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  1. I finally got it, I altered the jaconfig and wrote in cg_fov 108 and I got the field of view change in single player thank you NBA622
  2. sorry I don't know what you mean, do I make another autoexec ?
  3. what about getting it in single player ?
  4. is there a way to have change field of view/cg_fov without having to type it in every time ? have cg_fov 108, but I don't have to type it in every time I play/run JKA
  5. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    what do you mean all I have is commands in the autoexec ? my autoexec_sp has these 3 things helpusobi 1 iknowkungfu seta g_debugmelee 1 the mod was supposed to enable helpusobi 1, iknowkungfu, and seta g_debugmelee 1
  6. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    what is openjk_sp.cfg ? the only cfg file I found in the OpenJK folder was jaconfig.cfg I also put the autoexec_sp.cfg file in the OpenJK folder, and my mod still does not activate
  7. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    am I supposed to put it in the OpenJK pk3 file ? the pk3 file is called openjk-x86.pk3 because I put my mod's pk3 file in the OpenJK folder and nothing happened my mod did not take effect then I put the cfg file inside the OpenJK file and still nothing worked
  8. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    do I move the pk3 file it is in or the actual cfg file into the OpenJK folder ?
  9. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    GameData base folder
  10. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    this is what I have in the file helpusobi 1 iknowkungfu seta g_debugmelee 1
  11. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    I renamed my autoexec.cfg to autoexec_sp.cfg, but my mod still does not activate when I run OpenJKSP
  12. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    thank you for responding and very sorry for posting on wrong forum where can I find the autoexec_sp.cfg, or do I adjust my mod and rename the autoexec to autoexec_sp.cfg ?
  13. RASAS

    Autoexec help

    why doesn't my autoexec.cfg work with OpenJK ? I have an autoexec.cfg that enables helpusobi 1 and the iknowkungfu cheats, but when I run OpenJK, my autoexec.cfg does not activate in OpenJK
  14. problem solved, don't know what happened, but Blender is working the way it should, I can activate texture mode with my textures showing and visible
  15. I tried your suggestion, it does not work
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