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  1. oh wow, amazing! I love that you used primarily white textures, to make it look like it did in the movies. Also, that's a first-rate star destroyer bridge!
  2. Very nice! I'll remember this if I ever make a snowy map.
  3. http://kotaku.com/you-cant-kill-a-good-star-wars-game-1792030669 Well, not us, specifically- they talk about MovieBattles. Last I saw, no-one in the comments had linked to JKhub. Does someone with a Disqus profile wants to go over there and fix that?
  4. There is no Outcast version. A lot of the textures and models used in this map are from Academy, so it would be a non-trivial task to port the required assets over. You are welcome to try and do it yourself, if you want.
  5. Wow, this is awesome. Keep up the good work!
  6. Haha, finally done! That took... (looks back to first post) ...a really long time. Granted, the total amount of time it took probably amounts to less than 80 hours, but fitting this around life was the biggest challenge. I hope I can do more of these in the future!
  7. 983 downloads

    Here is my first map, a somewhat generic Imperial building. I tried to imitate Raven's JKII building style when designing this map. What could have happened in this place? It looks like whoever was here before left in a hurry. There are two secret areas in this map, with prizes for whoever finds them! I've also included the map file. If you want to use any part of my map or file, please just provide credit! Thanks. In this map: -elevators and setpieces, with mover scripts -Botroutes -Ambient noise and music -Custom textures Bugs to squish: -Some models will not light correctly, and other light-related issues. -The botroutes are kind of broken in some areas, particularly at the top of the elevator and around some corners. If I can get these fixed, I will release a v.1.1 for it.
  8. Shoot, you're right! I had forgotten about MP force powers.
  9. I think you're going overboard a little bit with the force powers. I feel like some of the force powers you suggest are too complicated. And, to speak to force sight specifically, if you remember, JKA actually had some puzzles that required your force sight ability, but there were only about three such puzzles in the entire game. Most of the force powers JKA added felt gimmicky and unnecessary. I'd like to see force powers focused around movement and combat primarily.
  10. I have a pretty basic scripted elevator set up, so that it will move from a ref_tag at the bottom to a ref_tag at the top and back when activated. My script seems to work fine; I can see it execute properly in the console with developer mode on. However, no matter what I seem to do, I'm getting the message ERROR: Unable to find tag "elv_up" for ent 40! ERROR: Unable to find tag "elv_dn" for ent 40! (ent 40 is identified as my elevator) It then defaults the coordinate locations to (0,0,0) and my elevator moves to the world origin. Any ideas? EDIT Never mind, I was just being stupid and not triple-checking my entity names!
  11. Oh wow, I remember these maps! They were good. Ridiculous, but good.
  12. I agree that mapping contests shouldn't take too long. I'd also love to see a collab map, I had no idea one was even considered.
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