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Author: RJA

File Name and Version: Epic Challenge Mod (1.0)

Release Date: 2013-2014.

Filesize: 230mo



First of all, I would not call myself a real badass mapper or a true genius of modding. I'm simply a man with a passion for Star Wars and Jedi Academy, and who decided to create a mod, graphicaly based on the old adventure game Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos.


This mod is a Challenge for every single player of this game, to test his abilities, experience, strenght, capacity to find secrets zones etc...


The mission:


The Jedi Academy don't know what to do. All the jedi are in missions and when a Sith Warrior decided to invade 4 islands with

his army, only Kyle Katarn is here to stop him. Fight more than one hundred or thousand sith in four differents islands.

Total of more than 40 maps, a lot of hours and secrets.


I would say that the environnements are not really like Star Wars. It is a mix between adventure, FPS and platform.


The maps are divided into classes:


- 2 normals maps with normals ennemies.

- 1 normal map with 3 keys. If you find the 3 keys, don't go to the arrow which mark the end of the level but find a door with

3 security panels. You'll surely find something secret.

- 1 boss level...


and etc...


An island is composed of 8 maps without the secret ones. There are four Islands.


The goal of this mod is of course, not to cheat. So forget GodMode or other cheats. You play like a jedi, not a cow. Some players decided to film the adventure to prove me they don't cheat. Not necessary, but I like to see someone playing my game.



Now something interesting: the Mod Trailer:




And sorry for ALL the faults and mistakes I made in your beautiful language, I don't speak English, of course. Not very well.


May the force be with you !


Install Instructions are in the .ZIP.







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hello dark, ça faisait un baille que l'on ne s'était pas vu :)

super de mettre en ligne ton projet, il est génial (bien que je n'est toujours pas terminé les missions tellement elles deviennent difficiles ;) )

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Lol, Jkhub va devenir le nouveau repaire des FJA


En passant, Darkshold, le staff FJA t'a envoyé un petit mail de re-bienvenue ^^ (les évènements ont été un brin complexes ces dernières semaines...)


sauf si tu persistes à rester RJA bien sûr... :P

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Ah ben avec plaisir, vous aurez sans doute besoin d'un nouvel organisateur de tournois en tous genres... :P

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I like to see that someone are still made Jedi Academy mods for single player.


I think the music does not fit in a game like Jedi Academy and the reborns tend to fall into the lava by poor AI, but I love the single player mods of JA. Good job!

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The music is from the game Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos who inspired me for the graphism of the mod, and I like to make odd choice like that :P


After all we could play spiderman in star wars in this game, so nothing is really strange after that...



And don't worry, if the reborn are stupids and easy to fight at the begining, you'll see that the difficulty will increase and you will regret theses reborns :)


Thanks for all !

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There is another point I would like to comment. In the beginning of the sixth level I climb up and get a key, but the door does not open with that key and I do not get to find another key. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

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Don't worry there isn't any bug which make the mod impossible to play. I played it a lot of times and the key you get after climbing the wood platforms allow you to open the door and make the platforms coming on the lava (there are really slow I admit it).


If you are really embarassed, answers are here, someone made a video of himself playing all the mod (he doesn't show the secrets ways),


At 31:12 you'll find the map. :)


Feel free to ask others questions. And I hope you'll find all the keys. :P

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Thank you. I could not find that key among so dark. 
Another thing. What level of force is supposed to be Kyle Katarn? Since the start of game shows "setforceall 5", but some powers are only level two.

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It's disturbing, you are the only one who get this problem... thank you anyway to ask me, I think it is a bug not with the mod but with the game.


Make sure that the cheats are active, try the basic helpusobi 1 and setforceall 5 and tell me the difference. :/

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It's disturbing, you are the only one who get this problem... thank you anyway to ask me, I think it is a bug not with the mod but with the game.


Make sure that the cheats are active, try the basic helpusobi 1 and setforceall 5 and tell me the difference. :/


I already did that, because some platforms are impossible to pass with the jump in level two. But do you know what? If you type "setforceall 5" mental trick allows you to control the enemies, which makes combat very easy if this ability is used. Also the grip on level three becomes fighting very easy, but the player can avoid using these skills if we want more challenging combat.

