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  1. Version 1


    Map made by Gnost Basically this is a huge spaceship racing map that allow max 6 players to spawn a jedi starfighter and race with it. It has 2 different circuits, a short (1min) and a long one (2min) that can be changed through a button. Supports FFA/TFFA modes. Known bugs: Sometimes after using a spaceship, player movement seems bugged. It can be fixed by using a spaceship again or just do /reconnect. Event example below: INTRODUCTION: We are going to have a funny afternoon racing with some Jedi Starfighters across a huge and tricky map. OBJECTIVE: Survive 3 laps and try to be the first one reaching the end!! RULES: -No shooting allowed -Don't crash into another ship on purpose -Boost is allowed (press the spacebar when boost is loaded) We are going to train a bit before start to familiarize yourself with the circuit. Then we are going to make rounds of 5/6 players per round. First 1 or 2* finishing 3 laps will pass to the final round. *It depends on the number of players attending. MAP: "jofracing" For advanced and beginner pilots! Enjoy.
  2. Version 1.0


    CREATED BY Merrick www.merrick-studios.tk ------------------------- The contents of this .zip file should include the following files:- Carrack.pk3 Carrackguide.pdf Readme.txt Screenshots Folder Virquin Promo Screenshots ----------------------------- Quick Info ----------------------------- The actual map file is 21,003 brushes big The map features new sounds, textures, music, and vehicles The final compile time was around 22 Hours The Build time was about 2 months ----------------------------- Installation Instructions ----------------------------- Open your base folder in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Directory Eg. C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game Data/Base Then drag and drop both the .pk3 files into the base folder If you cannot follow these simple instructions successfully, I strongly suggest you disconnect your computer from the Internet before you harm somebody. ------------------------------- Software and Hardware ------------------------------- Hardware of Compile Machine - 1.7 Ghz AMD Athlon XP Processor 512MB SDRAM nVIDIA FX5200 128 AGP Graphics Card Software Used - GTK Radiant v 1.4.0 Adobe Photoshop CS Adobe Image Ready CS Acrobat 7.0 EasyGen Terrain Generator Windows Media Player Sound Recorder ---------------------------- Credits (will do fine) ---------------------------- Merrick • Mapping, Texture Creation and Modification, Shaders His Evil Greatness Jacam Betri • Creator of Droid Veichles, Beta Tester Helios • Sound Archivist [WP]Maniac • Music Archivist Daron Kel • Digital Artist Scott Peeples • Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries Mecharok OC Remix Berle • Technical Assistant, Beta Tester Simmo • Shader Assistant Hyrax • Creative Assistant, Beta Tester BabySpinach • Shader Assistance (map-center forums) Darth G - Tech Assistance (map-center forums) Zertz • Beta Tester Welli Ton - Beta Tester Alamy Canew • Beta Tester Torvan Raiker - Beta Tester Enzo Aquarius •Beta Tester Magus Vosh • Beta Tester Savage (erp) • Input Germoc Badron (erp) • Input, Official Sound Stealer Watcher (erp) • Input Sam Bickley • Input Set Harth (rpg-world) • Input Jack D (erp) • Input Ryuu Hi (erp) • Input Helios (erp) • Input Arron Dominion (erp) • Input Iris Kalamyr (erp) • Input Gmoney (erp) - Input Arron Wesson (erp) • Input Travis North (erp) • Input Zac Doeza (erp) • Input His Canon•ness Scooter (erp) • Input Black Peter Sortengard (erp) • Input, legal advisor: p Millen Rouge (erp) • Input Talon (erp) • Input Jay Ledford (erp) • Input Janet Flare (rpg-world) • Input Blamj (rpg-world) • Input Gojna (rpg-world) • Input Jack Keller (rpg-world) • Input (you will find more information about the carrack in the Carrackguide.pdf file)
  3. 384 downloads

