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Found 25 results

  1. Version Beta v1.2


    Update: Thank you for your feedback! Please view the change log for a list of updates. As always if you encounter any issues, do let me know! About the mod: Please unzip the NewBeginning.zip folder and extract the contents to your Gamedata folder. Once installed, you may use the included "newbeginning.bat" file to load the mod for you, or you can load it yourself from the usual setup -> mod screen in single player. These instructions should apply to a disc and Steam installation (as I've used both!) This is a single player mod set one year after the original game (Light Side ending.) You will play as a new character over two levels (discounting cinematic maps.) The first level takes place in the Jedi Academy and the second takes place at one of the many training grounds. I strongly encourage you to explore the first level as there're a fair few secrets and Easter Eggs to be found! It was designed with the original Jedi Outcast level in mind, which means you could end it very, very quickly if you wanted to bypass the fun of exploration and move onto the trial level. The trial is the same one that was originally released here on JKHub with minor edits. I wanted to place emphasis on the Yavin Temple in order to receive feedback while I work on a brand new trial level and the first mission beyond the Jedi Academy. If you encounter any bugs- Oh, God. Please, please don't tell me you've encountered any bugs. ;_; My head might implode! Special thanks to Circa for play testing at various stages of development! Additional thanks to everyone over in this thread for providing so much help (still). Problems with the .bat? A Windows 8 tester did seem to be having a problem loading the mod with the .bat provided. They overcame this by creating a shortcut to their jasp.exe. (Right-click, copy, paste shortcut) Open the shortcut's "properties" and then move to the "shortcut" tab. Then, add the following (after a space) onto the "Target:" field: "+set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" I hope this helps!
  2. 252 downloads

    It's finally happening ! The Last Epic Challenge Mod is here ! THE PLOT: The Death Sower, an uknown force user, plans to destroy all force users because he thinks that they are the source of every problem of this galaxy. He is not wrong. But he broke your holidays. You must beat him. Travel around old sith temples, jungle islands, spaceports, dark caverns and other places... 12 DIFFENTES ENDINGS : The specificity of the mod, is that you can play 12 differents mods in one. Some paths are very differents than the others, some very close... You can just do your duty to the Jedi Temple, or become the Evil Galactic Emperor, ruling all the world by yourself ! Feel free to share your experience in the Epic Challenge Mod forum section ! Nooowwwwwwww... TEASER You simply have to put all the files in /gamedata/, and launch the mod clicking ECMIV.bat Make you have the 1.01 patch installed, AND EAX SOUND ACTIVATED. If not, you will not hear anything during the cutscenes ! External Content Used / Credits: SKINS I USED FOR MY NPCS: Inpsyte - ModSect Evil Skin Pack Eric Landreneau - Royal Guard, in this one you'll fight him. JC Jedi - Unable to find the author, if he could contact me... Lervish - Nexu and Reek Luckxzs - Rancors Slice, Dice and Mince - Melee Mod es0 - Old Jedi Outcast Maul Model Tobe_One - Ifrit Skins Spanki - Jedi and Sith Pack Omega1 - Classic Jedi Project and Classic Journeyman GPChannel - Kyle Katarn Reskin Customization TEXTURES: Raven Software - JK2 textures. Sith J-Cull - Lava Texture from SJC Map Pack. Trent_Easton - Interceptor Planken Texture Onobi Foondu - Valley Of The Kings Textures HILTS : The New Order - Ultimate Hilt Pack Plasma - Lightsaber Hilt Collection CODE AND WEAPONS : Asgarath83 MUSICS: All credited in the End Credits... And thanks to wife and best friend for the help and voices !
  3. 811 downloads

