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Found 23 results

  1. Version (2008)


    *************************** JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION *************************** Title : Dark Forces Mod for Jedi Academy - Demo Version Author : The Dark Forces Mod Team E-Mail : darth_linux@msn.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknight.net File Name : dfmod_2008.zip File Size : 428 MB Date Released : 1/27/2007 Description : Files required to play the Dark Forces Mod Demo. The Dark Forces Mod aims to recreate the levels and playing experience of the LucasArts game "Dark Forces" using the modern 3D engine found in the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. This demo contains the first 6 levels of the game. This is the third release by the Dark Forces Mod Team, who, in November 2002, released a demo of the mod for Jedi Outcast. This release was met with wide critical acclaim, and it is our pleasure to present you with the third and final release. For more information, please visit our website. Enjoy the mod! Installation : Make a new directory calld "dfmod" inside your Jedi Academy/Game Data directory. Unzip the contents of the the demo ZIP into this directory. Make a new shortcut to jasp.exe on your desktop and edit the shortcut properties, adding this to the target line: "+set fs_game dfmod" Double click the icon to begin. Make sure you go into the Setup screen to change your keyboard preferences. Requirements : Jedi Academy must be patched to version 1.01 to work. Please set your graphics options to their highest settings for maximum enjoyment. Comments : Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army--one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination. Your Mission? Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster. Search a vast galaxy for clues, attack enemy bases - all in a desperate attempt to stop the activation of this fearsome new weapon. It's you and your blaster against an entire Empire. May the Force be with you. Release Notes : Note that there are a few controls different to Jedi Academy. Please check out your controls and adjust accordingly. Known Bugs/Issues *Dianoga makes no distinct "attack" sound when attacking player.[no known solution] *Concussion Rifle" appears at times in Weapon Inventory when Left Arrow is clicked. [no known solution] *No lip sync in Sewers cutscene if EAX is enabled. [EAX should be disabled for this mod.] *Light Saber appears in some levels if melee weapon is chosen. [no known solution] *There is no animation when throwing the Detonator [JA engine does not have one] *Size of Concussion Rifle and Repeater Gun ground weapons are very small. [salv could possibly resize them larger] THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  2. 403 downloads

    This mod was released in five parts between 2005 and 2009 by Larry McBruce. Now, in 2022, I combined all chapters into one, so you can play all mods about Nina as a one story. Installation instructions: Place “Nina_Anthology” folder and "Nina_Anthology.bat" file from this archive into your Jedi Academy "GameData" folder. Run mod by double-clicking "Nina_Anthology.bat" file **Optional** Remove "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you don’t want to play with manually upgradable force powers. Remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" files from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want to play mod with original models. Or just remove "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder to use original models for reborn characters and new models for everybody else.Remove "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want tokeep E11 rifle’s red blaster bolt from the original game. Play the mod and have fun! Blue E11 blaster bolt In the original mods, starting from chapter 3, Larry decided to make the E11 blaster bolt blue. You can either keep it or, if you want, you can delete "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file to retain the original blaster bolt. There were also some little additions I made for the original mods: New Voice-over First of all in original mods chapters 1,2,5 weren’t voiced. I generated voice-over for that chapters using Ivona reader. It’s not always good and of course generated voice is way worse than real human speech. But i guess its better than having no voice-over at all. If you think otherwise, you can just mute the voice channel in the setting of the game during those chapters. Force progression: In original mods, force powers of the player was set to a specific level for each map. In this mod anthology, I added more RPG style progression for force powers. After every level player can choose force power to develop. Similar to the way it was done in original Jedi academy game. Also i changed script for the holocrons that player can find closer to the end of the game. In original mod, those holocrons were upgrading heal and grip force power to 3rd level. But in this anthology, player might have 3rd level grip and heal at the moment the holocrons are found. So in this anthology one holocron upgrades all dark force powers to 3rd level, and the other all light. However if you don’t like this force manual upgrading, you can go back to the way it was designed in the original mods. Just delete "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from mod folder. Player’s customization: I added player customization. You can choose some jedi_tf, jedi_hf and jedi_zf reskinned costumes for your player.And also some textures from "Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for additional costumes for player. Model replacement: I replaced some old models from Jedi Academy with newer and better versions created by various modders. I also created some reskins for Larry’s NPCs. Previously, they were mostly reskins from the original game. To see the changes look on the screenshots, in this archive. If you want to play mod with original models, just remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" from mod folder. Credits: Models from "CT Elite Force 3" mod by tobe_one used for rocket launcher and sniper rifle. Stormtroopers by DT85. Backpack and pouches from Sandtrooper model by HapSlash was added to DT85 stormtrooper model. TFU trooper reskins by Barricade24 used for stormtrooper snipers. Nina's privateer stormtrooper reskin by zahar0z. Imperial officers by HapSlash. Pellaeon reskin by zahar0z. Imperial Kyle's face texture by DarthPhae was used for Moff Serenim. Count Dooku's cape by HapSlash was used for Moff Serenim. ROTJ Luke Skywalker by Toshi. Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for jedi zombies from chapter 2. Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Jedi customization" and "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for Chancellor Alamacy's, Ship's, scientist Kaplan's, Rogue Jedi Aldeo's and various reborn's faces. Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos, was slightly reskined by Zahar0z and used for Chancellor Alamacy's, and scientist Kaplan's costumes. Improved Jedi_hm by DT85 was used for Horatio and Ship. Textures from "Default Jedi Replacement" by Sharad Hett edited and used for Horatio's face. Textures from "Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for zabrak sisters NPCs from chapter5. Trandoshan Head Improvement by Darth Shiftee. Devaronian mercenary by AshuraDX. Human merc reskin by Spaghetti used for for devaronian mercs costume. Boushh by Dwayne "oddjob" Douglass. "Greedo" rodian reskin by Circa was used for rodians. Rodian reskin from "ultimat Jedi Academy" mod by Hollywood was used for Saask. Dark forces gran reskin by Barricade24 was used for some of the grans. Human merc reskins for nobleman and Elvan by Zahar0z. Hazardtrooper reskins by zahar0z. Armored reborn model was used for reborns, shadowtroopers, and rogue jedi master Aldeo. This model was kitbashed by zahar0z. It is using parts of the Clone Trooper model by Neomarz1, Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash, and Stormtroopers by DT85. Unfortunately, I couldn't contact Larry McBruce to ask for his permission to use his mods for this re-release. But I really tried to use his work as respectfully as I can. I just wanted to give this awesome mods another small time in the spotlight. Known bugs: Sometimes player gain unintentional additional lightsaber fighting styles after finishing a level. If you play with "force progression" feature, and chose a map or chapter from main menu, instead of playing chronologically then your player would not have starting light or dark force powers. You can still upgrade force powers after a level.
  3. 347 downloads

