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Found 16 results

  1. Version (1.0)


    This compilation of models, and skins that go alongside of them, began several years ago for the JEDI Role-Playing community (www.jediholo.net). Within the pk3, are the various outfits of the character Sirius Invictus as well as those of secondary characters that I have utilized within the RP realm during those aforementioned years. Custom personal droid, custom High Republic Jedi Outfit, a human female kitbash/retexture, a semi-custom semi-kitbashed Nelvaan character, a custom sphere-shaped holocron. With a huge amount of the things mentioned having custom texturing. The crowning jewels of it all, at least in my own mind, are some details such as the chronometer the character sports, complete with its own shadering and animation, as well as the fully shadered and animated starmap that can be toggled on (either in front of the model, above its wrist, or the starmap can -be- the model. In which case you spawn it wherever you wish to set it on a scene for RP purposes). I hope it helps people dissecting it to learn more things about the wonderful things one can achieve with photoshop, blender and ingame testing. At the very least, spark some creativity or provide some assets to people seeking them as I once did and had next to none. ~Sirius
  2. Version Version 1


    Hello I'm rather new here I previously made these models for jka (though I haven't uploaded any of them yet): Through these projects I've worked closely with AshuraDX and Einar whose accounts I have linked (not entirely sure if that's the right way) Anyway they deserve a lot of credit. Both have helped me a ton with the Hierarchy, caps, various fixes and shader work. I mainly used Zbrush to sculpt and model the lowpoly version and used the highpoly for texture baking in substance painter later on. With this particular character I was inspired by Elden Ring and I also really wanted to make some kind of ethereal hair and I was very much inspired by the Spawn character on jkhub with the vertex deformation on the cape. I wanted a similar look for this and it worked really well in the end. Anyway here are some progress pictures. (I hid the images so that it should be easier to load ) I tried my best to stay true to the concepts I've made, but I decided to take a different turn regarding the cape and few other details. I hope you like it and if you have questions about the process then I'd gladly answer to the best of my ability Also as a final reminder, my name here is Willemoes but my ingame name is much more err thrust worthy. I go by the name Dr.Thundercock and I'm a Member of JoF (Edit: I uploaded some of the sketches that I made prior to making the model and I included more models I've worked on for the game.)
  3. 21 downloads

    Oldschool vibes, sports in space and the smell of fresh tibanna in the air. Approved by Lando
  4. 626 downloads

    Originally made for the RP community ::JEDI::, I thought others would interested in this. Loosely based off of images I found years ago, this is a simple kitbash made from a combination of HapSlash's Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Lama Su model from Zeke Mass and Luke's model from DT85 . Edits were made to the body to make it more slender to fit the Kaminoan physique. Using the console, use the command /model jedi_kam to switch to this model.
  5. 555 downloads

    CREDITS: Full Credit For this goes to Corto since he made the model. DarkDiablos for sounds. Dhagura for Helping me in the armor design, team colors and icon. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder DESCRIPTION: You'll find all mandalorian Skirata clan members 20 skins Null-class: A'den (Null-12) Jaing (Null-10) Kom'rk (Null-6) Mereel (Null-7) Ordo (Null-11) Prudii (Null-5) Omega-Squad: Atin (RC-3222) Corr (CT-5108/8843) & (RC-5108/8843) Darman (RC-1136) Fi (RC-8015) Niner (RC-1309) Others: Gotab (Bardan Jusik) Ijaat (Kal's son) Recruit Kal Munin (Kal's godfather) Ruusaan (kal's daughter) Tor (Kal's son) Venku (Kad'ika) Walon Vau V3 Fixed: Beskar texture in armors Removed Shoulder Removed Face without helmet Icon changed Using Cortos model with Mars Helmet Added crest in helmet Female sound for Ruusaan Changes: New model New Textures Ini is now Recruit COMMENTS: Each skin contain now 1 default selection with team colors. I hope you like this 3 now final version of this skinpack.
  6. Version 2.0


