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  1. Link to all Models https://mega.nz/folder/qkl0VSxa#w9qeyZ0kC4AgzzlJDvs1UQ -Give credit and all will be fine. -Models are set-up for SP and have not been tested in MP they may or may not work in MP.
  2. A first look at my massive new Sith Temple! A huge pyramid style temple inspired heavily by Star Wars: The Old Republic (and to a lesser extent Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Finale) It will be loaded with cool features and populated with NPCs to really bring it to life! I'll likely add more previews to this topic over time so stay tuned! [Please note that this is not the finished design and is DEFINITELY subject to change!]​​
  3. Welcome folks! In this lair, I'm going to show you, all of my frankenstein experiments I made in Blender For fun, for practice, for Career and for Machinimas Enjoy!
  4. As the title suggests I have been slowly during these times upscaling and overlaying map textures for Base textures in Outcast. Most are done and some completely replaced. I am about 80% of the way. Basic upscale technique with color adjustment and then using some overlays on metal and concrete textures in the game. A few were too ugly and I just flat out changed them entirely. I also will be changing map objects, but want to get other sets of eyes on what I have up to this point. These texture files are not 4k and can't imagine a need for 4k in this old game, but 2k max when upscale or 4x or
  5. This is a high-definition update for JKA Vanilla's healthbars. It is incomplete https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgtkBwhesoMLmDLj9voyk5hfBv66?e=rReQEt I do not know if I'm doing the layers correctly, and I do not know the coding required. If you are interested in getting these new ui healthbars ingame, contact me. I need your help.
  6. Well, this is my first post here... and it's been a few years since I was active on the older JK2/JKA forums... ( I still have several models to finish! Hah!) A couple of years ago DT and I tried to fix the exporter but could not get the BASEPOSE transforms exported correctly... so we gave up, I took a C++ class... time went by (2 years!), my C++ skills got very rusty... but I decided to knock the rust off and get this exporter fixed-- so I tracked DT down and we started up again. So hopefully this WIP thread is going to be good news to those of you out there that have 3ds Max and desire to
  7. About time I joined the bandwagon of topics where we post all our fancy mods, now that I've delved back into my Jedi Academy folders; a hole I didn't want to return to as it's a huge mess of files accumulated over the years ? Anything shared to download in this topic will be either what I've created over the years, or any ported models / "unreleased" files I have found from other creators, which I feel might be better shared than kept to myself (of course if I am asked to delete anything by them then I will be happy to do so for respect of them). Anything created by me will be dealt with
  8. So as one of my projects, i started on a single player mod called: Republic Intelligence: Detection // Latest update: 21st of December 2020 Background: Thanks to the posted tutorials about making an SP mod, I got insight in a lot of things. Now since I been out of the mapping scene for quite some time, and recently (read. last week) installed GTK again, I went through some of my old projects and found one I was willing to revive. However, since my knowledge expanded greatly since I started that project, I just simply decided to redo all of it, including all brushwork
  9. Hey there! I'm Colonel Birdstrong (or Bird of Light, or SatoshiKura), I do a lot of model imports for different games of characters I like. I've been modding this game for years, mostly just keeping my stuff to myself. I think it's about time I start sharing it, though! I've got a lot to upload, so I'll put stuff up in increments, hopefully. I don't usually do requests, just to clear that up right away. Fire Emblem Marth Download Screenshot: Details: Robin Download Screenshots: Details: Chrom Download Screenshots:
  10. Hello there! I've decided to start a WIP thread to provide some insight to the kind of stuff that I'm currently working on. Here's a small sneak peek Dark Rey from EP9
  11. This is the wip thread for the Mod Galactic Adventures https://www.moddb.com/mods/galactic-adventures we will show our work here from time to time and want to talk with the community about that
  12. Resistance Trooper from Ep7- Kitbashed base officer with new head. Hopefully this will be finished fast since there isn't much left: Helmet Detail: Not much to go buy for this skin, but the Black Series action figure was pretty helpful
  13. Hi guys, Been a while since I posted anything anywhere! Just thought I'd share a current WIP I W'ing on So far I'm only really concentrating on the ship itself which wont be 100% accurate on size or detail due to the engine and time constraints. Haven't decided on which setting to dump it in yet, it'll either be Nevarro or that ladies repair bay on Tatty. Pics below https://photos.app.goo.gl/AzvaRuGegzvTzcKx5
  14. As it says above, this is where I post mods that I'll refine to make them possibly better and give more bang for their buck. Obviously starting with Ragnos https://jkhub.org/files/file/2914-lord-marka-ragnos/
  15. So about 8 years ago, during my heyday of classic JK/MotS mapping, I took inspiration from a certain movie, as well as games like MGS:VR Missions, and began a small Deathmatch level for Jedi Knight that I called "The Grid" Recently I've had the bug to get into MP mapping for Jedi Academy (as shown by my FFA_Dust and other maps), but I've been reliving my JK maps and decided to revitilize them (in one form or another) for JA. First up will be, FFA_Grid. A complete redesign of the map style from JK, but keeping the arena layout style, and glowing textures.
