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  1. Bot support? New content? Also is it me, or some textures are missing?
  2. Did all that, but I'm not sure can you "USE" the datapads in the cantina. I can USE the bouncer for the scenes and the patrons for talking but nothing else. I see in the pk3 files that the datapads contain text, but in-game I can't read them. The models are scattered in the cantina and I've found them all as far as I know, but can't use/read them. I'm using OpenJK and a widescreen setting. Could that affect the game or?
  3. @GPChannel Wow! This Kyle looks amazing. Will you be releasing him separately, or only in the MD? MD currently has the 3rd update from last year, as far as I know.
  4. Ok, I've found the secret area below and got a Patriotic datapad, but... am I bananas or what? I can't figure out this part. Been everywhere, tried to "use" everything but nothing moves the story forward. -_-
  5. I found out that you can either do that or send a droid to the bouncer. I've looked around in the String files to find that out, but I can't manipulate the JBox, nor I can acces the room where you can order the droid to enter the cantina. Only with the noclip cheat I can access the area.
  6. Hello. The MOD is amazing, but I'm having trouble with the datapads in the cantina. Apparently I need to use them to get clues for distracting the bouncer, but I am unable. In the cantina I can't use weapons, nor force powers. Can somebody help me?
    It seems a texture is missing on the lower metal platform (all around, on the sides). Other than that the map looks good. EDIT: This one is missing and can be re-added (after a little research): textures\impgarrison\metal_lg.jpg Also the hauler (ship) is missing, or has been removed on purpose, but the invisible barrier is still there. I suggest re-ading the ship. The music is good, but I prefer the duel.mp3 which was in the JO campaign (against Tavion).
  7. It's been awhile since I've searched for this and it was impossible at that time, but maybe things have changed. Is it possible to make the AI a bit smarter and use any kind of vehicles during multiplayer? The bots currently enter and then jump out of ships.
    Looks great, but there are a lot of missing textures here. You need to have the JO texture pack to use this map properly. Can you at least point out which textures are needed (kejim, bespin, imp_detention, doomgiver)?
  8. Thanks, Lancelot, but I already knew about that one (and it's not dated IMO. I even replaced some of the models with HD ones from JKhub). I thought you were referring to DF2 demo.
  9. Wait a minute, did I get it right? There's already a demo with the first level?
  10. We appreciate the time you take to create such a huge project/MOD. Any chance for a demo version?
  11. It seems I had more knowledge and skills 10 years ago I guess. Before I've made a map in GTK Radiant, but now after all these times it seems I forgot how to use GTK Radiant, cuz to shortly say, it won't display anything when I try to open a map file. It displays nothing, no textures, no objects, nothing. Maybe it's cuz my JA is installed on a different drive (Not the default C:). Maybe it's cuz of Windows 10, who knows... Anyway I want to quickly add a different model (for example in a map with 4 JediTrainers I want one Luke, so it will be 4 JediTrainers and 1 Luke, OR if unable to add, then replace one JediTrainer with Luke) onto an ENT file, so I could compile it to a map. (BSP) I've always wanted to add Luke to the Yavin courtyard map in JO. It's the final battle at the Academy and he's absent. Is this possible through these lines? { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "targetname" "squad6" "origin" "1324 -412 88" "NPC_target4" "ff_death" "NPC_targetname" "jedi_helper1" } or { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "angle" "315" "spawnflags" "32" "origin" "-204 -780 288" "NPC_targetname" "saber_student1" "targetname" "saber_room" } EDIT: It seems I'm figuring this out on my own. I'll let everyone know if I solve it.
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