry. I applied system/clip material to the collision geometry and added spawnflags 2 key. For some reason this doesn't work, but spawnflags 6 on render model works great (although player maybe sticks too much to surfaces). Can anyone shed some light on this? Should I try a different material? Thanks!
  4. The model is too complex for brushes. It's been more than 15 years since I last worked with radiant, so I don't really remember how I did it and I don't have the original map file. Do I export collision as .md3? Or .ase? And how do I set different materials in collision? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I started a duel map for JA a long time ago and never got to finish it. I ended up abandoning it because I couldn't solve a colision error I've been having. However I'd like to get back to it and some help would be very welcome. It's been a while since I last opened radiant so some input would help me avoid lots of trial and error. I made entire level as one model with a simpler model for collision. It worked well at the time, except for that small collision bug (I could pass through one part of the model). So, I'd like to know how do I set up the collision for imported model, and can I use another UV channel for lightmap I'll make in 3ds max. Or should I bake everything into one atlas (diffuse + lightmap). Many thanks in advance!
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    This is my second and last map I made for Jedi Outcast. I wanted to make use of curved surfaces for level geometry. I think it worked well, although in restrospect, I should've made it bigger....
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    This is my first map for Jedi Outcast from way back in 2003 that I made for Forbiden Twilight clan. It's very large, but with good performance all around. There is also a CTF version with most areas blocked off.
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