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  1. @Lancelot Thank you so much for telling me about Galactic Legacy, I came up with an idea, I took the model glm file and replaced the Movie Duels version with the Galactic Legacy version and sure enough it worked my model is now acting the way it should when playing SP, again thank you so much Lancelot, I couldn't have come up with the idea without you thank you
  2. I see, so my suspicions were correct, thank you for confirming them, but would you happen to now how to solve this problem ?
  3. sorry there is a problem, the Galactic Legacy mod is too big and I did try to make space, but when I played it, it was very laggy and slow, is it possible if you know why the model I took from Movie Duels does not act when the cutscenes in JKA are playing ? The model I took was the Galen Marek Jedi Adventure robe model from Movie Duels and its humanoid_galen file, for some reason I think the problem has something to do with the humanoid file, but I don't know what it is, I can only assume the humanoid files of JKA have something to to with the animations and acting animations in cutscenes, but I don't know what I must do in order to get the model to act in cutscenes ?
  4. Hello, I'm having problems with my model on openJK, every time I try to use my model and play in SP, the model does not act right. To be more specific, say I begin the starting level of the game where rosh is talking to my model, instead of talking to rosh my model is standing up and thats it, when he should be sitting down talking to rosh. Why is this happening ? And how can I fix this ? Can someone please help me ?
  5. ok thank you anyway, at least I can play as the model unless do you happen to know another way I can play as the model I want in vanilla JKA ?
  6. @Lancelot Ok, but how do I fix the problems I have mentioned in my previous post like having my melee mod work and not having to type in helpusobi 1 and iknowkungfu every time ?
  7. @Lancelot Ok thank you so much for that, the model works now, I don't get the error message when using the model, however there are some problems, like why can't I take a screenshot when playing jka on openJK since I'm playing jka through Steam, also some of my mods don't kick in, like my melee mod, I have to always type in helpusobi 1 and iknowkungfu just to use cheats and use melee for the use of kicks and grappling, with my melee mod in vanilla JKA I never have to type in helpusobi 1, would you happen to know how to fix these problems ?
  8. @Lancelot what is OPenJK ? and how do I install OpenJK ? I downloaded the latest as you said, but all I got were files, but no readme
  9. Hello, I need help regarding a model I added to Jedi Academy, I took this model from Movie Duels and put it in jedi academy, however every time I try to use this model for jka I get this error message: Error: Ran out of transform space for Ghoul2 Models. Adjust MiniHeapSize in SV_SpawnServer. what does this mean and how do I go about fixing this problem in order to play as this model in jka ?
  10. Thank you for the response, What about the outer rim territories where Sump and Anoth are ? Those are in the Outer Rim, I've checked maps, those areas of the Outer Rim are not Hutt controlled ?
  11. Hello, I apologize if this question has been somewhat asked before, but I really got to know suppose I was in the star wars universe and I fully commanded an imperial class star destroyer with all the 10,000 storm troopers and other imperial military weapons, personnel, etc. and I was in the Outer Rim and wanted to conquer unalligned planets, I would like to ask, how many planets can I conquer in the Outer Rim with just 1 star destroyer ?
  12. I finally got it, I altered the jaconfig and wrote in cg_fov 108 and I got the field of view change in single player thank you NBA622
  13. sorry I don't know what you mean, do I make another autoexec ?
  14. what about getting it in single player ?
  15. is there a way to have change field of view/cg_fov without having to type it in every time ? have cg_fov 108, but I don't have to type it in every time I play/run JKA
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