    *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Skirata Mandalorian Skinpack v2 AUTHOR: Mhoker E-MAIL: miguelsotobaez@gmail.com WEBSITE: https://skirata.pro FILENAME: Skirata_skinpack_V2 DATE CREATED: 30/5/2010 DATE RELEASED: 3/6/2010 CREDITS: Full Credit For this goes to Mars Marshall since he made the model. DarkDiablos for sounds. Mandalorian Merc Costume Club for Ideas. Dhagura for Helping me in the armor design. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder DESCRIPTION: You'll find all mandalorian Skirata clan members 20 Skins Null-class: A'den (Null-12) Jaing (Null-10) Kom'rk (Null-6) Mereel (Null-7) Ordo (Null-11) Prudii (Null-5) Omega-Squad: Atin (RC-3222) Corr (CT-5108/8843) & (RC-5108/8843) Darman (RC-1136) Fi (RC-8015) Niner (RC-1309) Others: Gotab (Bardan Jusik) Ijaat (Kal's son) Iniciado (Is used by new player in my skirata clan) Kal Munin (Kal's godfather) Ruusaan (kal's daughter) Tor (Kal's son) Venku (Kad'ika) Walon Vau V2.0 Fixed: Worn Armor added Shoulder added ARC Skirt Best Face quality Icon changed Clon Face different from others Blue LightGlow in helmet (Like Republic Commando Game) Blue LightGlow in jetpack (Like Republic Commando Game) Blue Lightglow name in jetpack Blue Lightglow on sniper gogs Added npc Added bot Changes: added new shaders added new textures added new teamcolors COMMENTS: Each skin contain three models, a normal with jetpack, other without helmet, and finally a lightweight model without jetpack, which is used to have a better vision in combat. I hope you like this 2 version of this skinpack. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  7. 307 downloads

    Description of the Skin: Behold the Imperial Purge Trooper... Strong built troopers to fight Force users! Installation: Unzip the .zip and then drag and drop the .pk3 file into your base folder located inside of the GameData folder on the main Jedi Academy folder (GameData\base) How to use: This model only works on MP (I'm still not sure how to bring MP models to SP) so you will find it on the normal Character's Roster or you can type on the console "/model purgetrooper_clone", without the (" ") Credits: Big credits to Pra Viilon for the main model (Clone Airborne) that is on the "Soldier Customization" Mod in JKHub! The main model was a huge help!
  8. 136 downloads

    Hello people of JKA! Check out the new awesome JoF Trailer here: ============================================================================================= I decided to upload my models here so you guys can download them and see me if we meet somewhere in-game! I'd like to request players to not impersonate me, thanks There are screenshots added for every single model in this file (2 models each with 2 versions) Screenshots taken on {JoF}'s Temple Map. (Download our Temple: http://tinyurl.com/n6gtfh5) ============================================================================================= /model vayne /model vayne/nocape /model vayne/skt /model vayne/skt_noskirt ============================================================================================= Credits: I'd like to say thank you to the following members and friends in {JoF} who did that for me <3 JoF.Hipzie.MW -> He did the dark model (cape and no cape) JoF|Dhim|JM -> He fixed a bug with the sounds of the dark model {JoF}Maui-J -> He created and added the 'SKT T1 Vayne' Model to the .pk3 file ============================================================================================= LLJ!
  9. 137 downloads

    This is a model and skin that began it's life in the late 2000's for the JEDI Role-Playing community (www.jediholo.net). It went through several iterations, but the final (current) release was compiled 9/28/2011. In 2015 I lost the original PSD's and other project files for this mod, but I hope the community gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did making and playing with it. At one point while working on this I experimented with vertex welding in Milkshape, oweing for the smoothness of the tunic and the poorly done edge on the neck.
  10. Version V.1


