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  1. Tompa's Workshop and WIP My Works: In this link you'll find all of my already approved models, WIP's and character soundpack files! MEGA
  2. So as one of my projects, i started on a single player mod called: Republic Intelligence: Detection // Latest update: 21st of December 2020 Background: Thanks to the posted tutorials about making an SP mod, I got insight in a lot of things. Now since I been out of the mapping scene for quite some time, and recently (read. last week) installed GTK again, I went through some of my old projects and found one I was willing to revive. However, since my knowledge expanded greatly since I started that project, I just simply decided to redo all of it, including all brushwork and shaderwork. Also the story and the objectives will be different than my original concept. So I launched, read up on some script tutorials, and decided, that instead of the objectives first, I wanted to do the exterior part leading up to the entrance of the facility I am going to create. Textcrawl Storyline As you read up in the textcrawl, you re in the model of Fornan Kotey, a human agent for the NRI. Your task is to find out what happened on the surface of Dandoran as your first mission. This mission is spread out of two maps. Size wise, it wont be that long, but i want to split certain elements, so hence the idea of two maps. What will be in it? I am trying to make a lot of new things for this. So far I can tel you: New textures New shaders New models Voice acting Cutscenes When will it be finnished? Thats a question i cant awnser, The first draft of this mod was back in 2012, It went through several itterations (and starts and tries in Radiant) before I settled on this idea and mark up. I actively started with this version in november 2017, and we are now in 2018 with only a slight part done. Map 1: Cove (currently in progress for building - Concept Art and W.I.P - Current concept - per May 12th 2018 Progress 7.5% 7.5%
  3. (Actress/model reference: Mandy Amano) Here are my front and side reference images (I had to manipulate the sideview image in Photoshop to get things lined up properly): Yes, I'm aware her front pic has her head slightly tilted to her right and rotated a smidge to her left. So here is the final reference images: I have taken the right half of the face (front view) and mirrored it over for complete symmetry... I will have to take into account the temple area as it sis a little wider than normal in this mirrored image. It also messed up her upper lip in the middle (losing some roundness). I tweaked the ear in Photoshop to get it to properly line up... (as typically the ear should fit between the top of the eye and the bottom of the nose). Ok... so here's what I've managed to do so far poly-modeling inside 3ds Max. Life and work hinder my progress: The lower part of the nose is finished (inner nostrils not shown)... but I need to work on the upper bridge area of nose (it's not Asian-enough) and the eye-sockets, as well as continue flushing out the lips. The lips match her relaxed side-view mouth reference image-- whereas in the front view reference image she has pulled the corners of her mouth up. When I get these areas finished then I'll start on the ear and then fill in the rest of the face. Currently, she's a little spooky with those eyes staring at you...
  4. Welcome folks! In this lair, I'm going to show you, all of my frankenstein experiments I made in Blender For fun, for practice, for Career and for Machinimas Enjoy!
  5. Decided to stop screeching into the void on my wall. Will be moving my WIPs over here. Speaking of WIPs Here's a model I got done, and forgot to finish the rest of the file. Commander Karbin from the Vader comics. A very silly looking character. The model is pretty much done, all he needs is team support, an NPC (the one I'm using is compressed into a large NPC file for optimization reasons) Bot support, and possibly sounds. But Karbin is ready for launch here soon. Body Textures are custom. I saw in the source material Karbin had a TON of different body designs. I picked the gray and brown Grievous look from Vader down. Maybe I'll add a four armed version, and a version from where he was wearing pants. Either way this particular model is ready to go. I'm not joking, this is a real character lol
  6. Greetings, comrades! Finally, I was also going to open a topic dedicated to my works for the JKA. Please note that I'm working on it in my spare time, combination of which with inspiration, unfortunately, is not so often as I would like — so don't judge me too severely for slow progress In recent months, I'm closely working on a large pack of imperial military personnel models, and I would like to share screenshots of the current progress in this direction. 1. The prefinal version of my revamp (both geometry and textures) of helmets of imperial pilots (based on the original Raven's TIE pilot's model and texture, it's old chunky fan-made reskin to a AT-AT version and some parts of mesh and textures from HapSlash's Stormtrooper). For greater clarity, I quote them in comparison with the original geometry and textures on which I worked. Stormtrooper-style valves are placeholders. Small props aren't added yet. 2. Additions and corrections to the classic HapSlash's Imperial Officer (with parts from my old Imperial Army Troopers pack): 3. WIP female version of the Imperial Officer, based on the male mesh and unified with it by textures and general shape. In the future, I plan to add to it all options from the male version and some unique ones.