    I was approached by a JKA player named DarthValeria about making a map for his Machinima project. He wanted a YT-2000 Freighter. I went ahead and built this map using the YT-2000 Freighter as basis, and drew some inspiration from Sith-J-Cull's Falcon. No weapons added or items, Map supports Duel and casual FFA, but mostly designed with Roleplay in mind. Source file for map: yt2000e_source.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit needed but is appreciated. BSP/Map name: yt2000e Creator: ZidZabre Website: http://zidzabre.com Botroutes: Yes New Content: No BaseJKA: Yes
  4. Version 1.0


    GAMETYPES: duel, power duel BOT SUPPORT: None SOUNDS AND MUSIC: None This is a highly breakable duel map, yet the map randomly breaks by its own. Whole map is situated in deep space mid air. Borders of map slowly break and fall off. Triggering of the ground pieces is set to random time values, yet hierarchically, so no piece should stay alone in air(Although it rarely happens for a short time). When the map is broken, you are left on a really small dueling platform. Map could not be made for team play, due the fact that the spawn points would all hang in air, after the map collapses. Force push and pull can make an overpowered ability, so it is not highly recommended. Map is quite dark, and although it is small, you can sometimes surprise your enemies from shadows. AUTHOR: Checkman44 EMAIL: peterslivos@gmail.com FILENAME: cliff.pk3 VERSION: 1.0 RELEASE DATE: 10.3.2016 FILESIZE: 433 Kb
  5. 687 downloads

    *************************** JEDI KNIGHT III MODIFICATION *************************** Title : {JoF}'s Golden Wing V2 Author(s): Aldro Koon Contributor(s): Raven Software, PreFXDesigns, Milamber, Diego, Zefilus, Exonimus and all of {JoF} Website : www.jofacademy.eu Forums : www.joftemple.eu File Version: 2.0 File Name : {JoF}Z's-GwingV2.pk3 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Description: This is my first solo FFA & TFFA map that I made within a single week, for our annual Pilot Events based on Raven Software's Siege_Destroyer map. Huge thanks to PreFXDesigns for the ship textures and levelshot, Milamber for the skyboxes, Diego for the balance testing and Zefilus for the art posters. I am happy with how the map turned out. The only thing I wish we had been able to do was import vehicle sounds from Battlefront 2 or something similar. All ships are uniquely designed to be faster and offer variation through two specials, whilst still having equal handling in terms of turn speed. To find more information about the changes made to each ship, go to our forums. The PK3 comes with four versions: JoFs-GWingV2 is the best framerate running map with only 1 huge Stardestroyer and 1 smaller Stardestroyer. JoFs-GWingV2Fleet is the mid framerate map with 2 huge Stardestroyers and 3 smaller Stardestroyers. JoFs-GWingV2Armada is the low framerate map with 3 huge Stardestroyers and 5 smaller Stardestroyers. PilotEvent is simply the Armada file, duplicated only to avoid spoiling the levelshot. Also a big thanks to JamyzGenius for the Death Star inspired Demo Hangar based on the JK2 demo and to Mjt for aiding us with the skybox. Lastly: None of this would be possible without {JoF} as inspiration. Love you guys. * Map Information * Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes ----------------------------------------------------------------- Installation : Just put the pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory. Known bug(s) : - Vehicle extensions too large simply means you have too many vehicles in your base folder. While OpenJK is not necessary, it is highly recommended to increase that limit. - Singleplayer might not load properly due to a statue having a too long filename length (MAX_QPATH). This is also fixed with OpenJK. Otherwise, simply remove the PK3 from base to be able to play again. ------------------------------------------------------------------ * Copyright / Permissions * Other editors may NOT use this map as base for other maps, using reverse decompile methods. If you want the .MAP file for some reason, contact 'Aldro Koon' at our forums over at www.jedioffreedom.eu!
  6. Version (v0.6)


