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  1. Rage 2, now available for free on the Epic Game Store (until 25-2) . . . https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rage-2/home
  2. After two weeks, one would assume that this was picked already . . .
  3. I don't think they are in production anymore . . .
  4. You make an interesting argument, however I look at other aspects other then 'what it can become'. If there is one thing that has plagued us players in the last five or six years, is the amount of controversy surrounding the release(s) of major AAA title(s). In the last five or six years, there has not been a release that was botched up in one way or another. Either the end-result was filled with bugs in such way that the title was clearly not ready to be released at that particular moment (Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 76) or received a lot backlash due to its micro-transactions implementation
  5. I can't seem to find it anymore on the index page. "Mark" doesn't highlight anything and "read" points me towards the Imperial Lazy Officer WIP thread, so where did it go ??
  6. It's a free game (now), it saves you 40 bucks. Once I get around to it, I give it a shot and I already saw my padawan claiming it for himself . . . 😄 😄
  7. O dear . . . With MachineGames's latest installments in the Wolfenstein franchise and Todd Howard's "it just works", I am certainly not that optimistic . . .
  8. They should've never dismantled LucasArts to begin with and I certainly hope this iteration will make non-Star Wars games as well. The old LucasArts has given us Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, to name a few and I certainly hope we'll be treated on more . . .
  9. Are you using OpenJK ?? If so, then it's a possibility that there are still PK3 files in your roaming folder. You can find them in C:\Users\<Your name here>\Documents\My Games\OpenJK -folder. Try removing them and see if the problem persists . . .
  10. I would suggest using the nodraw texture rather then the caulk texture, since caulk is known for casting (unwanted) shadows . . .
  11. That's what they all say . . .??
  12. It was a good episode and a fitting end for the Baby Yoda storyline. I don't think it would've worked if they had decided to continue it in season three. Now new storylines can be set-up and I wonder how they are going to do the Darksaber line, Bo-Katan and Mandalore itself. I don't think that Boba Fett will play a large part in it, since he's gotten his own series . . .
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