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  1. I may have an idea of a bunch of short mods, with short stories. It could be a thing.
  2. RJA

    Epic Challenge Mod

    Rating is about the mod itself, not your capacity to follow the instructions. You may ask other peoples how to do, a lot of them played it. You also could send me a private message. I prefer my mod to be rated 1/5 because it sucks, and not because you can't afford to install it. This is absurd. Nevertheless, this is democracy. You are free to rate it 1/5, even If you did not played it.
  3. Thank you for this kind reaction ! It encourages me to go on. I have plenty of works to do, and I will try to finish this mod when it will be done.
  4. RJA

    Epic Challenge Mod

    @DrybertMan, I just realized you rated 1 star my mod just because you could not afford to install it. This is ridiculously unfair.
  5. I thought just this way. If I do not finish it, I can release the maps. They work fine. I also composed the soundtracks. Here, two of them :
  6. Hello there ! One year ago, I made a little mod of four maps. It portrays Lana, a character from Epic Challenge Mod III et IV, and takes place in an alternative post-ROTJ timeline. I can build pretty good stories in my native language. But in English, I keep it simple. "Jedi Temple is in trouble. Due to the collateral damages of several missions, Luke Skywalker and his disciples have been forced by the Senate to move to another planet, under the control of the corrupted Galactic Republic. A lot of Jedi left the Order, decieved by the events. One of them, Lana, took the path of the mercenaries. During a routine mission, she discovers the secret plot of a senator, who plans to take control of the Republic by reassembling old Battle Droids from the Clone Wars..." The mod explores unknown planets, and areas such as a Battle Droid facility, an old mystical temple, a private securised house and the new Jedi Temple. I don't know If I will finish the mod (cinematics, voiceovers and those kind of stuffs), but the maps are finished. So, If you think it's worth the work, feel free to tell me !
  7. Thank you for your answers. @CircaI tried to create new categories in my forum, and rename it.
  8. Hello There ! GENERAL JKHUB. Years ago, admins granted me the rank of master the permission to have my own project section, called Epic Challenge Mods. I noticed today that I can't modify it anymore. Like I am no longer the owner of this section. Any solution please ? Thank you, and may the force be with you. PS : I ask because I am working on a new mod eheheh... (yeah, a new SP mod)
  9. Nice to meet you. You made me realize that I'm into Jedi Knight since 2002... It was never a year without Jedi Academy since its released. But I played SP only until 2010 (with mods, stuffs and own creations). And Makermod only (or almost) in MP from 2010 to 2014. OJP Enhanced since 2015. Now, I juste make SP stuffs and sometimes, kick some reborns in good old maps, like Matrix Reloaded Final Nite, Lavamap or Forsaken Monument. And not to forget Little Italy, the Desert Temple and Helms Deep V2.
  10. RJA

    M3m0 Reborn Skin

    I am rating this 3 stars, because it reminds me the early years of Jedi Academy, when everybody was creating his own reskin of the original game characters.
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