    ORIGINAL AUTHOR: DARROW LINDER Date Created : February 22, 2006 Overview: --------- Ahhhhh... Finally done. 35 levels, 150000 brushes, 25000 lines of script, 40000 entities and 3000 hours of blood and sweat. EY:4 - The Lost Maps. Let's get this out of the way first. I know the download is big. Sorry. I've made every effort to keep the mod as small as possible. There are 20-30 hours of gameplay here, so it will be worth the download, I hope. If you played my first conversion, Escape: Yavin IV, then hold on to your hats. This is an extension of the first conversion, but includes 25 additional levels, a new story, vehicle levels, space levels, additional duels and puzzles, and customized interface (including a 'Chapters' menu that enables you to play any game level), on-the-fly saber upgrades, and three endings (that's right 'THREE' endings). Your choices during the game decide your fate. Given the length of the game, I have eased up on the difficultly of the game a bit (just a bit). Nuff said. Installation: ------------- BEFORE YOU INSTALL, YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING: 1. Remove *all* custom pk3s and mods from your base / GameData folder 2. Remove *all* custom pk3s and mods from your base / GameData folder 3. Remove *ALL* custom pk3s and mods from your base / GameData folder Failure to do so will likely result in the game failing to even start. So please don't ask me why the game won't start if you haven't done this. To install this map, extract the contents of the ZIP file into the 'GameData' folder of your Jedi Academy install directory. Double-click the batch file in the GameData folder and you're on your way. I've been running with the 1.1 patch. If you don't have it, play at your own risk. Story: ------ Basically, the Sith have dominated the galaxy. The good guys (called the Alliance) are threatened. The game will feed you some hints that explain the reason for the Sith control. Of course, you have to come to the rescue to save the universe from total Sith control (oh, unless you choose to become a Sith). The rest of the story pretty much tells itself. Please note that if you choose to jump around the levels using the chapters menu, you will not get the entire story. Just keep that in mind. It is recommended you play through in normal game mode before jumping around. Gameplay: --------- In all, there are 38 levels (12 cinematic levels and 26 playable levels). Unlike the traditional game (JKIII), your saber upgrades occur as you defeat your opponents. Each level also offers your a chance to 'trade' your saber for one encountered up to that point in the game. Like the cool saber disc your opponent has? Defeat him, and take it! It's that simple. Issues: ------- There are two really big issues: 1. level2_saber_shipment always hangs for me when it is *not* loaded as the first level in the game. ** If this occurs, you can use the Chapters menu to start a new game from this point in the game. 2. After some time of playing, the game seems to 'hang' after about 90 seconds from a save point. It does not happen in the same level or in the same place in the level. The problem only occurs after playing and saving for SEVERAL HOURS continuously (essentially the same game). Restarting and loading the saved game does not correct the problem. ** If this occurs, you can use the Chapters menu to start a new game from where you left off. 3. My hard drive crashed and I lost *everything* associated with this game just a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, I had already posted a V4 Beta, so really what you are playing is Beta V4+ here. Everything pretty much works fine, but I lost all of the .map and script files. So... If you use the Chapters menu to start the ending levels of the game (Chapters 8 - 11), you'll need to use the cheats to setup your force powers. ** Bring up the console then type: > helpusobi 1 > setforceall 3 There's other little detailed things, most of which you probably won't even notice, so it's not worth mentioning... Credits: -------- Without these contributors, this game would not be. Beta Testers: ============= Tester #1 ............................ Theos Burgess Tester #2 ............................ Captain Shuttle Tester #3 ............................ Mr11 Tester #4 ............................ Chris Jackson Skins: ====== Aayla Secura ......................... Mars Marshall & Dark_Cuillere Abbaddon ............................. El Cuko Asajj Ventress ....................... Monsoontide and Psyk0Sith BPPloKoon ............................ [BP]Plokoon Bain Elite v2 ........................ -=SOTG=-Bain_Elite Boba Fett ............................ Brian Jones (Bones) Darth Maul 1 ......................... mrdefender Darth Maul 2 ......................... broken_hope & Aaron Smith & Chesire Darth Omega .......................... KAZZZ Darth Savet .......................... Brejo Savet Death ................................ +]Nekroscop[+ Egor ................................. Unknown FemOffee ............................. Mars Marshall General Grievous ..................... Mars Marshall Howler ............................... Light Ninja Knight ............................... Unknown Lamasu ............................... Crying Gods Germany Lizard Reptile ....................... Tps_sithrouge Mace Windu ........................... Aaron Smith Maddog JKA ........................... Maddog Magna Guard .......................... Mars Marshall Mandalorian Sniper ................... Innocent Hawk Neo Reborn ........................... Drakkan Ninja ................................ Tim & Jimesu_Evil & Shady-D & Satanmaster & Playingkarrde Noghri ............................... RO Agent Smith Olts Keldor .......................... OLTS /// Lord Vili **** Pit Droid ............................ Matt-Liell & Scouttrooper RAB-24 ............................... Chairwalker Raptor ............................... Thrawn42689 & Graves & LightNinja Razchrome ............................ Unknown Rodian ............................... Darth Algar Sabergirl ............................ v2 by Sabergirl Samus ................................ Kurtis 'KMan' Smith Shinobira ............................ Crying Gods Germany Sithress ............................. DarthVengeant Soulseeker ........................... Unknown Spawn ................................ Stingray Swoop Racer .......................... Nick Aikenhead (Kahn) Witchblade ........................... {EJA}DarthVengeant{S} Xian ................................. Unknown Yarael Poof .......................... Mars Marshall & PsykOSith & Nomad Yoda ................................. Darth Dizzy & Team Yoda Younglings ........................... Mars Marshall Zabrak Male .......................... Darth Algar Sound Effects: ============== Enhanced Saber Sounds ................ Aryyn Grievous Sounds ...................... Kurt Libengood Voice Acting: ============= Darth Maul ........................... Mr11 Jedi ................................. Darrow Linder Jedi Master Nadoo .................... Mr11 Jedi Master Savet .................... Darrow Linder Jedi Master Secura ................... The Light Side Jedi Master Windu .................... Mr11 Mirala ............................... The Light Side Queen Mothma ......................... The Light Side Rosh Penin ........................... Darrow Linder Sith Lord ............................ Darrow Linder Sithress ............................. The Light Side Saber Models: ============= Crystal Hilt ......................... {THC}ShovelHead CyberNinja ........................... Revan Dark Darth Maul ........................... Unknown Desann Saber ......................... CHoSeN ONe Dual Lightstaff Sabers ............... Red Sith Eclipse Saber ........................ +POO+Sigma Imales ............................... IMALES (Damir Berkovic) Light Disc ........................... Wolrajh/Xantcha Majestic Sai Staff ................... Tiri Punisher ............................. Darth Khan & Lord G-Spot Reborn Saber ......................... CHoSeN ONe Skywalker Saber ...................... CHoSeN ONe Star Wars Classic Sabers ............. Revan Dark TS Custom Sabers ..................... Trauma Sensei X-Saber .............................. Jon Hill Textures: ========= Custom Textures 1 .................... BerneyBoy Custom Textures 2 .................... Shaithis Water and Ripples .................... Sith J Cull (Arevas) Sith Command Ship .................... Sith J Cull (Ep3 Mappack) Weapons: ======== Rocket Effects ....................... Rhinen Concussion Effects ................... Spector Disruptor Effects .................... Spector Vehicles: ========= Duality .............................. Manquesa, RaSiN_HeCk Sith Speeder ......................... Duncan_10158 & Monsoontide Speeder Bike ......................... Duncan_10158 & Monsoontide STAP ................................. Duncan_10158 Interface: ========== Menu Tutorial ........................ Red Sith Startup Screen Images ................ http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Lair HUD .................................. Chewy≤/Uber Noober≤ Maps: ===== duel_valley (modified and extended) .. Raven (all other maps were done by me)
  4. Version 4.0.3