  7. This is the wip thread for the Mod Galactic Adventures https://www.moddb.com/mods/galactic-adventures we will show our work here from time to time and want to talk with the community about that
  8. I thought I'd share a portion of my work from this weekend! This is a new bonus level accessible via the menu in my SP mod. This one takes place between the first tier of missions in the original game. A separate cutscene will play if the player succeeds in besting Rosh.
  9. I thought I'd share some of the stuff I have been doing in JKA with PBR renderer allowing me to make more modern graphics. I have been working on a Boba Fett Total conversion for awhile and I picked it up again so I will share progress here. Mainly been working on this scene for Jabba's Palace, All the aliens here are md3's and they have been animated so it feels more alive. A small video of the palace
  10. As it says above, this is where I post mods that I'll refine to make them possibly better and give more bang for their buck. Obviously starting with Ragnos https://jkhub.org/files/file/2914-lord-marka-ragnos/
  11. Hello folks, I've been writing this importer for some time now and I think now is the time you can test this too. It's written for Blender 2.81. Older Blender versions are not supported because of incompatibilities in the material system. You need to unpack all your data to some directory because the plugin can't read pk3 files. Discord: Blendiant Task Force Download: GitHub Download the import_ja_bsp_plugin.zip under Assets and install like every other Blender plugin. Copy your unpacked basefolder location into the preferences of the plugin after activating it and you are good to go. You will find a import -> JA BSP (.bsp) entry in your menu. Start importing your .bsp and go grab a coffee, it's pretty slow right now, this will be fixed when I have some more time. Known Bugs: - portals don't work - transparent shaders don't look like in the game (not really fixable I think) - some rgbGens aren't implemented - some tcMods aren't implemented - skyportals aren't implemented - fog is not implemented - animmaps aren't implemented - tcGen environment is not outputting the same reflection vector as the game - potentially load order of the shader files is wrong (maybe someone could check that for me? ? ) - only one imported map at the same time is working properly - system console still prints some debug info that is not needed for a user Pictures:
  12. This map you see are all subject to change. I am a relatively new mapper. I do have a minor in game design that I completed at the Savanah College of art and design so I was able to pick up on JKA mapping in a timely manner. So far I been working on this map since about October last year. In December I had multiple people play test an alpha version and I will soon have the beta ready for testing. The original idea of this map was to be used for JAWA league. It is designed to be able to host a very wide range of events and activities. However I also wanted this map to be a sorts of a playground. Fun to explore and try different challenges in the map. The map is a strafer/snipers haven but also great for merc and enough room to fly some ships around in. So I been slowly polling ideas from the community in general and trying to learn as much as I can. I am full open to all ideas/complaints you may have so please to hold back against me. As soon as I can release a beta ill be sure to update this as I go. Current features: Weapons placed Health pick ups placed FFA spawn points One Tie-fighter spawner (1 min timer) Working elevators in other areas, not (main building) Seph tears Map transition cam Working doors Main hangar door if open will stay open unless you close it, the others close on their own. Custom skybox Vertex alpha blended terrain Few tested/working jumps with jump slope shoots for fun Heres a list of things that still needs done: 1: Main building rebuilt/textured/detailed (being rebuilt so -vis, or basically only things that should render are being rendered for optimized FPS in duel tournaments) 2: Update admin room 3: Script the F̵̢͔̦͎̮̺̯͕̠͇͈̪̺̽̏͂̈͗̐̊̏̋͛͜͝͝Ų̵̨̪̠͚͈͈͕͙͕̤̤̤̋̿̉͆̒͐͑̓͘̕͘C̵̨͒̃͐͛́̋̈́͘͠K̸̘͔̅̈́̿̽̒̒̈́̊̋̓̉̓̋͝I̸̛͈͉̓̀͌̊͌̊́̑̊̿̌͋̉͝Ñ̵͉̗̰͜G̵̛̠̦̘̮̪̿́ͅ elevator (I hate scripting) what I am trying to script is not easy. 4: Finish secret reward areas 5: bot routes/TFFA spawns 6: Test and add some more strafe jumps 7: (I'm gonna TRY to do this) Horizon blend map to look seamless to skybox. 8: Employ testers to test map again since so much as been added. 9: Improve lighting Videos: recent terrain testing thanks to @mjt and @AshuraDX quick vid tor of map WIP also a big thanks to @AngelModder, @Helena Revan @ensiform @Artemis @Mooku @SomaZ who helped get me this far....tons of advice or tips or pointers. and also JK hub and JK community discord! if I missed ya ...let me know ill be sure to add ya. just let me know. hard to keep track lol. oh also huge shout out to @Szico VII I never got to meet this dude but his source maps and tutorials have been life changing. I recommend everyone check out his work.
