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  1. Fix the character min light. If you spawn into a pitchblack room with no lighting at all the character will still be slightly illuminated.
  2. Is the model larger than 512×512×512? That's the maximum size for a md3 model.
  3. I don't think a mod like that exists already, but you could edit the NPC Files to remove specific or all force powers from NPCs.
  4. I don't know if this works in Blender but in 3ds max I scale the model to fit the skeleton, make a keyframe on the animation timeline for all bones of the skeleton, go to the next frame, pose the skeleton to fit the model and create another keyframe for all bones of the skeleton in their new pose. Then I start to weight the model to the posed skeleton and once I'm done I just move the animation slider back to the first keyframe that has the root pose. Being weighted to the skeleton the model will follow that correction allowing me to delete the posed keyframe and leaving me with a model in the proper root pose.
  5. This file only contains a single shader file that has no references to any of the blood textures included. So the issue is most liekly not related to this file by itself. Do you have any other blood mods installed? Can you link a few screenshots of the issues you're talking about?
  6. Ah, that's what you meant. You can manually bolt models to tags in Modview to preview weapon bolting, that's what I meant. Glad to see that it works now
  7. Noesis is third party software and completely unrelated to the games code though, it should also work in modview. The game only performs weapon bolting for specific models. If you were to force the rancor model on a human player and equipped a weapon it would @@minilogoguy18#2033 had this same issue when he was working at Gorc for the DF2 mod, iirc moving the gla file to a folder name _humanoid_gorc solved it for him. Best to do a clean export with the new directory selected from the start.
  8. I'm glad to hear that! You might be better of with looking into making animations in Blender, it is a more complex but far superior tool when compared to Dragon. Feel free to ask if you happen to come across any further problems!
  9. You need to create a new textfile in the same folder as your glas and glamerge.exe Fill it with this content: glamerge.exe firstfile secondfile pause save it and then rename the resulting .txt file to .bat and run it.
  10. @@AmazingDamien You will have to extract the animation sequences you want based on their frame numbers, which are specified in their respective animations.cfg file, from each gla file, save them as individual glas then merge those individual glas with a stock _humanoid.gla and edit a stock animation.cfg file to use your newly merged sequences. Edit: The classic tool to use for this would be Dragon, although Blender might be the more sophisticated option provided it allows you to import only specifc sections of a gla file. I don't use Blender so I can't say anything about that bit.
  11. I have encountered this problem when I made my turntable model. Are your new gla's located in models/players/_humanoid_x/* or anything following that pattern? If not that's your problem, the games code seems to expect a _humanoid skeleton to bolt weapons to tags and it seems to verify this based on the gla filepath
  12. looks like you moved one of the tags/bolts out of place or rotated it.
  13. Either a texture filtering issue or, more likely, caused by mismatched vertex normals along uv seams. Hard to tell without looking at the model in detail.
  14. This should cover part of it iirc https://jkhub.org/topic/5149-lets-map-singleplayer/
  15. @@DarthValeria you did not. The request forum is also not the proper forum, although it's better then tutorials. This thread is in the right spot, I moved it to modding assistance - which is the forum to post your modding related questions, the forum to go to when you need help with solving a modding related problem.
  16. you posted this in tutorials, but this is not a tutorial - you are asking for help.
  17. @@DarthValeria .warnbox { background: #e3f6e5 url( images/icons/exclamation.png ) no-repeat 9px 10px; border: 1px solid #b4e3b9; color: #475949; } Moved the thread to the proper subforum
  18. They show up for me, perhaps your browser is blocking the site they are hosted on for some reason?
  19. @@GPChannel @@Circa @@Psyk0Sith Lightsaber hilts in JKO expect a tag_flash instead of a tag_blade. So in order to make it work you'll have to rename the tag.
  20. I think @@Daedra recently tried to find this shader, I don't know what it's called but I think this one is hardcoded or something. Do you have Jedi Outcast? The Titlelogo in the main Menu has the type of effect that you want, but it doesn't work on all graphics cards - rend2 may fix that though.
  21. That's because Dropbox doesn't know what to do with pk3 files, you can still download them though.
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