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  1. This is a really neat idea. I'm not 100% on how the If and else commands work when you double-click them in Behaved. That parts confuses me and maybe someone who has messed with those can help out. All I know is what you can SET you can GET but after that forget about it. Now, The if/else statement shouldn't be too hard. If ( whatever variable we a re checking for is true) set weapon (blaster) Else (whatever variable we are checking for is false) set weapon (melee) The biggest hurdle then becomes what variable. So, how would we be able to say "if enemy is > 128 units fro
  2. I thought this project was titled "Corellian Whorehouse" when I first glanced at it. He He. You did a really nice job on it. Darker textures and darker lighting really works well here. What is the larger part of this project going to be?
  3. I really like what you made so far. Looks so much nicer than when I last played this game back in like 2000. Since you said feedback is welcome I'll toss in my 2 cents. In the above image as I marked if you lower that area, and then add caution textures or strip light textures to sides it would help break up the floor area a bit. Also, on the pipes on the ceiling, maybe make them larger or have 2 larger ones and 3 smaller under them or something, and then add in a brush every so often to act as a bracket that holds the pipes in place. You can also make those brackets to have a light on th
  4. From what I've played around with so far this is really cool. I was able to setup 3dsMax easily with the game and entity file paths, got the textures loaded, and even exported a 32x32x32 cube into Radiant. Entities were also searchable but I didn't mess with those but they are there.You can't, however, create geometry that is not supported. So making a pipe that is 4x4x64 with 12 sides will give errors in Radiant as I tried several times . Guess those have to be models.
  5. Lets say I want an npc to fire a shot at a specific point somewhere. An example could be shooting a bottle sitting on a shelf behind the bar. Is there a way to script an aimpoint , like at an info_null, that can be placed near the bottle to get the desired effect?
  6. Send me a PM with what you want done and a link to the files and I'll take a look at it.
  7. I think you can also use the set-weapon command in icarus to none and that should work as well. Just create a spawnscript and it should work.
  8. Im at work, but, i think there is a no drop selection in Icarus if i recall correctly.
  9. Now that makes a bit of sense with the geometry stuff. Was that by design or just practical for the time and technology?
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