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    Images are down (
  2. That's great. Even without VR, being able to make 360° videos is really cool.
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    This is a map that I made for the Jedi Nations Cup 2020, hosted by Epic Saber League. It went through a lot of playtesting and changes and was finished on April 1st, 2020. The map is primarily meant to be played in competitive Team Deathmatch (TFFA), but can also be played on FFA or Duel.
  4. @LusoJediI added you as an admin. The only reason why I'm "kind of in charge" is cause I'm the only one who put in the time to organise, structure and oversee the wiki, save it from vandalism, etc. If more people want to help with this, that's great.
  5. Did anyone ever keep track of the player count in Jedi Academy (or Jedi Outcast) over the years? Or are there statistics how many copies were sold? I think there used to be a x-fire related statistic and nowadays there is steamcharts but that's obviously only a small part of the whole playerbase.
  6. I loved the idea of having the academy level as a hub between the levels, as we discussed here: But I know that this would be a huge untertaking..
  7. Have you tried testing an image-file that works by copying and renaming it to the one that doesn't work? Then you can be 100% sure that it's not the fault of the texture itself.
  8. Oh, don't get me started with that. I hoped JKHub would become the main place for all JKA players but in reality it always catered mostly to the modding community. I don't think that will change at any point.
  9. As someone who has spent way too much time on improving and contributing to the wiki: The wiki does what it's supposed to do and is not worse or better than any other wiki-system (for the most part). The only thing that is currently broken are the profile-pages. Like all wikis, the quality is a matter of the people who contribute and overall there are not more than 3 people who contribute regularly in the last years. The wiki already has a lot of unique and quality content but I think that many people are not even really aware of it's existence, the search engines rarely index the wiki on relevant subjects. If the wiki was part of the regular jkhub profile system, that would definitely help. But I don't think that wiki and tutorials should be mixed.
  10. It's very easy to decompile maps with q3map2 using -convert -format map. The only problems you will have is no point lights (unless the map creator compiled the map with a certain parameter) and bad texture alignment
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