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  1. Hello I would like to follow up on some old work I have done with AshuraDX and Einar. This was based on another drawing I did some time ago my sculpting process: I then vertex painted it, I do that sometimes to build a base color. It's not exactly required and I have moved on to different methods since. I then started texturing it based on this information. For the mask part I was creatly inspired by this danish artist whose name I just can't remember. It's a bit embarrassing. Anyway I hope you like it
  2. Version 01


    Hello!! I made this character based on an old drawing I did some time ago. I worked closely with AshuraDX to fix some bugs and got help with the shader setup and an introduction to how to mask the TC_environment which gave a pretty interesting result. Ashura also retopologized the torso of the character due to some issues with the topology. The reason being that Einar and I tried a different workflow, to cut up the character before weight painting it, which actually proved to create more problems than it solved. There were visible seams all around that Ashura fixed. I would therefore like to credit: - Einar who spent a lot of time trying to problemsolve something that was wrong with our workflow - AshuraDX for the mentioned help and for being a huge support to my work. The model is rather lowpoly so I decided there was no need for LODs. If you want to follow the progress of the model then I have made a post you can check out for a more detailed breakdown of my process. This model is rather old now since it was made earlier this year and I have been meaning to upload it for a while, but never got around to it. Either way I hope you like it Bot: No. NPC: (not to my knowledge) LODs: No Team Skins: Yes SP: No. Installation ____________________________________________ Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
  3. I'm planning to use this model for future projects so I prefer not, but thanks for asking
  4. Am I really the only one who uses Zbrush!? Anyone wanna join me in my conquest to SCULPT THE WORLD
  5. Version 03


    Hello again I have made another model based on drawings I made years ago. This has been a passion project for a while and I finally felt ready to pick up this challenge. _________ - Background I started drawing this character on and off in 2016, before I knew anything about Zbrush or how to model anything like that. I have since become acquainted with Zbrush and other programs and finally felt ready to dive into this one. The extra challenge was to make this for jka which has some obvious limitations. These games back then didn't use PBR material, so I had to bake down the texture from the curvature, thickness, AO, Normal map, roughness etc. into Diffuse, Specular and Emission this was all possible with the help of AshuraDX(Rend2 does, but not everybody is using that). I have made 3 LODs in addition to the original mesh, 100%, 50%, 25%, 12%. The lowest LOD was 1600 tris, made to improve on performance for the other players. What's most important for these old games is actually the vert count. If it's anything above 10 000 then it's likely to crash whoever has the model. This is around 8700 verts, but I made LODs anyway just to be sure. This is not the first model I've made with these limitations, but by far the most complicated. _______ - A short description of the character So to further explain the model. I was thinking that it's a kind of shell that is being driven by a man on its back. The man is long dead, but has some kind of transference of his soul or whatever to the shell of the being to prolong his life. ______ - Design choice As for the design of the character. It may appeal to some and some it may not, but I think it's important to remember what the aim is for the character. I think what contributes to the busy-ness of the design may be the empty space or lack thereof. Like some spaces for the eye to rest and this character definitely doesn't give the viewer much of that. It's generally a good exercise to think of how your character would look if you couldn't express them with so many details, even after removing them you should be left with a discernible shape. Like pyramid head, even without details you would still recognize the character. It's a good point to strive toward, to be able to see what it is without the details only going by the silhouette or the negative space. Some of my previous works have been easier to tell, but this is a bit different. If I wanted to make it different, I would make certain aspects of the character more prominent so it's easier to recognise and it would be easier to understand the model. My goal with this design was to make details so complicated that they kind of disappear in the background. So that the character becomes one with the environment which is also a valid aim I would say. It's a fine line of when you have too little or too much, which probably depends on the style you're going for. Some characters are very maximalistic on purpose. _________________________________________________ If you want to see more progress you can follow my thread here: Bot: No. NPC: (not to my knowledge) LODs: Yes Team Skins: Yes SP: No. Installation ____________________________________________ Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. Credit goes to Einar who helped with the creation of this model and AshuraDX and mjt who are a constant support to my work.
  6. I'm very humbled by these comparisons, they're all artists I have aspired to understand throughout the years. I also really like Allen Williams(artist behind pans labyrinth) and Yoshitaka Amano. Here's an update on the model, it's currently weight painted and @Einaris now working on making the caps and helping set up the shader Here are some images of the textured version of it of how it looks so far. These are all renders so they don't necessarily portray how the character will look ingame. Hopefully not a lot is lost. I did however take some screenshots of how the textures look in the viewport, which of course isn't completely reliable either but should portray the textures closer to how it will look ingame. I hope you like it!!
  7. Hello I ended up uploading the Vader model on here to anyone who want to check it out: I'm happy about the result, though there is room for some improvements on the cloth I'd say, but all in all pretty fun project. ________________________ I'm working on something new! When I started playing Jka again after a long break in around 2016 I didn't know zbrush at the time nor was I very well versed in modelling, but I still drew something in case I should ever get interested again and learn these programs It started out as small drawings which I eventually continued to do iterations of. here are some of the sketches of the development: I began sculpting this a few days ago, but guddam there is just so much detail. I've chosen to take some liberties with the design and make some changes here and there, but overall I like the shape language of it now and how it's progressing. This is a stage where the details are a bit rough and undefined, the goal is to of course refine it as much as possible so that the texture baking happens naturally. I mainly use Zbrush as you would have guessed, but for the retopology I like to use Maya. This character was originally meant for a different unreal game, but I thought it would serve as a nice challenge for jka. The idea was that the guy behind the head of this guardian shell is controlling it. It's a bit hard to make out in the pictures here, but the body of the guy controlling it is cut in half. Something about him surviving by using the energy force of this guardian. I hope you like it! If you have any questions just ask
  8. I used to have him added as a friend on facebook, but I think he deleted his account. I don't know actually if he is even active as an artist anymore or how to contact other than his artstation. I would like to hear what he has to say, but at the same time I'm also terrified haha Thank you so much for the kind words. It's really uplifting for me to see some response on something I've spent a lot of time making. Every one of these comments cheers me immensely
  9. Version 01


