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  1. Always happy to see anything related to JK3 still doing well even commercially
  2. I absolutely goddamn love this thing, it's definitely top 3 best JK-things to come out since at least 2018 It's insanely useful for my RP group - it allows to easily play as a character that's unavailable personally, but reachable via comlink. Allows you to jump in for some basic activity from anywhere if you want to. Hell, if electricity dies or something like that - you have an option to finish the game via some simple message instead of just randomly disconnecting in the middle of the scene. The fact that most admin commands in most mods I know are defined in Jampgame allows you to use admin features remotely if people on the server need some admin stuff done, yet nobody is on their PCs. Totally brilliant, insanely useful thing! As far as any suggestions go (but all the important stuff and ability to do all those things is already here), I would probably go for: ability to change your nickname with some button an option to put some servers on top, some Favorites-list, something like that; after you disconnect and restart the app, you need to search for your server manually again maybe an ability to connect via manually-inserted IPs; not sure here, since I use one server only, but maybe some people would find it useful for unlisted servers or stuff like that? maybe some thingy that's put somewhere in userinfo, honestly anywhere, maybe even in a random place, like the saber name, to identify the users? Mod-creators could include some specific stuff in their code so that some mod-specific stuff (like special chats or something) is sent in a default, normal way to the user of the app so it uses the proper channels etc. 10/10 thing! And thanks again for including OJP's modded playerStates
  3. I sometimes encountered the same problem as you did, and the best option was changing a map to some small one for a moment (like /devmap mp/duel1) and then again into /devmap mymap. Try that too in the future.
  4. Unique *.shader files are not necessary, though most textures will just look better if you know your way around that. What's really necessary though, is unique names for your stuff. If you don't name your stuff separately, you're going to fall into lots of trouble. Just, when you're done assembling, change "jacen_solo" within models/players/ into "jacen_solo2", then open all the model_*.skin files and do mass change (Ctrl+H, mass replace) for jacen_solo->jacen_solo2, then repeat the same action with any .shader file. Remember to also change the *.shader's file name, so you don't have two jacen_solo.shader files.
  5. The parameters are in void functions you can see here: OpenJK/w_force.c at master · JACoders/OpenJK (github.com) Now getting to know how to build your own game is a bit more tricky, but here's the tutorial: Compilation guide · JACoders/OpenJK Wiki (github.com) - it may all look quite a bit complicated if you're more used to some simpler stuff like editing .npc/.sab files and so on, but really when you finally get to know your way around Visual Studio, then finding a place where to fix an integer defining range/speed/damage is omega-simple!
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