  13. About time I joined the bandwagon of topics where we post all our fancy mods, now that I've delved back into my Jedi Academy folders; a hole I didn't want to return to as it's a huge mess of files accumulated over the years ? Anything shared to download in this topic will be either what I've created over the years, or any ported models / "unreleased" files I have found from other creators, which I feel might be better shared than kept to myself (of course if I am asked to delete anything by them then I will be happy to do so for respect of them). Anything created by me will be dealt with as if it were an uploaded release on the Hub, with credits, promo pictures etc. If anyone gets missed in the credits please drop me a PM and I will add you to the files, I never want to claim anything is done by me that isn't. All releases posted will be added to this post (the first one), and also provide a link to a folder containing everything released up to date once set up. Some files may be updated once released, and I'd love to collaborate with improving anything which gets posted/projects you may be working on! It's worth noting that I don't expect people to ask permission to use or modify any of my creations, but please include me in your credits, be respectful to the original authors. Released files: Prequesite files: Species MENUS.str file
  14. Models Used: Tompa Desann & Jedi Knight Revan PreFXDesigns
  15. Hello all! I've whipped up a fun little mod that I'll hope you all will enjoy very soon! Mission: Jedi Knights JADEN KORR and ROSH PENIN lead a strike team to the Imperial stronghold, Taspir III. After the collapse of the Disciples of Ragnos, the IMPERIAL REMNANT retreated back to maintain their iron grip on their outer-rim planets. Taspir III, where Penin renounced the DARK SIDE, is home to an invaluable power facility that fuels the imperial war machine. Deployed by MASTER SKYWALKER, the Jedi’s mission was to cripple the base and defeat any Remnant forces they encounter. While the plan was successful in destroying the plant, the rest of the team was unable to defend the landing pad, leaving Jaden and Rosh’s escape plan compromised. Now, it’s up to the Jedi’s mastery of the force and sheer willpower to survive the full wrath of the Imperial Remnant’s forces and her MERCENARY allies, marshaled by a familiar foe… Gameplay: This is a new SP gamemode: survival. You and Rosh must survive an infinite (or limited, if selected) horde of Imperial and Merc forces. It literally is just an arcade game mode where you can see how long you can survive and how many enemies you can take to hell with you. While the core mechanics are finished, I'm building the cinematics and menus now. You will face 15 constantly respawning enemies, that use a variety of weapons and attack styles. They will randomly select from all the classic JKA weapons, making each encounter unique. While these enemies are still classically stupid, they will be more aggressive than you're use to. In addition, 9 advanced troops will spawn randomly, spicing up the gameplay. On your side will be the infamous Rosh Penin, now a Jedi Knight. He will fight alongside you with a full arsenal of weapons, force powers, and, of course, his yellow light saber. Screenshots [WIP]: Anyway, enjoy! I hope you guys are interested in this! Let me know if there are any features/gameplay styles you'd like to see implemented.
  16. Resistance Trooper from Ep7- Kitbashed base officer with new head. Hopefully this will be finished fast since there isn't much left: Helmet Detail: Not much to go buy for this skin, but the Black Series action figure was pretty helpful
  17. Lockdown = Time to sort through my stack of HDDs and I found ALL of my unfinished maps... Kamino 2 anyone? Stay safe guys ? SJC
  18. Hi guys, Been a while since I posted anything anywhere! Just thought I'd share a current WIP I W'ing on So far I'm only really concentrating on the ship itself which wont be 100% accurate on size or detail due to the engine and time constraints. Haven't decided on which setting to dump it in yet, it'll either be Nevarro or that ladies repair bay on Tatty. Pics below https://photos.app.goo.gl/AzvaRuGegzvTzcKx5
  19. This is my realm of WIP, where I will post pictures of kitbashes that I've yet to complete. Unfortunately my time is mostly occupied by studying and laziness so most of my work remains in blender, never to be implemented into the game, for me to gawk at but recently my friend Tompa9 has offered to finalize some of them for me so that they can be enjoyed in game (Huge thankies a thousand times over btw). Darth Revan Darth Revan in his classic KOTOR look is one of my first kitbashes, the model is currently implemented into the game and fully playable but I lack the permissions required to upload it at the moment.