    Epic Challenge Mod II is the second huge mod of my creation for SP Game. It is a sort of sequel of the first one and contains more maps and the design is more various. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: RJA File Name and Version: Epic Challenge II Release Date: 2015 Filesize: Description with installation instructions: THE PLOT: I always loved awesome movies plots. So, I decided to don't make a plot, because this one doesn't deserve a plot. The Destroyer is a bad guy, I mean, a REAL bad guy (you see he has a red lightsaber... when I say bad guy...). Kyle Katarn, who killed Darth Lawn in his islands some months ago, is now drinking on a beach, and absolutly not giving a f*** about the galaxy. But when two strange hooded guys try to kill him, he knows he MUST do something. To Join the secret lair of The Destroyer, Kyle will have to get 4 crystals which are hidden in 4 sanctuaries, one per element. To find his way, he'll travel around the swamps, the coast, the skies and the dark ways. A total of more than 50 maps with new ennemies, musics, textures, landscapes. Hours to play, and a difficulty which really INCREASE. All is playable, because I played all with my girlfriend (yes, the same I forced to play the first one, but she's still alive, don't panic). And well, the new secrets... this time, no need to find boring keys, you'll simply have to find secrets zones which lead you to secrets maps, one per environnement (environnement is composed of 5 maps between the sanctuaries, the fifth map is always a boss). In theses secrets levels, you'll get a code, which notice you to use it in a specifical level. One little thing I can say, don't forget to add " 90" after the code. Without that, It won't work. The map is based of Rayman II: The Great Escape, and It is an old platform game mapping style. Because I assume I'm not a living god in mapping, but just a decent mapper with a passion for mods with sith and secrets. Nooowwwwwwww... TEASER (With beautiful Pillarbox, before I learn how to do a video correctly): You simply have to run the .exe and install the mod in gamedata/. After that, go in gamedata, create a folder ECMII/ and put ECMII.pk3, royalguard.pk3, modsect_skin01.pk3, hidden_dragon_skins.pk3, skeleton.pk3 and ECMII.cfg in this folder. Now, you have LucasArts/Star Wars [...]/gamedata/ECMII.bat and gamedata/ECMII/*files*. To play, after install, simply launch ECMII.bat. THINGS YOU'LL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD TO PLAY THE MOD WELL: http://jkhub.org/files/file/559-stick-man/ http://jkhub.org/files/file/2214-kylo-rens-lightaber-adx/ Copyright/License: External Content Used / Credits: SKINS I USED FOR MY NPCS: Inpsyte - ModSect Evil Skin Pack Eric Landreneau - Royal Guard, in this one you'll fight him. Orb - Hidden Dragon Skins Skeleton - This is an old model I get from a site which crashed. I have it for years, didn't find the original author. Thanks to him, I hope he'll see my mod one day and recognizes his fantastic work and tell us his name ! TEXTURES: Raven Software - JK2 textures. Sith J-Cull - Lava Texture from SJC Map Pack. MUSICS: Eric Chevalier - Rayman II: The Great Escape OST Justin Scharvona - Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos OST Claude Samard - Rayman M OST Swallow Studious Game - Toy Story 2 PC OST YELLO - Oh Yeaaaah Dr.Viossy - MoonLigt Sonata 3rd Movement in METAL. IN THIS MOD I CREATED: - Maps - Skins (those who are not external sources) - NPCs - Videos (low quality) - 3 Scripts - Textures -
  4. 774 downloads

    This map has been created to refresh my GTKRadiant knowledge but it turned out to be fun, so I've decided to share it. It has about 10 minutes long depending on how good you are or how much you cheat. You can play on any force levels it doesn't break the flow of the map. Only base content was used. Tried to make it look like Outcast. Also there are no cutscenes so... Briefing: You have been captured by the imperials. To break out from the prison you must disable the security force fields by turning off the main generator. Then you must find a Tie-Fighter to escape. I hope you will have fun!
  5. 301 downloads

    About this file For some years I tend to build some maps for Jedi Academy, but have never finished a project really ? But not this time. Therefore I present to you: Mission to Bespin Mission to Bespin is a singleplayer map and part of a little project of mine to "improve" the main game, by addressing It's main shortcomings (too short, Cult is not really fleshed out). Thererfore Mission To Bespin is a kind of Tier 1 Mission (Forcepowers Level 1), where you explore an old mainetance depot in the skies of Bespin. Content: One map Supported Language: Only English Custom NPCs: Yes (even one new Skinset) Specials: Enemies with stun buttons (how I missed this JK:Outcast Weapon) Readables: Yes (though I am not an native English speaker I tried my best) Installation: 1. Unpack the Archiv (Mission_to_Bespin.zip) 2. Copy the Mission_to_Bespin.bat and the Mission_to_Bespin folder to your "LucasArts/Gamedata" folder 3. Execute the Mission_to_Bespin.bat and the game should start. Simply start your mission by "New game" in the main menu (no console needed) Special Thanks: Thanks to all the modding community and all your great missions and tutorials. You kept my motivated to share this little project of mine. Thanks to the Dark Forces team (I took one of their textures and one model I guess and I loved this mod) I had no Beta testers. Hence: Please report any bugs you stumble across, so I can update the file. Also any feedback is welcomed.
  6. Version (2008)


