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  1. 9,908 downloads

    Description A collection of lightsaber hilts from the films, tv shows, games, eu etc. Installation Extract saber_plasma.pk3 into your base folder usually located at: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base Known Bugs Jedi Academy has a limit of 64 lightsaber hilts that can show in the menu list which means a lot of the lightsabers in this pack will not appear in that list. You can still use all the lightsaber hilts in this pack but you have to use console commands to access the ones that are being cut off.
  2. 119 downloads

    A completely self-made saber from JFO by Taron Maliсos, a fallen Jedi from Dathomir. New model New textures New sounds
  3. 420 downloads

    JEDI OUTCAST EXPANDED MENU A complete new menu for Star Wars Jedi Outcast. Expanded Menu bring many new features to Jedi Outcast through a new reworked interface. The purpose of this mod is to use the full potential of the base game engine possibilities. This is the version 1.0, to consult the updated versions, go to ModDB. Play to Jedi Outcast with a modern interface, and unlock all the possibilities of the game. Choose your game mission through a new menu, and access for exemple to the bonus missions on Alz
  4. Version V2


    Note: This saber is only for JA+ or JA++ due to the extra saber features it offers, vanilla cannot render the saber's effects. Also note the Darksaber effects replace the black saber colour effects. To have the darksaber effects applied to your lightsaber, select the black saber colour on the saber select screen. The Darksaber was a lightsaber created by the first Mandalorian accepted into the Jedi order. It holds symbolic value to the people of Mandalore and is a powerful weapon. During the Clone Wars, Maul, previously known as Darth Maul, acquired it through beating it's wielder at the tim
  5. 21,324 downloads

    One thing I noticed was that there were no hilt packs on JKHub. There were a bunch on JK3Files, but none were uploaded here. I figured I should combine the best ones. This mod's goal is to bring together the best lightsaber hilts that have been made for JK2 and JA and make them easily accessible in the SP menu and in the game in general. I take no credit for any of these models or skins, although I did tweak a couple of them a bit. Hilts included are as follows: Anakin (Episode III) Anakin (Episode II) Obi-Wan (Episode I & II) Obi-Wan (Episode III) Obi-Wan (Episode IV) Darth Vader (Ep
  6. 1,571 downloads

    This is a pack of 16 custom sabers with the "Star-Forged" theme, meaning they have a sort of disrupted/unstable sound set. I've been working on these sabers for around a year and a half, mainly for my own use and experimentation. I did go a bit crazy with WavePad and mix, pitch, distort, reverb, and gargle the crap out of some random sounds and add lots of low end bass. If you've got good ears you might even guess the base sound I used! The ignition sound on the longsaber and Fury I made using a mix of high and low tones. I modeled a few of the sabers using the MHS Builder from thecustoms
  7. 151 downloads

    Installation: Put the "Kressh and Sadow Sith Swords" pk3 file into your GameData/base folder. Uninstall: Delete/move file out of the GameData/base folder To get in single player: type saber naga_sadow_sword or saber ludo_kressh_sword in your console (watch that typo in Kressh!) I have returned! After seeing my old Sadow Sith Sword made its way into JKHub, I chuckled to myself honestly. I made a lot of personal mods across different games and my modelling skills have definitely... improved. So I decided to revisit the Sith Sword line! Not only did I remake Sadow's sword, but Ludo Kressh'
  8. Version V1.0


    DESCRIPTION V1.0: Hello guys! This is my first edit attempt of a lightsaber hilt. It is exciting hilt that was owned by Maul in the Rebels TV show. I've realised that he is using edited Inquisitor's saber so I've asked maestro Rooxon to give me permission to use his model. Then I've edited it to the accurate shape and re-textured so it looks scruffy. Maul's saberhum and opening sounds were also added. The hilt is fully compatible with SP/MP character customization menu. Sounds: Yes Menu Support: Yes MP Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract maulsaber_tompa.zip and put zz_zw_MaulRebsT.PK3 i
  9. Version 1.1


