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  1. Now if only i can figure out why the physics clip wont work to allow it to have saber marks on it but might just not worry about all that for alot of my map. i want to set up a in game movie almost with the scripting of camera's. Can you add the Sense filter to cameras?
  2. Love this. This is so awesome! i wish i could find a full scale Hammerhead Cruiser map from KOTOR, i want to do a in game movie! Guess i'll just have to do my minecraft map i've been working on for awhile. lol Any chance you could change the textures to be green and tan/sand colored instead of red and white? for my story at some point my character is gonna get one but its gonna be a different color then Ebon Hawk.
  3. Alright about to do that and see if its the problem, and one of the sdk installed JKRadiant and was using that. I'll install GTK, should it be installed into the JKA gamedata or base or anything? EDIT: should i do the 1.4 Raven GTK that is for JKA or go for the 1.5 or 1.6 they have out? Installing 1.4 GTK and opening the map there works for models so unless you suggest upgrading this will work. Now to do that modeling tutorial for all its confusion lol in game i have the model now but i need to get the physics clip to show get i made it to small. thats not bad, the misc_model_static is having a leak cause of something. it says entity 10, brush 0: entity leaked
  4. just moved it from the folders inside models to just being in the folder and it didnt work. do i need to make it a folder with its name as a sub folder or what do you mean by that? seems like two descriptions of the same thing or i'm just to tired, was up all night both playing thru JKA again and messing with starting the tutorials.
  5. So I've starting down some of the tutorials here on mapping and gotten rooms caulk and curves going to start learning the ropes, but until i think of something to do with the map other then tutorials. thinking might just do a base of some kind. But cant seem to get any models with the misc_model brush. any base is gonna be really boring with nothing in it but the pathways. When i select the model md3 file it gives me the message: Unable to open the file "c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/jedi academy/gamedata/base/assets1/models/map_objects/hoth/crate_snow2.md3", (Further errors from this file will be ignored during the rest of this edit session) I tried looking for it before and couldn't find it? Might need to reintall sdk into the folder? but my work around was to get a copy of the models folder from copying and extracting to move so i could see them to select but in Lesson 5b of richdiesal's guide for models i cant get the first step to work. If anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. I wish I had the talent to do a full map of the Old Republic Hammerhead cruisers. I have a WIP of it to scale in Minecraft. After i get some models in the map i want to do the Let's Map guide to cutscenes. I wanna make some kinda machinama of the story i have thought up for a dnd game i wish my friends had time to play.
  6. Are there more of this level tutorial? Ive experimented with minecraft modding recently as a noob but doing some of the stuff in just this tutorial is so much more of what i want to do. i really want to do so i can kinda tell a Story i had in mind for a DND star wars but doesnt seem i have the players for it so might as well make it a mod for myself to record and push what i know of coding to another level.
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