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Exactly. Some peoples made videos of the mod to show how they success the challenge. Personnally I don't want to use mindtrick on level 5 and in some cases, this is useless. Boss for exemple, are unable to fall out of a patform.


And you'll see that the difficulty will increase in each island. And If you look for all the secrets maps (13 in total), this is a good way to improve the difficulty level. :P

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Only his portrait. Royalguard will be in Epic Challenge Mod II or maybe III.


Yes, there will be a sequel. :P


ECM II will be a little bit longer and will propose new environnments based from Rayman 2. :)

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okay i played through the whole mod, so i will finally write my review here. it took me days to finish, so the length is really long, there are tons of enemies to kill. much creativity was shown, however gameplay was more annoying than challenging sometimes. i accepted your mapping style, you balanced your lack of details with puzzling and surprises. still, there's much to improve. the biggest mistake of the mod was that you forgot to set doors open/close state to pernament, which means no matter if i opened a secret door with all keys, i had to noclip through the doors cause they closed like 5 seconds after i used the keys. this is also true to other key-doors which made me unable to explore after finishing the level without cheating. even if the mod was long, and it was funny to play through, you could have added a lot more enemy types, not everything should have been available from the start. so all in all i was entertained but bored sometimes too due to the linear level design and same types of enemies/areas with minor changes. secret levels are good ideas though, i've been to all of them (i spent my time finding all keys however), i wrote all numbers down but where do i use them? i got ending1 where i can't do anything. i still thank you making this huge campaign as i wasn't playing jedi academy for years (since i released my ultimate academy mod) and this was a nice (and long) platformer experience. work more on the story next time, add more objects which break linearism, more enemy types, only far challenges, and a plain start with more findable resources and force powers. 6/10 in my opinion :)

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Well, it's a big surprise and also a pleasure to read this review, and I'm glad you took time to do it. Well, what can I say... 

First of all, yes, the open/close state for the doors was, at the begining, a mistake I made and after all, I found it was more difficult to run fast with force speed instead of having all already done. I can assure you and some videos prove it, it is possible to do it without any cheat, but I understand what you mean, maybe it is not so funny to you, depending of what you like in games of course. And of course, you are blocked if you want to go back in the start of the level ! :P


Anyway, Epic Challenge Mod II is already in progress, and some changes you want will certainly wait an episode III, like more story and a start without all force powers and weapons (but in ep2 I have to say, you just have lightsaber at the start, blaster and rockets !).


But for the types of areas and ennemies you'll appreciate what I've done with ep2, because every level is different and has its own style. :P You'll met new bosses, side-kicks (instead of jk2 reborns) and monsters, a lot of new monsters btw based from wampas, rancors and howlers's models. :)




For the last secret of ep1, I have one thing that can bring you 5 levels you may not have played... If you have all the numbers in the right order you can go to the doors behind the last crystal and chose the numbers in the chronological way you get them. You have 5 possible black doors, chose in the order you get the numbers. One mistake and you have to restart all the doors. :) It is something I found to bring a player to the hidden island without scripting... :P

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On 8/17/2019 at 5:39 PM, Drybert said:

Doesn't work at all. I did exactly what the readmes said to do as well.


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@DrybertMan, I just realized you rated 1 star my mod just because you could not afford to install it.

This is ridiculously unfair.

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On 7/30/2021 at 9:59 AM, RJA said:

@DrybertMan, I just realized you rated 1 star my mod just because you could not afford to install it.

This is ridiculously unfair.

I rated it 1 star because it didn't work correctly, despite my following the directions exactly. That is more then fair. 

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On 8/16/2021 at 4:01 PM, Drybert said:

I rated it 1 star because it didn't work correctly, despite my following the directions exactly. That is more then fair. 

Rating is about the mod itself, not your capacity to follow the instructions. 


You may ask other peoples how to do, a lot of them played it.


You also could send me a private message. I prefer my mod to be rated 1/5 because it sucks, and not because you can't afford to install it. This is absurd.


Nevertheless, this is democracy. You are free to rate it 1/5, even If you did not played it.

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