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  1. thank you so much, I didn't notice the full screen option in video settings, thank you so much, would you happen to know how to take a screenshot in openjk ? I am using the steam version for JKA
  2. is there a way to maximize the openjk sp screen ?
  3. is screen resolution the video mode ? if it is I already changed it and the game window does not cover my whole screen
  4. I'm having trouble with OpenJK, when I put on SP the game windows does not cover my whole screen also where do I put my character mods with OpenJK ?
  5. Thank you for the responses, How do I use openJK, there is no read me file ? also SaberBlade83, how do I do what you said, do I make a whole new pk3 file and put all my character mods in that pk3 file ?
  6. Hello, I'm having trouble with mods, the trouble is that the character mods I put in JKA prevent me from playing JKA, I keep getting an error message that says npc file is too large, and it prevents me from playing with my character mods. How do I fix this problem ?
  7. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible through frankenstein modeling that I can give the twilek female attire to the human female, can it be done ? getting the human female to wear the twilek female attire, is there a way to achieve this if not through frankensteining ?
  8. sorry for the bother, problem solved I finally found the solution
  9. Hello, I'm trying to open a glm file with Blender, I downloaded the Blender 2.64+ - Jedi Academy Plugin Suite v0.2.2 so I can open a glm file, and followed the installation instructions, yet I am still unable to open a glm file for all I get is the same cube I start out with when I open Blender, can someone help me with this problem please ? it also says file not found no gla
  10. Thank you for clearing everything up for me, now things start to make sense now, so now I can safely assume/guess that there maybe far more star systems and planets in the Unknown Regions than just the few that have been discovered there and that the Sith worlds of Dromund Kaas and the others were once considered part of the Unknown Regions until they were discovered so I guess the Unknown Regions is considered any planets that haven't been discovered yet or are part of Wild Space Thank You again
  11. but Dromund Kaas is in the Outer Rim why are they saying it is in the Unknown Regions ? Was Wild Space and some Outer Rim Worlds considered to be part of the Unknown Regions until they were discovered ?
  12. so basically, what you are saying anything in some way is possible in the Unknown Regions, even humans living and being in the Unknown Regions ? Also would it be possible for the Sith species to still exist in the Unknown Regions despite they supposedly became extinct ? Because if the Rule of 2 could make the Jedi think the Sith Order went extinct then.... Also, so Wild Space and the Unknown Regions have plenty of unexplored areas in them for new planets to be created in the Star Wars Universe ? Also is the Sith Empire from the Unknown Regions or from Wild Space, because Dromund Kaas and Korriban and Ziost are in Wild Space not the Unknown Regions ?
  13. thank you for responding, however is it possible for humans to be found in the unknown regions or maybe even true sith species ?
  14. Hi, sorry if this is not in the right forum, I'd like to ask are there humans in the unknown regions ? are the unknown regions expansive maybe the same size as the known galaxy ? are the outer rim territories part of the unknown regions, because I've been reading up on the character Revan & after the events of KOTOR he ventured into the unknown regions only to find himself on Dromund Kaas which is in the outer rim territories ?
  15. Hi, I'm playing JKA on Jedi Knight difficulty because Jedi difficulty has become too easy, however I've noticed something & I need confirmation, why do reborn_new fight like reborn masters that are on Jedi difficulty, I've improved my skills enough to defeat up to 7 reborn masters in a gauntlet on Jedi difficulty in SP, however when I began playing on Jedi Knight difficulty I faced reborn_new in a practice duel on SP and I've noticed they fight like reborn masters that are on Jedi difficulty, reborn masters are class_shadowtrooper duelists; in Jedi difficulty reborn_new are very easy to defeat; so in Jedi Knight difficulty, do reborn_new really fight like reborn masters in Jedi difficulty ? also should I still improve my skills in Jedi difficulty in SP until I can defeat more reborn masters than just 7 in a gauntlet ?
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