    Unfinished project - released as is for learning and development purposes Was going to optimise for rend2 but found most recent builds buggy and unworkable. ///////////////////////////////////////// Moonbase Labs ==================== by Szico VII 24th Aug 2017 ///////////////////////////////////////// MAPPED BY Szico VII MSN: szicovii@gmail.com E-Mail: szicovii@gmail.com AIM: Szico VII http://www.jkhub.org Moonbase Labs - Beta (v0.6) ======================= New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: Yes New Scripts: No Bot Routing: No Gametypes: FFA, TFFA Brush Count (inc. ASE models and patches): --- Entity Count: --- Active Build Time: 3 months Compile Time: 5mins ============================================================================================== Map Installation : Unzip the contents of the zip (Moonbase Labs v0.6.pk3) into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory, and you're all set to go! (EDITORS ONLY:) Source Files: INCLUDED ============================================================================================== ///////////////// // Features: // ///////////////// --- -Credits- AshuraDX - Skybox, ASE Model Optimisations. mrwonko - Motion scripting for fx_runners. freesound.org - For various sound effects Patrick Haslow - Varied textures. Special Mentions: ================ Ashura DX - Barrel models and NPC creation, effect file modifications, animations. --- (All efforts have been made to trace holders of original material, but if anyone has been omitted, I apologise.) BETA TESTERS: -------------- Crimson Strife AshuraDX SecretApprentice Known Bugs: ============ - Some movement issues with the trams ==================================== Afterword: ==================================== Unfinished project - released as is for learning and development purposes Was going to optimise for rend2 but found most recent builds buggy and unworkable --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME ELEMENTS OF THIS MAP CANNOT BE USED/RIPPED! This includes: - Textures - Model textures/shaders - The Map itself (You can however use them for learning purposes, or get my permission if you want to publish edited files I have nothing against you editing these files for your own progress. If you want to use any of these, ask me first! You can however, use freely, and without my permission: - Original models, but not the new skins/textures. - Shaders - Scripts ================================================================================== THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSERS. ================================================================================== ~Szico VII~
  7. 478 downloads

    Author: |GG|Carl Readme Description: ---------------------------- This is my very first map, and I have no mapping experiences from before, so if you happen to be an evil reviewer from map-review or something, go easy on me! The map is like an asteroid with lot's of different themes on it (Formula 1, Indiana Jones, real life etc.). NOTE: Yeah, I read that stuff about "maintaining a consistent style throughout the map" but whatever, I like being a little different It's kinda huge, and there are a few ships on it (I know, "JA is not a flying game", but don't fly if you don't like it...) It supports FFA, TFFA (and JKR). In the beginning it was supposed to be a clan map, but now when I'm done I've realised there are only 3 "clany" areas (which are all pretty well hidden) and one or two clan banners. And I think I might have hit the world record in "secret area count", but I'm not sure... Filesize: 13.7 mb Additional Credits to: George Lucas and Raven Thanks to: RichDiesal for an excellent mapping tutorial (http://richdiesal.jedioutcastmaps.com/tutorials/) GothicX for helping me with LOTS of different things. WadeV1589 for ansering some of my stipid questions. lassev for helping me with the scripting. QkennyQ for the very cool Van Halen guitar md3 +some other md3 models. My clan mates in |GG| for lots of great ideas (Especially |GG|Boss, he's the one who made all the wacko stuff up!) +Some other dudes at lucasforums... Other: My best time on the racetrack is 1 min 10 secs, try to beat that! And btw, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A MOD WHICH MAKES THE SWOOPS GO FASTER! BOT-support: Yes New sounds: Yes New textures: Yes Story: A long long time ago, on an asteroid far far away the evil Darth Ugnaught sat in his throne room and thought. He wanted to prove the dark side was stronger than the light. He saw only one solution. He invited his Jedi brother, Master Ugnaught. Master Ugnaught accepted the invitation, because he wanted to prove the light side was most powerful. They dueled. And dueled. And dueled. But no one seemed to win! After 6 days and 6 nights the brothers fell asleep. When they woke up they both where furious! Someone simply had to win! They built a new duel room. But no one won there either. They built more duel rooms, but no one won. After some months the asteroid was full of duel rooms and stuff. Darth Ugnaught said to his brother: We must find some way to see who’s the greatest! Master Ugnaught agreed. Suddenly a great idea popped up in their minds; they should race about it! If you want the rest of the story you've gotta play the map! * Construction * Editor used: GTK radiant, Photoshop 7.0, Nero wave editor, Pakscape, Notepad Known Bugs: The map is huge and kinda detailed, which might lead to a crazy little thing called lag... * Installation * Unzip the pk3 file to your "gamedata\base" directory (for example: C:\Program files\Lucas Arts\Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base) * Copyright / Permissions * YOU MAY USE MY TEXTURES, SHADERS AND STUFF, BUT YOU MUST CREDIT ME IN THE README! Uploaded by Onysfx
  8. 211 downloads