    *************************** JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION *************************** Title : Dark Forces Mod for Jedi Academy - Demo Version Author : The Dark Forces Mod Team E-Mail : darth_linux@msn.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknight.net File Name : dfmod_2008.zip File Size : 428 MB Date Released : 1/27/2007 Description : Files required to play the Dark Forces Mod Demo. The Dark Forces Mod aims to recreate the levels and playing experience of the LucasArts game "Dark Forces" using the modern 3D engine found in the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. This demo contains the first 6 levels of the game. This is the third release by the Dark Forces Mod Team, who, in November 2002, released a demo of the mod for Jedi Outcast. This release was met with wide critical acclaim, and it is our pleasure to present you with the third and final release. For more information, please visit our website. Enjoy the mod! Installation : Make a new directory calld "dfmod" inside your Jedi Academy/Game Data directory. Unzip the contents of the the demo ZIP into this directory. Make a new shortcut to jasp.exe on your desktop and edit the shortcut properties, adding this to the target line: "+set fs_game dfmod" Double click the icon to begin. Make sure you go into the Setup screen to change your keyboard preferences. Requirements : Jedi Academy must be patched to version 1.01 to work. Please set your graphics options to their highest settings for maximum enjoyment. Comments : Behind a veil of secrecy the evil Empire is creating a doomsday army--one that, if finished, will become the final cog in the Empire's arsenal of terror and domination. Your Mission? Join the Rebel Alliance's covert operations division, infiltrate the Empire, then battle every man and machine the Imperial Forces can muster. Search a vast galaxy for clues, attack enemy bases - all in a desperate attempt to stop the activation of this fearsome new weapon. It's you and your blaster against an entire Empire. May the Force be with you. Release Notes : Note that there are a few controls different to Jedi Academy. Please check out your controls and adjust accordingly. Known Bugs/Issues *Dianoga makes no distinct "attack" sound when attacking player.[no known solution] *Concussion Rifle" appears at times in Weapon Inventory when Left Arrow is clicked. [no known solution] *No lip sync in Sewers cutscene if EAX is enabled. [EAX should be disabled for this mod.] *Light Saber appears in some levels if melee weapon is chosen. [no known solution] *There is no animation when throwing the Detonator [JA engine does not have one] *Size of Concussion Rifle and Repeater Gun ground weapons are very small. [salv could possibly resize them larger] THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  7. Version (1.20)


    The original Ladder level by JediNight that was made for Jedi Outcast. I take no credit for any of this idea, map, or scripts. I merely included the necessary textures and files needed from Jedi Outcast to make it compatible with JA. The original author could not be contacted in any way, as he never included his email in anything he released. I felt this needed to be uploaded to this site and made compatible with JA. The Ladder level is a Single Player map that features a "wave" system. After killing the first enemy, two appear. Then 3. Then 2 and a boss. So on and so on. It was made for Jedi Outcast, so it only features enemies from that game. Reborns, Shadowtroopers, Tavion, and Desann. It gets really intense if you try to do it without saving, without force powers, and especially with full dismemberment and saber realism on! It's a great idea that keeps the boredom away and is a very underrated feature in the modding community. There needs to be more ladder maps!
  8. 516 downloads

    Uploaded by Numfast "Star Wars Lady Jedi" is a mod for "Jedi Outcast" made be "Nazar Design Group" back in 2004. In this mod you play as a Jedi of Old Republic, Mariel Waterfall, who fights against The Empire(this mod came out before "Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith", because of that here you see that Empire was born then Republic was still existing). Mod includes 12 maps. This mod is on russian language. So, if you don't know that language and still want to play, I suggest you to read story here on "JKHub wiki" after you complete walkthrough: https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php/Lady_Jedi#Plot -Installation-: Put the "LadyJedi" folder in your "GameData" directory of JO and launch it from mod menu in setup(menu will be on english, but gameplay - on russian) Optional: if you want to switch on blood just change extension of "ladyjedi_blood" file from "off" to "pk3" after dot. -Uninstallation-: Delete "LadyJedi" folder from "GameData" directory of JO. -Warning-: Some content of this mod is 16+, please take into consideration before downloading and playing. While playing "Lady Jedi" you can meet glithces that weren't in original release. This may happen because "Lady Jedi" was released as separate game, although it's still mod. I just took assets that this mod requires to work. -Disclaimer-: You can ask me: "Why you have uploaded on JKHub not your mod, without permission and released it not standalone, as the original release was?" Well, some people tried to find this mod for years. I can't get permisiion because the "NDG" and their site are dead for years. And I released "Lady Jedi" as normal mod because the standalone release was made only for one thing: to profit money from fans, without permission from "LucasArts.", which isn't legal.
  9. 864 downloads

