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  1. That feature is only usable for misc_model and misc_model_static, since it adds a model key to the entity. If you're adding a model to a brush entity (func_ anything), you need to use the model2 key, which to my knowledge only supports MD3 models.
  2. I believe you are referring to the model2 key? Unfortunately, I do not believe ASE models are supported in this way. There is a workaround, though. ASE models can only be used with a misc_model entity (Not sure about misc_model_static). Since misc_model cannot move and is nonsolid, you need to make the door contain the physics_clip for the model. Then, target the misc_model at the func_door. Any movement of the door should be copied onto the model, making them move as one. It takes up an extra entity, but it should give you the result you're looking for!
  3. The launch options apply to code mods, like JA+ or makermod. Since you're just installing a pk3, you can ignore that. Just copy it into the gamedata/base folder, and it will load automatically when the game is started.
  4. I know I'm a little late, but if you need to just move the window, opening the console should give the operating system control of the mouse back. Then (Assuming you're on windows), pressing alt+space and then m should get you into window moving mode. You can use the arrow keys to reposition the window however you need, then press enter to accept the new location.
  5. As i recall from years past (Might be a bit off): Lugormod was/is a code mod that had a heavy focus on role play. It had a lot of general additions to the game like JA+ did, but it's main focus was on user accounts and role play elements within maps for servers to make use of. So if you were part of a clan, you could join the server and log in, and continue building stats or levels (Can't remember what they were called). There were also a lot of tweaks to the innards of the game as well as many bug fixes. As for what happened to it, I don't know - years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to the guy behind it on many occasions, and he actually gave me some help with my own projects, but we've been out of touch for quite some time. If lugormod is gone, then I'd have to guess it had the same fate as JA+ and many other mods, the website went down one day and never came back.
  6. Just so nobody gets worried/disappointed in the lack of updates, I am working on some features, but nothing is finished yet. Regardless, I am putting this project on a temporary hold due to work hours, and the fact that I need to finish up a few other things. If all goes well, I should be back at it in January. In the meantime, if anyone else is interested in the code, it is all available here: https://github.com/nab622/upgRadiant
  7. When you try to load the map and get kicked back out to the main menu, the game console should show an error message. What does it say?
  8. It may be a little bit harder than it looks, but not at the corner you're pointing to. That corner should align perfectly. The angled faces on the inside of the pillars will likely be the issue. Simply copying the texture coordinates (Middle click to choose a texture and coordinates, and ctrl+shift+middle click to apply) should do the trick everywhere else. If it doesn't work on the angled faces, try reducing the angle slightly, and it might align.....otherwise you might need to use patch meshes there, although that wouldn't be too difficult to do either.
  9. The team key is used for doors, to make them move together in sync. In case one door is blocked and reverses, all other doors on the team will do the same. If you want more than one spawner to be fired by that button, just give the other spawner the same targetname as the first one. When a trigger is fired, it will fire every entity with a targetname that matches it's target. The easiest way to do this is just to copy and paste your current npc_spawner - it will keep the targetname. Then you can change the other parameters however you need.
  10. Edited my post, sorry, I think I was confused what you were doing. Hopefully I understand it now.
  11. I think the best you can do in Radiant is to use the natural setting on your patch, and then align the textures on the brushwork to match. You might have some luck aligning the textures with ctrl/shift/alt + arrow keys, but that's about the best I can think of. Alternatively, you could manually do the math for the texture coordinates to the S & T coordinates and plug then into the patch inspector manually, but that's a lot of work. I did add something to address this in my Radiant fork, but as you know, it's far from done. Edit: Wait.....I'm not sure where I got the idea you were using a patch. Are you saying you just want the textures on the brushwork to the left and right of the pipe to align? If so, ctrl+shift+left click the texture you want to use in the 3D window, then ctrl+shift+middle click the surface to apply it to. It will copy over the texture and it's coordinates.
  12. Also - make sure the trigger_multiple is set to trigger by the conditions you want. By default, a trigger_multiple will fire it's target whenever a player touches it. If you want players to have to press the "Use" button on the trigger, you'll need to set the player_use spawnflag. If nothing works, post a link to your map file, and someone here can definitely tell you what's wrong.
  13. Create a trigger_multiple for the button (Don't forget a wait key on it). Target it at an npc_spawner entity. On the npc_spawner, I forget the key name that determines the NPC to be spawned, but i think it's npc_type. And you may need to set the count value to -1.
  14. If ref_tags don't count, then yeah, there's no entity advantage. There are two tiny editing advantages, though - ifyou use the script to move it, you only have to recompile the script (Not the map) when you make a change. This can help on very large maps. Second, if you do not use an origin brush on your mover, the coordinates are essentially relative to the starting point of the entity - meaning you can make a single script to use across many entities (Just don't rotate it or stuff will go crazy, since there's no origin). I don't think either of these apply to what you're doing, I'm just throwing them out there in case they're useful to you or someone in the future. You've obviously made great progress, and I'd love to see the finished product.
  15. Ah, also very good to know. The only bug I was aware of was the loop rearrangement. Thanks for seeing it through and posting back, I'm learning from this. You can save all the ref_tag entities by using move blocks, by the way. You can move any func_ entity to arbitrary coordinates at will.
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