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  1. Hello guys. I have a problem with sprites on my map and I'm slowly getting desperate. I've generated terrain with EasyGen and wanted to work on shaders a bit, I've added q3map_material to each of them - no issues. Then I wanted to add some custom sprites (I've used them before as regular shaders and everything was fine). The problem is that the sprites do show up in game but very randomly. For testing purposes I've added them to an unblended grass texture only. In theory, sprites should cover 100% of this texture when it's not blended with any other texture, but it's not the case. The sprites show up on some random terrain triangles here and there throughout the map, the slope doesn't seem to matter (they appear on bigger slopes and on flat triangles, as well). The texture on which they appear is right, but the coverage definitely isn't. I've checked if, for whatever reason, the sprites are rendered underground, but they are not. Does anyone know what's going on here? Can this be fixed somehow? I'd like to have a nice full coverage, not some random tufts of grass. This is how it looks in game: This is the shader that I'm using for sprites: And this is how this shader was originally rendered by EasyGen: EDIT: I've found a solution to this, can post it later if anyone's interested.
  2. As the title says, I'm having an issue with the shader file for my map. The glow appears to work, but its had an unexpected (and unwanted) side effect, the shader is now see through. Realistically the shader itself isn't complex and is fairly standard, so I'm not sure exactly what the issue is? I typically use the same shader for all my lights and light source3s, and can't recall having this issue previously. Did I F-up the shader? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Greetings friends I am Darth Valeria I'm trying to make A Star Wars Story with machinimas But i need someone to model a ship for me YT-2000 Light Freighter https://ibb.co/i4egcw So i can use this freighter as a vehicle in the Jedi Academy pls guys help me <3
  4. I'm planning to make a Mando Super Commando model/skin. But i'm pretty bad at modeling, so if someone has some time to spare, you can help me with the horns. The textures can be made by me.
  5. A friend of mine gave AT-DP model from gmod so i can convert it to Jedi Academy but Whenever i attack the walker with lightsaber or weapons after its spawned It gives this error , btw i use this in KOTF 2.1 mod as it has OpenJK In blender everything seems fine as all meshes are less than 800-900 vertices Here it's link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/563449440099368960/677946274158346293/NPC_AT-DP.zip Please help me ^_^
  6. I have been trying to learn Modelling house for a few days and I wonder that is it possible to make Jedi Academy with blender then converting it into .map format and importing it to GtkRadiant Because mapping fancy maps in Radiant is very difficult and also buggy as it crashes when i make new brushes or make them as circles If there's a way can you tell me how And teach me in discord for 1-2 days if possible? Discord Name: DarthValeria#6365 please help me , i need it
  7. If you guys can help me in this problem It'll be very appriciated My problem is i can export it without weight problems or something else Howewer, when i ever test model in ModView , it says that a part is more than 1000 verticles but i checked out every part of the model and all of them are less than 800 verticles Please help me to solve this problem <3 Here you can examine it if you want http://www.mediafire.com/file/c2lhtbe1ek62ztu/Lisa.zip/file
  8. Greetings friends, i have been working on exporting swtor models and converting them into glm format I was studying to master it on models step by step, and then i finally managed to export it, very perfect But when i ever enter the game , i got this black things between the face and the head Please help me how to solve this problem
  9. One thing I've never grasped, even after reading about it a lot, is blendFuncs. I'm sure I'm not alone... I need a thorough explanation of blendFunc logic, explained differently than the shader manual does it, so that I can freeform blendFunc my way through Jedi Knight. How do the blendFuncs relate to the current stages vs previous stages? What is really the color buffer? If you could also put it in a way that could let me understand how to do the following it would be very helpful: -Have an unaltered texture to do tcMod operations on, such as scrolling a tiled texture. The texture's alpha channel (not scrolling) filters the visibility of the whole texture. End result would be: A light with a gradient falloff, but with a slow scroll overlaying it based on the texture, not the alpha.
  10. Alright soooo I've been trying to either come up with my own customization for Jaden at the start of the game to make him into a pureblooded Sith (for those of you who don't know or haven't played swtor, they're basically evil looking red skinned species that inspired the sith order). I found a mod that was already completed here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3358-sith-pureblood/ and I tried to just modify it to make it a customization option but I couldn't get it to work. I tried making an npc file for it and I even compared the player model folder to another file that was a customization option and creating what looked what was needed to no avail. I'll admit I'm relatively new to the whole modding thing, so if there's a simple solution that I've just overlooked then I apologize lol. If that one can't be done tho, I'd love some help with making a completely new one and just have it look like this, with the basic Jaden clothes I guess
  11. I've read this - https://jkhub.org/topic/10479-best-shiny-floor-shader/ - topic, but it seems to be going towards mirror effect rather than to what I'm trying to achieve, so I've decided to make another thread. I've spent some time trying to create a shader that would allow my model to look like a golden statue; shiny, sure, even with a large "mirror effect" but certainly not just pure bathroom-mirror effect. I've used the enviro shader that goes like this: models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck { qer_editorimage models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck q3map_nolightmap { map models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/elia_neck rgbGen vertex } { map models/map_objects/pomnik_onderon/gold_enviro blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ONE tcGen environment } } And it looks very good, just like shiny gold... as far as I don't move. Any small movement makes the light move chaotically, it looks like it's animated, but in a really wrong manner, without any logic. So, any good shader for a gold effect?
