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  1. A few weeks back I made a frankenstein model that has been working perfectly. This week I wanted to add some more to it so I added a couple other things. However when I exported this .glm it was broken. No error, the model looked perfect, the issue was that when you drew your saber it was messed up and held wrong. I tried to trace back what was wrong with it, and couldn't figure it out. So eventually I took the original model and imported the .glm into blender. Without making any changes i then exported the glm back and replaced it in the pk3 of the original (unedited) model. Despite that
  2. Hey y'all! I was just wondering if there was anyone that knew of a method of creating Lightsaber hilts in Blender? I have a number of ideas, and even a slightly pre-created model as well, however I'm uncertain how to go about it. If anyone has any tutorial links that would be appreciated.
  3. So I've run into the most feared of Blender error messages! Once the kitbashing is complete, no matter the base I use, it gives me an error. Presently I'm trying to kitbash Plasma's head onto a Haplash base. I can't post any screens of the textures or bash until I'm done getting permissions, however it uses the Gale face and neck. The error is as follows; Model has 79 of Surfaces, but only 94 of them are connected up through the hierarchy, the rest will never be recursed into. This model needs rebuilding, guys... I've run into it before but have yet to find a solution beyond cho
  4. (not quite sure if this is the right place to put this, as its my first time posting, but here we go anyways) So basically, there's this Minecraft Playermodel Mod, it is supposed to be used as a Model that you can use in Multiplayer, however, I want to try and use this model in the Singleplayer campaign, I am aware that you can use "Playermodel [npc name]" in order to change your model, however, when this is done, the model will not show up in the cutscenes, which is kinda lame, since I mostly want to do this for the sake of it being very funny to have minecraft steve learning to be a jed
  5. How come weighting randomly changes when I export and re-import my glm and then it looks weird in modview
  6. So I have been doing some Frankensteining recently and I've noticed on several of my models capes are appearing on the back, but on the front they are completely invisible. I managed to fix this somehow, after LOADS of tweaking. Though I'm not even remotely sure of what I did. Back side, the cape is visible Front side, it's no longer visible It's really weird. It even happens on my game when I use other people's models. This one comes to mind, when I used it the cape wouldn't work properly. Despite seeing it work on other people's games. But not al
  7. I'm working on pulling a GMod character into Jedi Academy. I'm wondering how I can import those textures I already have for it onto the model. Currently I am completely clueless as to how I can get this working
  8. I once made a request for the porting of a model, maybe you know it because it is a modified variant of the Bulldozer from Payday 2, and well, not to give more details, the model was fitted with the rockettrooper humanoid, although it works from the Everything, it will replace the hazardtrooper, it works when placing it with the replacement of the hazardtrooper, but the problem is that when it pushes you like the hazardtrooper it does not put the animation of the push as it should, and well it is a little problem that has not been possible fix, and well, and I was wondering if: is it possible
  9. I have gotten one of my models in the game successfully! However before we all start cheering, the NPC's weapons are not appearing in his hand. I'm not sure if this needs to be remodeled, or if I can just turn something off in the skin file. Any advice? https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4nhwlkenij6v10/20210115090136_1.jpg?dl=0 There are a few shader issues on the model as well. I think I know how to fix them. As well as the bit of clipping on his lower area. All of that will be ready by final release of course. Update: Stretching the model by a scale of 1000 doesn'
  10. New at modeling and learning. I have an issue where in blender my model looks perfectly fine, but in modview the bone and head shift up a foot and float above the body. When I try to reimport the .glm it looks perfectly fine, but then reexporting it does not seem to solve the issue. Any help would be great. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1h9f13xptzlid5e/Untitled2.png?dl=0 http://www.dropbox.com/s/1h9f13xptzlid5e/Untitled2.png?dl=0
  11. I am having an issue with the hierarchy and just want some clarification. Modview tells me I have 67 surfaces, but only 72 are connected up through the hierarchy. Is the solution to make sure my model just follows the layer format for a Jedi Academy Model or is there more to it than that?
  12. Greetings friends I am Darth Valeria I'm trying to make A Star Wars Story with machinimas But i need someone to model a ship for me YT-2000 Light Freighter https://ibb.co/i4egcw So i can use this freighter as a vehicle in the Jedi Academy pls guys help me <3
  13. Alright so I have an annoying problem. I'm using blender 2.79 along with the 2.79+ plugin but I'm still getting an error message when trying to export saying I need to split the head at the UV seams. I thought this wasn't necessary anymore with the new exporter?? If there's a reason this is happening I would like to know how to fix it for future reference.