    (PLEASE READ THE IMPORTANT.TXT FILE IN THE .ZIP BEFORE PLAYING, AND PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE TWO LITTLE FILES UNDER THE CREDITS). NOTE: EAXSOUND need to be activated for ROQ videos. Epic Challenge Mod III is the third mod of my creation for SP. "Darth Lawn (ECMI villain) raised from the grave and conquered the galaxy, using the Zone Of Trouble, an ancient and absurd Area full of portals which allow the user to travel around differents worlds in instant. Kyle Katarn must stop him, but he will not success alone... With the help of Luke Skywalker, Lana and Duncan, will you be able to accomplish your destiny ?" This mod takes things in another level. I would say mapping has improved, game design also, and maps are a lot more various. In this one, I created A LOT of new ennemies, sometimes 4 just for one map. I offer variety, different worlds, more than 32 maps to play (and replay ! "South Plain" is a central map which allow you to revisit some ancient maps, keeping your progress and update...), the possibility to get new powers (like metamorphosis on certains platforms), mind control and something new: you will not play only Kyle, but you will be able to play also Lana and Duncan, two invented characters. Game is based from UbiSoft's underrated Tonic Trouble and from my mind. There are some bugs and things to know, so READ THE IMPORTANT.TXT file before playing ! Trust me, it's important. JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT SOME OF THEM HERE: - When you are a reborn you can't jump very high, so not forget to explore all secrets zones in Kyle. You'll understand. - There is a bug in one map, you have a blue lightsaber instead of the violet one. The bug only occures in one map. I would also say that I advice you to wait one second at least at every map begining because there are sometimes .roq cinematics. Cinematics and voiceovers are not quite good, I admit it... it's more a test, because it's new, but I had fun making it, with the others persons who played the voices, so I think you'll find it funny... or akwardly fun... The secrets are not like ECMI and ECMII. In this one, you'll find "E" letters, from "Epic Challenge Mod". Every time you found one, just screen it, send me it on JKHUb (personnal message) and say how you found it. Every time you do this you'll get points. "Blue E" are 5pts, "red E" 10pts and "green E" 50pts. There are only three green E in the mod. If you found them, very good ! NOTE: If a "E" color change, it means it's a new "E" and you can screen it again. So enjoy it, and may the force be with you !!! TO INSTALL THE MOD, extract all files in your game directory (LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/gamedata/) Make sure you put all files and folders in gamedata. You must have ECMIII pk3 in "gamedata/ECMIII" I HIGHLY recommand you to make an empty copy of JKA before playing my mod, because it is huge and adapted to an empty basegame. I can't assure you it will work if you have 137 .pk3 in your base/ folder... This is only compatible with Windows. You need all ECMIII gamedata files to not get an error. So not forget to make a copy of your gamedata folder before overwriting it with my files. TO PLAY WITH CORRECT LIGHTSABERS (FOR ENNEMIES), PLEASE DOWNLAOD THESE TWO LITTLE FILES: https://jkhub.org/files/file/28-beer-on-a-stick/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/2214-kylo-rens-lightaber-adx/ TWO TEASERS OF THE MOD:
  10. 205 downloads

    Dark Forces Robotics Facility - Remade for Jedi Academy Release date March 2019 Author jereth How to install Unzip the contents of DF_Robotics.zip into your GameData directory. Run Jedi Academy, single player mode. Go into Setup, click on "Mods", and select DF_Robotics Type "map robotics" into the console (shift + ~ to open console) About This is my first complete mod for the Jedi Outcast / Jedi Academy games. It has given me an opportunity to learn how to create JA maps with GtkRadiant, write scripts, make shaders. The textures are mostly crude imports directly from Dark Forces and are therefore low-res and not very nice looking. Map brushwork is mostly low in detail and I have not put a huge amount of effort into lighting. The aim was to create a complete, playable level on a small time budget. I hope that people still find it enjoyable and nostalgic. Credits Thank you to the makers of the DFMOD for the switch textures... and for the inspiration.
  11. Version 1.1