  20. A thread for all my WIPs - mostly frankensteins and kitbashes, but some original model content too. All my releases on the Hub can found here: Kualan's JKHub Content Screenshots of my WIPs can be found HERE. Other half-completed WIPs are available in the Kualan WIP Mega Pack via Dropbox. Update 28/09/17: The 2nd Kualan WIP Mega Pack can now be downloaded via Dropbox, containing more raw JKA kitbashes people can use for mods, etc. Content released on the Hub so far (updated 28/09/2017): - Jedi Temple Guard - Dengar - Captain Phasma - Kylo Ren - Embo - Asajj Ventress Bounty Hunter Pack - The Inquisitor - Plo Koon - Adi Gallia - Depa Billaba - Even Piell - Clones of the 501st - Galactic Army of the Republic Pack - IG-88 - Bossk - Galactic Senators Pack - Bric and El-Les (Bounty Hunters) - Senate Commando Pack - Luminara Unduli - Barriss Offee - K'kruhk And finally we have the Works In Progress that have yet to be finished or released in any form. These models include: - Young Boba Fett Pack - Asajj Ventress (Dark Disciple variant) - Coruscant Underworld Police - C-21 Highsinger (Bounty Hunter) - Cad Bane - BARC speeder bike - Senator Orn Free Taa - Sian Jeisel (Devaronian Jedi Knight) - Clone Guerilla - Shaak Ti v2.0 - Security Officert - Republic Special Forces Trooper - Dr Rig Nema - Black Sun Mercenary - Sy Snootles - Coruscant Police Droid - Todo 360 - The Droid Squad - Oppo Rancisis I'm always open to hear people requests in this thread - I can't promise that I'll take them up, but it never hurts to ask.
  21. As requested by @@Xesh http://comicvine.gamespot.com/xesh/4005-82669/ Design is nothing spectacular but hopefully i can come up with something decent. No plans to add a face to it, at least not for now.
  22. Link to all Models https://mega.nz/folder/qkl0VSxa#w9qeyZ0kC4AgzzlJDvs1UQ -Give credit and all will be fine. -Models are set-up for SP and have not been tested in MP they may or may not work in MP.
  23. As the title suggests I have been slowly during these times upscaling and overlaying map textures for Base textures in Outcast. Most are done and some completely replaced. I am about 80% of the way. Basic upscale technique with color adjustment and then using some overlays on metal and concrete textures in the game. A few were too ugly and I just flat out changed them entirely. I also will be changing map objects, but want to get other sets of eyes on what I have up to this point. These texture files are not 4k and can't imagine a need for 4k in this old game, but 2k max when upscale or 4x original. Things that are not included are character, weapons, shader or glow textures. Will post more screenies soon.
  24. Hi all, I'm Ben from Hungary and I'm a fairly new/wannabe modeler on this forum. I joined to JKHUB in 2012 if I remember correctly but in the last 6-7 months started to model or frankenstein things for JKA. I thought you'd like these models, so I'd like to share what I'm working on right now. Sources: Tulak Hord 3D model - I downloaded it from a forum (OBJ model and textures), I did the riging and everything else (can't remember the name of forum, sorry...) Tulak Hord lightsaber - ShenLong Kazama extracted it (OBJ and textures), I did the porting and shadering and the other stuffs... Point is guys, neither of them perfect (frankly, far from perfect)... the shaders somehow off on the character model, and sometimes, when I do the taunting move there is a hole at the neck-body attaching line, and you can see through the hole. The hilt textures need a little work, the leather handle part's texture a little bit too dark. They are not my first works, the hilt is 7th, and the character model is 3rd. So... Can anyone help me with these problems? I thank you in advance! Sorry for my english,I know it's bad, but it improves with every day, when I use it. Cheers and be safe!
  25. Hello there! I've decided to start a WIP thread to provide some insight to the kind of stuff that I'm currently working on. Here's a small sneak peek Dark Rey from EP9
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