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  1. You must have a "cheats enabled" server. To get it the easier way, you have to load a map, from the server, with the "devmapall #nameofthemap" command. When you will spawn, you have to do the command by the server (with rcon). the best is to make a bind. First, you have to configure your rconpassword in the server .cfg file. Ingame, you just have to type "rconpassword #thepasswordyoufixed", and then, try "bind F2(for exemple) "rcon toggle d_npcfreeze"" This way, anytime you will press F2, the server will change the "d_npcfreeze" state from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0 etc...
  2. Waiting for the solution, just do d_npcfreeze 1, and when somebody attacks a rodian in the bar, type d_npcfreeze 0 and they will attack. Not a real solution but... the most I can tell without getting to the source code...
  3. Epic Challenge Mod IV Teaser :



    Coming soon !

  4. Here it comes ! To get you hyped ! If you are wondering, I made the musical arrangement. Mod will be released very soon !
  5. I'm making the Teaser of the mod, before releasing it.
  6. RJA

    Jawa Rancor

    You made me laugh a lot. The animation is gold !!!
    It reminds me the maps of the first Epic Challenge Mod ! So accurately nostalgic ! Good !
  7. Covid dropped on my country, so I had things to do to keep me and my family safe... BTW, the mod is still coming soon. Completely finished, but still little things to fix !
  8. She plays, is the one who killed ALL enemies in the mod and actually the voice of the character called Lana ! ? We do play MP, but she says I kill her everytime... but this is not really true... haha
  9. Just some modifications to make... and it will be done !
  10. Thank you ! The mod will be done today or tomorrow ! It will be beta tested by my girlfriend and bestfriend, and a small teaser will eventually come. But I can tell you it will be uploaded in less than one week, if everything goes well !
  11. 12/12 done ! Now making the cutscenes... when it will be done, the mod will be released !
  12. a bunch of new pictures from the mod... feel free to comment, it gives me hype ! 9/12 of the mod is done, almost 10... When it will be 12/12, only fixes and cutscenes will remain, and it will be done ! Karr Planet, but from another version...
  13. Thank you ! I listened to you, and I succeed !
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