    REQUIREMENTS >> Jedi Academy Patch (PC) 1.01 << RECOMMENDED >> Jedi Knight Academy Particle Physics << 1. You can choose every Saber Type in the start of any new game 2. You can choose a new Saber hilt in the start of any new game (Kyle, Luke, Mara, Vader, Ben, Qui Gon, Obi Wan, Dooku, Maul, Sidious) 3. You can choose every Saber Style in the start of any new game (Styles are limited and depends on hilt - Fast, Medium, Strong, Tavion or Dessan) 4. You can choose the Saber color red for every saber type in the start of any new game 5. Kick your enemy if he is close to the end of life 6. Saber staff can cut from enemies and they will weild them in the dual style 7. Use only the truly associated Powers from the movies in the start of any new game (Removed Force-Rage, drain, protect and absorb) 8. Available Force Powers are now on level 3 in the start of any new game (Force-Grip, Pull, Lightning, Throw and Speed) 9. Enemies can now dismembered in the start of any new game without use of console, an hex, hook or a trainer! (batch file, autoexec.cfg and setdismember.cfg are necessary) INSTALLATION 01. If you use the previous version, JKA SP Unlocker, please delete the old files before. 02. Extract the content of JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_byNardja.zip and run the setup.exe 03. Choose the directory of your Jedi Academy installation (C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData) ATTENTION I've compiled the .BAT files to executables with the program Bat2Exe http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/PHP_WinBinder:_Project#Create_an_EXE_file The execuatbles can return a false AV Positive! But i guess they are clean and not dangerous! If players adding new characters after the installation of the Unlocker, they need a update for the "MENUS.str". Otherwise species name of added characters or saber names aren't shown. Secondary links to Main Modification or reverted editions UPDATED Mediafire-Download Link: SP Unlocker v403 - Main Edition Setup http://www.mediafire.com/download/adgibhxmv184rxz/JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_byNardja.zip --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SP Unlocker v403 - Auto Block Edition http://www.mediafire.com/download/bd21ds1daz6i5ic/JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_AutoBlock_byNardja.zip +enabled Auto Blocking again (Need setcvar.cfg replacement) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SP Unlocker v403 - No Blood Edition (Only main .pk3 file) http://www.mediafire.com/download/l3x0jgjgg9ddcpo/JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_NoBlood_byNardja.zip -Bloody Dismembered is removed --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SP Unlocker v403 - No Blood All Force Edition (Only main .pk3 file) http://www.mediafire.com/download/ai7jdt4rh1zltad/JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_NoBlood_AllForce_byNardja.zip -Bloody Dismembered is removed +enabled Force Rage, Drain, Protect and Absorb powers again --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SP Unlocker v403 - All Force Edition (Only main .pk3 file) http://www.mediafire.com/download/u6vj6c7j9f666fa/JKJA_SP_Unlocker_v4.0.3_AllForce_byNardja.zip +enabled Force Rage, Drain, Protect and Absorb powers for NPC's & Player again (atm the Forces, Protect, Absorb and Shield cause an color change for RGB characters in the time of activation!) If you want to use Manual Blocking, 01. Open Launcher and click on AUTOEXEC button 02. Change the "MOUSE4" of the command, bind MOUSE4 "+block" (You can open a HELP.cfg in Launcher with the [?] Question mark button) If you want to disable the Manual Blocking in reverted editions, (Download one of the reverted editions above this tutorial) 01. Go to Base directoy 02. Open the setcvar.cfg 03. Now search for the cvar "seta g_saberAutoBlocking" and change the "0" to "1" 04. Open Unlocker_v403.pk3 with WinRAR (Not 7zip or something other) 05. Double click on setcvar.cfg and open it with notepad 06. Search for the cvar "seta g_saberAutoBlocking" and change the "0" to "1" again 07. Save the file and WinRAR will ask If you want to update the archive, click Yes 08. Close WinRAR and start the Launcher
  5. 239 downloads

    ORIGINAL AUTHOR: DARROW LINDER This is a new single player mission for Jedi Academy. It utilizes models, skins, and saber models that I found interested from the jk3files.com over the past year or so. The bits posted by other authors have been stripped down to their bare minimum, to keep the size of this mod down as much as possible. Some highlights: - New and different opponents / challenges in each level of the game - Custom SP maps (13 in all including 2 bonus and 1 cinematic level) - Custom missions with helper NPC's - Custom menus including saber descriptions - Custom saber models - Custom saber abilities - Custom sounds and sound effects - Custom music - Custom visual effects - Custom weapon effects - Custom skins - Custom cinematics (almost an hours worth throughout the game) - Custom HUD - Custom objectives (43 in all) - Secret areas included in nearly all the maps - Powerful sabers and force abilities from the beginning - Several opportunities to upgrade / replace your sabers - Over 20 new opponents with varying levels of difficulty - Approximately 10-14 hours of challenging game play A walkthrough is provided in GameData/escape when you install the mod. This mod is hard -- much more difficult than JA -- but very playable. So if you pick this up, expect something more challenging than what you're used to. Installation: ------------- To install this map, extract the contents of the ZIP file into the 'GameData' folder of your Jedi Academy install directory. Double-click the batch file in the GameData folder and you're on your way. ************************************************ PLEASE USE THE BATCH FILE TO LAUNCH AND RUN JA WITH THIS MOD PLEASE DO NOT USE WITH ANY OTHER JA MODIFICATION ************************************************ To un-install, simply remove the 'escape' folder and the .bat file from your GameData folder in your JA install directory. Story: ------ This starts out pretty much where Jedi Academy left off. It assumes you chose 'the dark side', stole the scepter, and went on your way of domination. Because of your dark ways, what was left of the imperial and rebel forces were destroyed by bands of cultists and other dark jedi. A powerful Sith gathered followers (called loyalists) and made a deal with you. Hand over the scepter, or die. Your life was spared, but the scepter is now in the hands of the Sith. He threw you in prison cell buried in the rugged mountains on the planet moon of Yavin to rot. Your force powers faded as the sith dominated planet after planet. You home is the last to be overthrown. In a deperate attempt to contact you, the queen from your home planet used her telepathic ability to send you a message. Your force powers have faded to the point where you can't receive the distress call. After years of meditation, you realize the error in your ways and wish to seek revenge on the Sith. An accident gives you a chance to escape. And this is where story begins... Gameplay: --------- In all, there are 13 levels (1 is a cinematic level only and two are 'bonus' levels that give you a chance to upgrade sabers). Each of the levels have anywhere from 3-8 objectives that must be fullfilled before proceeding. To estimate the length of the mod, from start to finish is probably somewhere between 10 and 14 hours. This entire mod is one very long mission broken up into 13 maps. The opponents get progressively more difficult (although your force powers and your opportunity for saber upgrades keeps the playing field somewhat fair) throughout the game. One hint: keep a close eye on your cursor for things to push or break -- it is sometimes required to continue on with the level. You may want to turn on force hint in your config (cg_crosshairForceHint) if you can't work things out. Enough said -- you can figure out the rest. GAMEPLAY: Issues: ------- There really aren't too many issues. I found a few bugs with JA itself. The noticable issues include: - JA crashes during simultaneous thermal detonator and saber throw effects - Saber properties sometimes ignored on restart of JA and loading saved game - JA leaks memory (I watched it). These maps are very large, and playing across several of the levels (like most of them) for an extended perior of time will lead to a decreased frame rate. Restarting JA corrects the problem. - Some of the cut scenes and cinematics are a little unstable. Some of the sound cuts out part way through and sometimes the NPC don't go to their specified navgoals. I don't know, maybe my problem, but they work sometimes, sometimes not. - There are a couple of brushes with issues. One causes a HoM effect (tiny little sliver of a brush in a massive area -- but you have to walk over it). A few brushes have some vertex problems, so there are gaps. I didn't bother to go back and fix them -- they are hardly noticeable and don't impact gameplay. There's close to 85000 brushes in this entire game and probably less that 10 with noticable issues. That's about all worth noting. Credits: -------- The following lists the skins, saber models, mods, etc. that were all put together to create this mod: Skins: ====== Abbaddon ............................. El Cuko Asajj Ventress ....................... Monsoontide and Psyk0Sith BPPloKoon ............................ [BP]Plokoon Bain Elite v2 ........................ -=SOTG=-Bain_Elite Boba Fett ............................ Brian Jones (Bones) Darth Maul ........................... mrdefender Death ................................ +]Nekroscop[+ Egor ................................. Unknown Howler ............................... Light Ninja Knight ............................... Unknown Lamasu ............................... Crying Gods Germany Maddog JKA ........................... Maddog Neo Reborn ........................... Drakkan Razchrome ............................ Unknown Sabergirl ............................ v2 by Sabergirl Samus ................................ Kurtis 'KMan' Smith Shinobira ............................ Crying Gods Germany Sithress ............................. DarthVengeant Soulseeker ........................... Unknown Swoop Racer .......................... Nick Aikenhead (Kahn) Witchblade ........................... {EJA}DarthVengeant{S} Xian ................................. Unknown Sound Effects: ============== Enhanced Saber Sounds ................ Aryyn Saber Models: ============= Light Disc ........................... Wolrajh/Xantcha Eclipse Saber ........................ +POO+Sigma Dual Lightstaff Sabers ............... Red Sith X-Saber .............................. Jon Hill Desann Saber ......................... CHoSeN ONe Skywalker Saber ...................... CHoSeN ONe Reborn Saber ......................... CHoSeN ONe Majestic Sai Staff ................... Tiri Punisher ............................. Darth Khan & Lord G-Spot Imales ............................... IMALES (Damir Berkovic) Darth Maul ........................... Unknown Weapons: ======== Rocket Effects ....................... Rhinen Concussion Effects ................... Spector Disruptor Effects .................... Spector Interface: ========== Menu Tutorial ........................ Red Sith Startup Screen Images ................ http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Lair HUD .................................. Chewy²/Uber Noober² Maps: ===== duel_valley (modified and extended) .. Raven t3_rift_sample (excerpts only) ....... Raven t2_rancor_sample (exceprts only) ..... Raven
  6. Version 1.0


