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  1. I made something like that a few years ago. I'll see if I can find it when I'm home from work later.
  2. Hey, The height of a model is not changed by altering the glm file. Doing so will in fact break animations for the adapted model. The Proper way of changing a model's height depends on whether you want to commit that change for multi player or for single player. For single player you should look into npc files, which can be edited with any text editor. For multi player it's a bit more complicated, I think it's only possible with JA+/JA++ and some other larger modifications to the game. Regardless of that, if you do want to edit a glm file in Blender you will need to download the glm plugins for Blender, which you can find in the files section right here: https://jkhub.org/search/?q=Blender&type=downloads_file You will need to pick the proper plugin version for your Blender version.
  3. @Noodle on mobile there's a button to insert media below the editor. No idea where it is on PC but I'd assume it's in about the same spot Just use that to place your images.
  4. Sadly I haven't gotten more than a couple days in a row off since beginning of 2019, not counting holidays I spent with my Family. I'll need a bit of freetime to compile some proper documentation for the core features before I feel content with releaseing it. Just have too much going on in RL atm to do so.
  5. Make sure that you are using the proper Plugin Version for your Blender version: https://jkhub.org/profile/848-cagelight/content/?type=downloads_file
  6. I think there was another tutorial that focuses around playermodels, but I might be wrong. There is also Maui's Tutorial for frankensteining - which covers getting a model ingame after assembling it. That's not quite what the multiple Materials thing means. It means that you can not have more than 1 material per mesh/polygroup. So while you can have a material per mesh, eg. the head, torso and legs could each use their own material, you can not apply two different Materials to a single mesh without splitting that mesh in two or more pieces, depending on the number of intended Materials. Since I'm not a Blender User I'm afraid I can not help with that, I will however ping people that should be able to help, And hopefully not summon their wrath: @Cagelight @SomaZ @swegmaster
  7. Most people nowadays use blender to create and get models into the game. From what I have seen >90% of them are only kitbashing/Frankensteining to create mixmatched models out of of parts from existing models with little to no custom modeling work. Some of us oldies use 3ds max (like me) or softimage ModTool. I think there is a rigging tutorial for blender written by mrwonko, bundled with his original release of the blender plugin suite that Cagelight updated. The filetype you need to export your work to is *.glm
  8. By editing the text in the quote. It's that simple ?
  9. Not a bad idea on paper, and it will look great as long as the player is standing/walking on level ground, but walking on inclines and performing flips are bound to look ridiculous ?
  10. I made one nearly a decade ago: https://jkhub.org/files/file/671-assassins-creed-weaponspack/ It replaces the blaster pistol.
  11. Only thing I did with icarus in MP is applying rof animations to stuff. There's this map that does a bit more though: https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Maps/Duel/106205/
  12. You might want to switch over to using imgur to host your images: https://imgur.com/ That way you won't get those annoying photobucket watermarks on embedded pictures I also second what Ramikad just said, let us see the problem area and help you find a solution
  13. The prt file is a by product of the compilation process and should be generated by q3map2. If you get an error stating that the file is missing, try deleting all files besides the created by q3map2 for the Map youbare trieing to compile.
  14. @@NAB622 @@Droidy365 I wouldn't bother with Normal Maps for vanilla tbh, normal maps won't do a lot for jka without a massive rework of the lighting and reflection system at which point you're better of to build up on rend2 or Somaz GL renderer which already did that. Vanilla JKA doesn't even do per pixel shading (which is a requirement for normal maps) of character models at the moment and instead relies purely on vertex lighting. Better Dynamic shadows and dynamic lights sound like good suggestions though, the main problem with the latter is more on the side of q3map2 and how it utilizes 4 versions of the same lightmap to fake different lightstates which is why those errors @@Noodle is referring to appear when you have multiple different dynamic lighting styles in the same area.
  15. These are not just weighting problems, holes like these can be genersted by automatic reduction tools designed to reduce the polycount of a model. If the verticee on opposite sides of the hole don't share the exact same weights you'll see this behaviour during animation.
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