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  1. @@Droidy365 Does it work in game? Could it be a problem with the dimensions? Your QVM window shows, at the bottom leftish, WxH 512x384. Don’t they need to be in the powers of two just like textures? It may have to be 512x512 but I’m not sure.
  2. I see, is that because the source .avi is in 512x384? I’ve only ever done .roq related stuff once and I recall distinctly that it had to be squared texture style because I raged at how awful it looked in game lol... was some time ago so I could be mistaken. Maybe it’s just an issue with the .avi. Good call uploading it. I can try doing it on my end and see if it works any better for me.
  3. I think your only real choice is to try and record again. Sound is reverberating from walls, maybe toss a sheet up on whatever one you're facing. Or, what works really well as a "soundbooth"? A parked car.
  4. I'm trying to make some decals for the purposes of putting text on walls. Trying to use a shader combined with a .png with a transparent background. The issue is that the text is usually full bright and I want it to use the level lighting if possible. Here is the shader I'm using, is there a better way to go about this? Should I make the texture a jpg with a black background and use some other kind of blendfunc? textures/mapname/labels { qer_editorimage textures/mapname/labels polygonOffset q3map_nolightmap q3map_onlyvertexlighting { map textures/mapname/labels blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA } }
  5. I seem to be having trouble with this lately as well. If I am trying to make a text decal, like a sign that says ARENA or something on a wall, that has an alpha transparent background, which blendfunc should I use that doesn't make the text like full bright? Maybe it's an issue with the lightmap function I have in my shader? textures/mapname/sign { qer_editorimage textures/mapname/sign polygonOffset q3map_nolightmap q3map_onlyvertexlighting { map textures/mapname/sign blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA } }
  6. One of the final lines the Emperor says seems to suggest he was in on it to some degree. “You must be relentless. If even a single rebel survives, this alliance that WE’VE created... will be our undoing.” Palpatine doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who would share responsibility in the failures of his apprentice nor someone who would shy away from saying “this Alliance that YOU created like an IDIOT” so clearly he was involved to some degree. Either after Vader spaces Starkiller or after he’s initially discovered on Kashyyyk. They probably know that a “Jedi” is a good rallying and inspiring figure for rebellion so training a force sensitive for that purpose to root out their enemies isn’t a terrible idea, they just underestimated how inspiring it would be and it backfired when he sacrificed himself. The Juno love interest was probably what sabotaged their plan.
  7. This update is awesome, great work MagSul. Sorry my subpar voice acting didn't make the cut :'''( I really liked all the random dialogue. One little thing (not really a bug per se but whatever) was that Kel'Dor in his room you talk to that has a modified voice. After he's done talking you can just go press Use on him and he has a regular voice lol. Not sure if I'm the only one who spent so much time exploring that I forgot where I was told to meet Jaden. Maybe the objective text could be modified to specify? Maybe my memory just sucks... Another thing I loved was the holocrons rewarding you with more advanced Force powers. Maybe you should hide a Push 2 one inside the block of Rosh's class to test if people actually join in All in all this really speaks to the hard work you've put in to this over the past year(?) now. I loved the part where the player seems really worried that she kept Jaden and Kyle waiting. I loved the organic feeling of the temple and it's population. This is how JKA SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
  8. Glad you got it working! I recommend using 1.4 as the others are either unstable or have ridiculously tedious controls.
  9. There's a creepy monster roar when you walk down that seemingly endless long hall.
  10. http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi%20Academy/Maps/Free%20For%20All/37073/ You're welcome. ....... For the nightmares you will have after exploring this ship.
  11. Yeah you might have to adjust the brightness of the actual texture... was it too dark? Either way, glad it's working a bit better! Now teach me how to speak Polish so I can join.
  12. This is just a shot in the dark but maybe try this? models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck { qer_editorimage models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck q3map_lightmapsamplesize 1x1 { map $lightmap rgbGen identity } { map models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO } { map models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/gold_enviro blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR tcGen environment } }
  13. Ah ok that is strange and temperamental of JKA. Thank you for expanding on that! Do you think the player is being forced to do that downstab move because it doesn’t like occupying the same coordinates as the fakeplayer NPC that you show in the dormroom? Even if they only do so for a microsecond?
  14. I am so confused. Did the level transition error ever get resolved? What was the issue and how do you fix it? Also I don’t get how NPCs are effecting what the player is doing. Explain like I’m 5 pls lol
  15. After the end of the war with Lord Khan and his Sith Army of Darkness, the Republic enacted something called the Ruusan Reformation. One of the major provisions of this act mandated the Jedi give up their military rank and integrated them into the Judicial Department, making them law enforcers.
  16. At the time which you are describing, the Jedi Order was fairly institutionalized into the Galactic Senate as almost... their personal stewards (or army, in some instances, before the clones). They answered to the Supreme Chancellor so were likely given a wide berth in carrying out their activities by local law enforcement. I think they were even written into the Republic Charter as a division of the Department of Justice. So imagine, for example, what would you do if you were a street cop and you got called to a disturbance and it was revealed that the Secret Service was there doing some arrest or operation? In the scene you're describing, though, I believe those airspeeders belonged to Padme's protection detail. They were parked right outside her apartment, sported the yellow Naboo-ish type theme, and Anakin started it right up without having to 'hotwire' it or whatever. And then, it looks like their pursuit didn't exactly terminate in an amazing part of town. I highly doubt the average beat cop was in a hurry to respond to a speeder crash with no injuries in the ghetto. They probably got there an hour later, impounded the stolen speeder, and contacted the registered owner. (I mean, cmon, surely Zam didn't use her own speeder to carry out a hit.) Everything they did was justified. Hot pursuit of an attempted murder suspect (on a government official no less!), terminating the pursuit by forcing Zam to land, and then sabering her arm off when she pointed a gun at them (that authorizes deadly force.). The only really questionable thing that happens is yes, Zam technically dies in their custody, so they’ve got some ‘splaining to do. But Jedi probably deliver their evidence and reports directly to the Senate and Courts. And they had evidence enough to clear them of any wrongdoing in Zam’s untimely demise. This minutia just isn't interesting enough to portray on the big screen obviously lol. I did laugh when Finn got tasered for Illegal Parking in episode 8 though... that seemed a bit harsh. Overall, I guess you could ask how the Order got to be in such an institutionalized position. Their power and wisdom would be invaluable to the state government. And, before the negative shift of opinion brought about by Palpatine and the Clone Wars, the Order was widely held in high regard by the honest citizen and those that held religious beliefs about the Force, but weren't necessarily Force Sensitive. In the EU there are times the government and the Jedi Order butt heads when it comes to the law. The biggest instance that comes to mind is when Natasi Daala is elected Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance, she challenges the Order's lawful authority and involvement in government. But, in the time period you mention, whether you hold them in high regard or ambivalence, you can't ignore that they are backed up by the Galactic Government so you just kinda got to let them do what they do best; Slice people's arms off and then tell you to get back to your drink. Finally, if you don’t like something they did, you can always call Bob Goldstein, https://youtu.be/oXkxrb7fj3Q
  17. Hmm, that’s really strange. When you reopen them in Audacity it shows rate 44100 in the bottom left of the program’s window right? (Not just on the audio track.) If yes, then, you could try using Audacity to compile them at a lower kbps.
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