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    Someone make German Gothic next? Sometime, that is?
    Excellent. How about Dave Filoni X-Wing pilot sometime, am I right?
    I'm sorry, but for whatever reason, I keep getting errors preventing me from uploading the Jedi Academy Re-Edited edit, so here's a link to the Youtube upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psPKj5fWVWs
  1. 113 downloads

    For my first file submission, I decided to just make and upload a quick little splice of the three parts to Eaglestriker's JOReE trilogy, while the Jedi Academy one was a more extensive project. As mentioned, I just fused the endings of the first two videos with the beginnings of the second and third by removing each "To Be Continued..." and fading the audio together. I also removed the "Disturbing Images" text frame from the "passing gas in the cockpit" scene and added the Eaglestriker logo from the end of the Jedi Academy Re-Edited Beyond Chrismas Episode vid. Jedi Academy Re-Edite
  2. Looks amazing so far, even as a drawing. Who might be able to make some officers with cuff titles similar to those of the first order, but with more Legends names?
  3. Great. Now all that's left is to wait for the GoT creator's trilogy, I believe
  4. Neat. Cant wait to finally download all these fantastic characters once they're done
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