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  1. Currently working on ParaTracker 1.5. I have implemented a DDOS protection measure for users to use (Just for the tracker, it doesn't protect the game server!), although I am far from ready for the public to use it at this time. I need to create a way for users to prove ownership of their servers. I'm going to try this with two methods: The user can type their RCON password into ParaTracker, and ParaTracker will send a junk RCON command to the server to see if the password is correct. Alternatively, the user can set a CVAR to a value requested by ParaTracker, and ParaTracker will a
  2. I can answer this. Texture resolution is not really an issue - there is nothing wrong with high resolution textures, as long as each dimension is a power of 2. (1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, etc). Most people just don't make them that large out of habit. As for polycounts, the game is running an old version of OpenGL (1.1 I believe), which can't handle that much geometry without getting highly bogged down. Without a full rewrite of the renderer in a newer version of OpenGL, this will not change.
  3. If it helps, make a fresh install of the game in a different location to be used for editing only. It helps a lot with conflicts and makes a cleaner workspace.
  4. I had chosen to pass on this, mostly because I don't need more stuff laying around. I wish I had gotten them for two reasons - the posters would be wonderfully tacky on my wall, and I did not think the USB drives would have an EXE installer. Regardless - neato!
  5. Think of each face of an areaportal brush as sealing areas off from each other. The correct way to use an areaportal is to texture the entire brush with system/skip, and then on one face of the brush that will completely separate both areas, texture it with system/areaportal. If you texture all sides of a brush with system/areaportal, it will create a void the size of the brush, and when the player steps inside it, all entities will disappear. I don't know if that's related to your disappearing wall issue, but it's certainly something to try. Gotta make sure everything is right befor
  6. Does that wall surface z-fight with any other brushes in Radiant? If it does not, I think this is a q3map2 bug. Your map is probably making a blocksize-related slice directly across that wall. To see if this is the case, open the prtview plugin and load your map's portal file up. If you see that wall running across a larger slice, then yes, that is your problem. There are two ways to fix it: either move the entire map to the side a little bit, or change the blocksize in the worldspawn. One other thing to check, is to make sure your areaportals are done correctly. They should be textured w
  7. Yes. Use a func_door, and instead of caulk, use nodraw or nodraw_solid.
  8. Aw crap, I forgot there was an autoexec.cfg. Thanks.
  9. Ctrl+Alt+Left click will select all brushes in any entity.
  10. Remove the + in front of each line, that's only needed for the .bat file. Treat the cfg file as if you are typing the commands directly into the console: devmapall coruscant r_customwidth 1920 r_customheight 1080
  11. Sure thing. I'm a little rusty on details, but this should get you there: In notepad, save a .cfg file in your gamedata/base folder. Name it anything you want (I'll use autoexec.cfg). In it, put the commands you want the game to run on startup, one command per line. Next, make a new text file in notepad, in the gamedata folder. Save it as whatever.bat. In that file, just add a single line: jamp.exe +exec autoexec Now, if you run the batch file, you should get your results. You can also make a shortcut to the .bat file on your desktop if you like.
  12. I don't know many details about force effects, but EffectsEd might be a good place to start. It can be found in the JA SDK. It's somewhat buggy, but it should be able to give you a decent starting point.
  13. Changing force settings like that is all hardcoded stuff. w_force.c is where that is located, but you'd have to recompile the entire game to change it. Edit: I only know the code for multiplayer, singleplayer might have it in a different file.
  14. I would recommend using a cfg file for this, since you can execute it from within the game as well as executing on startup. The way I would do it, is to make a .bat file that launches jamp.exe with your desired parameters. So something like jamp.exe +exec startMap should execute startMap.cfg on startup. If you have a shortcut to Jamp.exe on your desktop, I believe you can add launch parameters there as well, but a .bat file is a much better way to go.
  15. I know this is going to sound dumb, but are you 100% certain the compile is finished before you launch the map..?
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