    Pair with my Prequel Music Replacement for BEST results! The Prequel Conversion mod will do exactly that: convert the Single Player campaign story and experience into that of the prequel Star Wars movies (Episodes I, II, and III). This includes replacing various characters to those in the movies. A list will be given below to reveal what is replaced: Characters: - Trade Federation Battledroids (with corresponding rank colors):Stormtroopers, Imperials, Snowtroopers - Super Battledroids: Imperials, Rocket Troopers, Stormtrooper Commander, Saboteur - Droidekas: Hazardtroopers, Assassin Droids - Maganaguards with Electrostaff: Cultists - Jango Fett: Boba Fett - Nute Gunray: Racto (the guy on Coruscant who's making illegal droids) - Wat Tambor: Rax (the fat Imperial who chases Jaden for sport) - Clone troopers (Mark II): Rebel, Wedge Weapons: - E-5 Blaster Rifle (Battledroid blaster): E-11 Blaster Rifle (Stormtrooper blaster) - KiSteer 1284 sniper rifle (Zam Wessel's rifle): Tenloss Projectile Sniper Rifle - DC-15A Repeating Blaster (Clone Assault Blaster): Imperial Repeater Vehicles: - Hailfire droid: AT-ST - Republic Gunship/ARC-170 Starfighter: X-Wing (Cinematic/Vehicle) - Jedi Starfighter (Mark II): Z-95 - Vulture Droid Starfighter: TIE Fighter - Trifighter/Soulless One (Grievous' Starfighter): TIE Bomber Effects: - Blaster pistol: from yellow to red - Repeater: from yellow and round to blue and normal looking - Turrets: yellow to red Voices: - Nute Gunray has a brand new voice, thanks to a friend who is an excellent voice actor. - Wat Tambor has Rax's voice but with effects to make it sound more like his. - Dialogue from Jaden is changed to say Jango in instead of Boba - Stormtrooper conversations are changed to droid conversations. I had to think, "What would droids talk about?" - Cultist conversations with each other and with Alora are now more "magnaguard" sounding. I did the best I could. - Rebel/Wedge dialogue is filtered to sound like it's from a Clone trooper helmet. - Dialogue that mentions the Empire or Stormtroopers has either been changed to say droids or just removed with context in tact Misc: - Levelshots updated to reflect various changes (mostly the vehicles) - All subtitles and menus edited to remove all mention of Imperial/Empire/Stormtroopers and to reflect dialogue changes - Menus and HUD changed to reflect new weapons. - The Super Battledroid uses it's own animations thanks to the MBII team. It also uses the old bryar slot that isn't used in JA. - All scripting issues were resolved all thanks to therfiles at JKHub. He was oh so very helpful. Comments: This is a quite large mod that I started quite a long time ago with the original release of my "Battledroid SP" mod. I took a long break from modding and returned to work on this mod. It is not quite finished, as it will become a slightly larger mod. This is only version 1. Version 2 might come before I merge this into something slightly bigger eventually. The majority of the content in this mod is not mine at all. I merely combined a lot of pre-existing material from other authors to make this. That made it easier and definitely better, as my work would not be anywhere near as good, but I still worked really hard on this in all other ways. FOR BEST RESULTS: Play with maximum dismemberment. An autoexec.cfg is included with the necessary settings for this. It's the only way to do it in JA SP. Bugs: - Most are unavoidable unfortunately, but aren't really major. - The Droidekas use the emplaced gun effects, so when using a turret, it will sound like the Droideka gun sounds. - The plot still doesn't make sense, due to the main characters like Luke and Kyle still being involved. Obviously this doesn't make sense canonically and historically. The next version will fix this. There is no interference with Multiplayer as far as I can tell. I don't play it, so let me know if there are any issues. Future version: I hope to continue this project even further, replacing the main characters as best as I can, complete with voices to match the characters. My plan is to replace Luke with Mace Windu, Kyle with Obi-Wan, and Alora with Grievous. I might replace Tavion with Dooku, but I'm not sure yet. Other details will be revealed and discussed on JKHub. Credits: - Prophet and Major Clod for the Battledroid model. It's so old, yet it's the best model of a battledroid. Good times! - Movie Battles II team - TK231 for his effects (Blue blaster, droideka, etc) - Duncan_10158 for the Droideka and Hailfire - and whoever was the author of the SBD and it's skeleton/animations - the E-5 blaster - - Pahricida for the DC-15A rifle - Manquesa for the Jedi Starfighter model - Majin Revan/Hatrus for the Droid Starfighter/Vulture droid - Inyri for the Trifighter model - Minilogoguy18 for the ARC-170 star fighter - Mars Marshall for the Gunship, Magnaguard, Jango Fett, Clone trooper, and Zam rifle models - Kurtis 'KMan' Smith/Psyk0Sith for the Wat Tambor model - Wytchking/Wector for the Nute Gunray model - therfiles for his butt-saving help with scripting fixes and being helpful with suggestions and testing - Everyone at JKHub that is being helpful with suggestions and help with my endless thread making in the assistance forum Installation: Windows: Put the pk3 in your base folder found in Program Files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Gametdata/base/ Mac: Either in the app base folder (right click, show contents), or in user/library/containers/com.aspyr.jediacademy.appstore/data/library/application support/jedi academy/base The autoexec.cfg goes in the base folder as well.
  7. 466 downloads