    Hello I have worked on a model based off of Chenthooran Nambiarooran's many concepts. He participated in an art challenge to redesign Darth Vader where he posted a different concept every day. I was very impressed at the time by the quantity of his work and I simply chose the first of his many concepts to try and bring into this game. Like with my other submissions this has been sculpted in ZBrush, retopologized in Maya, weighted in both Maya and Blender and textured in Substance Painter. Here are some images: If you want to see more progress you can follow my thread here: Bot: No. NPC: (not to my knowledge) LODs: No Team Skins: Yes SP: No. Installation ____________________________________________ Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. Credit goes to AshuraDX, mjt and Einar, who helped with the creation of this model and Hartsinck for the sounds. I couldn't get in touch with Hartsinck, I hope he's fine with me using this. If not I will simply change the sounds for future updates.
  10. A tiny update with some info on my process So usually I start out with sculpting and polypainting the model in Zbrush, I then bake out the material and polypaint as a kind of base color to the texturing process. But before I can start texturing I need to have unwrapped my character properly and that's when I retopologize my character meaning I will model a lower poly mesh that I can use later on when texturing. This is it: Considering the details I think 8500 tris is pretty good and should not affect performance. After having made my UV map and having baked out my polypaint I project details from the highpoly model onto the unwrapped one. Then I start texturing and this is how far I've gotten: I hope you like it Take care!
  11. Hello For a while I released various models on jkhub and I thought I'd share show some progress on upcoming models and projects. First a short introduction, I am currently studying to become a technical artist but I do have some experience in the gaming industry. I like to draw and paint and just generally keeping my hands busy with something is generally very good for me. I am in a jka clan wouldn't you know it which is called JoF and I go under the name Dr.Thundercock, I just chose the first ridiculous name that came to mind. However here I go by Willemoes. I have played since Jedi Outcast where I was in a group called KOTOR and met someone named KOTORmrJay whom I happen to find on this forum as well! I mainly work in Zbrush, at least for the sculpting and polypainting part. Some years ago when I thought of getting into all of this, I actually just wanted to become a concept artist and at the time one of the many concept artists I looked up to was this guy called Chenthooran. Brainstorm held these art challenges where you could get some free exposure, the challenge was to Redesign Darth Vader and instead of posting one concept Chenthooran posted one every day. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/48Zkl I decided as a tribute to him to start on the first model: This is how far I've gotten with it: He's kind of like an emperor vader if anything, I really like it. Sort of like a mixture between Vader and Barron Harkonnen from Dune Anyway I will be eventually posting some progress on this on how it will look when the texturing is done and also ingame footage. I hope you like it!
  12. It's very heart warming reading all these comments, I'm happy we could help bring a smile to your faces Here's something for all of you:
  13. Version 1


    Hello again This was a one day project to see how quickly we could pump out a model done from scratch. The model was a gift, I tried to capture a signature done by a member of JoF called Otso (hence the name of the file). The character is a sort of parody of Reelo Baruk, what he is in fact hiding under all those clothes and yes he is indeed muscular but also with a gut. I hope you like it This was the signature that it was based off: It has been sculpted in zbrush, retopologized in Maya, weighted in both maya and blender and textured in substance painter. Here are some images: I'm hiding the rest. Bot: No. NPC: (not to my knowledge) LODs: No Team Skins: Yes SP: No. Installation ____________________________________________ Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. Credits go to - Otso for the very inspiring signature - Einar who helped immensely in creating the caps, setting up the shader, writing the skin and troubleshooting various problems. - AshuraDX for his continued support. - mjt for his help in teaching me to setup the shader
  14. Version Version 1


    Hello This is my second time uploading something here, so I'll try and be as concise as I can. If you were looking for a dark souls/elden ring inspired character then this might be for you. This character was requested of me with a reference image attached that I tried to capture with some of my own adjustments along the way. The person requesting this is called Rain, a fellow member of JoF and he also wanted a scrolling emissive texture in the cavities of the model which I tried to accommodate. The original concept(not made by me): Images front: Back The following programs were used: Zbrush Autodesk Maya Blender Substance Painter Bot: No. NPC: (not to my knowledge) LODs: No Team Skins: Yes SP: No. Installation ____________________________________________ Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. Credits go to - the original concept artist whom I do not know the name of unfortunately - Einar who helped immensely in creating the caps, setting up the shader, writing the skin and troubleshooting various problems. - AshuraDX for his continued support.
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