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  1. I remoddelled some of the side of the map, so i could seal it, but realized I have to play also with the environment, so i decided to see if i could "sculp" out of brushes a cave entrance i d say i dont think a model could do better of this inregular, not symetric, skewed cave entrance. As above picture and below picture also dictate, i covered up the edges of the map with rock, so it looks actually enclosed as well, rather than stopped somewhere lose if you are standing in the map itself, give it a sense of an squared of open area. When i get this part done, i ll pr
  2. since you re gonna do scripting, may i suggest your extraction is a random positioned prissoner, to make things more interesting (meaning different routes etc) target random to more than 1 spawner. And script accordingly objectives (so prisoner is randomly placed in different cells so different actions or switches have to be triggered.)
  3. Okay, I been tweaking this thing for the last month, and started with repairing the entities, which were half broken all of the sudden, thus i removed all of non essential entities for now and do the lay out first before i am going to add the scripts and entities. Also revised a part of the map where the end fight will be and started laying that out. Also decided i needed to make an entree point so i started working on that area too, but due to the fact i have been busy with work, hospital visits and i need to be administered soon for a kidney stone that has to be removed and also other i
  4. Mapping again, working on terrain fillers.

  5. I would be interested in such thing as well. I cant find any good tutorials on making roff files. Would also be an asset to JKHUB in common
  6. So wait, is this a single player thing? Or is it MP? (nvr mind, you awnsered it up there) And i would pan the camera a bit, moving it arround the target... I did something simular with a tie fighter scene flying over. You can move the camera focussed on one point. Also, you can smooth those rotations even more.. you rotate it 2 times (first 90 and then another 90, pull those together for a longer smooth turn...
  7. Triggeable light entities for him is another trick. He could use the light connecting to a null to create spot light idea from his ceiling light. I agree that switchable is tricky, because shadered lights are only processed within build phase and not on the fly in game. This is why dynamic lightning is a pain.
  8. I used a small nodraw indeed (its a fly over object) and it does the trick indeed fine, it solved my issue
  9. I ll check it out. It has always worked anyway, until yesterday, havent touched it really, elsei ll try to remake it.
  10. So I have been working today on my map and i am trying to figure out where the error in the title comes from, since i cant fire up the map anymore. I just added brushes. I went through the whole map, removed all func_groups again from the list and it left me with just about 40 entities. Still same error. Copied the map over to a different map, renamed, recompiled, same. The compile stage gives no error, so i am a bit stumped. So took a bit up on the idea that it could be also something outside of an entity. so i made a copy of my map, removed all entities out of the file, palced a new spa
  11. what texture is on it in your map?
  12. Its my only custom pk3's at the moment i got (my own). I do agree that singleplayer is not very unique and i will change it on release. And yes about the params, its true, cause nonplanar and shadeangle are not supported, i use it for preview and testing actually ( and not for production) cause it will give me an error at a line if i got something wrong. That said, i am glad we pointed you in the right direction ? keep it up
  13. Okay you ever worked with shaders? Its an extra file you place in your shaders folder. Its a textfile that will spice up your textures. Some emit lights, others make things smooth, a 3rd one is an animation, etc. So you create a simple textfile and save it as a *.shader. You add that to the shaderlist.txt your own file (mine is called singleplayer.shader) You are now set up. Now you can start writing the shader. A shader has several stages, each in which you can add certain kind of stuff. On the left screen you see for example the panel. The panel has indeed the blend on i
  14. If you use a phong shader on that metal of yours, your edges wont be that sharp, make it look better. Something like q3map_shadeangle 120 q3map_material SolidMetal q3map_nonplanar You can play with the shadeangle actually, the lesser the value, the less rounded it looks, 90 would be ok ? i use this a lot for terrain smoothing, but you can use it also for smoothing hard edges in say your column way
  15. Angel, that reflective floor tile looks amazing. I may need to steal that idea from you. Is it an env map and the reflect shader with a portal surface?
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