    This is a mod that aims to freshen and soften the main menus of both SP and MP of Jedi Academy. I always felt like the sounds and music for the menu were extremely harsh. Especially if you're playing late at night, you fire up JKA and click Play--BEEP! Ow. Click Join Serv--BEEP! New sounds add a more subtle feel to your menu experience. Music track for MP switched with the Yavin Temple explore music from JK2. Very peaceful feel, reminds me of the Jedi Academy map. Same music track added to the SP menu (previously no music played) Server list now shows more servers at a time, making the font sm
  10. 339 downloads

    Liked Naga Sadow's and Ludo Kressh's Sith swords? Well... Here's some more!!! I have left the old versions of Sadow's and Kressh's swords in this pack, so if you still have the old pack replace it with this version. To install, put the_other_sith_lords_swords.pk3 into your gamedata/base. To uninstall, simply remove it. In this pack we have 9 swords to play with (well ok, one isn't really a sword... more like a techblade ) (and also it's technically 10 swords since there's two versions of Naga Sadow's sword) As it was pointed out to me, the old version of Sadow's sword didn't have the
  11. 775 downloads

    Description: One of the biggest things that's always rather annoyed me about Jedi Academy, is how the Sky on Korriban (The last level in the game, as you head towards Marka Ragnos' tomb to confront either Tavion and/or Kyle Katarn. Depending on whether you chose the Dark Side or the Light Side), is the lack of atmosphere on the level. It really doesn't convey any sense of situation or feeling of what path you've chosen, as such or where you are. What this mod does, is try to deliver just that (quite well, I might add too). It includes a NEW and more authentic sky for the world of Korriban, as
  12. Version 1.03


    NOTE: The player model used in the screenshots is not part of this download and it was not created by Darth Martyr. You can download the Kylo Ren player model made by Kualan here This is Kylo Ren's Lightsaber. If you didn't already know, Kylo Ren is the main antagonist in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His unique saber is built very poorly and must utilize two ventilation ports at the top of the saber. It is, however, of ancient design that dates back to the Great Scourge of Malachor. Due to the saber containing a cracked Kyber crystal, the blade has a very unstable look to it. This saber i
  13. 214 downloads

    This mod adds two weapons from Fire Emblem: Awakening. The Levin Sword has two versions: Normal, and Forged. The Forged version has a higher damagescale. Falchion has all its incarnations from Awakening: Normal, Parallel, and Exalted. Parallel and Exalted have higher damagescales. These are the saber names for use in the console: Falchion-A Falchion-APar Falchion-AEx LevinSword LevinSword_F
  14. Version 1.02


    This saber has been around for our clan for quite some time. I originally made it for a member back when Star Wars: The Old Republic was released. I have since reworked it and polished it up to make it a nice gem to my modeling collection. It is now officially a saber made for a member named Blackout. He and I wanted to share this saber onto JKHub so others can also enjoy it.
  15. 349 downloads

    Author: Kahn D'halaine My personal lightsaber, also my very first modelling work. A very general, yet unique lightsaber design, resembling agility and control. It features a unique activation sound ( JKA only) that I think is very good, even though the model isn't that good... I'll release an update later on in a saber pack. To get it in SP, the code is "saber dhalaine".
  16. Version v3


    This is a mod that replaces defaults textures to some hd-like Jedi Knight II player skins, all 28 players, red and blue Modification: *Enhance sharpness *level adjustment *Contrast adjustment *Saturation Upgrade Enjoy Examples of some players: (Screenshots)
  17. Version 1.0


    *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** AUTHOR**: Oobah E-MAIL N/A WEBSITE: N/A FILENAME: Restore Sounds FILESIZE: 8.16mbs DATE RELEASED: 11/28/2014 GAME MODES: All CREDITS AND FILES USED**: Character sound files from Jedi Outcast, now functioning in JA for over half the player models. Desann, jedi, luke, jan, morgan katarn, etc. DESCRIPTION**: Restored character sounds. Drop in base folder. That simple. COMMENTS: **THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINM
  18. Version 3