  14. So whenever I try to export my model from blender (2.64) it gives me an error message saying that the edges of a particular object have not been split but I already split them all using the edge split modifier? If anyone knows why it says this and how to fix it I would appreciate the help.
  15. I'm planning to make a Mando Super Commando model/skin. But i'm pretty bad at modeling, so if someone has some time to spare, you can help me with the horns. The textures can be made by me.
  16. A friend of mine gave AT-DP model from gmod so i can convert it to Jedi Academy but Whenever i attack the walker with lightsaber or weapons after its spawned It gives this error , btw i use this in KOTF 2.1 mod as it has OpenJK In blender everything seems fine as all meshes are less than 800-900 vertices Here it's link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/563449440099368960/677946274158346293/NPC_AT-DP.zip Please help me ^_^
  17. I'm new to modding and have been working really hard on a player model in blender 2.64 for about a month (had to use 2.64 because I couldn't get the 2.79+ plugin to work, not sure why). So far, it's been going great and I've been able to figure everything out. I've got my model how I want it to look but there's a couple of problems....First of all, every time I try to set the parent object of some of the objects, they just seem to disappear???? Why would this happen???? Second of all, whenever I try to export my model, I get a weird message: "could not load surface l_arm_0 from blender: could
  18. I'm having a difficulty with a blender model I"m working on. When I export to glm, it no longer opens in modview because a surface is over 1000 verts. In blender none are however. I tried exporting and then reimporting to see if the exporting changed anything, and indeed it did. There were now 2600 vertices on one object that had previously been only 700 vertices. I have tried everything and I can't get it to reduce or export correctly
  19. On an RP server I play on, I recently had other players download a model of mine for a character. Amongst people with i the pk3 in their base folder, for some the model worked just fine, for others it didn't display, instead showing Jan. One player who it didn't work for said trying to use the model gave an error something along the lines of "Doesn't support multiplayer". Would anybody have an idea of why this would happen or how to fix it? Here's the model in question. The pk3 has two models in it, the unmodified original I used, and a modified version I made for my own sake. Both have the
  20. Quick question. Is there any way to snap the model limbs on onto the base JKA humanoid skeleton? For example I've resized the left leg and the right arm to a degree to better fit with the length of the skeleton and I'm planning to do the same with the right leg; what would I need to do to have the left leg on the model move to the same position on the left leg parts of the skeleton so it can be rigged properly?
  21. Hi. I have big problem. I am now using BlenderJAPluginSuite0.2.2 (Previously I used blender-2.7-ghoul2-plugin-master and had different error) When I try to export glm model I get error that one of the mesh/object (probably not one but more because once I got the same error for other mesh) has uv - seam. Error message indicated that it was one of my LOD 0 meshes. I checked it. In edit mode in edge mode. There was none UV - seams. I am 100% sure. I don't need complex uv mapping because my model only use textures which has 1 colour so I even tried to delete uv mapping and making new. I tried
  22. I've seen it in mods, but couldn't quite figure it out on my own. Is there an easy way to disable the kata special lightsaber move trail effects for the fast, medium and strong style? I want to make it more realistic and those effects kinda ruin the feeling of the saber combat, imo.
  23. Hello everyone! I've been waiting for awhile for an update, but with no luck, so I've decided to do it myself. I want to add a lip animation to some models, for personal use ofc. The models which I'm trying to modify are Lando and Reborn remodeled/remastered. I can't find the Reborn model on this site, anymore, but the Lando one is: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3289-lando-calrissian/ So, since it lacks the mouth movement animation, can somebody direct me to a tutorial, with blender I'm guessing? I've found some similar tutorials, but they are general and not related to
  24. Hey, i have just started with frankensteining models in blender and now i wanna try to do the same with lightsabers but can't really find any tutorial for lightsaber modelling and importing/exporting via blender.
  25. So I recently discovered that Fallen Order has saber parts for all of the parts you can use for saber crafting at Galaxy's Edge. I have a galaxy's edge saber, so I thought maybe I could get those models and their textures, and make a saber for the RP server I play on. However, I'm fairly terrible at blender, as I"m relatively new and mostly do Frankensteins of playermodels. I've assembled the proper models, but getting Blender to work for applying the textures has been a pain. Plus, I believe it needs to be set up differently for JKA .glms and all the tutorials I can find are for 3DS Max. E
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