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  1. This is a great map, it really makes you feel like you're in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant. There's quite a bit to explore. I was able to access both of the at-st spawners but does anyone know how to access the jetpack area? I found it through noclipping but have absolutely no idea how to open it. Edit: HAHA! Found it. Very cleverly hidden but I feel dumb for not finding it sooner.
  2. This is sweet! Finally have a saber pike to fill out some hilt types. Do you think you could make the pike that shadow guards carry, like from the force unleashed?
  3. Awesome! I remember looking for this awhile back and sadly not being able to find one. Amazing, 5/5
  4. 1,388 downloads

    This is Darth Chratis' lightsaber hilt as seen in a total of one single picture. After a few hours of finding the right tools, learning how to use those tools, and getting around file problems, I was able to create a saber I had requested a little while ago. It's not the greatest thing in the world, and frankly, the textures could use a lot of work. In the future I might enlarge the emitter and make the overall model longer. I also considered significantly lengthening the physical blade, saying it's a vibroblade and making it a double-bladed style hilt, but there would probably be some clipping issues.
  5. I know modeling is very difficult and time consuming, but if anyone is looking to create one of the coolest Jedi from the EU, why not make Jedi Lord Hoth? I've looked all over but couldn't find him anywhere. Usually I prefer using Sith/Dark Jedi models, but if someone is willing to make him it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. The only one with a similar length that I found on here (after looking through all 184 files under the Lightsabers and Melee category) was Darth Nihl's. It looks pretty cool but nowhere as awesome looking as this. Idk why, but long handled lightsabers look pretty cool to me even if they are impractical.
  7. I made an account after searching everywhere for this hilt and was wondering if it would be possible. I've come across one that might be similar (Warb Null's) but doesn't look nearly as cool. I wasn't even familiar with Darth Chratis before I saw the picture but his hilt is awesome looking. If you have the time I'd appreciate it (I see that you have a lot of requests and I know it would likely be awhile). Thanks in advance.
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