    Author: YashTS These were some pretty good round sabers I found on filefront/jk3 files. These don't conflict with the hilts I use so they are ideal for me. Here's the realm that came with the file, it is also included in the zip: [update: new blade shape, sounds, and colors] These recreate the blades seen in ep2. The screens are pretty bad so check it out yourself in the game. Remove any other saber mods (INCLUDING MY OLD ONES IF U HAVE EM). Put selected pk3's in gamedata/base folder (jka or jk2). The colors in the ep2.blades_v3.pk3 are using the originals. So if you want the new colors,
  19. Version 3


    Jedi Knight Rewards is a visual modification for 2 games (+2): Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (should also work in Quake III Arena and Quake 4). The modification displays different reward icons on the center of screen if the player performs certain actions. Author: ent Release date: 12.03.2017 Size: 269 KB Installation: put zent_jk_rewards_icons.pk3 and zent_jk_rewards_sounds.pk3 to GameData/base/ Requirement: rewards are blocked in default client side, therefore the modification can only work with client side modifications that unlock re
  20. Version 1.0


    These are saber sounds from mostly The Empire Strikes Back. The saber on/off sounds are from Return of the Jedi.
  21. 649 downloads

    Star Wars Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy -> New music mod ! -> Coruscant Space Battle theme for the MP main menu ! Version 1.0 ! Descriptions : Hi there ! I present you my little mod that changes the main music you hear when you are in the MP main menu. It replaces the Imperial Attack by the amazing Coruscant Space Battle soundtrack from the Episode III ! It's just that simple. Installation : Unzip and put the pk3 file in your Jedi Academy Base folder and voila ! You will be able to hear the Coruscant Space Battle in your main menu ! I had the idea of making this mod when i was play
  22. 4,584 downloads

    "The darksaber was an ancient lightsaber that was stolen by the Mandalorians during a collapse in power of the Galactic Republic. Unique among other lightsabers, the darksaber possessed a flat, black-colored blade that came to a sharp point much like a traditional vibrosword, rather than the rounded beam of more standard lightsabers. It had a uniquely black core surrounded by a white glow and gave off a higher pitched hum when active than more widespread lightsabers were known to make by the time of the Clone Wars." If at all possible without killing your framerate, enable dynamic glow for t
  23. 435 downloads

    This is a replacement graphic for the disruptor scope. It will change your sniper scope to look like that of a variety of sniper rifles from Mass Effect 2 and 3. It's not a seamless replica, but it's very close given what Jedi Academy has to work with. This mod will be included with any Mass Effect sniper rifles I release (that replace the disruptor, of course). If you download any of those mods go ahead and delete this PK3, as it'll be redundant.
  24. Version 1.0


    I felt like making a new saberhilt , been a while sicne I made the last one o.o , and this is what I came up with : the "Dragon Lord" twin-blade saberhilt ! this was something I had in mind for a long time I allways wanted to make a great looking saberhilt with a dragonhead-shaped emitter and I allways wanted to remakeo ne of my first saberhilts , the twinblade hilt for this particular hilt I ended up combining both ideas so I hope you like it and have fun ;D
  25. 134 downloads

    Title: Silent Menus Author: MagSul Release Date: 23 September 2013 Filesize: 92 KB Version: 1.0 Description & Installation: Following download, unzip the file and place the .pk3 in the base folder of your JA directory. Once installed, all sounds associated with browsing the menus of Jedi Academy will be muted. I did this simply because I found the sounds irritating, but didn't want to disable various other in game sounds with the slider in the setup menu. Because most of the "Quit Game" menus played a sound from the lightsaber directory, several of the .menu files from the ui directory a
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