    Author; This map was totally made by Desostros,who is a part of Digital Core.DC is a mapping team that consists of myself (Deso) and Stormkiller. Description; "Sith choas dimention." is a medium sized JKA map made for duel AND FFA purposes.Ideal for duels.This map is botrouted. Other info; This PK3 file contains some new textures and new shaders.
  9. 331 downloads

    Another of my map to make Jedi Academy.We move to the top secret base of the Empire somewhere in the cosmos. The base is heavily guarded by fighters and stormtroopers. There we have two observation towers with elevators and two landing sites. Available modes: ffa, duel,powerduel, ctf and ffa team. Botroutes: yes. For the purposes of maps I added a new heaven. I wish you a pleasant game. Another my map under construction.
  10. 929 downloads

    Release Date: 18.11.2016 Filesize: ~12MB Story background: As invasion moves forward, Sith forces had managed to break thin line of Alliance defenses and are directly threating Dac system. Small strike team from local garrison slipped through enemy's security systems. Few Jedi Knights are trying to reach bridge deck, before invasion starts. Eliminating Sith leader just in time might save whole planet from total annihilation... Description: Play as a Jedi (BLUE team) or Sith forces (RED team) on this TFFA map. The fate and the result of this extremely important clash is in your hands. Map was designed for saber dueling and epic cinematics. It has several breakable objects (mostly glass and some cables), traps (huge heat radiators may harm or even kill you) and powerful trigger on the bridge, which completely changes whole room after activating (use your lightsaber or force push to activate it). This is my second map, it was meant to be small and full of lights/effects, but it has developed to be a little bit larger. Although I've added FFA and DUEL gametypes, I would strongly suggest using TFFA gametype, just for the "story" purposes. I placed spawnpoints in distant areas, so fight should occur in the middle section, and later move on the bridge itself. I wouldn't recommend fighting in BLUE team spawn area though. Lastly, I would like to give an advice for current or future mappers. This map was meant to be a short project, but it somehow took me extra months to finish. I've learned a lot during that time, made many changes to initial idea and, for sure, as many mistakes. I wasn't really keen to rush this map, but it started to delay me from different projects. It shows the neccesity of planning everything before you start building it in Radiant. You will save yourself a lot of precious time. Also, check out my previous project: Yavin 4 Riverside Instructions: Put pk3 file to your gamedata/base directory. Choose map from in-game menu (TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, FFA modes) or open your console and type /devmap siege_of_dac Known bugs: If you're having problems with performance (low fps, etc.) turn off dynamic glow. Explosion effects at the bridge sometimes won't play after restarting map and on modded servers. Dunno why. Map will work corectly on base jk3, but more advanced mods/overhauls might override effects. Copyright/License: Feel free to download and play. If you want something different, such as reuploading to different sites than jkhub, contact me here (@kwenga). I do not claim any rights to music/soundtrack. Full credits to original creators and author of the remix.
  11. MagSul



    Installation Instructions: Included along with this file should be a "Alderaan.pk3" file. Place the pk3 in the Base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. About the mod: This is a map that I built for Ramikad as a part of the 2016 JKHub Secret Santa event! Among the list of gift suggestions was a map of Alderaan, which I thought would be a bit too elaborate to make in the time-frame that I had, so I played a little bit of a joke with it instead: The map is very minimal, taking place on Alderaan's remains following the events of A New Hope. Enjoy! ^.^ If anyone encounters any genuine, serious bugs, let me know and I'll update it!
  12. Version 1.02