  12. Hello everyone! Yes, I'm yet here again with another question but this time the problem is happening with my beloved model I always play with <3 What is the problem? The problem is annoying shadows on my playermodel's butt and shoulders. It is highly noticable when walking/running. First of all, assets models do not have this problem nor have I encountered it with someone else his model on JKHub. This must be something that is only happening to me. When does it happen? At the moment I'm playing with a version of my model in-game that only shows minor shadows. Strangly, when using Blender for whatever reason (UV-editing, edit mode) the result is more shadow primarily on his butt and left shoulder. I am really confused because i don't know what's causing it. Because I've put a tiny bit of glow on my players back, you won't notice the shadow on his shoulders that much. This is something I've been dealing with a long time since the very beginning of my creation but somehow it went away and came back at times, idk maybe because I've re-edited the model. I have really got no clue. I mean this holds me back to further improve my model. Is there someone who could help me with this issue? CLICK ON TITLE FOR BIGGER SCREEN: Video of my playermodel with minor shadows: https://vimeo.com/251292243 Video of my playermodel with more shadows:
  13. Heya guys! I am working on a character for JKA and will be making more in the future. I am currently in the process of sculpting detail into a high poly version of the player model and am going to bake an ambient occlusion map onto the base mesh that will be going in-game. Ambient occlusion on its own looks fine, and definitely adds to the detail and realism I'm working on, but also being able to add a normal map would make it looks amazing! Unfortunately, I read that normal mapping in JKA is not supported. I am wondering if there is perhaps a work-around or some kind of scripting way to be able to add a normal map to a player model. I'm looking for any help that could allow me to do this. Thanks! ooeJack
  14. I have a .blend model I need for make a project in JA but it isn't a valid model for exporting and I don't have a big experience in modelling. Someone can say if I can connvert and how can I make valid for .glm exporting this model here: https://mega.nz/#!UUwQiBib!nFQEgSoO0yygDY4kS704JUDYP-7v8dWfgmCiPDll3To ?
  15. I try to create a water shader but did not work. descripcion:era as jesus could walk on the water. Anyone can give me any formula functional or create a shader to these textures. is drain water
  16. I have a problem with this textures they have to be transparent please
  17. So im back with a new problem, and since everyone was so helpful last time, I hope the same for this because this issue is really annoying. So essentially I had to reinstall jedi academy due to a bug (long story) and also gtkradient. I had been making a few maps that were pretty decent, and was just finishing a very cool map when I had to reinstall. I saved everything correctly and safely before reinstalling. Long story short, Gtk felt like deleting my maps after the install. Thats not the issue that im having though. Sense I reinstalled gtkradient 1.3.12 (What I used before) all of the textures are white... and I have no Idea why (http://i.imgur.com/2gn8X9T.jpg) The install path was correct and everything, and I even compared files with a friend. I installed a later version of gtk (1.5 I believe) and it was awful, the textures loaded... well, some of them loaded. FWI gtkradient 1.5 cannot load alot of textures and shaders from JA. It will just say "shader not found" on the surface. Anyways I would like to get back and remake some my lost maps and this is getting in my way. If anyone has an opinion or a solution, or an alternate approach, please let me know. Help me JK hub, your my only hope.
  18. I'm trying to set up a shader that will fade one texture into another depending on the normal axis of the face it's on. In other words, to turn grassy plains into rocky mountains with one shader. I was reading this manual here: http://q3map2.robotrenegade.com/docs/shader_manual/q3map-global-directives.html q3map_alphaMod dotproduct has the function I want, but it doesn't seem to be included in JKA. I want to know if there is another function in JKA that does the same thing. Also, do we have a list anywhere of all the shader functions included in JKA's version of the engine? Thanks!
  19. Howdy-hoody! Sorry if this has been answered before or something similar has come up, but I can't for the life of me find anything addressing this. Anyways, to get to the point, I've been trying to wrap my head around making a shader work on a hair-texture (in .png format) to make the cut-off pieces transparent and not an untextured... texture (REDUNDANCY!!!). I've tried multiple different scripts, borrowing a few from shaders with similar use of transparency, and yet still the non textured whiteness persists! The hair pieces I've been using are 5 separate pieces on the model itself (Yeah, this is all for a custom model, should've mentioned that) and I separated the hair-textures into 5 different pieces while keeping them in .png format. Any help would be appreciated! I'll post images of the problem itself, thank you all!
