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  1. I can't wait to try this mod out on JA
  2. These characters models look aweome. Is there any way to get your hands on them?
  3. Damn. This looks Awesome. I can't wait to try it out. We really haven't had a sp mod campaign for a while since Eve of Redemption and Deception.
  4. These Models are awesome! Are they only for mp? Not sp support?
  5. It actually doesn't give me a error after I'm kicked out of JA. But Darth Desolous works perfectly fine whenever I use him in sp. I never get kick out of the game when i use him.
  6. Whenever I ever use darth phobos playermodel. It immediately kick me out of the game shortly after using her.
  7. That's okay man. Can't wait to see the other models you have plan here. ?
  8. Can you make a good Chopaa Notimo?? When I use his skin enemies don't attack me and are invincible.
  9. I've noticed that I can't seem to find too many really good skins for single player that are released on JKhub for both of these characters. As a big fan of these character I'd like to make a sp skin request. Thank you very much.
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