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  1. Available at https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-jka under the releases section. You'll have to check the commits section to see exactly what was changed as a different developer was working on stuff. But I noticed there was no new compile since 2016 at least on GitHub. For the most part, the code was fixed and can now compile on Visual Studio 2019. After this version I will try to keep track of what new features have been added. I believe the kill tracker might be a new feature.
  2. I need a throwing knife made. I will compensate you for the time. It can replace the thermal grenade. Let me know how much you would like for it.
  3. erfg12

    Clan Mod

    Please check the wiki https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=ClanMod#SERVER_CVARS
  4. Here's the wiki if you need more information: https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=ClanMod You can find a list of emotes here. The emotes available are the ones available in the base game. No custom emotes were included. Clan Mod uses the original source codes from Ravensoft. I have made modifications recently to ensure it's compatible with OpenJK as there are lots of fixes already included with it. I plan on releasing an update soon so everyone has all the fixes available. Both JKA and JKO source codes are available on GitHub. https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-jka https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-jko Anyone is welcome to fork the code, make modifications and send me a PR if you think they should be included in the Clan Mod code base.
  5. Here's a little beta image of the MySQL extension working:
  6. Here is a wiki article for the rules of setting up an extension if interested: https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-extensions/wiki/Rules-for-making-an-extension The Discord extension is working for both Clan Mod JKO and JKA! You're welcome to test it if you want. I plan on making a MySQL and SQLite extension soon. The current extensions are built in C++ with VS 2017. The new versions of Clan Mod and the extensions have only been tested on Windows, but there is code present to support both Linux and Windows. I will be removing SQLite and MySQL in-code functions and libraries from Clan Mod JKA in favor of the extensions.
  7. Over the past few days I have been working on something I call "Server Extensions" which are essentially named pipes with their own threads that communicate with another application. For developers, this means you can attach things to your server like Discord chat, IRC, database connections, PHP forms, and really anything in any programming language can use named pipes to communicate. For server hosts this means more functionality can be added to servers and connecting many services that you currently use to manage your clan. BENEFITS: Named Pipes can be programmed in to almost any syntax. PHP, C/C++, C#, Java, etc. Connects many other services your clan already uses. Forums, live chats, databases, etc. Can bring all new functionality to game play and clan management. Rank systems, accounts, reporting, gameplay tracking etc. Portable. Can be used in any game. DISADVANTAGES: Extension application would need to run on the same server. Would need to rely on the extension author for bug fixes. Some use case examples are: PHP Forms when submitted can send a notification in the server that a new member wants to join the clan. SQL Databases for account login and registration from in-game. Tracking kills, deaths and duels and reading forum posts in-game. C++ and C# applications for things like Discord or IRC server message relaying. Screenshot Example of Discord connected to Clan Mod server:
  8. Can you show me a screenshot of your server window please?
  9. New commit to GitHub! MySQL commands now act on a separate thread. (CreateThread for Windows and PThread for Linux) This keeps the main thread open to not show a "Server Disconnect" message on the center screen. As I said before Windows will require that curl.exe file to be next to openjkded.exe but on Linux it will use the native curl command. I assume all distros using this mod will have curl. (at least people who want to use MySQL). Also did some other minor fixes including adding a debug openjkded to the package to help debug Linux issues.
  10. The GitHub repo has had lots of changes. Just pushed more code changes this morning. - Removed BobaFett's download fix so it can fully work on OpenJKDed programs. (Fixed crashing) - Finished integration with SQLite - Added a clanmod.php file to upload to your web server to communicate with server via cURL.exe external program. (MySQL) - Added cm_database cvar. 0 = disabled 1 = sqlite 2 = mysql. - Added new saying commands !stats, !leaders - Added a name check to see if a name is registered in the database upon joining game. If so, the server will send a 30 second warning to either login or change name. After 30 seconds your name will be forcefully changed. - Added 5 second debounce time on MySQL client commands to not overwhelm the server. - Added c_cmlogin client cvar for automatic login upon entering the server. Most of this code has been untested, so if anyone wants to test it out that would help me quite a bit. - GitHub Repo : https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-jka - Beta Download : https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-jka/releases (both Windows and Linux x86_64 builds)
  11. If you are using the newest 1.3.0 beta from GitHub please be aware that the server cvars have changed. Please use the Installer/files/clanmod/server.cfg file. But, if you would like to manually change the cvars, here is a list. - Replaced cm_badword1, cm_badword2, cm_badword3, cm_badword4, cm_badword5, cm_precoded_badwords with cm_badwords - Replaced cm_silence_insult_1, cm_silence_insult_2, cm_silence_insult_3, cm_silence_insult_4, cm_silence_insult_5 with cm_insults - Replaced cm_allow_chatColors with cm_chatColors - Replaced cm_allow_jetpack_command with cm_jetpack - Replaced cm_allow_report_command with cm_report - Replaced cm_allow_drop_command with cm_drop - Replaced cm_chat_protection with cm_chatProtection - Replaced cm_enable_ForceDuel with cm_forceDuel - Replaced cm_enable_MeleeDuel with cm_MeleeDuel - Replaced cm_enable_NormalDuel with cm_duels - Replaced cm_AutoProtect_timer with cm_AutoProtectTimer - Replaced cm_allow_KnockMeDown_command with cm_KnockMeDown - Replaced cm_starting_weapons with cm_startWeapons - Replaced cm_allow_samePlayerNames with cm_samePlayerNames - Replaced m_enable_grapple with cm_grapple Added these new cvars - cm_noServerNames Disallows the word server in a player's name. Next release will also have better compatibility with an x64 Linux server.
  12. atm I'm working on 1.3.0 which will bring SQLite to the mod. I will need to test this quite a bit before I'm able to release, but in the mean time I was thinking of some other things to enhance the mod. 1) Replace cm_silence_insult_1, cm_silence_insult_2, cm_silence_insult_3, cm_silence_insult_4 with cm_insults string array. 2) Replace cm_badword1, cm_badword2, cm_badword3, cm_badword4, cm_badword5 with cm_badwords string array. 3) Replace cm_news1_time, cm_news2_time, cm_news3_time and cm_news1_content, cm_news2_content, cm_news3_content with cm_newsTicker string array with special formatting like "TIME:STRING,TIME:STRING" Example: cm_newsTicker "15:Thanks for visiting my server!,50:Dont forget to visit our site!" 4) Restructure long cvars to be smaller. Example: cm_allow_report_command --> cm_reportCmd If you guys can think of anything else, reply to this thread. So far the new in-game commands are: /cmregister <password> - register your player name /cmlogin <password> - login with your player name /cmstats - show player stats in database /cmleaderboard - show the current game type leaderboard and the new server commands are: /cmregister <playername> <password> - register a player name /cmfinduser <playername> - see if a player name exists in the database and what their ID is /cmleaderboard - see the gametype leaderboard
  13. I was hosting a minecraft server remotely using Bright Game Panel and I thought I would try controlling my Jedi Knight servers using this. But, they don't support Jedi Knight! I decided to make some files so now it supports JK2, JK3 and OpenJK. BGPanel Website: http://www.bgpanel.net/ JK Files: http://newagesoldier.com/myfiles/JediKnight_bgpanel.zip
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