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  1. So i launched the radiant editor, and suddenly my editor looks weird. I can see a grid laid out over my brushes, which is super anoying How do i turn this off, i am trying to search through settings but cant find anything Never mind, figured it out, it was a filter in view (show 3d workspace). Not sure why it was on. -- you can close this please --
  2. Havent touched it in a bit, but played arround with a little environment. Added purple flowers in the equation and it now starts to really shine. (i also had white flowers, but decided to drop them, became a bit overkill) and the money shot On a different note, i did change a mountain layout a bit, due to LOS issues with a model on the other end, upped the mountain a bit so you cant see the model of a ship popping in at a certain point. The mountain hides the item until you move around it, which is then in range in the LOS visual.
  3. That was a wrong quote, that last question was meant for SephFF
  4. What i did in mine (i have a cove in which you can technically go to open sea), is put indeed a clip brush there, however, in the water in front, a trigger_push in front of it, in the sea, so if you swim into it, it bobs you back like the current is taken a hold of you. Its not the cleanest solution, but still, i think it works just fine. https://i.imgur.com/nMXDnTL.png btw, whats with the elevator music in your movies
  5. I just got NRC as well installed, i find vertex modding a lot easier, though height and dragging is a thing you need to get used to by switching to the move tool, i got used to it now, and actually i felt i made a lot of progress. Also the snap to grid option when selecting everything is a live savior, which helps me filling the gaps i get when i used cut tool with drag vertex mode. This dragging tool is a lot more optimized than GTK. I do still try to figure out, so if @mjtis making a public tour, i gladly tag along
  6. The bigger the map, the more problems you are going to encounter, make it in sections, or better even, split in several maps (if you plan SP), For multiplayer, roaming NPC isn't smart, it will only cause server issues, and everytime a map restart if people kill all NPC's. Blocky isnt necessairy. You can "fake" curves (phong shader, where you smooth the rough edges over like blurring hard lines) This means, you can "45" degree it with a smooth curve in it. A lot of different textures, lights etc will help with the admosphere.
  7. Wrapped up the outer rock walls, the whole area is now nicely surrounded with rock wall. Starting to combine this with my grass blending (got now 4 different blends, and I really start to feel this area...) may gonna tweak the distance rendering of the sprites, but this really starts to look great. Maybe some occasional color of flowers in it or so.. gonna dig for that in it. I think the dry grass blended in the regular grass really makes it great. It pops, showing alteration that not everywhere the grass is green. And i changed the sun shader as you see, less yellowish, more grayish now, wich makes other colors more vibrant.
  8. I am bumping into a curious bug, where I set my disance cull in worldspawn to be 14500. For the map brushes it self this works fine, however, i find having models in the map, that the distance viewable of the model is about roughly 7500 units. Now i have a passage in which you can see up to about 9000 units, but the model (a ship) is a critical point to reach, which i want it to be displayed. This causes some problems, since you have to walk up to that 7500 unit point, in order for the model to pop in. Is there a way arround it. Attached screenshots.
  9. I did, since i was on holiday, and came back last week. I did see the message while on holiday, but no laptop with me, the beauty of holiday. Thanks!
  10. Heh, gimmie that beach looks great.
  11. I dont mind spending money on JKO at all, but does anybody have the kyle katarn sounds of JKO (so the whole singleplayer campaign voice acting). I am picking appart dialogue files to see if i can use it to create new dialogue for my mod, but the JKA dialogue with kyle is limited.
  12. Not that I am a reviewer of any type, but you got a lot of potential to fix the mistakes in this map (stretched textures, details, etc). This is a great first step, but I would build on that foundation and see how you can improve it.
  13. I am back from my holiday, and decided to work again on it. I changed editor (from GTK to NetRadiant) (thanks @mjt)and had to get the hang of it, since i am so used to work with GTK for the last 19 years. But i see the pluses now with a little thanks to the discord community i am again on my way in this project. Just a screenshot now. Filled the end area and now working on the winding path towards it. Gonna build an extension to this area (see already in the top view where i go out of the skybox) --edit-- and the update 3 hrs of work later
  14. All patches? or models? You may optimize them by converting them to models, rather than patches. It should boast some performance issues, and patches have the tendancy to bleed light (little sparks of light bleeding through the side of the patches). Looking good btw. The theme is certainly set in this map.
  15. There has been a 10 brushes contest on map-craft back in 2010 or so, was fun, since you had to be creative. (this meant 10 visible brushes, so your skybox didnt count). I can tell you, people started learning modeling like crazy The more fun challenge was the 5 texture in a certain box challenge. You get 5 active textures, and you get a layout in which you gotta work.
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