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  1. Shoot Dodge Mod

    Imagine if you could take Max Payne style bullet time and use it in Jedi Outcast?!  That's exactly what this mod does.  If that's confusing, shoot dodging allows you to dive during firefights with time slowed down but aim speed retained to emulate heightened adrenaline granting more dexterity, reflexes, and damage.  You will need a 64 bit Windows 10 and an installation of JO to play.  It is built on OpenJK but I provide the appropriate executables and dlls.
    To get an idea of how this works out, here's the gameplay trailer: 
    For a full list of gameplay features, installation instructions, credits, etc here's the documentation: https://tinyurl.com/1mnv5u9q
    And finally, if you'd like to support future projects like this here's my Patreon: https://patreon.com/tinnyw
    Finally, if you have feature requests, bugs to report, or anything else please comment in the linked forums or email me at tinny@blueleo.net.  Thank you and I hope you have so much fun with this mod!!


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  2. ImpHoth

    Title : Imphoth_a
    Author : Unknown at time of upload May 28 / 2016
    File Name : imphoth_a.pk3
    File Size : 20.1 MB
    Date Released : 8-30-2002
    Description : A single player modification for Jedi Knight II.
    New Sounds : YES
    New Skins : no
    New Objects : no
    New Textures: YES
    * How to install *
    Just put the entire imphoth_a folder under your GameData in your game directory. Then load up single player JK2 and among the mod menu just load the mod. Then start the S/P campaign.


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  3. Jedi Knight II: Enhanced

    The first release of the Jedi Knight II:Enhanced mod. This is an early alpha with not so many features.
    The forums for this mod can be found here: https://jkhub.org/forum/106-jedi-knight-enhanced/
    Jedi Knight: Enhanced is a mod which aims to enhance the base game experience by adding new content, refurbishing old content, and forming a new creative base to work off of.
    The series is based on OpenJK, which is in turn based on the source release from April 2013.
    This is the Jedi Knight II version of the mod. If you are looking for the Jedi Academy version, you are sorely mistaken.
    In the current release (Alpha 1), the mod contains the following features:
    - A bounty of new commands and cvars to toy around with
    - SFX Sabers
    - Improved AI
    - (many) fixed bugs and errors in the original game files
    - Weapon JSON system (WIP)
    - A few new weapon models to preview
    - Some new skyboxes
    - New fonts
    - New AT-ST model, with improved handling and a new minigun weapon
    - Dynamic Glow (from JKA) applied to many of the shaders in the game currently
    - Randomized dialogue system - some lines have been replaced with unused takes
    - The AI Workshop: an NPC debugging suite and playhouse


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