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  1. It's very easy to decompile maps with q3map2 using -convert -format map. The only problems you will have is no point lights (unless the map creator compiled the map with a certain parameter) and bad texture alignment
  2. It's actually quite simple on the paper. I want that, for example on ffa3 people can just play normal ffa/tdm and after a certain time (for example 9 minutes), everyone ingame will be teleported to a new location, for example the bar in ffa3.
  3. Thank you! The problem is that the players wouldn't all be in one place. So I guess I would have to make a giant trigger over the whole map.
  4. So the infos that I need is time (ok, can do that in icarus itself), teamscore, individual score, health and I would like to be able to teleport players to a new location.
  5. Can you get actual gameplay information into icarus? Like current gametime, info about players and such?
  6. Thank you guys. This already helps me a lot.
  7. Yeah that was the idea, decreasing the playable area. The thing is, you can only activate scripts though triggers, right? So I couldn't do something like, if time = 9 min then activate script.
  8. I wondered if you could do something battleroyal-like. I'm especially interested in moving brushes on a timer or teleporting players.
  9. That map is pretty interesting. Didn't see stuff like that in multiplayer before.
  10. What can you do with icarus scripting in multiplayer for Jedi Academy? As far as I understood it's very limited but what exactly can you do with it and what are the limitations?
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