    Author: Steven Brown (Blaster) Date Of Release: August 2004 Description: This is the sequel to my singleplayer map 'The Dark Alliance'. If you have not yet played 'The Dark Alliance' then I suggest you download and play it before you play this one. Also you may want to play 'The Mainframe 2.0' before you play 'The Dark Alliance' to have the ultimate experience. You can get them from the following websites: The Mainframe The Dark Alliance I hope you enjoy the final part of the Dark Alliance Trilogy just as much as I did making it. - Blaster Story: After the events at Narshaddaa the New Republic found that Tavion had somehow been able to clone Darth Vader. The Vader Clones are now being used as frontline troops for the Dark Alliance forces. With the death of their leader Tavion, the Dark Alliance are somehow still able to function and are taking control of countless star systems throughout the galaxy. The Jedis numbers are thin but with the help of Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn, the Jedi are still managing to hold their own against the almighty Dark Alliance. The New Republic now fear that the Dark Alliance may close in and try to seize the power from the Valley of the Jedi. This must not be allowed to happen. And so the New Republic have decided that it is time for the Valley to be destroyed. Countless Jedi Knights now keep watch over the demolition operation to hold back any attack that may come from the Dark Alliance. The New Republic have enlisted the help of Mara Jade to also assist with the operation and she is now traveling to the Valley of the Jedi to witness the destruction of the main Valley's fountain of power. FEAR IS THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE. FEAR LEADS TO ANGER, ANGER LEADS TO HATE, HATE LEADS TO SUFFERING. - JEDI MASTER YODA Additional Credits: I am in no way responsible for the other models and MODS that have been included in this MOD. I only take credit for the maps. All other credit goes to the authors of the other MODS and you can see who is responsible for these in the closing credits at the end of the level. STAFF EDIT: We pulled the credits from the strings file. Credits are below. Vengeance of the Sith - Steven Brown (Blaster) Darth Vader MOD - Michael Frost Stealth Jedi Gear for Kyle - HapSlash Darth Maul Model - Adam "Cheshire" Lee Red Darth Maul Skin - Kurtis "Kman" Smith Reborn Ghost - Seraph Darth Cinerate (Vader Clones) Skin - Magnetixxx Darth Omega-Jedi Legend (Darth Shimzu) - KAZZZ Lord Anakin the Clone War Hero Version 2 (Darth Telroth) - {DX}Dastard Darth Malak Model - ksk h2o Han Solo Player Model - Major Clod Mara Jade Player Model & Saber Hilt - Edward Peretti Ancient Elder (Sith Lords Knight) Reborn Skins - BeakerBongload & Nova Sith Speeder - Monsoontide Quake 3 Jump Pad Model - Evil Lair Quake 3 Judge Model - Ewooz Sith Statue Skin - Zahriel Omega Classic Dark Kyle - JRA Wolf Sith Stormtrooper Skin - Jason (Fooky) Episode II Saber Blades - The RattleSnake Alaris Jedi Academy Hilt Pack - Alaris Clone Jar Map Object - Zymotico Battle-Droid Rifle and DL-44 - Dan Kapphahn Cinematic Saber and Weapons SFX - Patrick Prequel Saber Sound FX (Final) - Aryyn Lord Skulldron Voice (Darth Telroth's Voice) - John Tinning "Hud is really there" HUD/MOD - McCleod Vengeance of the Sith Menus - Zanatio Installation Information & Playing Notes: Make sure you have the latest patch for the game! Using Winzip or WinRAR, unzip the 'Vots' folder and the 'Vots.bat' file into the JK3/GameData folder. Then simply double click the 'Vots.bat' icon to play. Once installed I recommend seeing how the game will be easier using either the staff or dual lightsabers that it may be best playing the game on 'Jedi' difficulty with the single saber and play the game on 'Jedi Knight' difficulty while using the saber staff or dual sabers. When selecting the single saber style please note that the style you decide to choose will be the only fighting style you will use throughout the whole level! <<<!!!MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENABLED SUBTITLES IN THE GAME OPTIONS MENU, AS THEY ARE NEEDED FOR THE CUTSCENE DIALOGUE!!!>>> Construction Information: Known Bugs: If there are any slowdowns try turning off 'dynamic glow' in the 'video options' menu. You may want to skip certain cutscenes by pressing the use button. However the screen may appear to freeze but will have the words 'skipping cinematic' at the top. It hasn't froze, this is normal. You should just be patient and allow the cutscene to skip, which will happen after a few seconds. When part 4 is loading you may or may not have some problems. The briefing screen may freeze or you may get a 'CL_GetServerCommand:a reliable command was cycled out' error that will prevent you from going onto part 4. If this happens then you can try one of four things. Bring down the console with the combination of the 'left shift' and ` keys and then type in "map part_4" without the quotes and then press enter. If this doesn't work then try again but as it is trying to load, hit the 'escape' key to return back to the main menu and then try the above console command from the main menu. Quit the game and then reload the level. Restart the computer Reinstall the game and/or the MOD. Testing System Specifications: This MOD was tested on the following PC specifications: AMD Athlon XP 2400 Processor 1GB DDR RAM ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics Card Windows XP Home Edition License Agreement: * I admit that * (as required by the LEC License Agreement about Addon Levels) 1. My Level works only with the retail version of the Software, and does not work with any demo or OEM versions of the Software. 2. My Level does not modify any COM, EXE, DLL or other executable files. 3. My Level does not contain any illegal, scandalous, illicit, defamatory, libelous, or objectionable material (as may be determined by LEC in its sole discretion), or any material that infringes any trademarks, copyrights, protected works, publicity, proprietary, or other rights of any third party or of LEC. 4. My Level does not include any LEC sound effects or music files or portions thereof. 5. My Level identifies in every description file, on- line description, read-me, and in comments in the New Level code: (a) the name, address, and e-mail address of the level's creators, and (b) the following disclaimer: "THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. ELEMENTS TM & (C) LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY." 6. My Level may not be sold, bartered, or distributed with any other product for which any charge is made (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line), but rather must be distributed free of charge. 7. By distributing or permitting the distribution of any New Levels, all creators or owners of any trademark, copyright, or other right, title or interest therein grant to LEC an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, sub- licensable right to distribute the New Level by any means (whether now known or hereafter invented), and to create and distribute by any means (whether now known or here- after invented) derivative works thereof, and to charge for the distribution of such New Level or such derivative work, with no obligation to account to any creators or owners of the New Level in any manner. ============================================================================================ Copyright / Permissions ============================================================================================ Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels (just mention the author). THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. ELEMENTS TM & (C) LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY. You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).
  8. 485 downloads

    Castlevania Skin & Weapon This mod adds reskins, a new ranged weapon set & effects, new saber models, NPCs. install ------------------------------ put "BB_castlevania.pk3" file into \Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base uninstall ------------------------------ remove "BB_castlevania.pk3" file from \Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base NPC spawn codes ------------------------------ vamp1 vamp2 vamp3 succubus soma richter orc orc2 leon dracula1 dracula2 dracula3 demon alucard ------------------------------- all selectable from species menu as well SABER spawn codes ------------------------------ cane chain vampR vampL coffin cross bat_R bat_L edge ghost orc soma sword_s whip
  9. 998 downloads

