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  1. maybe the kotf import is missing some .ase and script files?
  2. All the solos above look like their back has been broken, except episode 4 han. See for yourself: https://imgur.com/a/lWMJATR
  3. So, i am working on my cloud city shaft, and when i rotate the little red thingies (just look) the textures dont stay straight. here, take a look: https://gyazo.com/cbbf266f7b1ee2a325a19054b5bc192e if anyone can help me, i will be very grateful.
  4. today when i came to radiant i came to see all the textures in the system folder are missing. could anybody give me a copy of their system texture? thanks
  5. How do i counter dual and double bladed lightsabers as a single bladed saber user? i find myself easily defeating enemies with the same saber as me, which is single, but i find myself struggling with dual and double blades, and it is a pain when im having a good time then a dual or double bladed saber user kills me in 3 saber strikes. How do i effectively counter Double bladed and dual sabers? Any help is appreciated ?
  6. I mean, i think ffa_carbon freeze looks more like mysteries of the sith, mb2 cloud city looks more like its own version
  7. i thought the throne room from df2 kyle sits in was interesting. so i decided to search for coruscant throne room. and i found those images: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/3/36/Emperors_throne_room_Imperial_Palace.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180220134421 http://sote.hexence.com/throne_room_largo.jpg and i found those much more interesting then the one in df2, and it would make for an fun interesting duel map, which can be even used in mb2
  8. Hi! sorry for bringing up a response to this post, and you getting your hopes up then getting your bubble burst, but i request your post this in Mod Requests & Suggestions
  9. 427 downloads

    -Carbon Freezing Chamber by lukesandylowground- Credits: LivingDeadJedi for most of the textures, thatSFXguy for ripping the sound effects off the movie. ::INSTALL:: Put the zzz_zzcarbon.pk3 in your base or mod folder. ::REMOVE:: Remove the zzz_zzcarbon.pk3 in your base or mod folder. So here it is, my third official map. This one is a location from ESB, in Cloud City. Here this chamber was used to freeze captain Solo. the map has actual sound effects from the movie, with the music "Carbon Freeze".
  10. Thats because i like to make maps in my free time sometimes i want do do something, like the cloud city shaft, and i do it
  11. Not any entities yet, as i will learn to use them and add them later. So for now, no carbon freeze mechanics ! https://imgur.com/a/9fW3H5d The map has been released, and it has the mechanics now its pending approval
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