    This is the Sith version of my old file, Master Mandalorian in jedi robes * Play Information * New Textures : No New sound : No New model : Yes Team Player (red and blue) : No saber support : Yes (saber PloKoon took in kotf) Npc Suport : Yes (in the console, write "playermodel MasterMandoSith" or "npc spawn MasterMandoSith") Known Bugs : there is just one bug : on the model, we have deleted the antenna because it crossed the robe model.
  11. 1,175 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: The Force Unleashed Darth Vader AUTHOR: Arachno-Man FILENAME: tfuvader.pk3 FILESIZE: 9.36 mb DATE RELEASED: March, 2nd 2015 CREDITS to: Angelmodder, Toshi and myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the tfuvader.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: This is Darth Vader from TFU. I came across Angelmodder's Darth Vader after being told it contained a TFU Vader. After scanning the download, there was no actual screenshot of the TFU Vader, but after downloading and checking the model textures, it did exist. So I then attempted to use the mod as it was intended, by choosing the head, legs, torso of Vader in the menu of singleplayer in a new game. However upon game load, everything was a mess! The parts that were supposed to be invisible were white and there were parts that were invisible. Also to note that Angelmodder's Darth Vader does NOT come with premade NPC files. So I obtained Angelmodder's permission to seperate the TFU Vader from his download as a standalone character. I have patched up the texture problems and fixed some textures that had particles that were not needed. Also I have included an NPC file for that singleplayer support. There are 2 versions of the TFU Vader as seen in the screenshot. Commands are; npc spawn bavader npc spawn bavader2 playermodel bavader playermodel bavader2 On top of that I have included BRAND NEW VADER SOUNDS, so he sounds much better in combat. BUGS: None at all! COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  12. Version 1.0


    I have been wanting a S'kytri model for some time but I haven't had the skills to make one, some time ago I asked if anyone knew of one or if it would be possible, but I didn't get a single reply. The last few weeks I've been playing with blender and figuring it out, getting used to it, so I decided it was time to try my hand at this! - This is what I got. Its for a character of mine in (DAJ), I thought I would go ahead and release it here for people to see and use should they wish. I used the wings from LightNinja's howler model on jk3files as well as the body from Omnicron's Sith Zabrak, which he gave me permission to edit some time ago. I also used a haplash anakin head. I don't own any of the assets I used I simply edited them, so if the original creators have an issue with me using them simply give the word and they can be taken down asap.
  13. Avidhal



    This file has been created for the role-playing organization Szlakiem Jedi (Trail of the Jedi). The primary authors of the base on which was formed are Sithani and ranisdeguery. Vreyx is based on their Vode An: Delta Squad (Delta Squad 0.8). Vreyx isn't a canonical character - he was created and is played inside our Role-Playing organization szlakiem-jedi.pl for several years. There is no real reflection in any product of Star Wars (as a brand). I spent many hours creating textures and shadering. I hope that you'll like it! Enjoy! This model contains the following options: - vrx (default, fully equiped) - vrx/backpack (it is obvious) - vrx_h (default as first - but WITHOUT helmet) - vrx_h/backpack (trololo) Many thanks to the original creators of a model. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to create something that I am very proud. I hope that you will appreciate my work! Contact to the author: Avidhal vinax@szlakiem-jedi.pl
  14. ravz


    Version 1


    I reskinned the bald jedi model to look like Bane from Dark Knight Rises Custom sounds included, team support.
  15. trippy

    Shadow Trippy

    Version 1.0


    Custom skin, grey jawa with pink eyes goes perfectly with purple or pink saber. Skin is made by my friend, Zachry.
  16. Version V.2.5


    Description : this is the 2.5 version of my "supralord pack", based on the pack created by laam'inui, and the skin aessos created by Blocko182 (on filefront). but the last skinner has created a very buggy skin, so i have extracted the helmet and the armor, because they are very beautiful now, the name of my pack is "Aessos reedited and restaured" i have created many armors, but i have kept 3 helmets of the laam'inui pack, and the lower parts too ! Installation : juste put my pk3 file in your : "Jedi Academy/GameData/Base" folder
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