    An update to the Dark Forces Mod Demo for Jedi Outcast, fixes some bugs with the mod and improves it a bit. Author : Dark Forces MOD Team E-Mail : darth_linux@planetblood.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknightii.net File Name : demo_update.pk3 File Size : 6177kB Date Released : 8/7/03 Description : Additonal files and updates for the Dark Forces MOD Demo Installation : Add this PK3 to your current Dark Forces MOD demo installation, where you have the demo_game.pk3. Requirements : Jedi Knight II must be patched to version 1.4 to work. The files demo_game.pk3, demo_music.pk3 and demo_video.pk3 are also needed. Comments : - Release Notes : - fixed shot effects for the Bryar pistol (including Imperial Officer shot) - added completely new Kyle model - EAX support for the Secret Base demo level - more sparkly helmet for the Imperial Commando - new Blaster and Bryar pistol models and skins - "correct" menu music - some shader fixes - one menu fix
  12. 695 downloads

    This map is basically for the retail version of Jedi Outcast. What you have to do is type in "map demo" in the console command. And there you go!
  13. 149 downloads

    Author: Zeus (Grant James) Submitted by: Barricade24 After visiting the Emperor's Villa on Endor, Kyle found various notes indicating some of the Emperor's secret locations around the universe. The Rebel Alliance has tracked the Emperor's ship to a fairly large courthouse on the planet of Bakura. Kyle and a small force of Rebel soldiers are on there way to locate the Emperor and seek out his devious plans...
  14. 116 downloads

    Author: Zeus Submitted by: Barricade24 This is my first map. I might bring out a multiplayer version of it
  15. 350 downloads

    Author: Zeus Submitted by: swagmaster This is a single-player conversion mod for Jedi Outcast, originally on jk3files before it was shut down. Btw, this is also my very first file upload on jkhub. Enjoy! This is not a normal map. It is a mod which means you must unzip the zip file to your GAMEDATA directory. This will create a sp_Deathstar file in your gamedata directory (Make sure that you extract with folder paths enabled). Then run the game and click on setup, mods and then load the sp_Deathstar mod. You can then do one of two of the following. Storyline : ---------- After not receiving word from Kyle's team from the Emperor's Courthouse, Luke decides to investigate and find out about the Emperor's whereabouts and about the Emperor's ultimate weapon - the Death Star. To reach the Death Star, Luke must battle his way through the underground hangar on Endor to acquire a Tie Fighter to infiltrate the Death Star. He steps into his X-Wing and begins the journey...
  16. 338 downloads

    The original Dark Forces Mod demo for Jedi Outcast, made by the same team that made the Dark Forces 6 level demo for Jedi Academy, Enjoy! *************************** JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION *************************** Title : Dark Forces MOD for Jedi Knight II Demo - Game Files Author : Dark Forces MOD Team E-Mail : darth_linux@planetblood.com Website : http://darkforces.jediknightii.net File Name : demo_game.pk3 File Size : 12 MB Date Released : 11/27/2002 Description : Game files required to play the Dark Forces MOD Demo Installation : Create a new directory in the "GameData" sub directory of your Jedi Knight II folder called "dark". Place the demo_game.pk3 inside. Load up Jedi Knight II, goto the "Setup" menu, then "MODS" and click on "dark", then "Load Mod". To start a new game click on "New Agent". Enjoy! Requirements : Jedi Knight II must be patched to version 1.4 to work. The files demo_music.zip and demo_video.zip are also needed. Comments : Assume the role of rebel agent Kyle Katarn and infilitrate the Imperial Base in which the Death Star plans are kept. Find the plans, and make your escape. Release Notes : This is a demo! This does not neccessarily reflect the final version of the MOD! Also note that this is not attempting in any way to be an exact replica of the original Dark Forces game. Many things are different, aswell as many being the same. Enjoy this demo, but please bare these points in mind. Note there are a few controls different to Jedi Outcast. Please check out your controls and adjust accordingly. Known Bugs/Issues : Briar pistol secondary fire does not work 100% THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  17. Version 1.0


