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  1. Interesting, although it doesn't support my preferred method of payment (iDEAL) . . . ?
  2. 1) I suggest that you do take the time to make it. You should make a all in one installer so people don't have to hassle with installing this mod. People generally don't want to hassle with anything and only experienced people know their way around. 2) I mean in the options menu. It only displays original 4:3 resolutions and not additional 16:9 and 16:10 resolutions but that could be an OpenJK thing, as I don't see them listed there as well. JK2MV does natively support widescreen resolutions and with console command, I can get them to work as well but that is not the way you should approach it. Maybe your own fork of the OpenJK SP section may give you the flexibility this needs. 3) True but on the other hand, Russian isn't part of the Star Wars lore as it goes with languages. For the most part it is traditional (British) English, blips and bleeps that make out the droid language and something that has been labelled as "Huttese". I would definitely change this so that it is more in line with the lore and bring English voice actors in. There are enough that can work from a distance and you can always have a Russian dub version available from the options menu. IIRC Jedi Academy can be displayed in French and German besides English, so there are options available. Basicly you are missing the point and you are providing a summarized explanation yourself. What you are refering to, is called 'dubbing' and that is something entirely different to what I have layed out on the table. I know that many series and films are being dubbed in another language. Everything that you can see on German and French television that is of English or American origin, is always being dubbed and in my own country (when I'm not on Coruscant), there are plenty of films and series dubbed in the Dutch language. Most stuff you can see on Disney XD and such sort channels, for example. What I have referred to in this particular matter, is that the Star Wars universe has been imagined with a certain amount of languages (British English, Droid and Huttese to name the biggest ones) and that 'suddenly' another already existing language makes it introduction, such as German, French, Spanish or in this case Russian. I believe that that is not respectful to that was already been established other then totally dubbed versions of the audio. Try to imagine when Peter Jackson decided to drop the Elvish language in the LOTR films and replaced it with contemporary languages, such as Russian ?? Somehow I do not think that the dubbed versions of those films went so far that Elvish, Dwarfish and the likes were being dubbed . . .
  3. Well after several months I have to conclude that JK2mv unfortunately doesn't increase any limitations and seems like a more upscaled version of the base JK2 multiplayer part with some bug fixes. Too bad because it does have potential and I did hoped that they would have increased certain limitations where I and other mappers could take advantage of. When I tried porting the Jedi Academy version of "Asteroid Base", the map loads but the moment I join the game, it crashes with a "ERROR: CM_InlineModel: bad number" message. When I remove a lot of brush models (such as double doors), I can play the map without problems. Unfortunately, this will mean that I cannot create a special JK2 version for engine-removing port(s), such as OpenJK for Jedi Academy and the various ports for the original Doom . . .
  4. OK, first impressions based on the first mission: 1) Installation process is a bit tedious, why unzipping two more additional files when they are already in the right folder and could've been included within the main ZIP file ?? 2) No widescreen (16:9, 16:10) support natively ?? 3) The Russian language in the Star Wars universe ?? 4) Difficulty settings are either too simple or too hard, there are no middle ground here. Will write more when I have more.
  5. Definitely going to check this out somewhere tomorrow . . .
  6. I know about, haven't played it extensively. I'm still trying to figure out if it's just an engine fix or that it has increased JK2MP's limitations just as OpenJK has done with Jedi Academy . . .
  7. Don't use Google with this one, try your brain
  8. At this point, I would suggest trying a different editor, GTK 1.4 or 1.6 and see if the problem persists . . . Also, are you running the program as "Administrator" ??
  9. Do the game's shader show up normally or just as fuzzy ?? Are you using the Gamedata/Base as folder or a mod folder ??
  10. Check the link in your original post . . .
  11. We're Force users, not psychics . . .
  12. You might want to remove the https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url= from your link . . .
  13. On my company Windows 10 laptop (HP ProBook 6560b), OpenJK does not work properly. It stutters as if it is being run on a very slow computer, which makes the game unplayable. Even the menu is in its current state unplayable. Has anyone a fix for this ??
  14. I would strongly recommend buying it from GOG.com, currently less then €3 for the May 4th sale. Steam has always been pretty expensive for older titles, just take a look at Half-Life. Twenty years later, they still charge €10 for it . . .
  15. It really surprises me that people are willing to pay 7 euros for this old game. As an additional note, Monkey Island 1 and 2 are 10 euros each! The same goes also for the original Half-Life, also 10 euros. Too expensive for games that are 20 tot 25 years old now . . .
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