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    This map is much better designed than your previous one, good work! I liked the arena fights but this is more like an FFA fun map, i wish there were more things to do all in all if this was intended for single player.
    Nice and short experience! The ending elevator was bugged if you missed it the first time, (and i wish it was a little longer) but other than that this was a fine level to complete with a force level 1 character, got those Jedi Outcast vibes going for it.
    Really nostalgic map! But even on a decent pc the fps drops were noticeable, and the enemy variety could have been a little more. Otherwise it was well crafted and returning elements from Jedi Outcast were a nice addition. As others have mentioned the player model and force powers load in a weird way also. Oh forgot to mention, would definitely like to see more of this ?
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