    Simply a fix to some textures which are missing and a problem with the name of two maps.
  18. 870 downloads

    This is a short single-player campaign that can be completed in about an hour. You play as Kyle Katarn investigating the planet Bespin. It includes several graphically stunning maps (including segments of the Carbon Freeze map), cinematic cutscenes, and plenty of reborn and stormtroopers to kill.
  19. 255 downloads

    Author: Darth Arth LADDER - Type map with several new options. 2 Maps. "Crash_landing" and "ladder_xmas" over 50 enemies in 18 waves. NEW Cutscenes many, many scripts snow effect new shaders and textures new Skybox with moving clouds some new NPC's without replacing the old characters new Game Menu with difficulty settings and snow customisable and free selectable Jedi-Helpers and many, many fun ! ------- STORY: ------- There is no really a story... Kyle has some Problems with imperial tie-fighters on his way. Crash landing. Kyle is on a unknown, rocky Planet where he founds a small Portal. After going in, he founds himself on a cold Christmas Planet...
  20. Version V1.5


    Original Author: Covax Description: Basically this is SP skin/weapon modification, the 'hidden' sword styles and The Ladder level, which is a great way to test your swordsmanship. The Skins of Kyle, Luke and all the Reborn/Dark Jedi have been altered in several ways. First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up, the fact that the mod seems to effect the SP game is a bonus. Seeing Dessan do a butterfly kick will make your jaw drop. Instructions: Place in your GameData/base folder. Play as normal form the begining /or/ load up the exellect Ladder level from the Savegames or the console command 'map ladder'. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'The Ladder' by JediNight 'MGS2 Ninja MOD' by SquallStrife 'JediMoves 2' by Master D-Ley Asam 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann Weapons: 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120 'Shuriken Set 1' by Laghima 'Swords' by Sephiroth__VII Skins: 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Ultimate Shirtless Maul' by Septic Child 'Lord Rive' by ?? 'Cerann' by ?? 'Dark Kyle' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? Audio: 1 - Blood is Pumping (Club mix) by Voodoo & Serano 2/3/4 (you'll have to see..) Bugs: 1- I've been working on this for a week: I have no idea WHY but it seems that this mod no londer works in the single-player campain. I've narrowed it down to a possible problem with the modified Kyle skin/model, since replacing them with the 'plain' Kyle works fine. Fan-made single player levels (like The Ladder) seem to work ok, so it may just be a problem with the cutscenes. I'm working on it. 2- This MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the katana seems to be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning.
  21. 1,062 downloads

    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: RJA File Name and Version: Epic Challenge Mod (1.0) Release Date: 2013-2014. Filesize: 230mo Description: First of all, I would not call myself a real badass mapper or a true genius of modding. I'm simply a man with a passion for Star Wars and Jedi Academy, and who decided to create a mod, graphicaly based on the old adventure game Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos. This mod is a Challenge for every single player of this game, to test his abilities, experience, strenght, capacity to find secrets zones etc... The mission: The Jedi Academy don't know what to do. All the jedi are in missions and when a Sith Warrior decided to invade 4 islands with his army, only Kyle Katarn is here to stop him. Fight more than one hundred or thousand sith in four differents islands. Total of more than 40 maps, a lot of hours and secrets. I would say that the environnements are not really like Star Wars. It is a mix between adventure, FPS and platform. The maps are divided into classes: - 2 normals maps with normals ennemies. - 1 normal map with 3 keys. If you find the 3 keys, don't go to the arrow which mark the end of the level but find a door with 3 security panels. You'll surely find something secret. - 1 boss level... and etc... An island is composed of 8 maps without the secret ones. There are four Islands. The goal of this mod is of course, not to cheat. So forget GodMode or other cheats. You play like a jedi, not a cow. Some players decided to film the adventure to prove me they don't cheat. Not necessary, but I like to see someone playing my game. Now something interesting: the Mod Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AZmhlZ1bK0 And sorry for ALL the faults and mistakes I made in your beautiful language, I don't speak English, of course. Not very well. May the force be with you ! Install Instructions are in the .ZIP. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THIS FILE OR THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENTS ™ & (©) LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD OR BY DISNEY. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  22. Version 0.97


