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    Pretty good for a first 'from scratch' model. In addition to what @Laisum said, I'd suggest moving the 'grip' marker higher.
    Now this is the quality content I'm here for!
    Have you seen those warriors from Korriban? They've got curved sword. Curved. Swords!
    Oh, jes! More SP duel-map recreations!
  1. Woah! What's going on here? And in the next two pics?
  2. So, I'm somewhat involved with the reddit Mount and Blade community, and the guys there have a monthly (or bi-monthly) online event called Calradic Campaign. The gist of it is that each month or two, the event's moderators launch a series of online battles that are supposed to emulate the conquest of a region in the game-world. The event is story driven, which is arguably it's biggest appeal. I figured the community here could do something similar, since we've actually got a ton of maps and models and skins. It might attract new members if advertised properly, or at least make the current members more engaged. I mean, many people on here already play JAMP, so it kinda makes sense. We just need to set up the ground rules, stuff like what period the campaign will taking place in, what sides will be involved, what the rules of engagement are (in Calradic Campaing, each battle follows a 'best out of 3' principle). For example, in MnB there are 'field' battles, and 'castle' battles. Field battles are pretty much like team deathmatch whereas castle battles are sieges. For a similar event in JAMP we could go with space battles then ground battles, or several ground battles in a row, since flying vehicles kinda suck in the engine. Maybe even sieges could work, since 'siege' is literally a game mode in multiplayer (though we could emulate a siege in TFFA). Discuss.
  3. Yay! Another contest!
  4. Come on, I've been asking this for years, but for whatever reason, someone else's request on her got fulfilled, and it's still not the canon appearance! Is it too much to ask to have a canon Jedi Exile??? PLEASE??
  5. My gods, what have you guys done to the site? It looks too GenY! It's unresponsive and slow! :oldcry:

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    2. the_raven


      Win7 and Pale Moon browser.

      But I still don't think it's a good design. Instead of comments like on the regular forum, the comments now look like status comments (why?); the user profile has a field that I can only describe as being meant for a background image, but you can't actually assign an image to it; the search function feels kinda wonky; I can't access my own uploads from my own profile like I could with the old layout; and it takes a couple extra steps to set up a status for whatever reason.

    3. Circa


      Sounds like you just don't like change. We even designed it to look as much like the old software as possible. There's a complete overhaul coming down the pipeline that I'm sure you'll hate.

      You'll get used to it. Some things are just in a different spot on the profile page, but it's all still there.

    4. the_raven


      You're right, I do dislike change, especially when I feel like things that aren't broken are suddenly getting fixed. Then again, the stuff I listed don't exactly have to do with my preferences, just with my experience as a user.

      Eh, but I suppose it's pointless to argue. The site works, and you're obviously not gonna change anything based on a single complaint, so I guess we'll just leave it at this.

  6. Hello, world! 😀 I'm Bach! 😎 I wanted to download the Kotor pack, but couldn't find it among all those other packs on Jeff's dropbox whereas the dedicated link to the file doesn't work. Can anyone help?
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