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    Definitely humorous! Though if I may suggest renaming this Covid-19 Virus. Coronavirus is an umbrella term for a distinct group which includes Covid-19.
  1. Hey SJC is your site down? I tried going to it and it gives me a "We can't reach this page" error.
  2. During the course of working on a map, I've run into a question I never thought I would ask. Is it possible to use MD3 models from a PK3 file without extracting them from a PK3 file into the base/models folder? For a perfect example, Szicos_Modelpack1 readme states "unzip into the base directory and enjoy" (paraphrased). This says to me that to utilize the files, unzip the folder so the szicos_modelpack1.pk3 file is in the base folder for JA and there you go. However to use these files in a map being made with gtkradiant, it is impossible to use the models directly from the PK3 file. Perhaps this is a very noobish answer, however even a google search failed to turn up any documentation. If anyone has any input or advice, much appreciated.
  3. Love the articles on PC hackers decimating Switch users. I love the cross platform idea, Switch users apparently, not so much lol.
  4. Hey everyone, I never post under the requests section. However I was wondering if someone might have a skybox texture similar to gateway station from the movie "Aliens", or the Sevastapol from "Alien: Isolation". What I mean is, a station orbiting a planet, and a skybox taken inside the perimeter of said station. Similar to whats been done with the maps on here already. I've been searching and the closest I've found has been the Citadel Station skybox from KOTOR2. If anyone could help, or at least point in the right direction, that'd be super.
  5. Changing the brushes to detail didn't fix the MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY error, but I changed the chopsize to 0 and changed the cull distance to the full length of the map (16,896 map units), and THAT seemed to have fixed it for now. thanks for the advice.
  6. So I'm attempting to compile a map so I can test it (only 25% or less finished), and during the compile process I hit an error I've never seen before. MAX_MAP_VISIBILITY exceeded. I'm not sure what this is or how to fix it. Map is only 104 brushes and 2 entities, though it is in a big skybox (will be a platforms map). If anyone has any idea what this is, please let me know.
  7. Agreed. Though I did recently find the original South Park map (Jedi Outcast) so I'm gonna check the readme and see if I can borrow some assets to liven it up. If anyone has any South Park player models that'd be great.
  8. Some minor progress. This may be a BIG project if I decide to do the whole town. Only have 1 residential block done and its only 432 brushes. The current map area is X= 3,808 units, and Y=2,176 units and skybox ceiling is at z=1,024 units. That, just on the X-Y perspective is an area of 8,286,208 map units. I can only imagine that the FULL town will be ATLEAST X=9,000 units and Y=6,000 units, and that's on a LOW estimate lol.
  9. Could, but not sure how accurate that is. I've been using "The Stick of Truth" map as a reference, as well as pictures from the show. I was looking for an old map that was on JK3 files, (I think it was for JKA) that was based on South Park, particularly the area around the city hall. Some detail progress. May use patch meshes for the snow areas that overlap trees, bushes and sidewalks, however they're subject to the cel shader script also (note the small snow mesh that has a black edge on top).
  10. So I got bored and started watching South Park on HULU. Note this is VERY early, and as such I only have 4 buildings and no details. I plan on making a FULL exterior town (within engine limits), so it should be pretty big. Skybox is only temporary (obviously), and will be using a cel shader render to add that cartoon feel.
  11. It is 1.5, I typically prefer this version (personal preference)
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