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    I was approached by a JKA player named DarthValeria about making a map for his Machinima project. He wanted a YT-2000 Freighter. I went ahead and built this map using the YT-2000 Freighter as basis, and drew some inspiration from Sith-J-Cull's Falcon. No weapons added or items, Map supports Duel and casual FFA, but mostly designed with Roleplay in mind. Source file for map: yt2000e_source.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit needed but is appreciated. BSP/Map name: yt2000e Creator: ZidZabre Website: http://zidzabre.com Botroutes: Yes New Content: No BaseJKA: Yes
  2. I haven't touched single player in a while. But i would assume you could run a mp map in sp, you could always try it out trough console commands.
  3. 511 downloads

    This was an old project i decided to dig upp and patch up and just finish. This map is a new version of one of my old maps "New FFA Bespin". JKHubs link: https://jkhub.org/files/file/335-new-ffa-bespin/ I wanted to add more to it, and expand on the map. Source file for map: ffa_bespin_city_source.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit needed but is appreciated.
  4. It has bot support, no new content. No textures should be missing since it's all base JKA.
  5. 142 downloads

    I decided to try getting back into map creation for JKA as a side hobby. So i made this FFA map just to get a few things out of my system. The map is Korriban themed, and very FFA centric, with a duel room for those who wish to just chill and duel. Source file for map: ffa_temple_grounds.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit needed but is appreciated. It's all base JKA. It has bot support.
  6. so this is the restaurant end of the universe. The last outpost for where the jka people has ended up. Frankly i just want to see a JK4. *looks around* Yea i think it is more likely for DNF to have a release date.....wait a minute, it did! yay! Anyhow, I'm ZidZabre, old timer JKA player and map maker, (No, i do not do requests for your clan or whatever.) I have been working on a map project, that may be very well my last one. We will see.
  7. zidzabre

    Duel Taris


    Author: ZidZabre Heres a duel map based of taris. its buidlt from the mixture of ingame screenshots and some concept art images. it has two reachble platforms and some reasonable duel space. Theres also 3 speeders, 1 flying above map, 1 landing and taking of main platform a nd the last one is hovering beetween two platforms. i did the layout with my own original touch seeing as i never played kotor before. there's some elevators on some of the buildings..ride them if you wish O_o
  8. zidzabre

    Hidden Beach


    Author: ZidZabre This is a duel map. Ok... Its a hidden beach surrounded by cliffs and vegetation. It also contains a few Temple ruins and out of nowhere a FRELLIN BEACH BAR! really... Duel to yer hearts content or just load the map in FFA mode and hang out.
  9. 59 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre I was playing around with brushes in GTK radiant and ended up making a companion cube from portal. This is a fairly accurate copy of the real companion cube. Also i managed to make this a ASE file.
  10. 257 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre several months ago i was asked by Grizzlybear of Renegade clan to make them their own map...i happily accepted. So basically this is one huge map mainly designed for runnig around sabering and duelling and just goofing about with this and that. So we have 3 factions area Dark Jedi, Jedi And sith also main areas...1 BIG hall and a pub and secrets o_O
  11. 370 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre Its a watery Temple like Duel map. one big platform surrounded by temple ruins and water...
  12. 401 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre Well i know this map does not look really christmas like.. it was just meant to be a new dark city map...but since its december i added snow to it
  13. 414 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre Well some of us loved the old Bespin map...and some hated it.. But now i have created a new Bespin map ^^ This map includes several bridges and 2 platforms. hiding space and camping tower! Also this is my first map with Bot Support!
  14. zidzabre

    Reborn Kyle


    Author: ZidZabre Well this is a simple Kyle reskin...NOT made in paint He has white scarie eyes i darkend his skin...and made his hair look more black... The big downside is the boots...wich i faile very bad with This skin has custom sound but no bot/npc support...nor team support. But the custom sounds should be worth it
  15. 117 downloads

    Author: ZidZabre This map is made in Doom/Quake2 style for total action FFA/TFFA! The music comes from DooM 1 and is an Over Clocked remix of the song^^ There is alot of weapons/sheilds/medpaks so it will be full action!
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