  16. So this is something I have been working for the past month alongside a few other mapping projects of mine. There are very few Stargate Atlantis maps out there, or atleast one that has done it justice. none the less I have taken matters into my own hands while I learn how to use Radiant. Half of the map is .ase models since GTKradiant does not like brushes on extreme angles. IE: the control room stairs. The Balcony, those pillar thingies are also .ase models again due to the Q3 engines restrictions on angles. Skybox is a modified version of Grimm Night by Hipshot All of the
  17. Kind of a cryptic subject? Good lol. After a bit of a hiatus (needed a new mouse), I've begun work on a new FFA level with a familiar feel. Utilizing textures in the CS theme, I've begun what i've dubbed FFA_DUST. Level layout is essentially done. It's in essence a full loop, with very few if any potential hang ups. Hoping to finish the design and begin item placement and maybe bot-routing (my first attempt) by the end of the week.
  18. I've been suggested by some people in an few Discords to share some of my kitbashes, so here goes. I'll add more as I make ones I'm proud of. All credit should really go to those who initially created the parts used in any of these models, as they're the real talent, and I can't model from scratch (yet). Inquisitor Starkiller Based on the concept art by Daniel de Almeida. Pretty sure it's a fan piece, not official, but it looked cool either way. Comes in two versions, both have sound. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oSbEmL0-fZab2VRd042MeiEDdeKqDt-R/view?usp=sharing
  19. Greetings, comrades! Finally, I was also going to open a topic dedicated to my works for the JKA. Please note that I'm working on it in my spare time, combination of which with inspiration, unfortunately, is not so often as I would like — so don't judge me too severely for slow progress In recent months, I'm closely working on a large pack of imperial military personnel models, and I would like to share screenshots of the current progress in this direction. 1. The prefinal version of my revamp (both geometry and textures) of helmets of imperial pilots (based on the original Raven's
  20. Hello folks, I've been writing this importer for some time now and I think now is the time you can test this too. It's written for Blender 2.81. Older Blender versions are not supported because of incompatibilities in the material system. You need to unpack all your data to some directory because the plugin can't read pk3 files. Download: GitHub Download the import_ja_bsp_plugin.zip under Assets and install like every other Blender plugin. Copy your unpacked basefolder location into the preferences of the plugin after activating it and you are good to go. You
  21. Tompa's Workshop and WIP My works: In this link you'll find all of my already approved models, WIP's and character soundpack files! MEGA
  22. Hello there! I joined this forum a while ago and have been greatly inspired by many of the talented artists within this community, needless to say my passion for all things 3D has recently sparked and I look forward to being able to continue to Improve and share my works here as a learning experience. So.. Welcome to my WIP Forge where I will be working on various models that I hope to eventually finish and share.
  23. Hi everyone I've done a partial remake of the Dark Forces Imperial City level. It starts at the entrance of the main building and ends as Kyle descends into the computer core. There is no Boba Fett fight (sorry!). Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nzg8gxq470kmsy3/DF_Impcity.zip?dl=0 Last year, I remade the whole Robotics Facility (level 8 of Dark Forces) as a playable map. You can download it here. https://jkhub.org/files/file/3544-df-robotics-facility-remake/ These maps were inspired by DFMOD, which recreated the first 6 levels of Dark Forces for the Jedi Academy engine.
  24. So uh, I'm new. Yeah. H-hi people of the internet. It is I. A person. Y-yeah. So uh- I made this thing not really made but you know... So like, I was bored while I was making my horrible attempt on a Cor-Sec Investigator and looked at the Royal Guard for awhile until I shrugged and thought about combining the helmet from the Defiler and the Royal Guard into one. Initially I threw in a bunch of other things but uh- well I'm not putting that on display for a reason knowwhatimsayin and so. Yeah. Don't really know what to say other then Hello there. I wanna
  25. <Update> Model currently pending approval for upload. finally made it to release lol. ////////// Right then, so, I was bored one day, and in my state of being in the state of boredom. I decided that I would do something that I decided to then do. At that particular point in time. And so I did that thing in which It decided- By Myself, that I was going to do. (Note, all textures are WIP. everything is subject to change, who knows, I might put a top hat on his shoulder... or maybe a monocle on his nose. We will never know untill it is released WHEN it is finished
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