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This mod was released in five parts between 2005 and 2009 by Larry McBruce.
Now, in 2022, I combined all chapters into one, so you can play all mods about Nina as a one story.

Installation instructions:
Place “Nina_Anthology” folder and "Nina_Anthology.bat" file from this archive into your Jedi Academy "GameData" folder.
Run mod by double-clicking "Nina_Anthology.bat" file

Remove "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you don’t want to play with manually upgradable force powers.
Remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" files from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want to play mod with original models.
Or just remove "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder to use original models for reborn characters and new models for
everybody else.Remove "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want tokeep E11 rifle’s red blaster bolt 
from the original game.

Play the mod and have fun!

Blue E11 blaster bolt

In the original mods, starting from chapter 3, Larry decided to make the E11 blaster bolt blue. You can either keep it or,
if you want, you can delete "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file to retain the original blaster bolt.

There were also some little additions I made for the original mods:

New Voice-over
First of all in original mods chapters 1,2,5 weren’t voiced.
I generated voice-over for that chapters using Ivona reader.
It’s not always good and of course generated voice is way worse than real human speech.
But i guess its better than having no voice-over at all.
If you think otherwise, you can just mute the voice channel in the setting of the game during those chapters.

Force progression:
In original mods, force powers of the player was set to a specific level for each map.
In this mod anthology, I added more RPG style progression for force powers. 
After every level player can choose force power to develop. Similar to the way it was done in original Jedi academy game.
Also i changed script for the holocrons that player can find closer to the end of the game.
In original mod, those holocrons were upgrading heal and grip force power to 3rd level.
But in this anthology, player might have 3rd level grip and heal at the moment the holocrons are found.
So in this anthology one holocron upgrades all dark force powers to 3rd level, and the other all light.
However if you don’t like this force manual upgrading, you can go back to the way it was designed in the original mods.
Just delete "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from mod folder.

Player’s customization:
I added player customization. You can choose some jedi_tf, jedi_hf and jedi_zf reskinned costumes for your player.And also some textures from
"Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for additional costumes for player.

Model replacement:
I replaced some old models from Jedi Academy  with newer and better versions created by various modders. 
I also created some reskins for Larry’s NPCs. Previously, they were mostly reskins from the original game.
To see the changes look on the screenshots, in this archive.
If you want to play mod with original models, just remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" from mod folder.

  • Models from "CT Elite Force 3" mod by tobe_one used for rocket launcher and sniper rifle.
  • Stormtroopers by DT85.
  • Backpack and pouches from Sandtrooper model by HapSlash was added to DT85 stormtrooper model.
  • TFU trooper reskins by Barricade24 used for stormtrooper snipers.
  • Nina's privateer stormtrooper reskin by zahar0z.
  • Imperial officers by HapSlash.
  • Pellaeon reskin by zahar0z.
  • Imperial Kyle's face texture by DarthPhae was used for Moff Serenim.
  • Count Dooku's cape by HapSlash was used for Moff Serenim.
  • ROTJ Luke Skywalker by Toshi.
  • Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for jedi zombies from chapter 2.
  • Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Jedi customization" and "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for Chancellor Alamacy's,
    Ship's, scientist Kaplan's, Rogue Jedi Aldeo's and various reborn's faces.
  • Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos, was slightly reskined by Zahar0z and used for Chancellor Alamacy's, and scientist Kaplan's costumes.
  • Improved Jedi_hm by DT85 was used for Horatio and Ship.
  • Textures from "Default Jedi Replacement" by Sharad Hett edited and used for Horatio's face.
  • Textures from "Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for zabrak sisters NPCs from chapter5.
  • Trandoshan Head Improvement by Darth Shiftee.
  • Devaronian mercenary by AshuraDX.
  • Human merc reskin by Spaghetti used for for devaronian mercs costume.
  • Boushh by Dwayne "oddjob" Douglass.
  • "Greedo" rodian reskin by Circa was used for rodians.
  • Rodian reskin from "ultimat Jedi Academy" mod by Hollywood was used for Saask.
  • Dark forces gran reskin by Barricade24 was used for some of the grans.
  • Human merc reskins for nobleman and Elvan by Zahar0z.
  • Hazardtrooper reskins by zahar0z.
  • Armored reborn model was used for reborns, shadowtroopers, and rogue jedi master Aldeo. This model was kitbashed by zahar0z.
  • It is using parts of the Clone Trooper model by Neomarz1, Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash, and Stormtroopers by DT85.
Unfortunately, I couldn't contact Larry McBruce to ask for his permission to use his mods for this re-release. 
But I really tried to use his work as respectfully as I can. I just wanted to give this awesome mods another small time in the spotlight.

Known bugs:
  • Sometimes player gain unintentional additional lightsaber fighting styles after finishing a level.
  • If you play with "force progression" feature, and chose a map or chapter from main menu,
    instead of playing chronologically then your player would not have starting light or dark force powers.
  • You can still upgrade force powers after a level.



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I must say – this is something very unexpected, but very welcome! Nina mod might not be that famous like some of the larger mods, but nevertheless these stories about Nina Delenda, released in 2000s by Larry McBruce – are truly a masterpiece and part of the Jedi Knight Legacy. 

I'm glad, that today Zahar combined all of the Nina's stories and created one single pack with all the adventures in one place, as well as so many options to try. Some of these, like customisable costumes or lightsaber hilts weren't always part of the originals. Now you can play the way you like it and start from the beginning on Korriban, where Nina tries to learn about (...spoiler!), or move forward and lead a task group to defeat evil forces on various worlds. Whatever you choose – all of the efforts of Larry McBruce are there, still in place and still shining as a marvellous example of both design and good gameplay.

This Anthology is a remarkable modification to try. I'm glad, that Zahar introduced special menus of all missions to choose from. The renovated characters are also a nice addition – unique appearance of main and background characters give the game a very fresh look!

While I played Nina mods years ago, I'm glad we have a chance to relieve something from the old days. Such a set of mods is also a good opportunity for new players, who haven't tried the originals.

Definitely the Nina Anthology is worthy of recognition in the JK community.

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Thank you Zahar for combining the original mods into a single one and making an easy and convenient way to play through the story! I almost certainly would've never found or gotten to play this mod otherwise, so I'm glad you gave this mod another chance in the spotlight! I really appreciated not only the improvements, but how detailed you were in letting the users know what was changed, what the original was like, and the options to remove the changes! I never felt in the dark about what was changed.

As for the game, Larry McBruce did a great job telling a new story and really had excellent levels. I really enjoyed the cutscenes and the gameplay. The level design was beautiful too. Overall, absolutely worth a play and I can see why this mod series was popular back in the day!

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