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  1. Hey, There are two factors that increase Vertex count when exporting models for the game: 1. Non-smoothed/hard edges 2. UV Seams Both cause the exporters to duplicate the vertices at those locations. now onto Solutions: 1. Try tweaking the smoothing groups on your model to reduce the amount of hard edges 2. If you have not finalized your textures yet, try editing the UV Layout to reduce the number of seams (usually displayed as green edges in 3ds max and gmax too iirc) 3. Split the model into multiple sub-meshes that stay under 1000 verts each, this is usually the go-to solution but should be a last resort if you absolutely can not get below the threshhold on your mesh by following Solution 1 and 2 Let me know if you have further questions
  2. The torso texture could also use a rework, it looks very blurry and low resolution, almost reminds me of an old PS2 Game. Did you paint it from scratch or is it sourced from somewhere?
  3. Substance Painter is very reliant on having proper normal maps and other detailee baked maps from a high poly mesh. You can use it without those but lose a lot of the benefits in the process. Both Photoshop and Blender have 3D Painting capability that might do what you want to do
  4. If the deathscript doesn't work you can target a scriptrunner from the func_breakable and use that to run the script when it is broken.
  5. Or selecting a single brush and pressing g will also select all other brushes in the same entity
  6. @quakefreed You could also create a shortcut to jasp.exe and add the startup parameter +devmap <mapname> To the path in there. That should also work. HowTo: https://www.digitalcitizen.life/shortcut-arguments-parameters-windows/ The tutorial uses -, for jka console commands use + instead. @NAB622 autoexec.cfg should automatically be run by the game, you shouldn't need to tell it to run it on launch.
  7. Huh, that is odd - one thing you could try is using vid_restart before loading your map again. AFAIK that reloads all .shader files and other assets as well.
  8. Not a fan of the overlayed high contrast grunge. It darkens the texture considerably and makes it look rather dirty. I'd try a more subtle approach, add small chips and scratches here and there. Maybe some light Dust Buildup. Or you could try the cheapo route and apply a high pass filter to the grunge map with a low radius. If done correctly you will get Something that sort of resembles a curvature map for your grunge and could overlay that. This would give the crisp details from the grunge, without massively changing the colour of the underlying texture. Example:
  9. @fullkevlar would you like me to update the roff to match the new positions or would you prefer having me send you a new file with just the start and end points in it? As long as the difference between those two points match what's in the roff, it's all gonna be fine and matching.
  10. My mapping Toolkit for 3ds max, Q3ME, includes a roff exporter. I was planning on walking someone through using it on stream and make that stream available on Youtube, then release the current version of Q3ME (which is long overdue). @mjtcould guide you through the process in blender. Oh dear, that's some bad luck. Hope you get it fixed soon! Happy new year to you too, let's hope that burst pipe is 2020's last swipe your way
  11. @fullkevlar The base animation for the roff, already have it ingame but I sadly ran out of time to record a video of it right now. (After I spent hours looking for the cause of a problem that ended up being a typo in a ref_tags targetname.... don't mod when you've been awake for more than 20 hours peeps.) But here's a pk3 file for you (and everyone else interested) to try ingame and dissect, to see how it was done. Just load the map and press the use button (you spawn inside a trigger_multiple). The animation can be repeated as often as you'd like, there's a 10 second wait on the trigger to keep it from breaking. > click me < devmap razorcrest_roff you should be able to just replace your spawnscript with mine and make it work in your map - as long as you didn't change the positions of the origin brush or the docking port.
  12. that's quite choppy @fullkevlar can you send me a .map file with the ref_tags you used to move the model? I just need their coordinates actually and the starting coordinates of the object you're moving
  13. I'd suggest using a more unique name than just "singleplayer.shader" for any project. If people combine pk3 files from multiple mods you don't want your shader to be overwritten. Try adding a unique identifier to your shader file names, something like "fkv", based on your username, as pre-/suffix. I often use "<name>_adx.shader" Shadered2 makes some parts of shader creation easier, but it does not support all of the parms we can use on our shaders.
  14. Radiant 1.5 never ran on windows 10 for me, 1.6 worked quite well
  15. Yeah, switching to Radiant 1.6. Should help. I found working in that far more bearable than trieing to use 1.4 on Windows 10
  16. @fullkevlar iirc there is a menu to do that in somewhere in the gtk Radiant Preferences, alternately you could edit the file you edited to fix your q3map2 problem. Or you write a bat file to compile your map with. Which is what I do from my (still unreleased) Q3ME.
  17. @fullkevlar You might want to use '-bouncegrid' in your light compile, your map looks like it relies heavily on bounced lighting to light up the corridors and by default this does not affect the lightgrid afaik. '-bouncegrid' should take care of that. I also think I remember reading that using -fast can screw with the lightgrid, and there was a workaround to that, or rather a way to compile without using fast without sacrificing a lot of speed. Didn't you dig that up @mjt
  18. @fullkevlar use find and replace: Search for: /q3map2/q3map2/ Replace with /q3map2/ Repeat until it finds no more occurances
  19. Hey, how/in what way is the map corrupted? Just the bsp output after compiling or the .map you edit in Radiant?
  20. @Plague-Angel I agree with minilogoguy on the current Environment shader, however I do think that a better constructed shader could work wonders on this model. Considering the incredible chrome look the razorcrest has in the show. I'll gladly help with constructing a proper looking material Definition. Just shoot me a pm
  21. You can use the scale parameter in q3map2 to scale it up later, perhaps try a scale of 1.1/110% and see if that helps to make it feel less crammed.
  22. Even a minor update is an update and something potentially worth getting feedback on ? Keep it up!
  23. Modview is a staple modding tool for this game, I figured you already had access to it. I should have thought of mentioning it just in case. Glad to hear that you figured this out!
  24. If you used seta cg_fov 108 it would have saved the command in the cfg file automatically
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