    (PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT.TXT FILE IN THE .ZIP BEFORE PLAYING, AND PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE TWO LITTLE FILES UNDER THE CREDITS). NOTE: EAXSOUND need to be activated for ROQ videos. Epic Challenge Mod III is the third mod of my creation for SP. "Darth Lawn (ECMI villain) raised from the grave and conquered the galaxy, using the Zone Of Trouble, an ancient and absurd Area full of portals which allow the user to travel around differents worlds in instant. Kyle Katarn must stop him, but he will not success alone... With the help of Luke Skywalker, Lana and Duncan, will you be able to accomplish your destiny ?" This mod takes things in another level. I would say mapping has improved, game design also, and maps are a lot more various. In this one, I created A LOT of new ennemies, sometimes 4 just for one map. I offer variety, different worlds, more than 32 maps to play (and replay ! "South Plain" is a central map which allow you to revisit some ancient maps, keeping your progress and update...), the possibility to get new powers (like metamorphosis on certains platforms), mind control and something new: you will not play only Kyle, but you will be able to play also Lana and Duncan, two invented characters. Game is based from UbiSoft's underrated Tonic Trouble and from my mind. There are some bugs and things to know, so READ THE IMPORTANT.TXT file before playing ! Trust me, it's important. JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT SOME OF THEM HERE: - When you are a reborn you can't jump very high, so not forget to explore all secrets zones in Kyle. You'll understand. - There is a bug in one map, you have a blue lightsaber instead of the violet one. The bug only occures in one map. I would also say that I advice you to wait one second at least at every map begining because there are sometimes .roq cinematics. Cinematics and voiceovers are not quite good, I admit it... it's more a test, because it's new, but I had fun making it, with the others persons who played the voices, so I think you'll find it funny... or akwardly fun... The secrets are not like ECMI and ECMII. In this one, you'll find "E" letters, from "Epic Challenge Mod". Every time you found one, just screen it, send me it on JKHUb (personnal message) and say how you found it. Every time you do this you'll get points. "Blue E" are 5pts, "red E" 10pts and "green E" 50pts. There are only three green E in the mod. If you found them, very good ! NOTE: If a "E" color change, it means it's a new "E" and you can screen it again. So enjoy it, and may the force be with you !!! TO INSTALL THE MOD, extract all files in your game directory (LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/gamedata/) Make sure you put all files and folders in gamedata. You must have ECMIII pk3 in "gamedata/ECMIII" I HIGHLY recommand you to make an empty copy of JKA before playing my mod, because it is huge and adapted to an empty basegame. I can't assure you it will work if you have 137 .pk3 in your base/ folder... This is only compatible with Windows. You need all ECMIII gamedata files to not get an error. So not forget to make a copy of your gamedata folder before overwriting it with my files. TO PLAY WITH CORRECT LIGHTSABERS (FOR ENNEMIES), PLEASE DOWNLAOD THESE TWO LITTLE FILES: https://jkhub.org/files/file/28-beer-on-a-stick/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/2214-kylo-rens-lightaber-adx/ TWO TEASERS OF THE MOD:
  10. Version 1.1


    An update to the Dark Forces Mod Demo for Jedi Outcast, fixes some bugs with the mod and improves it a bit. Author : Dark Forces MOD Team E-Mail : darth_linux@planetblood.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknightii.net File Name : demo_update.pk3 File Size : 6177kB Date Released : 8/7/03 Description : Additonal files and updates for the Dark Forces MOD Demo Installation : Add this PK3 to your current Dark Forces MOD demo installation, where you have the demo_game.pk3. Requirements : Jedi Knight II must be patched to version 1.4 to work. The files demo_game.pk3, demo_music.pk3 and demo_video.pk3 are also needed. Comments : - Release Notes : - fixed shot effects for the Bryar pistol (including Imperial Officer shot) - added completely new Kyle model - EAX support for the Secret Base demo level - more sparkly helmet for the Imperial Commando - new Blaster and Bryar pistol models and skins - "correct" menu music - some shader fixes - one menu fix
  11. 482 downloads

    The original Dark Forces Mod demo for Jedi Outcast, made by the same team that made the Dark Forces 6 level demo for Jedi Academy, Enjoy! *************************** JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION *************************** Title : Dark Forces MOD for Jedi Knight II Demo - Game Files Author : Dark Forces MOD Team E-Mail : darth_linux@planetblood.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknightii.net File Name : demo_game.pk3 File Size : 12 MB Date Released : 11/27/2002 Description : Game files required to play the Dark Forces MOD Demo Installation : Create a new directory in the "GameData" sub directory of your Jedi Knight II folder called "dark". Place the demo_game.pk3 inside. Load up Jedi Knight II, goto the "Setup" menu, then "MODS" and click on "dark", then "Load Mod". To start a new game click on "New Agent". Enjoy! Requirements : Jedi Knight II must be patched to version 1.4 to work. The files demo_music.zip and demo_video.zip are also needed. Comments : Assume the role of rebel agent Kyle Katarn and infilitrate the Imperial Base in which the Death Star plans are kept. Find the plans, and make your escape. Release Notes : This is a demo! This does not neccessarily reflect the final version of the MOD! Also note that this is not attempting in any way to be an exact replica of the original Dark Forces game. Many things are different, aswell as many being the same. Enjoy this demo, but please bare these points in mind. Note there are a few controls different to Jedi Outcast. Please check out your controls and adjust accordingly. Known Bugs/Issues : Briar pistol secondary fire does not work 100% THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  12. JKHub

    Blade Mod Promo

    Version JK2


    Original Author: Covax Description: This is a Beta MOD to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. It is based on an updated Dragon Remix MOD to show what can be assembled in a small amount of time. It has been assembled from existing Jedi Outcast Mods to show what is possible with JKII and to prove that we are serious in building a kick-ass Mod. This Mod WILL effect the SP game as well, knock yourself out with the weapon effects. The Blade Mod still needs members, but so does every other Mod out there. This second demo is only partialy made form out original meterial but we felt we needed something to pitch the idea of a vampire-slaying mod. Currently we are seeking Mappers and Modelers. Although all skills are welcome (I don't see a problem with having 15 skiners) those two sets are proirity to get the Single Player going. - Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively - Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. - Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. Jump is 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. - Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. - Force Lightning replaced with a UV effect. - The visual effects of all of the weapons have been altered in some way. [Maps] 'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn [Common Weapon Commands] Type these into the console or bind them to other keys. /dualsaber -you get the dual 'energy' blades /dualblade -You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana. /hilt <hiltname> -Changed the right (main) weapon. /hilt2 <hiltname> -Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect. Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Kight of Dracul' in the Mods window. TCK-Sabers HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest 'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog) 'JediMoves Basic' by Master D-Ley Amas 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann 'Hyper Weapons Mod' by WeedWhacker 'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd Blade Promo: Characters Pack Description: This is a collection of skins and models to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. Some of these skins will replace existsing JKII skins. All characters (should) have Bot and Team support with the Blade Promo Demo 2. [slayers] Blade - The Daywalker - Original Skin by LeeJay, refitted by Leper Messiah Zia - Blade's 'sidekick' - Original Skin by Shadow Blight, tweaked by Covax Whistler - Blade's metor and trainer - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Rouges] Thanatos - Blade's nemesis in the full game - Model by Spehiroth_VII, reskin by Leper Messiah and Covax Snowman - Back to life by popular demand - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Volenkov - Werewolf with ties to Thanatos and Saul - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [black Ops] David Saul - Government Agent with a sinister plan - Suit by Kingpin, head by Jimmy Iu Agent - MiB's working for Saul - Original skin by Kingpin Sniper - Snipers working for Saul - Original model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah Black Ops Captain - Original model by Major Clod, reskin by Leper Messiah Flame Trooper - Soldiers trained to use flamethrowers - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Vampire Nation] Nergal - Vampire Lord crippled by Whistler - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Male Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Female Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah, tweekd by Shadow Blight Vampire Bouncer - Vampire cannon fodder in expensive suits - Original Model by Madjai, skin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax Rasta Vampire - Vampire club-hopper - Original Skin by Magnetixxx, tweeked by Covax and Leper Messiah Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Knight of Dracul' in the Mods window.
  13. Version V1.5