    The Empire has collapsed, and it's a time of turmoil and great change for the Galaxy. On Bespin, the Imperial forces were driven out. Yet nobody was able to simply forget how easily the Empire had occupied the mining colony. Wing Guard, Bespin's general police and law enforcement force, was once again under deep scrutiny. In the midst of the heated discussion centered around the needed reforms to the police force training, Bespin received a lucrative offer from CorSec, the Corellian Security Forces: A joint program for officer training. Bespin was quick to agree. For CorSec the deal offered a modern training and holiday complex to use in their reward program for excellent service, for Bespin it offered an access to the outstanding Corellian training methods. There are two game styles at the range: 1) Still Targets lasting 35 rounds, growing progressively harder toward the end as the limited time a target is visible shortens. 2) Moving Targets lasting 35 rounds. Two moving targets per round, their speed or trajectory changes offering increasing difficulty toward the end of the game. - - - - - - - - Bespin Range is a small, special SP level for JA consisting solely of a functional rifle range. As a cooperation project, it contains high level architecture and texturing by Eldritch, and intensive, experimental scripting and entity use by me. The numerous third party components are listed in the readme. Map source and script sources are included in the pk3, and may be used freely for learning purposes. Reading the readme is highly recommended due to the nature of this product.
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    Author: Darth Arth LADDER - Type map with several new options. over 100 enemies in 25 waves. Cutscenes correct Mission-Objectives heavly scripted new NPC's without replacing the old ones new Game - Menu with difficulty settings STORY: Kyle visit Luke on Yavin 4. Luke says him, that he have heard about new Reborns-Army under Tavion's command. Luke have to check this Info, but he has no Time at the moment. So, he ask Kyle to fly to Jedi Valley und have a look around. Also on Yavin4 Kyle meets his old friend Mara Jade and they go together to Jedi Valley. Short Time after Kyle is flying away to Jedi Valley, Luke has become a new Information. The Reborns have a secret Laboratory and they can replicate all of the dark Jedis of the Past... Can Luke warn Kyle just in Time ?
  24. Version JK2


    Original Author: Covax Description: This is a Beta MOD to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. It is based on an updated Dragon Remix MOD to show what can be assembled in a small amount of time. It has been assembled from existing Jedi Outcast Mods to show what is possible with JKII and to prove that we are serious in building a kick-ass Mod. This Mod WILL effect the SP game as well, knock yourself out with the weapon effects. The Blade Mod still needs members, but so does every other Mod out there. This second demo is only partialy made form out original meterial but we felt we needed something to pitch the idea of a vampire-slaying mod. Currently we are seeking Mappers and Modelers. Although all skills are welcome (I don't see a problem with having 15 skiners) those two sets are proirity to get the Single Player going. - Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively - Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. - Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. Jump is 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. - Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. - Force Lightning replaced with a UV effect. - The visual effects of all of the weapons have been altered in some way. [Maps] 'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn [Common Weapon Commands] Type these into the console or bind them to other keys. /dualsaber -you get the dual 'energy' blades /dualblade -You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana. /hilt <hiltname> -Changed the right (main) weapon. /hilt2 <hiltname> -Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect. Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Kight of Dracul' in the Mods window. TCK-Sabers HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest 'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog) 'JediMoves Basic' by Master D-Ley Amas 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann 'Hyper Weapons Mod' by WeedWhacker 'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd Blade Promo: Characters Pack Description: This is a collection of skins and models to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. Some of these skins will replace existsing JKII skins. All characters (should) have Bot and Team support with the Blade Promo Demo 2. [slayers] Blade - The Daywalker - Original Skin by LeeJay, refitted by Leper Messiah Zia - Blade's 'sidekick' - Original Skin by Shadow Blight, tweaked by Covax Whistler - Blade's metor and trainer - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Rouges] Thanatos - Blade's nemesis in the full game - Model by Spehiroth_VII, reskin by Leper Messiah and Covax Snowman - Back to life by popular demand - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Volenkov - Werewolf with ties to Thanatos and Saul - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [black Ops] David Saul - Government Agent with a sinister plan - Suit by Kingpin, head by Jimmy Iu Agent - MiB's working for Saul - Original skin by Kingpin Sniper - Snipers working for Saul - Original model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah Black Ops Captain - Original model by Major Clod, reskin by Leper Messiah Flame Trooper - Soldiers trained to use flamethrowers - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Vampire Nation] Nergal - Vampire Lord crippled by Whistler - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Male Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Female Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah, tweekd by Shadow Blight Vampire Bouncer - Vampire cannon fodder in expensive suits - Original Model by Madjai, skin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax Rasta Vampire - Vampire club-hopper - Original Skin by Magnetixxx, tweeked by Covax and Leper Messiah Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Knight of Dracul' in the Mods window.
  25. Version JK2