    So i decided to make an alternative version of my tardis interior map. The first one's floorplan looked like a common spaceship floorplan. Now i think it was wrong so i've made a completely diffirent one. Also i added several rooms like swimming pool, library, cafeteria and the heart. However, most rooms are the same. Enjoy!
  13. Version 2


    These maps are brought to you by ~Mortyrshell. Nothing makes JKA great like simple maps and a challenge. These are nothing fancy and add a little bit of challenge. Updated Jun 24, 2016. The duel maps are simplified versions of the FFA maps with the same number. MMDuel1, MMDuel2, MMDuel3, and MMDuel4 work with duel and power duel. MMFFA1, MMFFA2, and MMFFA3 work with FFA and TFFA. MMFFA2 works with CTF. MMFFA4/MMFFA4A is a giant map designed for spawning flying vehicles. All maps have some degree of bot compatibility. If you have any requests/suggestions/bugs you can find me on JKHub or in game on weekdays. Make JKA great again!
  14. Version 1.0


    A small symetrical map inspired by my JK/MotS maps "Vertigo" and "The Grid". Includes 32 spawn points, but no bot routing (pointless in the map style). Includes the repeater, rocket launcher, mines and thermals. Happy fragging.
  15. 470 downloads

    The Platforms CTF. Firstly i wanted to make this as a part of my Tardis map as the space outside the Tardis but later i decided that it can be a nice map itself. The whole concept is based on Star Wars Battlefront 1 map Bespin Platforms, but i was not trying to make a clone of this map, took just an idea. So i've made a medium map. Then I added ships. Then I've found out that this map is completely symmetrical. So i decided that it can be a nice ctf map. Have fun.
  16. Version Final


    So finally... The TARDIS, my vision of the TARDIS, the one to be used in Doctor WHO WWU project by the final Doctor Who. I spent much time just preparing for making this map, developing design etc. This design is currently my best. It's partically based on Lee Sullivan artwork, partically on Matthew Savage concept. Most is made using converted to md3, 3ds max models. I also used some Star Trek Elite Force 2 textures and recently i added several things (brush and md3 models) from both jk2 and ja and from Szico modelpack. Overall, it's a medium size ffa/team map for maximum 16 players. I hope you like it.
  17. Version 2.0


    Author: Lil Killa Submitted by: Barricade24 Platform floating space
  18. 782 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Star Wars: Vader's Meditation Chamber AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: vaderschamber.pk3 FILESIZE: 10.4 mb DATE RELEASED: March, 15th 2015 CREDITS to: Livingdeadjedi and myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the vaderschamber.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: Vader's Meditation Chamber from the Star Wars movies. There is a Meditation Chamber made by Ravensoftware for JKA, it was part of a vjun map. However this version is VERY different. This was a Map originally created by Livingdeadjedi that ONLY worked in Jedi Outcast. I have added alot of missing textures, fixed up some shaders and added new music! I have included Screenshots of the map as it is displayed in my JKA game. I have also made a video showcasing the map, which you may find over at JKHub with a little bit of searching. This map is FFA and Duel (from original version). BUGS: None at all! If you find any problems let me know. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Video preview (imperfect recording). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muNLaFGyFxw
  19. Version 1.0


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: Oobah File Name and Version: JA FFA Deathstar Release Date: 02/24/2015 Filesize: 7.83mbs Description with installation instructions: Drop it into your base folder Copyright/License: Raven Software/Lucasarts/Disney External Content Used / Credits: Raven Software ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS FILE OR THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENTS ™ & (©) LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  20. Version 1.0


