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  1. It could be among those assumptions, although I also think it could be my Q3map2, anyway I will try to solve it in the weekend, if I have an answer I will surely put it here.
  2. A long time ago, but a long time (maybe 6 years), I had installed OpenJK in my Gamedata, at first I thought that I did not install it correctly, given the problem that I will present later. But just yesterday I decided to install it again, when I installed it I ran into the same error as that time, the lights on my maps were chaotically out of place all over the map. I still don't know why, I have some theories as to why. 1: Maybe it's because of the GTK Radiant I use (it's version 1.5). 2: Something explodes with the GLdirect or something similar. The problem with these theories, with the exception of the second one, is that it tries to place another map created with GTK Radiant 1.5, specifically the Gully of the Mist map created by Boddo (it is in JKhub), it specifies that it was made in GTK Radiant 1.5, so either I use another GTK Radiant the problem goes the other way, I attach reference images: With JKA (normal): With OpenJK SP: I don't know if I'm the first with this problem, nor do I think it's my computer, when the same thing happened to me it was 6 years ago, I had another computer but the problem was the same. I hope someone has an answer on this, I don't know what it is. If anyone knows please help me to fix this error, I ask for your help.
  3. Well I've made progress with the jaconfig, but my character is having the texture error, it can't seem to find the character's skin but if it does get its model, I'll leave my jaconfig text snippet here: seta g_char_model "kyle" seta g_char_skin_head "model_default" seta g_char_skin_torso "model_default" seta g_char_skin_legs "model_default"
  4. I recently discovered that these modifications are made from jaconfig.cfg, but I don't know if in this same file I can start the category of an NPC by default as playermodel, for example, I modified this file and by default I start with Kyle's playermodel and its characteristics from NPC, will any of you know if that is possible in jaconfig.cfg?
  5. Hi, it's a little doubt, before I had how to do this but since I changed computers I lost the tutorial on how to do it, could you help me to achieve that? Does anyone know how to put a default playermodel (example: Kyle as default Playermodel in JK: O) in JKA?
  6. Excellent, it's really beautiful to see a map outside of the already classic content.
  7. The first method has worked, the second I will do when I have more experience in this. Thank you very much for the help.
  8. I think I don't explain it well, I will put it in the next file: What I need to create is the script that says your allies have died, examples of this script exist as Kyle_died and Rosh_died, I just want to create a new one so as not to rewrite an already made one. I just don't know how to do it in the most optimal way. That is why I ask for help. In other words, the only thing I want to do is create the script, nothing more.
  9. Hi, I ask for help, again, this time it is about creating a mission_failed script, but for it to be used, 3 npcs will be used first, which will have a target towards a target_counter of 3, and this as a response will run the mission_failed script. Similar to the elder mission in JKA in t2_rancor, but I have a theory that I can bypass the other part using target_counter. Does anyone know if there is a mission_failed specific script not counting Kyle's or Ross's? In case it doesn't exist, can you guide me to create one with those characteristics? I am new to scripts, so I am unfamiliar with both the concepts and how to make it as optimal as possible. I am waiting for your responses and thanks in advance.
  10. Well in my case not entirely, but hey, I have only done it with some slight modifications, it is incredible that all this time it was in front of me, here I leave both a capture and the shader: Misc model: Misc_Model_Breakable: It was a little brighter, I suppose there must be a way to reduce this, but at the moment this is the result, at least it works for both: The shader is this: models/e/db/car_ce_ea04 { qer_editorimage models/e/db/car_ce_ea04 qer_trans 0.5 surfaceparm trans surfaceparm nonopaque q3map_material Glass q3map_nolightmap { map models/e/db/car_ce_ea04 blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA rgbGen lightDiffuse } }
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