    Original Author: Covax Description: The Multiplayer Upgrade to JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition, based off of JediPLUS v3.3 and Saberists Mod. It includes mamy of the sword/meele weapon models released to the community, made as mod-compatible as possible. It can be used either stand-alone or in cunjunction with any JediMod-based game. There is bot support for the characters in Dragon Remix Endgame Edition so you get to be sliced and diced by the WB's finest. A few but not many have color/CTF support. The Evangelions, Gundams and the Black Widow charachters are 'big'. It includes 2 maps, 4 character models and... uhm... a lot of swords (I lost count). This pack also provides a few bug-fixes for Endgame Edition, mainly a few missing weapons skins and caps files, also some updated sounds for the explosives. [Files] JM2.pk3 This is the actual 'code'. Since there are better MP mods out there you can pretty much remove this at will. JRMaps.pk3 The Maps, including music. JRStuff.pk3 This has the weapons, character models and thier associated bot, sound and FX files. jk2104.cfg Sets the game like JKO v 1.04 tckmodel.cfg Provides the model and weapon heights, like for the Anime Robots. autoexec.cfg Just important, trust me. Jedi+ Faq.txt Original .txt on JediPlus and Saberisist Mod, provides info on game commands. description.txt Just a file to have the 'Dragon Remix' title in the Mod window in Setup. JMDR.txt Yer readin' it kid. Instructions: Extract all files in the GAMEDATA folder. The Jedi Knight II: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file is needed to play. 'TCK-Sabers' HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). It's also reccomended to shut off 'Dynamic Glow'. [Maps] 'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn 'Vampire Dojo' based on map by DEADLOCK, retextured by Shadow Blight 'Man Without Fear' by Rob Zombie and Drowning Pool [Common Commands] Type these into the console or bind them to other keys. /dualsaber - You get the dual 'energy' blades /dualblade - You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana. /hilt <hiltname> - Changes the right (main) weapon. /hilt2 <hiltname> - Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest 'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog) Weapon Models and Sounds: (Yes, we have no Katanas... we have no Katanas today...) 'Toru Katana', 'Kinu'e Katana', 'K'an Tai chi Sword', 'Shinobi Ninja-to', 'Zatoichi Sword', 'Shinai', 'Ji halberd', 'Naginata' and 'Kama' by Laghima 'Masamune', 'Ninja Sword', 'Caladbolg', and 'Axe' by Sephiroth__VII 'Strider's Sword' and 'Glamdring' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Thanatos Sword' based off of 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Quantum Sword' based off of 'Ranger Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Bokken' and 'Silver Katana' based off of 'Katana' by Ages120 'Saruman's Staff' and 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai 'Universal Tool' based off of 'Chainsaw' by Madjai 'Bushido Katana' by Scarecrow and PlayingKarrd 'Gaffi Stick' by Major Clod 'Red Eagle' by Charmin Deluxe and BXpress 'Hadhafang' by Diablo666 'Mjolnir' by Koloth Jar 'Dark Sword of the Force' based off of 'Sword of the Force' by Spiderknight 'Jedi Knight 2 To Quake III Arena Weapons Mod' compiled by Chris Sharpe Light Saber Hilt Models: 'Dooku's Hilt' by MonkeyKungFu 'Exar Kun Hilt' by Sish_Sadeet 'Maglite' by Mr.Sinister Character Models and Skins: 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' by Shinobi 'Tiamat' based off 'Night Elf' model and skin by Flux 'Dante' by Graves and Freeman 'Diablo II Barbarian Version v2.0' by Kevin Coyle Bugs: 1 - This MOD was not tested to work on it's own. It WILL work in theory, but to gain the full experiance you will need the JKII: Dragon Remix Endgame Edition file. The Music Packs are not needed but are cool. 2 - I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. By default anything that was compatable with JediPLUS should work with this MOD.
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