    MAP *************************** Title : JD coliseum by Z Author : -Z- E-Mail : zakitas17@gmail.com File Version: 1.0 File Name : jd.pk3 ---------------------------------------------------------------- * Map Information Resume * Mapp created in honor to all players of JD. Its a futuristic coliseum, can be used for torunaments or any type of event in jk3. Have 3 floors: 1st floor for tournament, have the arena and cells, it contains too the drake of clan, its a model created and modificated for me. Too acces to the floors we will use teleports. In the third floor we have the throne. Map contains a secret room for admins ( climb the cage of luke). Bot Support: yes New Textures: yes New Music: yes Game types are FFA ---------------------------------------------------------------- * How to install * Just put the pk3 in GameData\base in your game directory ------------------------------------------------------------------ * Copyright / Permissions * WARNING. YOU MAY *NOT* USE ANY OF MY TEXTURES. THANK YOU. Other editors may NOT use this map as base for other maps, using reverse decompile methods. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. -Z- ©
  21. 297 downloads

    A simple remake of the epic level Q3DM17, hope you like it Gamemodes: FFA POWER DUEL DUEL and weird because its a DM map i just put CTF too.
  22. Version 1.0


    The stronghold of Dr Eggman Robotnik, and the Final stage of several "Sonic the Hedgehog" games, set in orbit around Earth, this map features a Dreamcast like atmosphere, this is the initial release and so only a quarter of the map is available. even if you don't like sonic, its a unique space themed map, Like most my maps, there is easter eggs to be found, and a lot of references in this map alone, and nods to future projects The Boss battle with Dr Eggman isn't yet complete, and will likely be added in a later version of the map
  23. Version Beta v2


    Description: **EDIT** Version 2 is here! This was actually done shortly after the release of the original version, I just hadn't gotten around to releasing it! There will be a third installment, but I've no idea when I'll get around to that. For now, please enjoy! Thanks to Lannera for constructing most of the new content you see in V2! This map was originally inspired by the Defender-Class Light Corvette featured in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As construction has gone on however, things've deviated completely as I've pieced together my own design. I'd encourage you to take a look at the screenshots to get an idea for the feel of the place. Additional Comments: Thanks for coming to take a look at my map! I've had very little time on my hands, so I have no idea when I'll be able to construct the rest of the ship! I've closed off the incomplete areas, but they'll re-open in the next version! Lastly, I'd appreciate any thoughts and opinions over in this thread! Any issues or bugs, let me know and I'll do what I can!
  24. Version Final


    - "For a long time (ago), the Cjs were the largest spanish clan on JK2 1.03, today I publish the maps we used on our best days." [ The list of maps and their respective authors ] [ Videos ] [spoiler] Various maps show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ9zT6dpF3Y This is in the Cjs Council V2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EHNe9fC7hc At Bespin Dual map http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boqYgPdYJlY A video of "cjsbarrio" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKLZjxLZgu0 [ TIPs ] Watch this map, "cjsestadio.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of Stadium. This map, "cjs_dust.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of JK3 Dust. And this map, "cjs_war_tierra.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of Medieval War. [ BUGs] - Some model's textures and wall shaders are missing. - cjs_bespinv2 is missing.
  25. MagSul

    Byss NPC Room


    Description: This was a small map built as something of a challenge to myself. The entire thing was built in a day, the map, npc files and the .sabs they use - all in a few hours! I really enjoyed trying out the Byss theme, so let me know what you think of the results! If you encounter anything unusual, any bugs, feel free to drop me a message and I'll see what can be done about 'em. The map itself is a single room with a viewing window into outer space. Two consoles occupy the room which trigger unique .npc files which use the Boss Reborn skins. Watch out, as they've been issued unique Lightsabers which give them a little bit of an edge sometimes! The music playing in the background of the level is Ahto City, composed by Jeremy Soule from the first KotOR soundtrack. Everything else uses Base materials. Enjoy! Comments: Odd though it may seem, the inspiration for this map actually came from The Academy V2, by Virtue, whom I'd like to tip my hat to. To this day, every so often I'll spend a few hours in the NPC room there. I love the atmosphere of the level, and so I took the concept and applied a different theme, which happened to be Byss in the end. Weird, huh?
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