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  1. Nice to meet you. You made me realize that I'm into Jedi Knight since 2002... It was never a year without Jedi Academy since its released. But I played SP only until 2010 (with mods, stuffs and own creations). And Makermod only (or almost) in MP from 2010 to 2014. OJP Enhanced since 2015. Now, I juste make SP stuffs and sometimes, kick some reborns in good old maps, like Matrix Reloaded Final Nite, Lavamap or Forsaken Monument. And not to forget Little Italy, the Desert Temple and Helms Deep V2.
  2. RJA

    M3m0 Reborn Skin

    I am rating this 3 stars, because it reminds me the early years of Jedi Academy, when everybody was creating his own reskin of the original game characters.
  3. While I don't think anybody would find it unfair if there is no other mod made in the times mine is out, I understand your point of view. Thank you for answering ! I will do my best to keep the SP game alive, as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Hello there ! My Epic Challenge Mod IV is out, and I would be glad to have the opportunity to promote my work. I once had the chance to be featured in the news : Does this kind of interview is still going ? Does anyone knows ? Thank you for reading.
  5. Epic Challenge Mod IV finally out !

    Give it a try... 12 possible endings, funny cinematics (roq format, don't skip it !), new weapons, saber colors, force lightning levels !

  6. It's finally here ! Epic Challenge Mod adventure has come to an end... Thank you everybody !
  7. File submitted ! At last...
  8. 336 downloads

    It's finally happening ! The Last Epic Challenge Mod is here ! THE PLOT: The Death Sower, an uknown force user, plans to destroy all force users because he thinks that they are the source of every problem of this galaxy. He is not wrong. But he broke your holidays. You must beat him. Travel around old sith temples, jungle islands, spaceports, dark caverns and other places... 12 DIFFENTES ENDINGS : The specificity of the mod, is that you can play 12 differents mods in one. Some paths are very differents than the others, some very close... You can just do your duty to
  9. You must have a "cheats enabled" server. To get it the easier way, you have to load a map, from the server, with the "devmapall #nameofthemap" command. When you will spawn, you have to do the command by the server (with rcon). the best is to make a bind. First, you have to configure your rconpassword in the server .cfg file. Ingame, you just have to type "rconpassword #thepasswordyoufixed", and then, try "bind F2(for exemple) "rcon toggle d_npcfreeze"" This way, anytime you will press F2, the server will change the "d_npcfreeze"
  10. Waiting for the solution, just do d_npcfreeze 1, and when somebody attacks a rodian in the bar, type d_npcfreeze 0 and they will attack. Not a real solution but... the most I can tell without getting to the source code...
  11. Epic Challenge Mod IV Teaser :



    Coming soon !

  12. Here it comes ! To get you hyped ! If you are wondering, I made the musical arrangement. Mod will be released very soon !
  13. I'm making the Teaser of the mod, before releasing it.
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