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  1. So I was watching Zorro last night, and I remember seeing this in a training map but I forgot which one. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, any other training maps that have tons of test dummies and distance training I would be interested in as well. Thanks.
  2. From sunrise to sunset... and now into the enchanted night! Bramble Gambol on and on!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxlpC8o-XRA&vq=hd1080 Bramble Gambol is a series of jumping maps I've made that contain courses that range in difficulty. Bramble Gambol 3 is a continuation of this series and targets the elite jumpers of JKA. Not all courses are difficult though. There is a whole separate training area containing 10 training courses that was constructed for novice jumpers to teach them the basic skills they will need to complete the 10 main courses. There are two versions of this map, one that is for small groups of 1-4 players, then a large group version for anything more. I also made an Answer Key video, but I do not recommend viewing it until you play the map. Questions? Comments? I'd like to hear them!
  3. Last call for beta testing. Thanks to those who beta tested so far, I have a much better map! I'd still like to test the (likely) final version with a couple more people though. Maybe I could add a few minor changes. Just contact me on Discord!
  4. --BETA TESTING OVER-- If you want to play just contact me! Discord: https://discord.gg/dsj83FA Cheers,
  5. Hiddens Gaming Club We still play Jedi Academy! We generally gather between the times of 7:00PM-10:00PM EST/EDT. It's best to get on our Discord server and there you can see when we are playing. We play JA++ with modded FFA maps, and sometimes do custom HGC maps, NPC spawning, FFA/Dueling, chatting etc. We are a creative club that does lots of mini-games and mods. I've worked on a lot of maps that take advantage of these mini-games. I'm also currently working on a new map Bramble Gambol 3. All information can be found on the Connect link on our website: www.HiddensGaming.Club Lets play sometime
  6. (make sure sound is on, to hear ambient music of this video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbBfDFsU54w Halloween is coming up and this map came to mind. Eternal Home (of the dead) - It's one of the few maps I've never completed and I've only shown a few people. Upon finishing Siren's Enclave (seen here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/656-sirens-enclave/ ) I wanted to do it's counterpart. Something dark and gloomy which was full of surprises, scary things, and just an overall fright zone. I intended on doing all kinds of traps, endless catacombs that would get you lost and confused, and really creepy places that would make you shiver. There was a part of the map not seen here that was completed as well. Unfortunately, I never completed this map, but above you can see a video of about 10% of what I wanted to do. Most of the map was going to be underground and I had a tiny bit of that done (more not seen in video was done), and the main spawn and dueling area would be up top. I thought I would post this to get people in the Halloween spirit (one of my favorite holidays), and I suppose to see what people think. Keep in mind, it's not even near complete, and has glitches, but... What do you think? Does it seem scary at all? Feel free to be honest.
  7. Oh thanks, didn't even see that mod until now. I think he says it only works as binds, but that's a good start. I'd like to see it work with active chat. Maybe then I can get some of my Japanese friends to join me in JA.
  8. Hello, I'd like to add KANJI (Chinese characters, that many languages use) to JKA with MULTIPLAYER support. I'd also like to add Kana (which is combined with KANJI, so Japanese people can play). My target is actually the Japanese language, because I could help translate and even advertise the project upon completion. Maybe later on, an auto-translation solution could also be developed, and I have some ideas there, but I'll save that for later. Ok, so how is this done? Where do I start? Is there a mod out there currently that supports these characters? I would have to assume a part of the game that supports languages would have to be reprogrammed to support KANJI and KANA. Maybe this can be done with OpenJK then? From what I've seen so far, there was a Korean pk3 mod, but it could not target multiplayer chat or console. It simply translated strings of text for the menu and SP. It seems like MP only supports the predefined languages, and therefore some programming would be needed. I want to target MP and make as many characters as possible available for chat and console. Kanji/Kana did not even work in SP, let alone MP. I'm somewhat familiar with Java. My experience with C/C++ is limited, but I can understand some. In order to tackle this project, I need someone intimately familiar with the source and willing to work with me to accomplish this project. It would be a great learning experience, and could open up this game to several countries. Steam and Discord in my profile. ~HiddenSpy
  9. Hey I remember that! I'll have to stop by again soon. Is there anyway to filter the bots though so I can easily see who's playing on each server without having to click each one and examining it?
  10. Hey, I've been lurking around. Mostly doing other things. I've been waiting for JKA2, or something like it, but I've seen very little hope for that so far. I still play JA once in a while and explore some old maps, but I haven't did any mapping lately. I have a couple unfinished maps, but I might just leave them that way for now. Without a strong active player base, my motivation is very low unfortunately. So, I'm curious. How is the player base these days? I'm mostly interested in JA++ (I'm a dual wielding dueler), although I used to play MBII as well. From what I can tell, it seems very low, but because of all the bots I'm not exactly sure. Is there a way to filter them out? I wouldn't mind dueling again from time to time if I can find a mp damages server with other comfortable settings (I'm a little picky ). I'll hang out here too, and post once in a while. Maybe I'll meet some old friends! Although, my memory has been failing me lately lol. Don't get mad if I don't remember you! Cheers!
  11. With many people, you get many different things that like to be done. For me, my absolute only interest right now is duels/ffa in JA+ MP dmgs. If it's SP dmgs, nope. If its base dmgs, nope. If it's MB2, lugor, or makermod, nope nope nope. Right now I host a private server I use to test mods, or practice duels. Have you guys thought about just hosting on a private computer so you can avoid needing any donations? The only problem you might get there is some lag, and down time if you shut off the computer at any point, but it's free. Oh and what Onysfx said about ffa/dueling constantly in ffa being boring... Yup. He's right, and I see it to be the same way with all mods. With ffa/duels, unless your only goal is to just keep getting a little better by dueling over and over, it will get boring. My solution to this with HGC (my old club) was minigames which was very successful. We had all types of games. A version of baseball, pong, and much more. I know all the conditions and settings to make them work too, not hard to play any of them. Most of my maps were highly specalized to support these games. Anyways, if you did host a server, I would visit often if it was ja+ mp dmgs. I could get us some minigame tournaments going too if that is of any interest and if we had enough visitors.
  12. Awesome! I was properly able to view the old demo and record it into this video: Thanks!
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