    Original Author: Covax Description: Basically this is SP skin/weapon modification, the 'hidden' sword styles and The Ladder level, which is a great way to test your swordsmanship. The Skins of Kyle, Luke and all the Reborn/Dark Jedi have been altered in several ways. First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up, the fact that the mod seems to effect the SP game is a bonus. Seeing Dessan do a butterfly kick will make your jaw drop. Instructions: Place in your GameData/base folder. Play as normal form the begining /or/ load up the exellect Ladder level from the Savegames or the console command 'map ladder'. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'The Ladder' by JediNight 'MGS2 Ninja MOD' by SquallStrife 'JediMoves 2' by Master D-Ley Asam 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann Weapons: 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120 'Shuriken Set 1' by Laghima 'Swords' by Sephiroth__VII Skins: 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Ultimate Shirtless Maul' by Septic Child 'Lord Rive' by ?? 'Cerann' by ?? 'Dark Kyle' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? Audio: 1 - Blood is Pumping (Club mix) by Voodoo & Serano 2/3/4 (you'll have to see..) Bugs: 1- I've been working on this for a week: I have no idea WHY but it seems that this mod no londer works in the single-player campain. I've narrowed it down to a possible problem with the modified Kyle skin/model, since replacing them with the 'plain' Kyle works fine. Fan-made single player levels (like The Ladder) seem to work ok, so it may just be a problem with the cutscenes. I'm working on it. 2- This MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the katana seems to be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning.
  14. liosk

    my new alora

    Version V1


    This is my vision of "Zabrak" especies Alora :changed alora saber styles changed alora sabers changed alora health changed alora force powers changed alora views changerd alora power now alora have two staff sabers: -------><------- -------><------- Ahutor : liosk Bug /error / i can fix it: alora new costumes change colors :wacko:
  15. Version 1.1


    The two backhand styles I made as a community request when The Force Unleashed I and II were popular. It's sp only. Use the command playermodel dbgalen. Because of the sabers included you'll have to turn the sabers off to switch styles. If you don't like that you'll need another backhand saber model. Feel free to use this in anyway you want.
  16. 267 downloads

    This is version two of my Tron Pack. It now has a much better set of skins using the jedi_hm and the jedi_hf models. It has seven colors, but no individual design. The tron disk also come in colors that are the same as the skins. The tron disk functions somewhat as a dagger, and I made the blade a little longer than the model, so you have less of a disadvantage. It only evens out (nearly, and against bots as far as I know) when you have two Disks against one saber. Readme Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy TITLE: Tron Pack Version Two AUTHOR: Zicmak FILENAME: tronpack_v2.pk3 FILESIZE: 16.5 MB DATE RELEASED: 26 September 2012 CREDITS: Me: Disk Model, Skins, the saber on sound Jonny2199 : Fixing the Glow shader for the tron disk, loop sound and adding the Saber-Off sound INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file and place tronpack_v2 into your base folder. If you use japlus (I have not used any other holstering mods... so it might work, I have no idea, feel free to try) place trondisk(for holstering mods).pk3 into 1. Japlus (or any other holstering mod) 2. Base (if you don't care how it is held and just want to throw it) DESCRIPTION: This is a Tron pack that includes a Tron disk saber weapon, and two tron player customization menu (male and female). It includes 7 colors - Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow and White. All the lines glow, and the Armour has a shine to it. Includes bots. BUGS: None that I know of COMMENTS: This definitely looks way better than my first one... If you use the trondisk(for holstering mods).pk3 the disk will float horizontally at the end of the models finger tips. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  17. Version v0.1


    New Player Skins : It's Vampire Reborn! Dark Reborn! Evil Reborn! Not Again Reborn! whatever you say 3 colors. plus 2 special skins for the special weapons all skins selectable as species. New Weapons : 3 unique claw weapons! All selectable from saber manu. For details check the "Weapon List". And you better read before you use Skin List You can chose vampire skins on the player making screen. Select "Vampire" as species. If the name or skins doesn't appear, just switch to other species and switch back again "HEAD" part will set player's "eye color". chose from "DARK", "RED", "BLUE". "TORSO" part has basically 3 color of body parts, "DARK", "RED", "BLUE". However there are also "DARK for claw" , "RED for claw" skins which you will see have no hands. O_O that's because they are designed to use the special vampire claw weapons, the claws shaped like hands. Read the "Weapon List" for details. You can also spawn those vampire NPCs and check how it works. * Only "BLUE" skin doesn't have the special "for claw" version since blue vampire use different type of claw. "LEGS" part has nothing to chose Weapon List Entry names and descriptions for the weapons: vampR * (right hand). This is a pair of claw which can be attached to the "DARK for claw" player skin. vampL * (left hand) all Left hand claws only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu. claw5R * (right hand). A pair of claw designed for the "RED for claw" player skin. be sure you chose the skin. claw5L * (left hand) Be sure you attach left side claw to the left hand or you will look silly in the game. clawR * (right hand). This pair of claw is designed for Blue Vampire. and doesn't need special skins to use. clawL * (left hand) It basically attaches to the wrist so every character with arms and hands can wear it NPC List To spawn NPCs: In a single player game, hit "SHIFT" and "~" key to open up console, type in "helpusobi 1" and hit ENTER to activate cheats. Type "npc spawn kyle" and ENTER, that will spawn a Kyle. Change the name for any NPC. Hit "SHIFT" and "~" again to exit console. vamp1 * a dark Vampire vamp2 * a red Vampire vamp3 * a blue Vampire
  18. Version 3


    TITLE : CT Elite Force v3 (skin & weapon) AUTHOR : Tobe FILENAME : BB_ct_elite3.pk3, BB_gun.pk3 FILESIZE : 15 MB DATE RELEASED : Aug/10/2014 NPC support : Yes Bot support : Yes Team support : Yes New Weapon Sound: Yes ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * Features in Version 3 * - New "CT_Pilot" Player Skins: 8 heads, 8 torsos. All selectable from the species menu. - New NPCs : ct_pilot, ct_pilot_blue, ct_pilot_red - New Bots : ct_Pilot, ct_Pilot_Blue, ct_Pilot_Red ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * Features in Version 2 * - 3 new player skins. - 5 new saber weapon. - total replacement for all gun models and sounds. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * To Install * Unzip and place "BB_ct_elite3.pk3" and "BB_gun" into your Jedi Academy base folder: StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base "BB_ct_elite3.pk3" contains the player skins and saber weapons. "BB_gun.pk3" is all the gun models and sounds. both pk3 and BB_gun are stand-alone file so you can only install one if you want. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * Weapon List * ct_knife_F *Single handed army knife, "B" means back handed. ct_knife_B ct_gun *Single handed gun with silencer and laser. This is a saber type weapon not a gun type. ct_gun2 *A revolver gun. In version 2 the laser will point at where you attack. ct_smg *smg in version 2 is changed to single hand saber, and the laser will point at where the blade is. ct_shield *An arm sized shield. This is a wrist attached weapon and you can wear it at both arms. ct_shield2 *A large sized shield with bullet prove glass. This shield can be attached to both arms in version2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- version 2 : ct_shield3 *A full metal plate shield for red team. ct_shield4 *A shield charged with electro power. Try dual it. ct_repeater *the heavy repeater in saber form (staff type saber) ct_sniper *the sniper rifle in saber form (staff type saber) ct_concussion *the concussion in saber form (staff type saber) ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * NPC List * ct_green *A green soldier with army cammo suit. ct_blue *A blue suit. ct_red *A red, officer type of suit. (this NPC is set as enemy side) ct_commando *CT commando with no helmet and short sleeve shirt. ct_commando2 *Commando type 2 wears no shirt! muscle is his best armor.(this NPC is set as enemy side) ct_sniper *A green sniper with cammo suit. ct_sniper_blue *A blue sniper ct_shiper_red *A red sniper ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 3 : ct_pilot ct_pilot_blue ct_pilot_red *team_enemy ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * To Uninstall * Remove "BB_ct_elite3.pk3" and "BB_gun" from your base folder. That's all. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** * Conflict * "BB_gun.pk3" is the gun model and sound replacement file, it will conflict with any other gun mods. so be sure to remove the other gun mods before installing "BB_gun.pk3". *****************************************************************************************************************************************
  19. 177 downloads

