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  1. your resident dickhead is back
  2. If you want to use my TCW phase 1 clone helmets for anything feel free, should be a DL link in my WIP thread somewhere
  3. + sexualizing fictional characters is kinda weird imo
  4. We shall watch your career with great interest
  5. If you want tips on skinning don't be scared to ask.
  6. The point we're trying to make here- you can't realistically expect to get tons of guys to code, model, and flesh this out for you without at least having some character model experience or tangible skill. Music is cool, don't get me wrong. But looking at this thread, it's a mile long list of requests.
  7. So basically you can do the barebones but you're not providing models or anything other than telling everyone else what to do?
  8. So wait.. what skills are you bringing to the table for the mod, if any
  9. Excellent question. I don't know to be honest. NPC tool
  10. Just getting into making content for the new SWBF2, but figured I'd post in here.
  11. Do it mate, feckin do it. Looks great
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