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  1. Version 1.3


    This is a Halloween-themed version of FFA4, the Rift Sanctuary map on Chandrila! It's got a completely different feel to it, with torchlight and fiery reds, oranges, and yellows everywhere! Decorations include strings of lights, bowls of Halloween goodies, posters for classic horror movies, and an office for your favourite witch! As you venture outside, lightning streaks from dark clouds high overhead, and a sliver of moon appears if you know just where to look! Are those wolves? Duck inside the cavernous crystal room... wait, what's that sound? Whirling winds and a pulsing, eerie glow from the depths... what are those bars there to keep in? Is that a coffin? No! Something's trying to get out! There are a few little secrets here and there, including a music room where you can change the background music to suit your mood. If you can find it, that is! High in the air there's a blood-curdling scream... *faints*
  2. I hope to follow this closely... thanks to Redsaurus I have the game working now, and it runs pretty well, my one gripe being that fxFiles have their colours reversed, so that I have yellow plasma, orange trip mine beams, and lots of purple effects that should be yellow... and my whole screen flashes red when someone fires a rocket. Difference isn't too noticeable without weapons, except for flames and jetpacks, which are a bit magenta. But I'll be really happy if everything is fixed soon, and I can just buy a new copy! Helena
  3. Looks like we got it fixed. Since the installer that comes with the CD doesn't work with Intel processors, we just copied over the files manually. Here's what it should look like: Applications (folder) Games (folder) Jedi Academy (folder) Jedi Academy Jedi Academy MP (replace with revision 1.01e) Base (folder) Downloads (folder) (put any maps or skins you're not using right away in here) Jedi Academy MP Lion (launcher) or JKJA Launch Be sure to copy over the base assets and .dll files to your base folder. You should be able to launch Jedi Academy using one of the launchers. If you can't find the launchers, or 1.01e, or you have other problems, here's Redsaurus' post with links to the files you'll need: http://redsaurus.net/blog/?page_id=45 Helena
  4. 1,952 downloads

    This is the long-awaited (JAWA) Clan map, although anybody is welcome to use and install it on their server. It began as a speeder bike track, with other areas located within the area enclosed by the track. It now features a council building, with a council room, lounge, and waiting areas; two arenas for dueling and training; a target range; some parks for gathering in; a couple of shrines; some secret areas; and of course the private council member apartments! This map supports FFA, TFFA, Duel, and Power Duel. Because the map is very large, some players may have poor FPS, but I have tried to compensate for that using areaportals and hint brushes. Most of the areas where NPC's can be spawned are lockable from the inside, including the track control room and all council member apartments.
  5. 309 downloads

    This pack contains thirty-six Droid NPC's that you can spawn and play with in Jedi Academy MP. They behave exactly like the base Jedi Academy astromechs. To make them follow you, spawn a Jawa and walk in front of it so that you're the first player that the Jawa sees. Their reactions are a bit delayed; as long as you're far enough away, they'll travel at random intervals toward the point where you were when they decided to move. As you move around, they'll choose new places to go. After each movement phase, they'll orient themselves to your current position, as long as you're nearby. The pack also contains three NPC Droid Vehicles, which allow you to jump in and drive around as a droid. They feature realistic droid speed, designed to match default player walking speed, and turbo that briefly allows you to move at the same speed as a running player. If you've previously downloaded the (JAWA) Temple map, you probably don't need this pack. All of the NPC's and vehicles were included as part of that map. But if you don't have that map, or you need to uninstall it, this stand-alone pack will let you use the droids.
  6. 114 downloads

    This is a simple modification of the base rebel_pilot skin to make it RGB-compatible. Now you can suit up in any colour you like! Putting on the skin is as simple as opening the console and entering "/model rebel_pilot/sp". If you were already using a model with custom colours, you'll see the same colours automatically transferred to this skin. To change the colours, enter these commands into the console: /char_color_red <0-256> /char_color_green <0-256> /char_color_blue <0-256> For a black flight suit, set all three values to 256. Otherwise, the minimum value for all three variables combined is about 100.
  7. Helena Revan

    RGB Rodian


    This is a simple modification of the base rodian skin to make it RGB-compatible. Now you can go bounty hunting in any colour! Putting on the skin is as simple as opening the console and entering "/model rodian/sp". If you were already using a model with custom colours, youll see the same colours automatically transferred to this skin. To change the colours, enter these commands into the console: /char_color_red <0-256> /char_color_green <0-256> /char_color_blue <0-256> For a black flight suit, set all three values to 256. Otherwise, the minimum value for all three variables combined is about 100.
  8. 645 downloads

    These are four Non Player Characters (NPC's) that were originally released with single-player Jedi Outcast (JKII). Although the NPC's themselves were included in Jedi Academy as well, the textures and a few other files were omitted, since none of these NPC's were actually used in the game. This file makes them available for everybody to use. The NPC's are: glider mark1 mark2 minemonster The glider is a flying reptile native to Yavin IV. It looks like a cross between a pterodactyl and a heron. When you spawn it, it will be "asleep." The easiest way to wake it up is to spawn a jawa nearby and walk in front of it. This works well for droids as well. The glider doesn't move very quickly, but it will follow you if you were the first person it saw when it woke up. Otherwise it's harmless. RavenSoft didn't make any sounds for the glider. For a more dynamic glider, check out my Glider Vehicle pk3. It uses the pekopeko and shakk sounds. The mark1 is a large, heavily-armed attack droid. It'll attack as soon as it sees you. The mark2 is a small droid that sort of sits there whirring about as if deciding what to do next. So far as I've seen, it's harmless. Minemonsters, or "shrugs" as we've been calling them on the server for ages, are nasty little creatures from the crystal mines of Artus Prime. They're surprisingly fast and vicious, and a swarm of them can cause serious injuries in a short time. Thankfully, they're not very smart.
  9. 221 downloads

    This is a new vehicle for Jedi Academy, based on the unused Glider NPC. RavenSoft included several files for this NPC in JK2, but as far as I can recall it wasn't actually used. The model can be spawned in base JKA, but it has no textures, so it's invisible, and it doesn't do anything. This glider belongs to the vh_fighter class, so you can take off, fly around at different speeds, and land again in something that resembles a cross between a pterodactyl and a heron. To take off, just get in (use) the glider, and press the jump key (spacebar by default), until you reach far enough off the ground to begin moving forward. Forward is accelerate, back is decelerate, and left and right will cause you to roll. You can steer with the mouse. To land, simply fly slow just above the ground, and keep decelerating as you nose into the ground. Below a certain altitude, the landing sequence activates automatically. Getting out can be a little tricky; you may need to jump out (use and jump) just before the landing sequence begins. Too early and the glider doesn't finish landing; too late and you can't get out. It gets easier with practice. The glider accelerates slowly, but can cruise faster than a speeder bike. Deceleration is a bit faster. I set the throttle so that you don't have to keep changing speeds. The glider isn't actually as wide as its wingspan suggests, so you can fit through fairly small openings, although you can also roll for a more dramatic effect (this takes some practice). This NPC comes without any weapons (no muzzle in the model, since it's an animal), but you can swoop down on your enemies and hit them! Try flying through the canyons in t2_trip and taking out some mercs! Since there weren't any sounds or animation for the original NPC, I used some sounds from other base models that seemed like they'd fit. Without any death animation, I decided to keep the droid explosion effect that was here for a stopgap. So yes, the flying lizards explode when killed.
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