    Author Zicmak The is the Tron disk you see in Tron Legacy and Tron Evolution. The lines themselves are white and don't glow on their own with black as the disks main colour . There is a better version Here https://jkhub.org/files/file/1325-%7B%3F%7D/
  20. 689 downloads

    This is a group of 6 weapons based on the popular MMO "Star Wars Galaxies," including 3 new sabers and 3 guns. INCLUDED WEAPONS: Scythe (Swordsman) Executioner's Hack (Swordsman) Vibroknuckler (Teras Kasi Artist) EE3 Carbine (Carbineer) Scatter Pistol (Bounty Hunter) Light Lightning Cannon (Bounty Hunter) SP SABER COMMANDS: Scyth > saber swg_scythe Executioner's Hack > saber exec_hack Vibroknuckler (right hand) > saber vk_right Vibroknuckler (left hand) > saber vk_left Vibroknuckler (for dual sabers) > saber vk_right vk_left NOTE: I suggest using Vibroknucklers as dual sabers, as I designed them with dual sabers in mind.
  21. 603 downloads

    After seeing a couple of crusader type skins on JK3Files, and modelling a few model packs on my own, I decided to make a medieval-inspired weapons pack for Jedi Academy. I'm more into swords than lightsabers or guns, so it was right up my alley. This contains (at last count, which I think should be accurate) 13 weapons, 11 shields, and 4 player skins, all of which are accessibly through the single-player menus. It also contains Slice, Dice & Mince's blood mod (mostly unaltered). It was really that mod, the Melee Mod (http://jediknight2.f...Melee_Mod;20913) that inspired me to make this. FEATURES: 13 new weapons 11 shields 4 player skins Slice, Dice & Mince's awesome blood mod Full single-player skin/weapon support Different stance animations New menus New menu video Please bare in mind that all shields were designed to work only in dual saber mode, and many of the swords were designed with the same set-up in mind. Shields won't do much damage, and are set to only parry. Many of the swords are designed as one-handed swords, so if you use them alone one hand will float beneath the hilt. To use any of these as dual, use the following command with the saber names in section III: /saber saber1 saber2
  22. 281 downloads

    This is a group of 9 weapons based on the game "Final Fantasy X," including 6 new sabers and 3 demolitions weapons. INCLUDED WEAPONS: Tidus's Longsword (with staff variant) Tidus's Brotherhood Auron's Katana Yuna's Nirvana Kimahri's Spiritlance Rikku's Claws (dual sabers) Lulu's Pupu (detonation pack) Wakka's Blitzball (thermal detonator) Sphere (trip mine // laser trap) SP SABER COMMANDS: Tidus's Longsword > tidus_longsword, tidus_longsword_staff Tidus's Brotherhood > brotherhood Auron's Katana > auron_katana Yuna's Nirvana > yuna_nirvana Kimahri's Spiritlance > spiritlance Rikku's Claws > rikku_claw (right hand only), rikku_claw_left (left hand only) FIXES DURING BETA: Fixed several soundsets which were "off" due to copypasting. Fixed several shaders. Fixed an error with plane transparency on Kimahri's Spiritlance thanks Trauma. Fixed the blitzball soundset to reflect the consistency of a blitzball rather than a metal thermal detonator. Fixed several sabers which did not bounce off of the architecture. Fixed the hilt color of Auron's Katana to reflect ingame photos rather than the artist rendering. Fixed several missing/incorrect sounds. Fixed thermal detonator belt now reflects the blitzball.
  23. Version JK2


    Original Author: Covax Description: The Multiplayer Upgrade to JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition, based off of JediPLUS v3.3 and Saberists Mod. It includes mamy of the sword/meele weapon models released to the community, made as mod-compatible as possible. It can be used either stand-alone or in cunjunction with any JediMod-based game. There is bot support for the characters in Dragon Remix Endgame Edition so you get to be sliced and diced by the WB's finest. A few but not many have color/CTF support. The Evangelions, Gundams and the Black Widow charachters are 'big'. It includes 2 maps, 4 character models and... uhm... a lot of swords (I lost count). This pack also provides a few bug-fixes for Endgame Edition, mainly a few missing weapons skins and caps files, also some updated sounds for the explosives. [Files] JM2.pk3 This is the actual 'code'. Since there are better MP mods out there you can pretty much remove this at will. JRMaps.pk3 The Maps, including music. JRStuff.pk3 This has the weapons, character models and thier associated bot, sound and FX files. jk2104.cfg Sets the game like JKO v 1.04 tckmodel.cfg Provides the model and weapon heights, like for the Anime Robots. autoexec.cfg Just important, trust me. Jedi+ Faq.txt Original .txt on JediPlus and Saberisist Mod, provides info on game commands. description.txt Just a file to have the 'Dragon Remix' title in the Mod window in Setup. JMDR.txt Yer readin' it kid. Instructions: Extract all files in the GAMEDATA folder. The Jedi Knight II: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file is needed to play. 'TCK-Sabers' HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). It's also reccomended to shut off 'Dynamic Glow'. [Maps] 'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn 'Vampire Dojo' based on map by DEADLOCK, retextured by Shadow Blight 'Man Without Fear' by Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool [Common Commands] Type these into the console or bind them to other keys. /dualsaber - You get the dual 'energy' blades /dualblade - You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana. /hilt <hiltname> - Changes the right (main) weapon. /hilt2 <hiltname> - Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest 'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog) Weapon Models and Sounds: (Yes, we have no Katanas... we have no Katanas today...) 'Toru Katana', 'Kinu'e Katana', 'K'an Tai chi Sword', 'Shinobi Ninja-to', 'Zatoichi Sword', 'Shinai', 'Ji halberd', 'Naginata' and 'Kama' by Laghima 'Masamune', 'Ninja Sword', 'Caladbolg', and 'Axe' by Sephiroth__VII 'Strider's Sword' and 'Glamdring' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Thanatos Sword' based off of 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Quantum Sword' based off of 'Ranger Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Bokken' and 'Silver Katana' based off of 'Katana' by Ages120 'Saruman's Staff' and 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai 'Universal Tool' based off of 'Chainsaw' by Madjai 'Bushido Katana' by Scarecrow and PlayingKarrd 'Gaffi Stick' by Major Clod 'Red Eagle' by Charmin Deluxe and BXpress 'Hadhafang' by Diablo666 'Mjolnir' by Koloth Jar 'Dark Sword of the Force' based off of 'Sword of the Force' by Spiderknight 'Jedi Knight 2 To Quake III Arena Weapons Mod' compiled by Chris Sharpe Light Saber Hilt Models: 'Dooku's Hilt' by MonkeyKungFu 'Exar Kun Hilt' by Sish_Sadeet 'Maglite' by Mr.Sinister Character Models and Skins: 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' by Shinobi 'Tiamat' based off 'Night Elf' model and skin by Flux 'Dante' by Graves and Freeman 'Diablo II Barbarian Version v2.0' by Kevin Coyle Bugs: 1 - This MOD was not tested to work on it's own. It WILL work in theory, but to gain the full experiance you will need the JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file. The Music Packs are not needed but are cool. 2 - I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. By default anything that was compatable with JediPLUS should work with this MOD.
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