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  1. You are correct. Set random value on a variable, then IF...ELSE to determine which way to point the bottle based on the random value, then execute your rotation and other fun stuff. There is no way to do any math or comparison on vectors in ICARUS, so this is the only option. I have to assume you are using BehavED, it's the only method I've ever used. If you initialize a variable like so: Then to give it a random value, set it like so: On the left is the necessary line to use the variable you created. The center just gets an = sign. On the right, input your min and max values for the range at the bottom, then click rnd. BehavED will input the necessary command for you. I use this same username on discord, and I think I'm in the JKHub Discord server, too. I'm not hard to find if you need help.
  2. What part specifically are you having trouble with? I can definitely help you get that working. The random choice of angles should be pretty easy with a random number put into a global variable or SET_PARM. Then use IF blocks to determine which way to point, based on the random value. To rotate the MD3, use a misc_model, then target it at a func_static or some other func_ entity. Finally, to rotate the bottle, just make the script rotate the func_ whatever-you-used. The misc_model will copy all movement and angle changes from the targeted entity. I highly recommend completely encasing the entire rotational area of the bottle in textures/system/clip, because if a player gets anywhere in that space the movement of the bottle will be interrupted and it will look weird.
  3. I forgot to mention - you can also apply the active texture to any brush face without selecting it using Ctrl+Shift+Middle-click.
  4. If you just want to select the texture on a brush face, middle-click the desired face. Note that this only works on brushes, not patches. If you also want to select the brush face for editing, use Ctrl+Shift+left-click. You can also click and drag across multiple surfaces like this.
  5. No, it does not. You can differentiate between bots and players, but that's all.
  6. Bummer. I don't have any means to test anything right now, either. Sorry. Good to know, though.
  7. If I understand what you're doing correctly.... You are correct in using the clipper tool. You can do two point or three point clips. After making your points, you can press enter to accept the change, ctrl+enter to change which side of the points to clip, or shift+enter to slice the brushes through without removing anything. I believe shift+enter is what you want, yes?
  8. You cannot connect vertices from different patches, but you can use Ctrl+G to snap the selected vertices to the grid, which should visually have the same effect.
  9. I believe so. I know it works with other parameters like _lightmapscale, so I don't see why _minlight would be any different.
  10. There are two decent solutions here: Use -bounce on your light compile. It will give you the exact effect you are looking for (Light bouncing from surface to surface), but it will cost extra time to render. 3-4 bounces should do it. A quicker solution is just adding more light sources to the room. If you want the fastest (Although worst looking) solution, you can use _minlight on the brushwork below the x-wing to prevent any harsh shadows (Make it a func_group first). A value like 25-30 will probably work fine.
  11. Honest question, don't you mean func_group instead of func_static?? I thought entities were culled during an ASE conversion.
  12. ...After some careful thought, I think this might just be possible. Create a massive trigger_multiple that encompasses your entire map, target it at a target_scriptrunner with the runonactivator flag, and have it check for which weapon is equipped. If the thermal detonator is equipped, change a SET_PARM value on the NPC/Player that triggered the script. From there, you'll need to transfer the value from the player's SET_PARMs to a global variable, but there are many easy tricks to do that, depending on how your level is set up, assuming this is single player. The downside to this is that it might slow the game down, so you'll want to activate the trigger only when needed, and deactivate it as soon as it has served it's purpose.
  13. I don't know about the -patchmeta flag, but I can tell you that there has to be at least one brush in the map for the conversion to work. If you don't have one, then just make a tiny brush that is textured with all caulking in the center of the map. Retry your conversion and it should work fine, despite the added brush being useless.
  14. Trigger_multiple can be used by the player, so just use that. It'll make everything simpler going forward. The doors cannot function like a train without a script, and scripts are not compatible with the team key. So if you want anything fancier than two teamed doors, you'll have to script it from start to finish.
  15. Yes. Make two separate doors, one moving in each direction like you want. On both doors, add: Key: team Value: <make up a name> You may have to use a trigger_multiple to fire one of the doors (not both). If you do, make sure you give it a wait time so it doesn't rapid-fire the doors. If all goes well, the doors will always move together, including when blocked and when reversing.
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