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  1. @Lazarus I was also looking at an old mapcore “cube” challenge. The whole playable area is confined to a 1024 cubed area. that definitely makes you use your brushes wisely. https://blog.button-masher.net/2011/03/21/final-kfsdm1024-bender-prey/#more-491
  2. I think this will be an awesome centerpiece. Or maybe a hovering trap? Not sure yet. May also darken the light a little bit. But Glow baby, Glow!
  3. Recently I've been going over old projects, getting them ready for release. I suddenly got an urge to expand on my FFA_Grid map, and in doing so, decided to carve out a nice little center piece for a Map. I'm sure some of you will recognize it.
  4. @SomaZlight emitting shaders. I figured it would work same as before, with just adding the Normal and Spec/RMO stages below the Map texture. I seem to remember reading in another topic that the glow stages weren’t working anymore anyway? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction with these shaders. Just when I thought I’d gotten the old ones figured out, I decide to jump into Rend2
  5. @SomaZon another topic, how can I make my rend2 texture light project light like I normally would a light texture? Do I just write the shader as normal and add the relevant normal and / rmo stages?
  6. @SomaZ wow, a reply from the master himself. I’m not worthy lol. So the Strombine textures I’m using are from Q4 map called “Strombine” Strombine Map - Lunaran Website I’m obviously converting the shaders into OpenJK Rend2 myself, but the texture files are pre done TGA. By RMO workflow do you mean the. Roughness Shader Configuration such as in the DF2 project? DF2 Mod Shaders Example
  7. So I managed to get my rend2 shaders working ingame, except now I'm having a rendering error with the texture/normal/specmap. The wall on the right renders oddly compared to the wall on the left, even though its the same textures. Shader code below is whats in my mtr. textures/strombine/paint01 { qer_editorimage textures/strombine/paint01_d { map textures/strombine/paint01_d.tga rgbGen vertexLit normalmap textures/strombine/paint01_h.tga specularmap textures/strombine/paint01_s.tga specularReflectance 0.1 } { map $lightmap blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero } } I can't figure out why the texture is rendering like that, and it's only at a distance. When I move closer the distortion goes away. And yes using the "cl_renderer rd-rend2; vid_restart" command line.
  8. So I recently remembered to download OpenJK to my laptop (it was on my desktop lol), and I figured while I'm at it, lets dabble in Rend2. Now I went ahead and made a test texture shader (and mtr file), shader loads in Radiant, but when I test in OJK, I get the infamous glowing bad shader. I DID change the renderer in the command prompt "/cl_renderer rd-rend2; vid_restart", and it didnt give me any error. I think I wrote my shader properly, but perhaps not. textures/strombine/brick1 { qer_editorimage textures/strombine/brick1_d { map textures/strombine/brick1_d.tga rgbGen vertexLit } { normalHeightmap textures/strombine/brick1_local.tga } { specularmap textures/strombine/brick1_s.tga } { map $lightmap blendfunc gl_dst_color gl_zero } } on the note of MTR files, do they go into a materials folder like in Q4, or do they go in the shaders folder? Update, I fixed the errored shader issue (such a noob all the extra maps and stages lol ), and edited code to match. But now, the walls with the shader texture are dark. I'm assuming this is due to the vertexlit tag in the first stage. But also in the console it says that Stages 2 and 3 have no Image, even though the files exist in the folder, and are clearly listed in the shader.
  9. After a hiatus from JK/JKA editing to work on my RPG projects, I've returned. This time I bring some Cel-Shaded goodness wrapped up as a FFA map. Enjoy.
  10. Thanks for the consideration at the very least. Any idea on how it would be formatted? Single challenge, 3 part challenge etc? Or is it something you'd wanna figure out after the upcoming contest?
  11. But at the same time, wouldn't using more brushes defeat the purpose of the "less is more" concept? Careful use of brushes and creative use of textures makes your brain think a bit more. But I mean if we went forward with it as a challenge, or set of challenges, I think the overall formats could be worked out before it went official.
  12. I was browsing the old contest pages on Mapcore and I thought it might be fun to throw the idea out about having a 20 Brush or Minimalist map challenge? Nothing too big or cray, just something light and fun designed to creative juices flowing away from all the hub-bub of show accurate, massively detailed stuff we're seeing now. Just some suggestions for format: 20 brush challenge - Structural brush count. Triggers, skyboxes etc do not count to the limit. Minimalist texture challenge - Predetermined number of texture files. Shader files for glowmaps/enviromaps etc could be discussed. Minimalist 20 brush challenge - Combination of the above 2 challenges. I mean just a thought, what do the rest of you think?
  13. Absolutely love the architecture, like the Mustafar looking bridge in level 13, the curved corners and stairs of Level 6. Each level has its own style and appears to have drawn from a lot of sources. Unique color pallets and lighting accents the styles used. Can't wait for this to be released.
  14. @NAB622 thanks for the help, worked wonderfully On that note, is there a way to combine the specular/enviro shader WITH the light glow shader?
  15. As the title says, I'm having an issue with the shader file for my map. The glow appears to work, but its had an unexpected (and unwanted) side effect, the shader is now see through. Realistically the shader itself isn't complex and is fairly standard, so I'm not sure exactly what the issue is? I typically use the same shader for all my lights and light source3s, and can't recall having this issue previously. Did I F-up the shader? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.
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