  20. Oh, here we go. My first post. Good morning, jkhub! I'm trying to create my own terrain map using easygen, and because my modding skills are 1/10, I'm struggling. I'm struggling hard. And I need your help. To be absolutely clear - I saw similar problems discussed here before, but provided solutions were not so clear (probably because my skill level). First problem: missplaced triangles in-game. Terrain looks fine, but there are few triangles which are obviously out of place. Perfect example was pictured in this topic: http://jkhub.org/topic/4229-mapping-bug-with-a-terrain-ingame/ I saw some sort of explanation provided by experienced mappers (http://jkhub.org/topic/4171-first-terrain-some-issues/?p=61755), but I still cannot understand what should I do. "Changing subdivisions". Where? How? WHY? My easygen window, to make it easier. But there is more to it. Another problem, this time it is more frustrating. Texture scalling. In easygen, my textures are larger than in compiled map. Identical problem was posted and discussed in this topic: http://jkhub.org/topic/5663-terrain-texture-size/ I did everything, from using different templates (ended up at 'rgoer') and even fixing minor bugs (moving missplaced shader to right directory, fixing order of terraing shaders in .shader file) and I'm nearly out of ideas. I think it can be fixed by using larger textures (just stretching them in paint or something), but it really isn't a solution. Help me, jkhub. You're my only hope.
  21. Hey again guys (and girls). So here's another weird one for you. I have this forcefield set up in one place, to act as the door to a prison cell, and whenever you look at it from certain perspectives, the view "clips" in a way, and goes berserk - kind of like when you look through a caulked surface, into the void of the map. Now, I thought I had rectified it, by removing some caulked surfaces it was touching, as well as making sure the entire brush was fitted with the forcefield texture, which seemed to be doing the trick in one test compile - but then, when I did another compile, the problem was suddenly back, even though I hadn't changed a thing about anything near the forcefield (only added some other stuff to the room, not even in view of it). So what is causing this problem, and how may I get rid of it? Thanks
  22. Guest

    surfacelight issue

    Hey, I'm back at my old map as people asked me to finish it. So I'm at the part of adding lights where I use q3map_surfacelight for a nice lightbar effect but theres something bugging me , in the center you can see theres a little sphere of light. Is there a way to fix this ? Also when looking from a distance, it draws the surface through walls a bit (hard to see sometimes - top left) Shader & GTK
  23. shape milk good long download the / MilkShape / and I was creating models but when you export pattern texture called skin.tga but all models come in skin.tga exported someone can tell me how I can change the output of the name of the texture css urban Please someone could help me repair this skin any advice is helpful https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w65p65apgvvorqg/AAC-93GaHd5X2fSlpjhK17Hja/Photos/Playermodels/Rough?dl=0&preview=Css.jpg http://www.mediafire.com/download/6mf4krgiiahpv8z/css_urban.pk3
  24. English (Friends of jkhub) I need your help for a project. I'm looking for a group of modders who can convert models jka. I turned to .md3 models but their textures can someone please make them work textures for models not working. Ukrainian (Друзі jkhub) Мені потрібна ваша допомога для проекту. Я шукаю для групи моддеров, які можна перетворити моделі JKA. Я повернувся до .md3 моделі, але їх текстури може хтось будь ласка, змусити їх працювати текстури для моделі не працює. Spanish (Amigos de jkhub) necesito su ayuda para un proyecto. Estoy buscando a un grupo de modders que sepa convertir modelos para jka. yo convertí los modelos a .md3 pero no funcionan sus texturas por favor alguien puede hacer que funcionen las texturas para los modelos. link of the models: http://www.mediafire.com/download/642gc2o0xxfahs7/pack_car01.pk3 Флаттершай someone who could help you this is the contact SZICO VII. @scp_chaos1 thanks. please help @Szico VII please help
  25. I set up my skin with some textures with alpha applied in areas along with a shader so the parts aren't visible ingame. It works, only the textures that have this shader also show other things in the map through them. The skin has alpha and the shader on the head and legs to hide some parts (which works) but it also makes other shaders in the map (and players too I think) visible through it: The shader: models/players/mara_khaal/head { { map models/players/mara_khaal/head blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA rgbGen lightingDiffuse } } models/players/mara_khaal/legs { { map models/players/mara_khaal/legs blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA rgbGen lightingDiffuse } } Before, I was using blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO (same as no blendFunc) and alphaFunc GE128, which worked fine, but Xycaleth said it wasn't good for performance
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